Page 109 - 1889 Plymouth City Directory

Second Primitive Methodist Church, Franklin, cor. Mill, Daniel Savage, pastor

Segars, Amanda D., bds. 19 Mechanics alley

Segars, Delanah, widow of Joseph, h. 19 Mechanics alley

Selwiester, Grallun, coal-loader, bds. 87 Bead

Serwinski, Stanislaus, coal-loader, h. 8 Smith's Row

Siegfreit, John, miner, h. Davenport, n. Shawnee ave.

Silofski, John, coal-loader, h. 59 Blair

Shaffer, Abrahm J., carpenter and builder, E. Main, n. Plymouth

Shaffer Ella, clerk, 11 W. Main, bds 70 Bead(junction, h. do.

Shaffer, Frank, driver, bds 74 Nottingham

Shaffer, Lydia, bds. 79 Bead

Shaffer, Nathan L., clerk, 129 E. Main, bds. 145 W. Main

Shaffer, Samuel U., dealer in hardware and mining tools, 11 W. Main, h., 70 Bead. See front cover

Shanley, Mary, widow of Hugh, h., Poke Hollow road, n. Vine

Shanley, Patrick, laborer, h., 7 Chestnut

Shannon Charles E., miner, h., Wall, opp Center ave.

Shapira, Alper & Co. (J.E. Shapira and A. Alper), general store, 134 W. Main

Shapira Issac C., clerk, 134 West Main, bds. 130 do.

Shapira Jairus E., druggist, 130 W. Main and (Shapira, Alper & Sharp Peter, laborer, h. Bull Run R.R. n. Willow (Co.) h. do.

Sharpe Hugh, dirver, 107 E. Main, h. 94 Walnut

Shartzer, Amos C., miner, h. W. Main, n. Coal

Shartzer John, laborer, bds 130 Fairview

Shartzer Samuel, laborer, h. 130 Fairview

Shaw James M., flagman, Bull run crossing, bds. 35 Center ave.

Shaw John W., laborer, h. 34 Pierce

Shaw William, brakeman, D & H C. Co., h. 179 E. Main

Shaver Asher, milk-dealer and ice-cream parlor, 131 E. Main h. do. See page 8

Shaver Clarissa, widow of Andrew, h. 24 Coal

Shaver Daniel, laborer, bds 107 Nottingham

Shea William D., physician and surgeon, bds. 24 Coal

Shea Jeremiah, coal-loader, bds 50 Franklin

Shea Johanna T., domestic, Frantz House, bds. do

Shea John P., cigar manufacturer, 28 W. Main, bds. 6 do.

Sheer John, miner, h. 62 Davenport

Sheer John jr., miner, h. 112 Shawnee ave.

Shefshofski Frank, coal-loader, h. Coal, n. Mill

Shekaskie George, coal-loader, h. Back road, n. the Cemetery

Shelley George, pump-runner, h. 31 High

Sheridan James, laborer, h. 68 Coal

Sheridan James jr., driver, bds 68 Coal

Sheridan John, miner, h. W. Main, n. Coal (Breaker bds. do.

Sheridan Lizzie, domestic, Bosotn Hill, E. Main, n. No. 2

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