Bradsby's "History of Luzerne County, Pa." (published in 1893) has the following entry for Stockton:

Stockton bears with considerable dignity the name of Comodore Stockton. A mine was opened here in 1851 by Packer, Carter & Co. The place attracts your attention by the long line of "cave in" running parallel with the railroad track. December 18, 1869, occurred here a "squeeze"—caused by "robbing the pilars," and in this was carried down the house occupied by the Rough and Swank families. None of the bodies were ever recovered, and the spot where the house stood has been filled and a marble slab tells the story of the victims as follows:

'Elizabeth Rough, May 18, 1796; Margaret Rough, January 18, 1837; Isaac Rough, January 22,1839; Elizabeth Rought, March 1869; George Swank, 1819; William Swank, 1850. December 18, 1869.'

The place is near Hazleton, yet it has considerable business outside the company store; a car repair and blacksmith shop; hotel, two stores, postoffice. The first postmaster was Ralph Tozer, a very familiar family name before and during the Revolution in the vicinity of Tioga Point (Athens).

There is quite a gathering of miners' houses at Mount Pleasant. The mine here belonged to the heirs of C. Koons and were operated by Pardee & Co.

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