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Will Book "B", p. 210

In the name of God, Amen, I Samuel Davenport of Plymouth Township in Luzerne county and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, being weak in bodily health by of perfect mind and memory, thanks being unto God calling unto mind the mortality of body and knowing that it is appointed for ... once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament: That is to say ... and first of all, I give and command my Soul unto the the hand of Almighty that gave it; and my body I recommend to the Earth, to be buried in a decent Christian burial, not doubting but at the general resurrection I shall revive the same by the power of God. And as touching such worldly Estate where with it has pleased God to bless me in this life. I give, devise, and dispose of the same in the following manner & form.

First I do hereby constitute make and ordain Daniel Davenport and Stephen Davenport my Brothers, on eof Plymouth township and the other of Huntington Township in the aforesaid County of Luzerne, the sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament,

Secondly I do give and bequeath unto Charles, George, Chester, Esther and Hendrick, the sons and daughter of my brother, Daniel Davenport and their heirs and assigns, forever, that piece of the Homestead Lot containing four acres and forty three perches, but the use of said four acres and forty three perches to my brother Daniel during his natural life. And I do give and bequeath unto my brother Daniel one and a half acres of the Garrison Lots, so called, and also that part of the Pitch number two, Containing five acres and sixty four perches. The last piece I sold to him some years past but not Deed to him, I give and bequeath to my Brother Daniel's five children and their heirs ans assigns forever, eight and a half acres of the Ayres Lot, but the use of the same to my Brother Daniel during his natural life, then to his five children and thier heirs.

Thirdly, I give and bequeath to my Brother Robert Davenport Five acres and a half, on the Allen Lot on the Flats, and all the interest that I have in the Currie Lands or money due to me from the heirs that took the Lnads, to him, his heirs and assigns forever, on his paying two hundred and fifty dollars within one year after my decease as I may direct hereafter.

Fourthly, I give and bequeath all the upper Lot in the Ten acre field, so called, Containing Six acres and Seventy Six perches to the Heirs of my sister Phebe Pringle, wife of John Pringle, the use of the said Six acres and Seventy six perches to my Sister Phebe during her natural life, in that way, that the use of the said tract of Land cannot be taken for any debt or demand of her said husband John Pringle, and at her decease, to the heirs of her body that may be to them and their heirs forever. Nevertheless I reserve all Coal that may be under the said parcel of Land, to be disposed of as I may Hereafter direct, also reserving a right of one acre if necessary for the purpose of mining the Coal but for no other purpose.

Fifthly, I give and bequeath all the middle partition of the Smith Lot, so called, Containing forty acres, to the heirs of my Brother Thomas Davenport, deceased, to them and their heirs forever.

Sixthly, I give and bequeath to my brother John Davenport, One hundred & Seventy Five Dollars, out of the money which will be due in one year after my decease from my Brother Robert Davenport, and the remainder Seventy five Dollars from my Brother Robert Davenport to my kind and esteemed Mother and my Aunt Phebe Pringle equally.

Seventhly, All notes and demands that I have against my Brother Daniel Davenport including Book accounts, I give and bequeath to my Mother, to be paid in furnishing her with Coal for the House use, if she should want the same, and that to be in full for said demands.

Eighthly, I do hereby authorise and require my Executors named in the first clause, Daniel & Stephen Davenport to sell and convey all the Coal that is under that tract of Land that I have given and bequeathed to the Heirs of my Sister Phebe Pringle to sell the same wit all the right I have reserved, for the best price od prices that can be obtained, as soon as circumstances wil admit or be expedited to so, and dispose of the ... not much short of Two thousand Dollars, and when the said Coal is sold I give and bequeath One hundred and fifty Dollars to my sister Elizabeth Van Loon ... and a like sum of one hundred and fifty Dollars unto my Sister Hannah Gould, wife of Jacob Gould to be paid to them and their heirs and assigns: And Three Hundred dollars to the Heirs of my Sister Phebe, after her natural death. -- the said Three hundred to ... remain in the hands of my Brother Stephen Davenport, The Interest of the Three Hundred Dollars to be paid to my Sister Phebe Pringle; and to no other person, for her sole use and after her decease, the three hundred to be paid by my Executor, Stephen Davenport to her Heirs of my Sister, Phebe Pringle, in one year.

Ninthly, I do give and bequeath to my Kind and esteemed Mother, all my personal property which I have not otherwise disposed of to her sole use, after paying all my lawful and just debts, and her paying ... Dollars to the Heirs of Thomas Davenport, deceased.
Tenthly: I do of my personal property require my Executors Daniel & Stephen Davenport, to have sufficient to pay all my debts, and to pay out of the same, Forty Dollars to the Heirs of my Brother Thomas Davenport , deceased, instead of my Mother having to do it. The residue of my personal property to my Mother.

Eleventhly: I do give and bequeath unto Daniel Davenport & Stephen Davenport my Executors, all the money that the Coal which is under that Tract of Sixty Six acres Seventy perches will sell for, after paying that Six hundred Dollars as is pointed and directed to be paid to my Sisters to be divided equally between them and their Heirs. -- And I do hereby revoke all former Wills, ratifying this to be my last Will & Testament.

In Witness whereof I have Hereunto set my hand and seal, this fifteenth day of ?ary, Eighteen hundred and thirty nine.

Samuel Davenport

Signed, Sealed, published, pronounced and delivered, by the said Samuel Davenport as his
Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed
our names. --
Noah Wadhams
Samuel Davenport, Jr.
Miner Van Loon

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