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The Back Mountain

Dallas Township

Dallas twp. was taken from Kingston in 1817. Dallas is twenty-one square miles. It included a part of one of the "certified townships", which was called Bedford. This area was named for Alexander J. Dallas of Philadelphia.

In 1797 the first log house was built near Dallas Borough by Ephraim McCoy, a soldier of the Revolution. A second cabin was built by William Briggs. Revolutionary soldiers J. Mears, John Honeywell, John Honeywell, Jr., William Honeywell, Isaac Montayne and Elam Spencer were early settlers. In 1808 William Honeywell came from New Jersey and bought 500 acres.

The first justice of the peace was Thomas Irwin. Jacob Rice had the first painted house. The first cast-iron plow was owned by Abraham S. Honeywell. Edgar Marsh built the first tannery in 1848. Most of those living in the area were involved in farming or lumbering. In 1880 there were eight saw mills in operation. The first saw-mill was built in 1813 by Judge Baldwin. The second mill was built in 1818 by Christian Rice. The first store was built around 1840 by Almond Goss.

The early records of Dallas have been destroyed. The following was listed in "The History of Luzerne, Lackawanna and Monroe Counties, Pa.", 1880. "The present board of officers is constitued as follows: Justice, Samuel Hess; judge of elections, A.B. Shaver; inspectors of elections, S. Warden, A. Ayers; constable, W.J. Riley; assessor, G.P. Anderson; supervisors, Samuel Van Scoy, J.B. Honeywell, John Spencer, Joseph Hoover, Theodore Major, Jacob Nulton; auditors, Harrison Honeywell, S.A. Spencer; treasuere, W.K. Goss; overseers of poor, R.B. Wilson, T.A. Kriedler; school directors, W.P. Johnson, Robert Halley; clerk, T.M. Lazo." In 1880 the population was 897.

Jackson Township

Jackson township was taken from Plymouth in 1844. It was named for Andrew Jackson.

The first road was cut out in 1795. Running through the township, it stretched from Wilkes-Barre to Bradford county. In 1795 the first settlement was made by Palmer Ransom. Within a year the following individuals settled in Jackson twp.: David Allen, Samuel Allen, William Baker, Jared R. Baldwin, Jude Baldwin, Jesse Brown, Asahel Drake, Rufus Drake, Jehial Fuller, Thomas Lamoreaux, Joseph Reynolds, Edon Ruggles and Mathias Van Loon. In 1800 Griffin Lewis came. In 1804 Levi Bronson, Thomas Case and Joseph Reynolds. Anson Carskadden came in 1806, Jared R. Baldwin followed in 1819 and Joseph Howard in 1821. Henry Cease is given credit for being the first settler in the western part of the township. He settled at Harvey's creek in 1830.

The first person buried in Jackson twp. was Jesse Brown who had been killed by a falling tree in 1796. He was buried in the woods east of Huntsville. This is the now the cemetery's location.

Jesse Brown had been the first carpenter. Both Ira Bronson and Benjamin Higgins were blacksmiths. Asahel and Rufus Drake built the first saw-mill in 1795.

The following is a list of early Jackson twp. supervisors:
M. Brown-1845; J. Murphy-1845; Obed Baldwin-1846, 1853; Conrad Miller-1846, 1848; Truman Atherton-1847; Absalom Case-1847, 1859, 1872; Joseph Wilcox-1848; C.W. Cease-1849; T. Brown-1849; Peter Cease-1850, 1857; Miles Hall-1850; Oliver Davenport-1851; Ira Mandeville-1851, 1861; Levi Learn 1852; Wesley Lamoreaux 1852, 1861, 1872; Alexander Lamoreaux 1853, 1869; G. W. Benedict 1854, 1857; G.W. Schofield-1854; Sidney Bryant-1855; John Covert-1855; Chester Ransom-1856; Green Atherton-1856; M. Allen-1858, 1864, 1865; George Cease 1858, 1861, 1865; P.N. Foster-1859; J.M. Nesbitt-1869; Elias Shaver-1862; Martin Myers-1862; John Case-1863; Joseph Sweitzer-1863; Abraham Frisbee-1866, 1869; William Booth-1866, 1870, 1871; C.B. Mandeville-1867; Jacob Cease-1867; W.H. Myers-1868; J.O. Snyder-1868, 1869; L.S. Simons-1870, 1876; L.H. Hale-1871, 1874; E.W. Shaver-1873, 1874; Fletcher Cease-1873; George Harliss-1875, 1878; M. Brown, 1875, 1879; Jacob Gable-1877; M.M. Lamoreaux 1879.

Justices and the year of their election: Calvin W. Cease-1845, 1850, 1856, 1861, 1867; Truman Atherton-1850; William M. Houser-1853; John Elston-1855; P.N. Foster-1859; J.R. Baldwin-1866, 1872, 1877.

Lehman Township

In 1829 Lehman twp. was taken from Dallas.

In the spring of 1780 Abraham Pike came from Plymouth. The first permanent settlement was made by Nehemiah Ide and Jeremiah Brown, who came from Stockbridge, Massachussets in 1801. William Fuller came from Jackson in 1802. His brother, Isaac, arrived in 1804. In 1806 William Newman settled in the township, as did Joseph Worthington who settled on the shore of Harvey's lake. John Whiteman settled in the western part of the township in 1813. J.I. Bogardus and Ogden Mosely settled in 1814. Fayette Allen and Minor Fuller came from Jackson twp. in 1819. In 1821 Thomas Major and his sons came from Wyoming. Oliver Mekeel came from Plymouth in 1823.

Fayette Allen was the first carpenter. Danial Whiteman, Nehemiah and Oliver Ide were also carpenters. Jonathan Heusted was the first blacksmith. His shop was near the line of Jackson twp. at Huntsville. David Gordon was another blacksmith. He was a partner to Ira Lain, a cooper. William Gordon was the first shoemaker. Dr. J.J. Rogers was the first physician.

The first person buried here was Nehemiah Ide, who died 8 Feb 1823. He was seventy-seven.

Township Officials:
Early Lake twp. Supervisors: William Ide-1830, 1833, 1834; John Whiteman-1830; Julius D. Pratt-1831; Squire Wedge-1831; Amos Brown-1831; John Ide-1832, 1839, 1845, 1845, 1853, 1856, 1857, 1860, 1863, 1864; Nehemiah Ide-1833, 1834; Oliver Mekeel-1835, 1836, 1837; Jeremiah Brown-1835-1836; John Jackson-1835, 1836; William Major-1838; Benajah Fuller-1840-1842; John Millard-1841-43; Josiah Lamoreaux-1844; William Harris-1844; Henry Dutton-1845, 1846; David Gordon-1847; Cornelius Site-1848; Major ALden-1849; John Linskill-1850; Reuben Lain-1852; William Gordon-1852, 1867; Abijah Beard-1863, 1867; Edra Ide-1853; Daniel Kulp-1854; S.C. Mullison-1855; James Shephard-1856; Jacob Johnson-1857; Levi Elston-1859-61, 1868-76; Jared Green-1861, 1862; W.C. Mullison-1862064; Nathan Ide-1865, 1873; Edward Ide-1865; Chester Fuller-1866; J.B. Edwards-1866, 1870-72; M.D. Norris-1874; Noah Higgins-1875, 1876; Cornelius Gordon-1877, 1878; Ransom Elston-1877-79.

Justices: Jacob I. Bogardus-1830-40; Peter Allen-1840-55, B.F. Wesley-1840-45; Amos Brown, Jr.-1845-50; Elmer Bennett-1850-58; Benjamin Wolf-1855-70; David Ide-1858-80; J.O. Ide-1870-80.

Lake Township

The name is taken from Harvey's Lake, which covers 1,285 acres. Lake township was formed in 1841 from Monroe and Lehman. In 1870 the population was 597.

Matthew Scouten is given credit for being the first white man to live in Lake twp. He was employed by the owners of the land to look after the property. In 1806 Daniel Lee settled at the head of Pike's Creek. The marsh is called Lee's pond. Otis Allen moved from Jackson twp. in 1836, cleared some land and brought his family in 1838. About this time Andrew Freeman, John Jackson, Ephriam King and Thomas Lewis also moved to Lake twp. As did Josiah, Nathan and Stephen Kocher. These three brothers had moved from Hunlock twp. In 1839 Daniel Casebear, Elon Davenport, John Fosnot, David Moss and Jonah Roberts came here. Arriving in 1841 were: Jonah Bronson, Moses C. Perrigo, Jacob Sorber and Jonathan Williams. Edward Ide, Jesse Kitchen, George P. Shupp and Clarke Wolfe moved here before 1845. Log homes were built by the early settlers, except for Otis Allen and Jacob Sorber who built block houses. Josiah Kocher is given credit for having built the first frame house in 1843. The Kocher brothers were carpenters as were Otis Allen's sons. The Allen's were also millwrights. The first blacksmith in Lake township was Stephen Kocher. Nash Foster Bulford came from Dallas and purchased land here from Ira Whitesell. Fos, as he was called, farmed here until his death in 1905. In 1885 George Cobleigh came from Plymouth. He purchased 61 acres from Ira Whitesell, his brother-in-law, and began farming in Loyalville.

The first person buried in Lake twp. was Otis Allen. He died in January 1842 and was buried in the Allen cemetery. Stephen Kocher died in September 1842. He was the first person buried in the Kocher cemetery. Eva A. Wolfe, who died at two months, was the first burial at the White cemetery. This cemetery was abandoned many years ago and is now considered part of the Maple Grove cemetery. Gabriel Valentine was the second burial; the third was Margaret, the wife of Henry Snyder, who died 2 Sep 1872, aged 79.

Township officials:
Early Lake twp. Supervisors: Jonathan Williams-1842; Stephen Kocher-1842, 1843; John Fosnot-1843; Lewis Allen-1844; Ira Bronson-1844-46; Daniel Casebear-1845-48, 1865; Joseph Frantz-1847, 1848, 1861; Jacob Welda-1849-51; Jesse Kitchen-1849; Adam T. Aldrich 1850; Josiah Kocher-1851-1854, 1866; Joseph A. Booth-1852-54; Henry Ide-1854, 1855; John B. Kocher-1856, 1860; Garret Durland-1856; G.P. Shupp-1857, 1862; Joseph Worden-1857; P.A. Williams-1859, 1860; J.G. Sutton 1859, 1879; Joseph L. Bilby-1860; S. Anderson-1861; J.D. Whitesell-1862; Moses C. Perrigo-1863; William Gray-1864; Nathan Beard-1864; J. R. Brown-1865; Anthony Foss-1866; L.R. Williams-1867; Nathan Kocher-1867-1875; G.H. Bronson-1869-72, 1874, 1875; Peter Wentz-1873; Edward Williams-1876, 1877; John Wever-1876; George Hoover-1877; L.D. Kocher-1878; Simon Belles-1878 and 1879.

Justices and the year of their election: Ira Bronson-1842; Nathan Kocher-1844, 1860, 1865; Jonathan Williams-1847, 1852; Horance Hawley-1850; John G. Sutton-1855; Levi N. Hawley-1859; Helan Davenport-1854; C.B. Durland-1869; F.A. Williams-1870; Thomas T. Kocher-1872; L.N. Hawley-1875; C.H. Anderson-1877.

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