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Will Book "B", p. 491

The last Will and Testament of John Lamoreaux Farmer of Jackson Township, Luzerne County, State of Pennsylvania. I John Lamoreaux considering the uncertainty of human life, and being of sound mind and memory, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.

1st My will is that all my just debts as shall be by me owing at my death, together with my funeral expenses and all charges touching the proving or otherwise concerning this my Will shall in the first place out of my personal estate and effects be fully paid and satisfied.

Then my Will is that the residue of my personal property that may remain, I give and bequeath to my Nephew William Lamoreaux Son of my Brother Joshua Lamoreaux deceased, and if my personal property should not be sufficient then he the said William to make up the deficiency with the exception that all my Wearing apparel I give and bequeath to my Nephew Samuel A. Lamoreaux. With respect to the Real Estate that Providence has Blest me with my wish and desire is that it be disposed of as follows, viz:
To Alexander Lamoreaux, Son of my Brother Daniel Dec'd, I give and devise as follows, viz:
That part of my farm on which he now lives described as follows the lane or road on the East of the dwelling house he now occupies beginning at the Corner of lands owned by John Elston, Darius Lamoreaux on the North End and running Southerly up the Mountain to my South line thence West to lands belonging to the heirs of my Brother Daniel Lamoreaux deceased. Thence North to land of said Elston, thence East to place of Beginning Together with my two Barns and dwelling house and all other buildings or improvements whatsoever with the privelege of the Apple Orchards for Green fruit or for drying and Cider jointly with the hereinafter named William & Darius Lamoreaux until he the said Alexander can raise fruit for himself with a proviso to be named hereinafter.

To my Nephews Darius and William Lamoreaux, I give and devise as follows, To Darius Lamoreaux the land beginning at a corner already described as Elstons & Darius Lamoreaux on the lane or road above named to the field known as the Grove Meadow, thence along the said Grove Meadow fence to the road the Barn and Shed, thence down the Stone wall fence of the Garden and from the corner of said fence ina straight line to a Stake near the lower Spring set in the ground this day by mutual consent the little patch behind the upper hog pen up to the other fence of a little patch across said fence to the line of lands occupied by C. C. Curtiss thence down said line to lands of Darius Lamoreaux he Bought of Danl Higgins thence West to the place of beginning, likewise the field above the barn Bounded as follows, on the West by lane alongside of Orchard on the South by Highway leading from Curtisses to Alexander Lamoreaux thence East down the land to the dwelling house we now live in then in the North by the road leading to the Barn said Darius to have the privelege of the Apples with William and Alexander until he can raise and Orchard for himself,

Then to William Lamoreaux Son of Joshua Lamoreaux deceased I give and devise All my land on the Mountain not already devised to the said Alexander described as follows, Bounded on the West by the Mountain road, on the South by land of Wadhams on the East by lands occupied by C. C. Curtiss on the North by the Highway then below the Highway the Orchard and the Grove Meadow and little Baga patch on the West of the lane leading up on the West of the Barn and likewise the little patch on the East of the lane leading down from C. C. Curtiss with the dwelling house we now occupy and the Garden up to the Barn and Shed and the line to be as above described to run from the Garden fence below the house to the Stake near the lower Spring, both Darius and William to have equal priviliege of the Water and to my two Nephews Darius and William Lamoreaux I give and Devise all my farm known as the Bidlack place in Jackson Township with all the Buildings and improvements thereon to Share and Share alike in said property.

To my Nephew William above named I give and devise all the pieces or parcel of land lying in Jackson Township that I Bought of Henry Straddon containing nearly eleven acres for his own exclusinve and my will and desire is as follows that the above Darius and William Lamoreaux provide and maintain there Mother Martha Lamoreaux, Widow of my Brother Joshua yes provide her a good and comfortable living in a decent manner and they my a Horse and Cariage for her use to go to Meeting or any place she may wish to go, as long as she remains my Brothers Widow. This I command and desire of them out of the great respect I had for there Father and there Mother great kindness manefested to me this far, my Will and desire is that the said Darius and Wiliam Lamoreaux pay to there Brother Samuel A. Lamoreaux, Josiah & Thomas Lamoreaux severally the Sum of One hundred dollars Each in three years after my decease, likewise to there Sisters as follows, viz: Betsey, Clarissa, Almira, Lucy, Emily, Jeannette fifty dollars each in three years after my death.

Then further I give and devise to my Nephews Alba Lamoreaux, John & Morgan Lamoreaux my Brother Daniel's Sons All my farm Known as the Aunt Jemima place situate in Jackson Township Share and Share alike with the provision that they pay to there Brother Samuel Lamoreaux fifty dollars to be paid in one year from my death, and further I command and desire that the above Alexander Lamoreaux and Alba, John and Morgan Lamoreaux do provide there Mother Maria Lamoreaux with a good and comfortable living and keep a horse and carriage for her convenience to go to Meetings or any other place she may see fit. And I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint John Linskill, Alexander Lamoreaux, William Lamoreaux and Darius Lamoreaux Executors of this my Will.

In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty first day February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty one.

John Lamoreaux

Sealed, signed, published and declared by the above John Lamoreaux to be his last Will and Testament in presence of us who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as Witness thereto. The testator not being able to write has in our presence and having desired James Elston to write his name for him. Witness our hands and seals date above written.
John Elston
James C. Elston
John Linskill

1 Nov 1865 Darius Lamoreaux produces the receipts in full satisfaction of the following Legatees under this will, viz:
Martha Lamoreaux widow of Joshua dated 2 Oct 1865
Peter M. Cease guardian of minor children of Betsy 28 Sep 1865
Josiah & Samuel Lamoreaux June 29, 1865
Thomas Lamoreaux, Elmira Roberts M. Janett Lamoreaux Edward Ema J. Jones Clarissa Desnter and Lucy Van Loon all late Lamoreaux

Geo. B. Kulp, Register

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