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It appears to have been a gift from Rev. S.F. Wright (and perhaps his wife as it has initials, E. E.), to John and Matilda Keiser. This was Matilda Albert.
John Keiser was born 7 July 1819, the son of John and Veronica (Merwine) Keiser. John was married first to Catharine TEETER who died 23 July 1852. With her, he had five children:
Sabilla, b. 17 July 1842, m. George Deiter, d. 21 Aug.1924;
William, b. 13 April 1848, m. Catharine Altemus, d. 5 April 1894;
Charles, b. 13 Dec. 1846, d. 13 March 1913; Salinda, b. 26 March 1851; and
Sarah b. 24 June 1844.
After the death of Catharine, John married Matilda Albert who was born about 1831 and died about 1869. John and Matilda had the following children:
Lucy Frances, b. 2 Feb. 1856, d. 21 Aug. 1942, m. James Edgar Altemus;
John V. , b. 24 July 1861, went to Stratton, Neb.; Howard, b. 24 Aug. (1852 or 1867?), never married, said to have travelled with fairs and painted pictures on tin pie pans;
Mary (Mae), b. 29 May 1859, never married, lived in Danville, NY. ;
Oscar (no information).

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