The Will of

Will Book "A", p. 84

I, Isaac Tripp of Providence township of the county of Luzerne county and state of Pennsylvania being of sound disposing mind, do ordain and publish this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking all others.

Imprimis, I direct my executors hereafter to be named that out of my personal property they pay my just debts and funeral charges as soon as circumstances permit.

Item, Having disposed of my real estate, principally by Deeds of gift to my five sons, William, Stephen, Amasa, Isaac and Holden and knowing that my beloved wife, Martha will be entitled to one equal third thereof during her natural life, and believing also that the same will yield her a handsome support, and trusting that she will be desirous of nothing more I only give unto her all my house hold furniture of every description and kind (save only my desk, book case and books)~
Excepting as above, (and also saving my farm utensils and what I have already given to Martha my beloved wife) out of my personal estate, I direct and order that my executors make all my other daughters respectively equal in the first place to what may have been respectively received from me by my daughters, Elizabeth Case and Mary Gifford, this being done, the residue thereof, I give unto my four daughters Susan, Martha, Nancy and Catherine and my two granddaughters, Martha Case and Martha Gilford, in equal portions as nearly as may be divided.

Item, To my son, Holden, in addition to the real estate which I have already given by deed I give and bequeath unto him his heirs and assigns forever, all my land undisposed of as also my desk, Book Case, Books and farming utensils.

And lastly, For a faithful observance herein, and a due execution hereof, I do constitute and appoint my beloved wife, Martha Tripp Executrix and Rosewlll Welles Executor of this my last will and Testament.

In testimony here of I have hereunto this eleventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four, set my hand.

Isaac Tripp
In presence of
Thomas Welles
Harriet Welles
Rosewell Welles


Know ye, that I the above Testator, desirous of making some alterations in my will, do make them in the form following to wit:

1st To my son, Holden, I further give (when I and my wife shall have done with it) the bed upon which we sleep, together with as good bed cloths as may be left by us or either of us, in the house, the furniture every way to be complete.

2nd That I intended by my foregoing will for my granddaughter Martha Case, I now revoke, and the same portion of Estate which by virtue of my will, she would have had, I now give her mother, my daughter, Elizabeth Case to be dealt out to her at the discretion of my foregoing named Executors only as her necessities may require.

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