These individuals were listed in a pamphlet
dedicated to those who served their Country
during the Civil War, Spanish-American War
and World War 1.

This pamphlet was transferred onto CD format.
The following is an index of those men listed.

World War I
Adrian August
Adrian Henry J.
Barbata Ernest
Bartleson George
Bartleson William
Bartlett Ralph
Benjamin Floyd
Best James
Budwesky Carl
Bulger Edward
Burke Carl
Caputo Biaso
Chiaromonte Guiseppe
Cochran Ernest
Colechio Nunzio
Cusini Lewis
De Maio Vincenzo
Detore Michael
Dickinson Thomas
Dooner George
Dooner James A.
Dooner James J.
Dooner John
Dougher Harold
Dougher James
Eaton William
Fairclough William
Finley Thomas
Gill Armin
Golden James
Golden William
Gordon William
Harrington Edward
Helreigle Alvin
Helreigle Raymond
Hoban James
Hoban Martin
Hutchings William
Kelley Lawrence
Kerwin Henry
Koch Walter
Landmesser Raymond
Langan William
Lanzone Rocco
Leonard James
Lumley Robert
Lynch Richard
Marnelli Agortino
McNulty Patrick
Meytrott George
Miller Domerick
Monk Albert
Monk Raymond
Orlando Ernest
Parry Henry
Perschau Walter
Ramage Jesse
Ramage Russel
Reilly William
Renfer Howard
Reynolds John
Reynolds Roland
Reynolds Stanley
Rheinschmidt Fred
Richards Edward
Richards Joseph
Ruane Edward
Schultz Wilbur
Scott Thomas
Sekusky William
Shepherd Russel
Strubeck Emmanuel
Strubeck William
Sweeney Martin
Tazzaro Vincino
Thomas Benjamin
Tischler Emerson
Tompkins George
Trala Nicholas
Valerious Arthur
Valerious Wilbert
Valinis Sigmond
Weeks Fred
Weeks Roy
Weeks William
Weiskerger Frederick
Weitz August
Weitz Frederick
Weitz Frederick
Werts Arthur
Werts Arthur
Zappetelli Michael
Zarskas Albert

Spanish -American War
Dunn * Thomas
Fairclough Frank
Fries George
Jones Thomas
Kehoe Michael
Merritt * Fred
Olmstead George
Scheetz William
Schmaltz Fred
Schmaltz Jacob
( * = no info available)

Civil War
Brodbeck Jacob
Gebhardt * Frank
Golden Martin
Golden * Michael
Gruver Charles
Harrington Edward
Healey Martin
Kammer William
Kuschel Ferdinand
Lutringer Benjamin
Olmstead Stephen
Rupp * Jacob
Scheetz George
Schmaltz Ernest
Schmaltz Gottleib
Schmaltz * Gottlieb Jr.
Schmaltz Jacob
Schmaltz Levi
Schmaltz * Rudolph
Singleman * Henry
Souder * John
Souder Joseph
Weiskerger Andrew
Weiskerger Peter
( * = no info available)

For a digital copy of the page listing any of the above individuals,
you can email --John Dziak.
PLEASE specify which individual you are interested in.

John also has access to a 1952 telephone book for the Pittston Area. In addition there are ledgers and receipts from the Dunham Lamb livery & boarding stable --circa 1860.

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