Is a product mostly of the Laflin Powder mills that are within the borough. This industry represents 7 mills and necessary works scattered along up the hollow of Gardner creek. The buildings extend 2,000 feet in the deep woods along the creek. These old trees and the great shed protections along between the several different buildings are a great promise of protection in case of an explosion. The product is mostly blasting powder, of which the plant turns out an immense quantity to the trade annually.

The mills were principally built in 1872 by H.D. LAFLIN and O.M. ROUSE, the first cost of the plant was over $100,000, and additions and improvements have been added from time to time. The superintendent of the powder works, Thomas C. NATTRASS, has been in the employ of the company fourteen years and superintendent in this place nearly three years. Twenty-five men are employed about the works; the firm name of the company is The Laflin Powder Company.

Laflin was organized and made a borough September 10, 1889. First officers: Burgess, Josiah TWIST; counciL: John GEORGE, C.M. ROUSE, William WEAVER, Anthony BROWN, E.R. SCUREMAN, Albert WILLIAMS. Present officers: Burgess, William HOWE; council: Thomas GOLIGHTLY, president: Josiah TWIST, secretary: Thomas NATTRASS, treasurer: William WEAVER, Elijah SCUREMAN and Mathew HART.

The powder-mills, breaker and a general store constitute the business of the place.

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