Elm Park Methodist Episcopal Church, Scranton, PA

31 March 1929 Elm Park Methodist Episcopal Church, Scranton, PA A Cordial welcome is extended to the following who were recently received into the fellowship of the church from preparatory membership.

Name                             Address
****                             *******

Edgar Charles Angell		113 William St
Harry Armbruster		1708 Linden St
Robert Armbruster		"	"
Marjorie Barrett		544 N Washington Ave * my mother
Mrs Nellie Barrett		"		"    * my grandmother
Gertrude Bell			405 Olive St 	
Albert Brown			527 Arthur Ave
Harriet M Burdick		104 N Webster Ave
Marion Weeks Cobb		833 Quincy Ave
Ruth E Cobb			"	"
Harold R Cole			619 Prescott Ave
Mrs Harold R Cole		"     "
C W Cramer			938 N Webster Ave
William Davey			615 Prospect Ave
Glen Epling			626 River St
Annette Fenwick			723 Mulberry St
Lillian Fenwick			"     "
Edward J Fisher			Apt 20, 909 Mulberry St
Doris Ann Hauser		922 Harrison Ave
Mrs Edward Heimbach		1610 Roosevelt St
Adelbert Hopewell		913 Pine St
Charles Hornbaker		414 Brook St
Joseph Ralp Johler		922 Prescott Ave
Mrs William Kleinberger		1039 Quincy Ave
August Knorr			209 Stephen Ave
George Knorr			"    "
William T Knorr			"    "
Thelma Krum			1013 Ash St
Robt. Alden Laubach, Jr		918 Taylor Ave
Gertrude E Lyford		1007 N Webster Ave
William MacNamara		829 Quincy Ave
Frances C Moxley		2436 Dimmock Ave
Mary E Moy			345 Adams Ave
Wilmer Raesly			1751 Monroe St
Raymond A Savino		836 Adams Ave
Ralph W Savino			"     "
Eleanor Scheuer			1712 Delaware St
Robert Saunders Scheuer		"      "
Edgar Serfass			615 Gibson St
Frederick L Shelton, Jr		1820 Mulberry St
Henry Shields			622 Jefferson Ave
John Stahlheber			314 Willow St
Annette Steinle			221 Stephen Ave
Russell T Wall, Jr		1023 Electric St
Frank B Young			425 Harrison Ave

Mrs E J Fisher			Apt 20, 909 Mulberry St
John T Hughes			425 S Webster Ave
Evelyn Kleinberger		1039 Quincy Ave
Nathan Krum			1013 Ash St
Mrs Nathan Krum			"    "
Elizabeth Naylor		316 N Washington Ave
Emery M Nelson			1820 Mulberry St
Mrs Emery M Nelson		"     "
Mrs Annie Nicholls		625 N Washington Ave
Dorothy Nicholls		"	"
Ethel L Nicholls		"	"
F M Shelton			1820 Mulberry St
Mrs F M Shelton			"	"
Miss Emma I Skellenger		1120 Mulberry St
Edgar Swartz			2013 Capouse Ave
Elizabeth Swartz		"	"
Kathryn Swartz			"	"

Ministers: Henry H Crane, Charles M Olmstead, also listed Jeremiah S Custard, Franklin P Doty, William J Seymour
Miss Ruth A Schlager, Church Secretary
Miss A Myfanwy Roberts, Church School Secretary
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