The Kingstonian

1925 Kingston High School Yearbook


We entered the halls of the Rutter Avenue High School and the Main Street High School in the fall of nineteen twenty-one, two groups of young people, filled with an eager desire to complete the prescribed high school course. In September nineteen hundred twenty four, as a result of the consolidation of the Boroughs of Kingston and Dorranceton, we joined forces realizing that "a house divided against itself cannot stand," and forthwith established our headquarters in the Rutter Avenue Building.




The following persons have their photograph included in the yearbook


C.B. Hanyen ~~ Supervisor of Schools


Members of the Board of Education

(only the President has photo)

Fred B. Davis ~~ President

Gwilym Davies                                                                                                    John M. Miles

Henry A. Gordon                                                                                            Durelle T. Scott

James D. Husted                                                                                          Willard G. Shortz

Thomas M. Martin                                                                                      William H. Evans ~~ Secretary


Members of the Faculty

J.R. Merkel                                    Principal

Laura M. Jones                         Asst. Principal, Rutter Avenue High School, English

P.A. Golden                                     Asst. Principal, Main Street High School, Algebra

Bertha E. Allen                                                English, Study Hall

J.D. Bryden                                   History

Marion M. Bush                                                Home Economics

Carrie L. Brown                                                Typewriting

Marie A. Cahalan                    Bookkeeping & Shorthand

R.C. Colvin                                        General Science

Anna E. Downing                     English & Latin

Mildred B. Edwards           Art

E. Gertrude Garrison      Home Room, French

Freda E. Jones                         Biology

L.W. Krieger                                Physics

Lena K. LeQuatte                 English

H.S. Lloyd                                        History & Economics

Rachel A. Miles                                                Algebra

Helen L. Page                              Spanish & German

Joanna Powell                             English & History

Dorothy Scureman             English

Alice G. Smith                           Commercial Arithmetic & Latin

Anna Vanhorn                             Physical Training

H.N. Waite                                    Civics

Loretta E. Weis                      German & Spanish

Myra J. Zeiser                         Latin & English

Anita Williams                           French


Class of 1925


Thomas Graham                      President                                   (Temple)

Edwin Starbird                                                Vice-President                   (Seminary)

Mary Frantz                                 Secretary (W. Chester)

Leroy Slivinske                         Treasurer                                (Dickinson Saw.)


Jennie Adams

Anita Ashmead

Algerd Babkauckas

Elizabeth Banker                  (Seminary)

Richard Brong

Priscilla Beeunas

Helen Behee

Eleanor Bellas                            (Mrs. Thomas Stout)

Dorothy Boone                          (Seminary)

Anne Brodhead

Erma Brown                                   (Seminary)

Helen M. Bunclark                (Bloomsburg State)

Martha Byle

Earl Charles                                  (m: Thelma Evans)

Marion Clark

Joseph Corgan

Pearl Cronk

Renald Davenport                 (Lehigh U.)

Anna Davis                                      (Mrs. George Parry)

Joseph Demyan

Grace Dick                                      (Elmira)

John Davis                                     

Wanda Donn                                 (Temple)

Richard Dougherty

Mary Dowling

Emerson Davis

Martha Evans                             (Mrs. Howard Ruhl)

Mildred Evans                            (Mrs. Jones – m: 20 Nov 1926)

John Evans

Margaret Fine                           (Mrs. Willard Westover – m: Jun 1925)

Charles Fay

Martha Gilefski

Emily Goldsmith

Thelma Gordon

Dorothy Gray                              (Mrs. Dr. Gould Stone – W. Chester)

Julia Grohowsky

Margaret Gregutis

Mary Hermit

Wilbur Hoyt

Alice Huff

Regina Hurley                             (W. Chester)

Charles Henry                           (m: Marjorie Banker)

Margaret Ide

Kathryn Ingham                     (Mrs. Dr. Arnaldo – Teacher, K.H.S.)

Hannah Jayne

Clayton Jones

Elizabeth Johnson

Grant Jones                                  (Lehigh U.)

George Jeffery

Edmund Karmilowicz

Rose Kelly                                        (Mrs. Moses Taylor)

Joseph Kukis

Bessie Key                                       (Mansfield State)

Dorothy Kocher

Margaret Kane                         (Stroudsburg)

Irene Lukasavage                 (Teacher, K.H.S.)

Theron Lamoreaux

Hazard Leisenring

Daniel Lewis                                  (Teacher, K.H.S.)

William Lowe                               (m: Florence Greenman)

Eleanor Monroe                       (Seminary)

Marion Marshall                      (Bloomsburg State - Teacher, K.H.S.)

Rodney Melhuish

Theodore E. Meyers         (died)

William Morgan                                                (Penn State)

William Mozelesky

Ralph Nicholson

Mary Paxson

William Pacropus                    (Works in Detroit)

Curtis Paxson

Dorothy Pritchard              (Seling Grove)

Lorene Ramsay

Eleanor Rees                               (Teacher, K.H.S.)

Esther Roll

Lewis Reese

Kenneth Reynolds                (Moved to Dickson City)

Charles Royer

Anthony Rutkosky

Hilda Ruggles

Evelyn Schmoll                          (Mansfield State)

Grace Schoser                          (Mrs. Picconne – m: 12 Nov 1925; son: 20 Sep 1926)

Marvin Stahl                                (m: Martha Walsh)

Melinda Shouldice

Ruth Shepherd                                                (Mansfield State - Teacher, K.H.S.)

Joseph Strutko

Alice Shields

Althea Singley

Dorothy Smith

Mildred Sponsler                   (Mrs. Gherris – m: Nov 1927)

Arline Thomas                           (Mrs. Williams – m: Jul 1925)

William Thomas

Victoria Tsukalas

Katherine Walsh                   (W. Chester)

Willard Westover                (m: Margaret "Peg" Fine – m: Jun 1925)

Marion Wasley                          (Teacher, K.H.S.)

Anna White

Herman Williams

Jennie Williams                       (Teacher in E.S.)


The following persons do not have their photograph included in the yearbook

(except for Class Officers)


Class of 1926


Durrell Scott                              President  

Phillip Morgan                             Vice-President

Dorothy Morgan                     Secretary

Warren Seiple                          Treasurer



Raechel Evans

Sarah Mittleman

Ruth Bell

Florence Floyd

Dorothy Nash

Pauline Bergsman

Dorothy Fowler

Ruth Phillips

Margaret Besecker

Lois Fink

Antoinette Rydd

Gladys Boyd

Margaret Fagan

Helen Rydd

Ruth Brittain

Nell Ferry

Sara Robbins

Doris Buckalew

Kathryn Finne

Ina Smith

Josephine Byj

Florence Greenman

Vera Smith

Ruth Brown

Beatrice Gregory

Lucille Smith

Thelma Cobb

Margaret Honeychurch

Beatrice Stivers

Mary Catron

Dorothy House

Jennie Segerbloom

Gene Castle

Bertha Huff

Estelle Shedlesky

Alberta Callahan

Dorothy Hurlbutt

Margaret Shepherd

Mary Daniels

Eleanor Janosky

Jeanette Thomas

Margaret Davis

Florence Kelley

Helen Thompson

Josephine DeWolfe

June Krumonocker

Lillian Thomas

Rosie Dymond

Alice Law

Margaret Thompson

Irene Davies

Grace Lloyd

Frances Tingley

Dorothy Davies

Eunice Levy

Louise Troster

Lea Davis

Marian Littleton

Kathryn Tully

Josephine Delinsky

Emma Mayer

Martha Wilson

Marjorie Eccleston

Agnes McHal

Martha Walsh

Helen Ellsworth

Helen Montgomery

Irene Waselesky

Dorothy Evans

Dorothy Morgan

Alice Welker

Helen Edwards

Anna Martincavage

Mary Witecavage

Mildred Evans

Helen McHugh

Cathryn Williams



Harold Ash

Raymond Gallagher

Charles Randall

Harold Aten

Gilbert Ide

Charles Ransom

Joseph Bankovitch

Edward Jones

Willis Ransom

Robert Belles

Ronald Jones

Howell Reese

Charles Besecker

David Jones

Robert Rome

Harold Bowers

Horace Kramer

Walter Reilly

Joseph Bednarick

Franklin Krieger

Arthur Remphrey

Noah Belding

Harold Kreitzberger

Everett Remphrey

Ralph Belles

Clayton Maillard

Nelson Rodda

Edward Benner

Roger Maine

Durelle Scott

John Callahan

Irvin Moore

Edward Stuscavage

James Custer

John Mangan

Oscar Search

Howard Davies

Phillip Morgan

Warren Seiple

John Davies

John McCarthy

Claud Shappelle

Harry Davis

Thomas McGoey

Frank Trimble

Charles Erdle

James McGuire

Carl Thorne

Hayden Evans

Adolph Niem

Alden Wagner

William Forgeng

Alex Norbert

Donald Waite

Fred Fraley

Theodore Orman

John Webb

Edward Heltzel

Joseph Paulick

Ralph Wilcox

Floyd Hockenberry

Nicholas Puhlick

Albert Zcofski


Class of 1927


Gerald O’Donnell                    President  

Ruth Schoser                             Vice-President

Eloise Heller                                Secretary

Richard Benner                                                Treasurer



Esther Adams

Viola Ambrose

Victoria Babanio

Claudine Barber

Agnes Burns

Ruth Busanovich

Stephie Byj

Margaret Corgan

Iona Davies

Eleanor Deets

Mary Dougherty

Florence Drake

Susan Emery

Ida Evans

Eva Flower

Evelyn Franklin

Helen Griffen

Helen Haines

Blodwen Hammonds

Eloise Heller

Louise Herberger

Kathryn Hines

Jane Ingham

Helen Johns

Peggy Jones

Janet Karmilowicz

Angeline Kasmark

Dorcas Keiser

Helen Kelly

Natalie King

Agnes Kline

Regina Kucinskas

Dorothy LaBar

Elizabeth Lee

Louise Leisenring

Agnes Lulack

Helen Macey

Elise Maillard

Alberta Melhuisb

Margaret Miller

Marian Miller

Eleanor Morgan

Velma Morgan

Charlotte Morgans

Marguerite Murphy

Dorthea O’Connell

Alma Parsons

Julia Parsons

Betty Price

Isabel Ransom

Florence Regan

Dorothy Renard

Margaret Richmond

Ann Ringsdorf

Eleanor Roat

Anne Roberts

Eleanor Roberts

Dorothy Rock

Louise Rock

Katherine Rogan

Ruth Schoser

Betty Schultz

Katherine Sharpe

Elynor Sherbine

Mabel Shewan

Martha Smith

Dorothy Turpin

Sophie Unukoski

Emilie Wallace

Dorothy Weaver

Ethel Weaver

Gertrude Weiser

Dorothy Werner

Esther Whitman

Alice Williams

Louise Williams

Elizabeth Wilson

Amelia Wisnewski

Ann Wisnewski

Louise White




Walter Agurkis

Neilson Andrews

Roscoe Angle

Hillard Anthony

Gerald Barnes

Donald Berry

Richard Benner

Alfonso Bianco

Thomas Bonta

Harry Bray

Frank Bowman

Edward Brennan

Harold Brooks

Paul Burk

Donald Case

Lewis Catron

Edmund Cherneck

Sheldon Curtis

Carl Dietrick

Edward Donn

Joseph Ebert

Kermit Ellis

Joseph Garside

Thorne Greenman

Davis Harris

Clifford Hendrickson

Charlton Heslop

Earl Hess

LeRoy Hockenberry

Frank Horsefield

Thomas Hughes

Warren Hunter

Harry Jewel

Cornelius Kane

Andrew Krimmel

Charles Lawson

Harold Leftkowitz

Lewis Lewis

Curtis Mantz

Joseph Mozuraitis

William Nash

Edmund Niemczynski

Edward Oncay

Gerald O’Donnell

Joseph O’Neil

George Phillips

Hugh Ransom

Thomas Robbins

James Rosenbaum

Mark Ryan

William Schultz

Harold Seiple

George Shepherd

Harold Sickler

William Spencer

Edward Starzinski

Donald Stearns

Edward Stroud

Harry Swartz

Chapman Thomas

William Trimble

Fred Turpin

Edward Vincent

Leo Wasileski

John Williams

Lewis Younkins


Class of 1928


Ruth Slivinske                           President  

Charles Turpin                           Vice-President

Sara Smith                                    Secretary

Theodore Hessler                Treasurer


Madge Anderson

Thomas Atherholt

Reid Ball

Louise Bamert

Frank Barney

Reginald Beck

Donald Bellas

Martha Bellas

Donald Bell

Julia Bellsky

Gertrude Beste

Olive Best

Mary Bombrich

Owen Boston

Olwen Bowen

Mary Boyer

George Bradley

Nelson Bragg

James Brennan

Emil Brenner

Jane Breusser

James Brew

Philip Brodhead

Dorothy Burke

Virginia Burton

Charles Busanovich

Frances Busanovich

William Butcher

Robert Byle

Rose Calahan

Charles Carle

Marjorie Carey

Aloysius Chipanonis

Ivan Covert

George Condan

Elizabeth Crawford

William Croughn

John Cushner

Ben Davis

Henry Davis

Margaret Davis

Carl Davies

Peter DeBrunska

Mildred Davies

Margaret Davies

Virginia Davies

Ruth Dila

Earl Disque

Mary Donahue

Chester Donn

Murray Douglas

Joseph Dopkavitch

Richard Doyle

Mary Duffy

Thelma Dodson

Sterling Eyer

Jean Eavenson

Mabel Elston

Fred Ellis

Anna M. Eckenrode

Isabell Erdie

Cora Ertly

Gertrude Erwine

Harry Erwine

Alice Evans

Rebecca Evans

Philip Evans

Anna Felter

Hilda Florthey

Helen Fowler

John Franklin

Elizabeth Frantz

Cecelia Gedrick

Alice Golightly

Marion Grimes

Pauline Grover

William Gusluski

William Haschele

Josephine Habblett

Elva Gilbert

Marion Harrison

William Heltzel

Ted Hessler

Edith Hardorski

Arthur Harrison

Donald Hilbert

Mary Hines

Rhea Hoats

Leslie Hobbs

Sadie Hallihan

Marie Huddock

Ralph Hull

Laura Janes

Catherine Jones

Elvira Jones

Harold Jones

French Jones

Beatrice Jones

Mildred Jones

Sarah Jines

Peter Katrosh

Marie Kelley

John Kenny

Irene Knapp

Kathryn Kramer

Law Krumanocker

Arthur Kucinskos

Martha LaBar

Ruth Lewis

Edwin Lewis

John Leibensberger

Allen Lloyd

Phyllis Lellokas

Dorothy Lemon

Dorothy Lewis

Margaret Lewis

Mary Litwak

Zelda Long

Kathryn Lyons

Erma Kreidler

Alice McHale

Phillip Myers

Paul Mangan

Marian Moyer

Ruth Major

Robert Morgan

Stella Markalonis

Marie McCabe

Kathryn McElroy

Mary Minnich

Lillian Miner

Genevieve Norhert

Irene Oncay

Mary Powell

John Pugh

Gertrude Piccone

John Pongonus

Joseph Papp

Frank Parkinson

Walter Parsons

Albert Pascavage

Orrin Phinney

Thomas Price

Ethel Partridge

Dorothy Paxon

Elizabeth Pledger

Madeline Pralaks

Mary Ransom

Edna Rushworth

Marie Milaukas

Mary Rogan

Edna Rushworth

Fred Ransom

Melvin Ransom

Anthony Rovinsky

Edward Rutkowski

Arthur Resonla

Daniel Richards

Joseph Roman

Isadore Rome

Genevieve Redzavitch

Elsie Rebhorn

Mary Rees

Phoebe Richert

Marjorie Reiser

Margaret Rossnick

Stella Sahutsky

Ruth Shappelle

Catherine Schall

Caroleen Smith

Sarah Smith

Laura Schultz

Dorothy Snyder

Josephine Stahl

Edgar Samuels

Roger Stillman

John Staskavage

Edward Steinhauer

Betty Samuels

Ruth Slivinski

Margaret Smith

Eldona Spudis

Elizabeth Starbird

Alice Stevenson

Julia Stupinsky

Charles Turpin

Miriam Lloyd

Mary Williams

Margaret Ward

Edward Waitkiewieg

Josephine Wegrzyn

Furman Whipple

Frank Whitenight

John P. Williams

Glen Wint

John Rydd

John Ruthkowski

John Thomas

William Thomas

Joseph Turel

Stanley Turel

James Walters

Frederick Watts

Charles Westerville

Leslie Wilcox

John E. Williams

Joseph Willis

Earl Wilson

Esther Wagner

Mary Wharton

Elsie Williams

Gladys Williams

Robert Young

Lottie Zebrowski

John Sterling

Arthur Davenport

Robert Ogilvie

Ralph Dix

Thomas Rees

Carl Segerbloom

Curtis Lutz

Milton Graham

Billy Vincent

Joseph Hopkins



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