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Will Book "Q", p. 170

In the name of God, Amen. I, Amos R. Kittle of the township of Hunlock, County of Luzerne and state of Pennsylvania being of sound mind, memory and understanding do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all wills by me in any manner heretofore made.

Whereas: I have heretofore sold and converyed to Rufus J. Church and Addie Church his wife a farm of land located in said township of Hunlock for the sum of sixteen hundred dollars the balance of which purchase money was to be secured to my by bond and mortgage on the premises sold.

And whereas: I subsequently satisfied the said mortgage of record with the following understanding and agreement--That Addie Church my daughter and wife of said Rufus Church should have four hundred dollars of said purchase (which said purchase money was given to her at the time the conveyance was made and not included in the said mortgage) the said sum of four hundered dollars to be in full satisfaction of any claim she might have as an heir in my estate;
And to Martha Mitchell my daughter and wife of Charles Mitchell of the borough of Parsons said county the like sum of Four hundred dollars payable to her by the said Rufus Church out of the purchase money aforesaid.

And to Theodosia A. Wenner my daughter and wife of Halley M. Wenner of Nanticoke said county the like sum of Four Hundred dollars payable to her by the said Rufus J. Church out of the purchase money as aforesaid, and the remaining four hundred dollars payable to myself or my estate to be disposed off as herin after set forth.

And whereas: In presence of said agreement the mortgage given for the aforesaid purchase money was satisfied of record and the said Rufus J. Church did give his obligations to pay to his said wife Addie the sum of four hundred dollars And to said Martha Mitchell Four Hundred Dollars and to said, Theodosia A. Wenner Four hundred dollars which obligations or payments to be made to them by said Church are to be in full satisfaction of all interest in my estate, Except as to coal and other minerals in and under the lands of which I may die siezed which are hereby reserved with the unqualified right to mine and remove the same without let or hinderance unto Martha Mitchell, Theodosia A. Wenner and Charles Kittle their heirs and assigns forever. I give devise and bequeath unto Amos D. Bonham the only child of my deceased daughter Sarah Elizabeth Bonham the sum of Two Hundred fifty dollars payable to him by my executor herin after named one years after my decease and in the event of his death before mine the said sum of Two hundred fifty dollary to revert to my estate.

I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Lydia Kittle and to my son Charles W. Kittle all my property remaining after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses real personal and mixed of whatever nature or kind soever and wheresoever the same shall be at my death to be used and enjoyed by them in common during the term of the natural life of my beloved wife and at her death to my son Charles W. Kittle his heirs and assigns forever subject only to the reservation as to coal and other minerals and the usual mining privileges which he holds in common with his sisters Martha Mitchell and Theodosia A. Wenner in and under the surface of all the lands of which I may die siezed.

And I do nominate, constitute and appoint executor of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I Amos R. Kittle the testator have to this my will written on one sheet of legal cap paper set my hand and seal this day of A.D. one thousand and eight hundred and eighty-eight.

Amos R. Kittle

Signed, sealed, published, and declared
by the above named Amos R. Kittle as and
for his last will and testament, in the
presence of us who have herunto
subscribed our names at his request
as witness thereto inthe presence of the
said testator and of each other
J. S. Cragle
E. R. Cole

Date of death 22 Dec 1896

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