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In the name of God, amen. I, Philip Fenstermaker, of the township of Nescopeck in the county of Luzerne and commonwealth of Pennsylvania goman, being sick in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding, blessed by God for the same and considering the uncertainty of the mordel life, and being delirious of settling my worldly affairs, do make and publish this my last will and testament, in manner and form following to wid.

And first of all I commend my immortel sole unto the hands of God who gave id, and my body to the earth to be buried a decent and Christian like manner, at the descretion of my executors hear in after named, And as to such worldly estate where with it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner, to wit:

I give to my son John the upper place ware he now lives on ecept nine rose of apple trees and the grount ware the stants one hundred and sixty acres more or less, and John is to have fourty shuger trees of the ubper end of the shugerr, and the said John Fenstermaker is to pay one thousand dollars--one hundred dollars yearly after my deceas and six bushels wheat, ten bushel buckwheat, seventy five poundt pork yearly, and I give my son William two of my horses and gears for the horses, and a new two hors wagon and the mittle place except twenty five or thirty acres to George Fenstermaker, at the lower end, hous barn, orchard and meadows, the said William Fenstermaker is to have the place whare I live now, one hundred and fourty acres with the island, he must pay one thousand dollars, one hundred dollars yearly and six bushels wheat, ten bushel buckwheat, seventy five pount pork yearly. I do except one room in the hous for my wife and part of the kitchen and my son William is to hall wood, cut it and carry in her room, and a place in the barn for hir cow, and find the hay and feed a cow, and give her abble sider what she can make yarn of.

I give to my daughter Caty one thousant dollars and two cows, two sheep, one bed and householt fournature as the other of my gourels have, and I gave to my daughter Hanna on thousant dollars two cows, two sheep, bed and household furnature as the other of my gaurels goted, and the rest I gave the thirt to my mortel wife, and the rest shall be divided equil among the eight hears, and as to all the rest and residue of my estate real or personal, and effects whatsoever wich shall remain after payment of my debts, funeral expenses and the aforesaid legacies to my daughtors and my wife, the thirt part shall be equil divided.

And I hearby nominate my son John Fenstermaker and my son William Fenstermaker Executors of this, my last will and testament, In witness ware of I have hearunto set my hand and seal this first day of May one thousant eight hundred and twenty eight.

Philip Fenstermaker

Signed sealed and declared
by the above named Philip Fenstermaker
to be his last will and testament in the
pressents of us who have hereunto sub
scribed our names in as witness in the
pressents of the testator:
Jcb. Zeiser
Daniel Wall

Luzerne County ss:
Before me Deputy for Charles D. Shoemaker, Register for the probate of Wills and granting letters of Administration in an for the County aforesaid, personally came J. N. Zeiser and Daniel Wall the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will, who beign duly sworn according to law, do depose and say that their names to the said will subscribed as witnesses are of their own proper handwriting respectively that they were present and saw Philip Fenstermaker the testator sign the same will and heard him publish pronounce and declare the same as and for his testament and last will, that at the time of so doing he was of perfect and sound mind memory and understanding to their best knowledge and belief and that they respectively signed the same as witnesses in the presence and at the request of the testator.

Hon. C. D. Shoemaker, Register

Presented to the Orphans Court Aug. 7, 1834

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