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Compiled by Edward Phillips; Ref. 974.833 P558 V3 PT1 (unpublished) Located at the Wyoming Historical & Geological Society, Franklin St. Wilkes Barre PA



1884/2/29--A petition was presented to the Court asking for the incorporation

of the borough of Edwardsville.

1884/4/10--The Petition was presented to the Grand Jury.

1884/6/16--The borough of Edwardsville was incorporated and given its name in honor of Daniel Edwards, superintendent of the coal company known at the present time as The Kingston Coal Company

1884/7/9--The first borough election was held in the school house on Main Street. The election officials were Judge Daniel S. Davis, inspectors Rees M. Davis and Michael Kelly. At the present time there is a playground on the site of this school house (1938).

First officials: Burgess Fred Williams; Tax collector James Armstrong; Chief of Police John Moran; Fire Chief Hugh Jones; President of Council James Curry

Borough Building

1886--A Town Hall was built. It was two stories high. The hose company occupied the first floor. The council chamber was on the second floor.

1888--This building burned down. After this fire the Council met in the Joseph Thomas Hall until the present (1938) Town Hall was completed

1899--The present Town Hall was erected at a cost of from $12,000 to $14,000. It is a three story building of brown stone and brick. The lock-up which is part of this building has six steel cells. The building is 30 feet by 15 feet.

Thomas Podmore was the architect and Joseph Hendler the contractor. The lot was 60 X 150 feet and is located on Main Street. It was bought from William Loveland in September 1889

Council. First regular meeting place was a small building owned by Fred Williams. The first council was composed of James Curry, Herbert S. Jones John Fahey, Jacob Linn, John Lohman and David Barid. Curry was the first president of the council. Linn was American, Curry English, Lohman German, Jones Welsh, Baird Scotch, Fahey Irish. Council met under the big willow tree on Main Street to organize.


--Fred Williams --William I. Williams

--Rees M. Davis --Thomas J. Hatten

--Joseph R. Thomas --William I. Williams

--John G. Thomas --Harry F. Jones

--Job Coslett 1934-41 --Norman James

--Isaac M. Dando 1941-53 --Michael Ivan Walko

Fred Williams conducted his legal business which was No. 546 Main Street in 1930. Rees M. Davis had a little office on Zerbey Avenue in the rear of where the Woolworth Store was in 1930. Coslett filled out the unexpired term of Davis who died. In 1930 the office used by Joseph R. Thomas, was used as a polling place.

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