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Will Book "K", p. 533

In the name of God amen. I, Lavina Barnes of the City of Wilkes-Barre, County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make my last will and testament in manner and form following:

Imprimis: I direct all my just debts and funeral expenses to be fully paid and satisfied by my Executor, hereinafter named, and a erection of a suitable tombstone at the head of my beloved husband, Georges Barnes, with his name, and the names of my deceased children, Earl and Harrison Barnes, engraved thereon, and the dates of their births and deaths, all this to be done as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.

Item I give devise and bequeath unto my son George Barnes his heirs and assigns forever One hundred dollars.

Item I give devise, and bequeath unto my son Samuel Barnes his heirs and assigns forever twenty five dollars.

Item I do hereby authorize and empower my Executor hereinafter named to divide my personal property between my children who shall survive me as he deems proper and just: and I do also authorize and empower my said Executor to rent my real estate and use the income of the same for the support and maintenance of my son Edward Barnes as he deems proper during the natural life of my said son.

Item All the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, real, personal and mixed whatsoever and wheresover, I give, devise and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Eliza intermarried with Henry S. Mack, her heirs and assigns forever.

And Lastly, I nominate, constitute and appoint my son in law Henry S. Mack to be the Executor of this my last will and testament.

In witness where of I, Lavina Barnes the testatrix have to this my will written on one sheet of paper set my hand and seal the sixteenth day of October A. D. 1888.

Lavina Barnes (seal)

Signed sealed and published and declared by the above named Lavina Barnes is and for her last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names at her request as witnesses thereto, in the presence of the said testatrix and of each other.
Jennie Winlack
E. D. Nichols

Registers Office Wilkes-Barre 6 March 1889
Luzerne Co. SS:
This day before me James McGreery Esq Register of Wills in and for the County aforesaid personally came E. D. Nichols and Jennie Winlack the subscribing witnesses to the above and foregoing last will and testament of Lavina Barnes, late of the City of Wilkes-Barre Luzerne County and State of Pennsylvania, deceased, who being duly sworn according to law do say that they were present and saw and heard Lavina Barnes the testatrix sign seal publish pronounce and declare the foregoing instrument of writing and for her last will and testament, and that at the time of so doing she was of sound mind memory and understanding, to the best of their knowledge and belief and that they did sign their names is subscribing witnesses int he presence of each other and in the presence and at the request of the said testatrix.
E.D. Nichols
Jennie Winlack

Sworn and subscribed before
me the day and year written
James McGreery Register
J. M. Schappert Deputy

And now to wit 6 day of March 1889 Having considered the testimony offered in this case and filed the same of record I do adjudge the foregoing writing to be duly provided as the last will and testament of the said Lavina Barnes now deceased, and as such I do enter the same of record according to law.
James McGreery Register
Jacob M. Schappert Deputy

Date of death 27 Febry 1889
Filed 7 March 1889

State of Pennsylvania
County of Luzerne: SS
In Conformity with the above will and probate there of Letters of Testamentary thereon duly issued on this 7 day of March 1889 unto Henry S. Mack, Esq. He having first been duly sworn to will and truly administer the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of the said Lavina Barnes deceased according to law.
Given under my hand and seal of the Registers Office this 7 day of March as 1889
James McGreery Register

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