1914 Hazelton City Directory

publ. by R L POLK & CO.íS

Listed are the name, occupation, and street address.

h= homeowner; res=resides at, rr=rear (these houses were located behind a house

which faced the given street), W.H.= West Hazleton, LVRR=Lehigh Valley Railroad

page 158

Gordon John, lab, res 183 Manhattan ct.

Gorkoslap John, lab, h 6 Laurel Hill.

Gorkoslap John jr, lab, res 6 Laurel Hill.

Gorlow Augusta (wid Frederick), h 31 W Cranberry av, W H.

Gorlow Charles, res 31 W Cranberry av, W H.

Gorlow Emil, lab, res 31 W Cranberry av, W H.

Gorlow Wm, lab, res 31 W Cranberry av, W H.

Gorman Building, 37 W Broad.

Gorman Ellen M (wid John A), h 119 S Wyoming.

Gorman Frank, res 358 W Broad.

Gorman James A, stenogr Kline & Bigelow, res 119 S Wyoming.

GORMAN JAMES P, Attorney at Law, 403 Markle Bank Building, h 96 N Laurel.

Gorman, Jane M, stenogr Kline & Bigelow, res 119 S Wyoming.

Gorman, Mrs May, res 70 N Laurel

GORMLEY EDWARD J, Attorney at Law, 37 W Broad, h 135 S Wyoming

Gormley Margaret C, tchr public school, res 139 S Wyoming.

Gormley Martin B, lawyer 37 W Broad, h 139 S Wyoming.

Gormley Thomas, h 139 S Wyoming.

Gorovage Nicholas, miner, h 121 E Noble.

Gorski Peter, miner, h 623 Winters av, W H.

Gosac Peter, lab, h 539 Hayes.

Goshalla John, lab, h 7 W Chestnut.

Gossman Edward, bds W 20th nr Grant.

Gotiano Tony, peddler, h 672 Peace.

Gottal Angelo, lab, h 718 N James

Gottschall Ida, domestic, 201E Broad.

Gottschall Wm H, lab, h 430 W Green.

Gottshaw Jacob, carp, h 1 E Oak, W H.

Gough Alice G, res 16 N Pine.

GOUGH JOHN J, County Tax Collector 43 1/2 E Broad, h 481 W Broad.

Gough John J jr, student, res 440 W Broad.

Gough Mary, res 440 W Broad.

Gough Mary E, res 16 N Pine.

Gough Michael J, clerk J J Gough, h 16 N Pine

Gould Lloyd, lab, res 418 E Cranberry av.

Gould Nelson D, carp, h 540W Oak.

page 159

Gould Russell, lab, res 418 Cranberry av.

Gould Thomas, lab, h 418 E Cranberry av.

Gould Thomas jr, carp, h 607 N Wyoming.

Gourd Frank, miner, h 404 Winters av W H.

Goutch Joseph, lab, h 548 Garfield.

Gouzzo Daniel, barber. 551 N Alter.

Gov George, lab, h 514 E 6th.

Govans Harold, appr, res 455 E Walnut.

Govans J Lee, electrn, res 4550E Walnut.

Govans Mary (wid Alexander), h 455 E Walnut.

Goyne Beatrice E, student, res 633 N Laurel.

Goyne James S, engr, h 633 N Laurel.

Goyne John, student, res 633 N Laurel.

Gozgob Woj, miner, h 548 Winters av, W H.

Gozscala Michael, lab, h 959 N James.

Grabner Peter, repairman, h 635 Grant.

Grabrell John, lab, res 554 Arthur.

Grabrell Joseph, h rr 554 Arthur.

Grace Reformed Church, Rev WM Toennes pastor, Laurel cor Gum.

Gradgi Anthony, repairman, res 671 Garfield.

Gradgi Joseph, repairman, res 671 Garfield.

Graham John, tinsmith, h 570 N Penn ct.

Graham Peter, miner, h 678 N Vine.

Graik Alfonso, lab, res 561 Harrison.

Graik Vito, lab, h 561 Harrison.

Gralla Anthony, meat ctr H P Mellett, res 639 Seybert.

Gralla John, lab, res 639 Seybert.

Gralla John jr, clerk, res 639 Seybert.

Gralla Joseph, lab Arnold Brewing Co, res 634 Seybert.

Gralla Mary M, res 639 Seybert.

Gralla Peter, miner, h 639 Seybert.

Gralla Peter jr, meat ctr, res 639 Seybert.

Gralla Mary, res 639 Seybert.

Grand Army Hall, 240 W Broad.

Grand Opera House, Harry Knoblauch mngr, 234 W Broad.

Grand Theatre, 234 W Broad.

GRAND UNION TEA CO, E F Lease Manager, 48 E Broad.

Grant Street Public School, Grant cor W 3d.

Grant Wm, foreman Consolidated Tel Co, res 45 S Laurel.

page 416

Zakutney Andrew, miner, h 574 Cleveland.

Zance Jacob, lab, h 126 1/2 Webster av, WH.

Zang Clara (wid Wm F), h 221 E Hemlock.

Zang Clarence, lab, res 560 N Church.

Zang Melinda, student, res 221 E Hemlock.

Zang Susan (wid Conrad), h 560 N Church.

Zanoni Joseph, carp, h 14 W Chestnut.

Zavitsky Joseph, bds 531 Harrison.

Zavitsky Stanley, miner, h 531 Harrison.

Zawatzky Joseph, lab, res 7 W Chestnut.

Zboray Albert J, h 684 Grant.

Zboray Albert J jr, carp., res 684 Grant.

Zboray Edward T, res 684 Grant.

Zboray Ethel, student, res 684 Grant.

Zboray Helen, dressmkr 684 Grant, res same.

Zboray Mrs Kate, dressmkr 684 Grant.

Zboray Pearl, milliner Bon-Ton, res 684 Grant.

Zborovskey John, clerk Anthony Segaria, res 530 Harrison.

Zeack John, lab, h 623 Cleveland.

Zearfoss Arthur J, motorman W-B & H Ry, res 22 N Broad.

Zebelin Joseph, lab, h 130 N Fulton ct.

Zeblis Charles, lab, h 635 Seybert.

Zeeb George A, clerk Lehigh Traction Co, res 584 N Locust.

Zeeb Josephine, res 213 E Hemlock.

Zeeb Raymond, baggage agt Lehigh Valley R R, h 213 E Hemlock.

Zeeb Wm F, h 213 E Hemlock.

Zeeb Wm F jr, helper, h 225 W 1st.

Zeigler George E, lab, h 7 E Walnut.

Zeilick George, driver Swift & Co, h 408 E Mine.

Zeirdt Marguerite A, res 701 N Laurel.

Zeit Charles, lab, bds 620 N Vine.

Zelenka Joseph, stone mason, h 701 N Laurel.

Zelenka Joseph J, lab, res 701 N Laurel.

Zell John, fire boss, res 543 Peace.

Zell Martin, driver, h W 6 Broad, W H.

Zell Wm, brakeman, 306 E Walnut.

Zeller George A, h 123 W Elm.

Zeller George W, mngr, res 123 W Elm.

Zeller Harold W, clerk, res 123 WW Elm.

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