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Will Book "A", p. 431

In the name of God amen, I, Thomas Lamoreaux of Plymouth in the county of Luzerne and commonwealth of Pennsylvaniabeing in a common state of health in body and in perfect memory thanks be to God for the same and calling to mind the state of mortality that I must yield to death when it where it shall please God to call me do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following viz:

First I give and committ my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body to the dust from whence it came, to buryed in such place and in such manner as my exevutors hereafter named whall order and direct in hope of a glorius immortality beyond the grave, and in full assurance of the resurection of this my mortal body, and now as to the settling of my estate which it hath pleased God to put into my hands.

I do will order and direct in manner and form following viz: first that all my debts and funeral charges be fully paid and satisfied by my legacies in equal proportions to what they receive

First To my beloved wife Keturah I give and bequeath the use of one third part of all my real and personal property as the laws of (?) land hath made & provided Likewise the best horse saddle & bridle that I am possessed of and one hundred dollars.

To my son James Lamoreaus's son, Jewel Lamoreaux a cripple child I make equal with my daughters as I am not disposed to give my son James anything on account of his disobedience to me (my son John to witness the same) that is Martha Pringle, Elizabeth Ransom Temperance VanLoon, Charity Steel, Hannah VanLoon, Keturah Ackley, Milly Lamoreaux, Jane Lamoreaux my daughters

John Lamoreaux, Thomas Lamoreaux, Joshua Lamoreaux, Daniel Lamoreaux my sons, I do hereby authorize my executors or whom they may appoint to appraise my real & personal and then to be proportioned as follows viz;
to my sons Thomas, Joshua & Daniel each double to any of my daughters and my daughters above named equal each with my grandchild Jewel, with the following exception and directions to be observed and attended to viz:
To my son John Lamoreaux one hundred dollars as he has had before of my property. to my Grandson James VanLoon, if he lives and continues with me my wife or son Daniel till he arrives to the full age of twenty one, then to receive from my Executors two hundred and sixty six dollars of my estate also that part that shall set off to Temperance VanLoon be for her own personal use and her children to be in the hands of my executors at their discretion with my daughter Temperance and also Charity Steel's portion in same way and manner with her sister Temperance

Also I do hereby ordain constitute and appoint my son John Lamoreaux with Griffin lewis and Jonah Rogers my sole executors to execute this my last will and testament with two years time to settle the same in. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of April one thousand eight hundred & fifteen.

Thomas Lamoreaux

Signed sealed and published in presence of
Ammas Newcomb
Ira Brunson
Jonah Rogers, Jr.

Codicil to this my last will and testament still remaining in full stong mind do make this alteration viz:
that as I willed to my son Thomas Lamoreaux, Junr considering his interferance and bad conduct do hereby revoke the former and do now give and bequeath to his son Wesly Lamoreaux that part willed before to my son Thomas aforesaid to be and remain in the hands of my executors untill my grandson Wesley Lamoreaux arrives at full age of twenty one, then to be paid by my Executors to him aforesaid Wesley, Also to my son John Lamoreaux fifty dollars only considering more intensely the priviledges already he has had and received from me. As witness my hand and seal this ninth day of November one thousand eight hundred twenty six.

Thomas Lamoreaux

Signed sealed & published in presence of
William Harris
James VanLoon
Jeremiah Rumsey

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