Hazle Township High School Faculty 1934-1935  

I came across some old report cards of my grandmother's today that pertain to Luzerne Co.  I thought you might like to post these names somewhere on your website.  I have no other information on these folks other than the following:


Hazle Township High School

Faculty, 1934-1935

Wm. T. Hellings

H.M. Bray

Madge D. Scott

Edna C. Gettinger

Bessie C. Pengelly

Dorothy L. Gettinger

Gertrude C. Hanley

H. C. Smith

Catherine B. Johnson

Alice C. Hower

Vincent M. Boyle

Peter J. Dougherty

Victor A. Oswald

Harriet E. Goedecke

M.W. Garrette, Supt. of Schools


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