The Will of

Will Book "D", p. 47

Know all men by theses presents that I Jacob Nulton of the Township of Franklin County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania being of sound mind declare this my last will:

First my personal property I want disposed of at vendue as soon after my decease as practically. The Executor at Public Sale will dispose of my Real Estate said sale shall not be later than one year after my decease my debts including the expense for a respectable set of grave stones to be paid for out of the first money in the hands of the Executor. Terms of sale of my personal property and Real Estate shall require all the money to be paid within one year from the day of sale.

I wish my children to share equal the children of my son Wm who is dead have his share but the money is not to be distributed until Alvira (sp?) Nulton receives from Executor one hundred dollars which is to be deducted from said Benjamin's portion.

Levi Honeywell shall receive one hundred dollars from the portion of his mother

my grand daughter Eliza Alice Smith shall receive two hundred and fifty dollars one hundred dollars of which shall be deducted from the portion of my son Jacob fifty dollars from the portion of my son Isaac and the other hundred dollars from the first money in the hands of the Executor after paying my personal debts

Samuel Smith my grandson shall have twenty five dollars which is to be deducted from the portion of my daughter Elizabeth Honeywell.

I hereby appoint Charles Frantz my Executor.

Signed and sealed this twenty ninth day of March A D 1864
Witness to Signing
D. Paullston
R. S. Ryman
Wm Thompson

Jacob (X) Nulton
his mark

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