The Will of

Will Book 40, p. 206

I, George J. Cobleigh make this my last will and testament on the 4th day of March 1918.

After my death all debts if any are to be paid.

My wife Eliza Cobleigh is to have the use of the farm while she lives and is to make her home there if she so desires.

At her death all personal and loose property is to pass into Bennett Cobliegh's hands as his own. The real estate value ($3000) three thousand dollars is to be divided into ten equal parts ($300) each and are to go respectfully to John Cobleigh $300, Edwin Cobleigh $300, Mrs. Cory Foss $300, Arthur Cobleigh $300, Oliver Cobleigh $300, Mrs. Daisy Steltz $250, William Cobleigh $300, Anna Kocher $300, Mrs. Wm. Garnet $300, Bennett Cobleigh $300. Mrs. Daisy Steltz share has been reduced $50 on account of some money which was advanced to her husband Andrew Steltz.

If Bennett Cobleigh so desires he can pay off these heirs during my lifetime and then at the death of my wife Eliza Cobleigh, the property personal and real estate will become his.

The funeral expenses of myself and my wife Eliza Cobleigh are to be paid by the said Bennett Cobleigh and he and his wife Helen are to be good to us during our lives.

Witness my hand and seal.

George Cobleigh


E. E. Cobleigh
Mabel E. Cobleigh

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