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Will Book "J", p. 242

I Stephen Davenport of Huntington twp. Luzerne County and State of Pennsylvania do make and publish this my last will and Testament.

In the first place I order and direct all my debts to be paid and direct my executors to place a plain tombstone at my grave not exceeding fifty dollars in value. As to my estate real and personal, I order and direct the following dispositions to be made of it

To my son Thomas and his heirs I do give and devise about seventy acres of my homestead farm in Huntington, described as follows. Beginning a the Junction of the Town line, and Huntington Road, Thence down the Huntington Road about seventy five rods to a chestnut post recently placed by me thence on a line parallel with the town line road to the lane of William Harris in thence north east, along Harrison's line about seventy five rods to the Town line road, and thence southeasterly along said road about one hundred and forty five rods to the place of Beginning. and I order and direct that my said son Thomas shall pay to my other children herein after named the sum of eighteen hundred Dollars in manner following that is to say. The whole sum of Eighteen Hundred dollars to be a lien and chargable upon the land, devised till the whole is paid and discharged and the devised of the said land to be willfull of any and all interests of my said son Thomas in my estate Two thirds of the said sum to be paid in five equal annual instalments without interest into a general fund, and to be divided, as herin stated. One third to remain a charged upon the land, devised, and to be paid into said general fund upon the death of my wife if she survive me, The interest of the third to be paid her annually.

To my son Ira Davenport, and his heirs I, do give, and devise, all the residue and remainder of my real estate Situate in the said Township of Huntington and supposed to be about seventy five acres, on which are situate the family residence and other buildings, and for which he shall pay into the general fund for division as herinafter named the sum of One Thousand eight-hundred dollars all of which will be a lein upon and chargable upon the land devised and this to be in full of his share of my estate Two thirds of the said sum of Eighteen Hundred Dollars to be paid in five years into the said general fund without interest and the remaining one third to be paid into the said general fund upon the death of my wife if she survive me, and the interest of the said one third to be paid to her annually during her life my real estate in the Township of Union and containing about fifty acres, and worth in my Judgement not less that Two Thousand Dollars in cash I, order and direct my executors to sell at public or private sale and give a deed for the same to the purchaser one third of the purchase money to remain secured upon the same The interest upon which to be paid to my wife annually. The whole purchase money to become,a part of the said general fund herein after named. The sums to be paid by sons Thomas and Ira, and the proceeds of the sale of the Union land, and all the residual and remainder of my estate after the discharge of my debts to sonctitute a fund and to be devisible as follows viz.

To my son William and his heirs I give and devise One Hundred dollars in leiu of his share of my estate as I have already done Considerable for him, during my life time.

To the children of my son, Harfred, deceased, five in number I give and devise Fifty dollars to each. The remainder of the said fund I do give and devise to my son Harriston Newton, and his heirs and my three daughters, and their heirs, namely Charity Adeline married to Chas Good; Elsey Elizabeth married to Wells Wagner and Charlotte Josephine married to Wrighr. Swingle, as follows one third of the remainder of the said fund to my son Harrison Newton, and two thirds of the remainder of the said fund to be divided in equal shares among my three daughters, Charity, Elsey and Charlotte, and their heirs.

I do give and desire to my wife Mary Ann if she survive me the sum of Forty Dollars payable annually in equal Semi Annually payments if she will accept the same in leiu of dower. The same in my Judgement being equal to the amount she would get from my estate if I left no will.

I do hereby name and appoint my sons William Davenport, Ira Davenport and my son-in-law Charles Good executors of this my last will and Testament.

In Testimoney I have hereto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of August 1881.

Stephen Davenport

Signed Sealed published and declared in the
presence of the testator an in our presence.
J. M. Courtright
J. G. Carpenter

Date of death: 22 August 1885

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