Wilkes Barre Record Clippings

The following information is from nine newspapers found in our attic when we moved here in 1973. There are only a few pages for each newspaper, but lots of information that you may be able to use for further research.
The Wilkes-Barre Record, Sunday, Jan. 4, 1930

Page 15
A picture of Edwin C. CURTIS, of Kingston, named Secretary of Mine Inspectors' Association of Luzerne Co.
A picture of Charles RHENARD, 87, of 13 Forve Place was installed as commander of Conyngham Post 97, G.A.R Other officers named: B. P. MAXFIELD and Lorenzo WHITNEY
Ladies Auxiliary officers of Post 97:
Mrs. Emma WELLIVER (picture), Mrs. Alice TYLER, Mrs. Lillian MORE, Mrs. Eleanor SCHALLER, Mrs. Frances STEIN, Mrs. Stella ENTERLINE, & Mrs. Margaret BARRETT.

Page 16
Jan. 2, 1930 Mrs. R. J. MEEKINS, 73, of 26 S. Sherman St. Her husband died 1 year ago last August.
Jan. 3, 1930 Charles YATES, 78, in New York. He was from Sugar Notch. (also see p. 28)
Jan. 3, 1930 Charles ECKHART, 78, at Plainsville. (also see p. 28)
Jan. 3, 1930 Helen GILLIGAN of 47 E. Seventh St., Wyoming. Wife of James GILLIGAN. Her maiden name was JUDGE of Searle St., Pittston. (also see p. 28)

Funeral Held:
Jan 3, 1930 W. J. FLANAGAN of 56 Frederick St.

Robert KUHNS, 11, of 34 Gates St. bitten by dog
Mrs. Joseph MIELSNECZYK, 33, of 456 S. Hancock St. injured right hand.
William DOUGHERTY, 52, of 68 Maxwell St., East End, injured ankle & leg at Laurel Run Mine, Hudson Coal Co.

Page 18
A picture of Johnny UTZ of the Heights. He was honored.

Page 24
A picture of Sabina PRUNTNICKI daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph PRUNTNICKI of 410 E. Nobel St., Nanticoke, married Clement KENJORSKI on Jan. 1, 1930.
Pictures of 3 award winners:
Chester HARWOOD (a child) of 12 Kane St., West Nanticoke.
Wm. S. JONES, Jr. (a child) of 326 Walnut St., Nanticoke.
Mrs. Anna DOLINSKI of 11 Coal St., Glen Lyon.

Jan. 1, 1930 a son to Mr. & Mrs. John SCOTT of Bloomsburg.
Jan. 2, 1930 a son to Mr. & Mrs. Fred HUNSINGER of W. Third St., Berwick.
Jan. 3, 1930 a daughter to Mr. & Mrs. James EVANS of 28 Turner St., Plymouth. Mrs. EVANS maiden name was Margaret SNYDER.
A daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Roy MOHARTER of Berwick.
A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Harry GEARHART of Nescopeck.

Dec. 29, 1929 Willis STILES former resident of Berwick died in Clark Summit.
Jan. 2, 1930 Edith DAWSON, 3, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde DAWSON of Berwick.
Jan. 3, 1930 Fred DAVID of Coal St., Nanticoke.

Funerals Held:
Jan. 3, 1930 George A. POOLE of Sheatown at home of mother, Mrs. Joseph McGINNIS of 167 Robert St., Sheatown.
Jan. 4, 1930 Genevieve ZABIEGALSKI, a child of 36 Coal St., Nanticoke.
Jan. 4, 1930 Mrs. John NAREWSKI of 146 Vine St., Plymouth.
Jan. 6, 1930 Mrs. George REILLY of 52 Ferry St., Plymouth.
Jan. 6, 1930 Evan WRIGHT son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry WRIGHT of West Nanticoke Heights.

Jan. 1, 1930 Rowena SHAMBAUGH daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey SHAMBAUGH of Lewistown to Scott Leroy FENSTERMACHER, son of Mr. & Mrs. Scott FENSTERMACHER of 517 E. Front St., Berwick. Married in New York City & will reside at 221 Butler St., Kingston.
License issued to Lillian MITTLEMAN of Berwick to Adolph GREEN of New York City. Marriage to take place Jan. 12, 1930 in Wilkes-Barre.
Jan. 1, 1930 Florence Mae KNORR daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harry KNORR of Fowler Ave., Berwick, to Herbert William NUSS of Fourth St., Nescopeck.

Dec. 31, 1929 the 54th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. D. C. ROYER of E. Third St., Nescopeck. Daniel C. ROYER is son of Rev. Charles ROYER of Mifflinburg, Union Co. Mrs. ROYER was the former Emma GEARHART daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Steven GEARHART of Mifflinville.
Jan. 2, 1930 the 66th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Nathas PEFFER of Nescopeck Twp.

Shickshinny High School Class of 1928 Reunion - names listed of attendees.
Jan. 3, 1930 Shickshinny Class of 1927 met. Names are listed.
Jan. 2, 1930 birthday celebration of Ewart JONES, son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur JONES of 46 W. Broad St., Nanticoke.
Mr. & Mrs. Francis SHAUGHNESSY of Manhym, formerly of Newport Twp. went to Temple University to study dentistry.

Page 28
A picture of Mrs. Lewis HARTMAN of S. Thomas Ave., Kingston celebrating her 85th birthday on Jan. 4, 1930.

Dec. 26, 1929 a daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Lester SHAFER of 68 Laning Lane.
Dec. 28, 1929 a son to Mr. & Mrs. Wojcieck George ZAKUKIEWICZ of 156 Diamond St.
Dec. 28, 1929 a daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Andrew LIPUT of 218 Nobel Lane.
Dec. 28, 1929 a daughter to Mr. & Mrs. William Floyd MILLER of rear 232 Slocum St. Kingston.
Dec. 28, 1929 a son to Mr. & Mrs. William Abbott WEAVER of 114 Academy St.

Jan. 3, 1930 Fred DAVIS of Nanticoke.
Jan. 3, 1930 Charles YATES, 78, in New York, formerly of Sugar Notch.
Jan. 3, 1930 Mrs. Helen GILLIGAN of Wyoming.
Jan. 3, 1930 Charles ECKHART, 78 of Plainsville.

Funerals Held:
Jan. 4, 1930 Mrs. Nellie K, BEERS of 108 Moyallen St.
Jan. 4, 1930 Harry HONEYWELL of 219 Wyoming St., Wilkes-Barre.
Jan. 4, 1930 Joseph LENDOCK of 119 Short St., Edwardsville.
Jan. 4, 1930 Milford VANDERMARK of Wapwallopen.
Jan. 4, 1930 Michael McCOLE of 1036 Richmond St., Scranton.
Jan. 6, 1930 Dennis GUINEY of 74 S. Grant St.

In Memoriam for Mabel KISHBAUGH who died Jan. 4, 1919.

Marriage of J. Edwin DAVIS, Jr. and Charlotte G. DIEFENDERFER, both of Avoca on Dec. 31, 1929.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thursday January 9, 1930

Page 19
A picture of Terrance J. TRACEY in an ad of Tracey's Dancing Studio, 160 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre.

Page 22
A picture of Lawrence J. "Larry" KENDIG of 40 E. Walnut St., Plymouth - Chief of Police.

Jan. 8, 1930 Frank GOMEZ, 37, of 40 Hartford St., Ashley died in an accident at Maxwell Number 20 mine, Glen Alden Coal Co. Father named German GOMEZ. Funeral on Jan. 10, 1930.
Jan. 8, 1930 Angus PAVAL, 52, of Courtdale died.
Jan. 8, 1930 ? MOCHULSKY, 42, of West Side died. (half of my article is missing)
Jan. 8, 1930 Mrs. Mary A. TUCKER, 71, of 367 S. River St. died. She was the widow of Butler R. TUCKER who died 10 years ago last month. Funeral on Jan. 11, 1930.
Jan. 8, 1930 Mrs. Mary GRIGLAK, 50, of 1339 Main St., Port Griffith died. Husband Joseph GRIGLAK. Funeral on Jan. 11, 1930.
Jan. 8, 1930 Thomas PHILLIPS, 54, of Liverpool section of Ashley died from injuries at Number 20 Colliery of Lehigh & Wilkes-Barre Coal Co.
Jan. 8, 1930 August PIVALL, 45, of 196 Courtdale Ave., Courtdale died.

Funerals Held:
Jan. 8, 1930 Mrs. Thomas REESE of 40 Pugh St. Edwardsville.
Jan. 8, 1930 Mrs. Benjamin Thomas of 15 Terrace St., Wilkes-Barre.
Jan. 9, 1930 Rev. Louis LINDENSTRUTH, D.D. pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of S. Main & South Sts., Wilkes-Barre.

Jan. 8, 1930 Francis McCORMACK, 22, son of P. V. McCORMACK of 21 E. Liberty St. Newtown was injured in Truesdale mine, Glen Alden Coal Co.
Jan. 8, 1930 Albert SUDDA, 23, of Warner St. Swoyerville was injured in Maltby mine, Lehigh Valley Coal Co.
Jan. 8, 1930 David JONES, 27, of 149 Lee Park Ave., Lee Park was injured at Number 4 Slope, Susquehanna Collieries Co.
Charles SECHUN, 37, of 167 Columbia St., Duryea was injured in Seneca mine, Lehigh Valley Coal Co.
Michael GOSHENOFSKI, 45, of 25 Johnson St., Brookside was injured at Number 4 mine of Lehigh & Wilkes-Barre Coal Co.

Page 23
A daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Hayden FRANCIS of Packer St., Avoca.

Jan. 5, 1930 Mrs. Helen WILLIAMSON of Washington St., Tunkhannock. Funeral to be Jan. 7, 1930.
Jan. 7, 1930 Mrs. Sarah COURTRIGHT former residence of West Pittston died at 700 Broad St., Endicott, NY.

Funerals Held:
Jan. 8, 1930 Walter OSNOWSKI of 24 Sobieski St. Askem.
Jan. 8, 1930 Charles J. WALTER from home of daughter Mrs. I. B. GOMPERTZ of 508 Susquehanna Ave., West Pittston.
Jan. 9, 1930 Mrs. Martha L. BAKER of Hanover Twp. From home of Mrs. L. HARRIS of 23 Luzerne St., Lee Park.
Jan. 9, 1930 William GLOD from home of William SULANCZYK of Hanover St.
Jan. 10, 1930 Joseph LUTRINGER from 8 Dickenson St., Hughestown. He died on Jan. 6, 1930. Born in Wilkes-Barre & was 81 years old last Nov.

Arnold THALENFELD son of Mr. & Mrs. Isador THALENFELD of E. Main St., Miners Mills was the successful coach of Endicott, NY High School football team.
Jan. 6, 1930 Evelyn DAWSON daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles DAWSON of Ann St., Duryea had 7th Birthday party.

Page 24
A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Roy TINSLEY of S. Hanover St. , Nanticoke. Mrs. TINSLEY's maiden name was Anna DEW.
Jan. 7, 1930 nursing caps were received by: Goldie HOWELL daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur HOWELL, Glenneth D. MORGAN daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lewis MORGAN, & Ruth M. MORGAN daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Walter MORGAN, all of Alden.
Barney STRINCOSKI was injured recently in accident at Maxwell colliery, Lehigh & Wilkes-Barre Coal Co.
Jan. 8, 1930 funeral of Fred DAVIS was held at 22 Coal St., Nanticoke.
Jan. 9, 1930 funeral of Joseph LUCIA was held in Mountain Top.
Mrs. George S. NIVER, 59, former resident of Nanticoke died at Beaver, PA. She was the former Bessie DIETRICK. Her funeral on Jan. 10, 1930.

Page 25
Funerals Held:
Jan. 8, 1930 Mrs. William SCHRAMMEN of Kingston. Funeral at home of daughter Mrs. William WYLIE of 47 S. Main St.
Jan. 9, 1930 Mrs. Peter PAYAVIS of 332 Moss St., Plymouth.
Jan. 9, 1930 Mrs. Rose DUGAN of Plymouth. Funeral at home of daughter Mrs. William F. EVANS of 585 State St., Larksville.
Jan. 9, 1930 Mrs. Thomas SENK former resident of Plymouth. Funeral from home of daughter Mrs. George GRYCTKO of Fairmont Springs.
Jan. 9, 1930 Mrs. Jane BYRAN of 264 E. Poplar St., Larksville.
Jan. 10, 1930 Robert ROBERTS of 67 Park Place, Kingston. He died on Jan. 6, 1930.
Jan. 11, 1930 Mrs. Catherine MORRISSEY, 70, of 169 Vine St. Plymouth. Died on Jan. 8, 1930.

Plymouth Schools Listed -- High School, Main Street, Central High, Willow Street, Vine Street, Franklin Street, Nottingham Street, Temparance Hill, & Continuation School.
Typing awards given to Sophie DZIEKAN and Naomi HUGHES of Ward P. Davenport High School of Plymouth.

The Times Leader, Friday Evening, December 5, 1930

Page 31
Last week, David C. JONES, native of Wilkes-Barre, died at Bramwell, WV. Born Aug. 30, 1875, son of Mr. & Mrs. James D. JONES of Northampton St. His brothers are Morgan & Thomas A. Jones.
Dec. 4, 1930 Mrs. Cecelia STANDERSON, 38, of 48 Columbus Ave. Her husband is Joseph. Her father is John GORDON, Sr. Funeral to be held Dec. 6, 1930.
Dec. 4, 1930 John FOWLER of West Scranton. Father of David FOWLER.
Dec. 4, 1930 Ralph ZAMPETTI, 46, of 113 Prospect St. died when struck by truck.
Dec. 4, 1930 Mrs. Hugh GILDEA of S. River St., Plains. Her maiden name was Anna FEATHERSTON of Wilkes-Barre.
Dec. 4, 1930 John G. SANDER, 84, of 915 Elm St., Scranton. Funeral to be held Dec. 6, 1930.
Dec. 5, 1930 Mrs. Jennie TILGHMAN of Sullivan Trail near Harding. She was in her 82nd year. Her husband is Edward TILGHMAN.
Thomas BURDOCK, 28, killed when he fell between two cars being pulled up slow at Prospect mine, Leigh Valley Coal Co.
Carl VANNESS, 18, a Towanda High School student was killed in an automobile accident.

Funerals Held:
Dec. 5, 1930 Anthony GREENER of 216 Dana St. Wilkes-Barre.
Dec. 5, 1930 Mrs. Mary MARSHMAN of 27 Mayer St.
Dec. 6, 1930 Mrs. Myrtle E. DAVIS of 87 E. Northampton St., Wilkes-Barre.
Dec. 6, 1930 Miss Mary R. CAVANAUGH to be at parents, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice CAVANAUGH, home at 7 Emily Court.
Dec. 6, 1930 Mrs. Margaret MATTERN of 19 E. South St., Wilkes-Barre.

Michael WASILOVITCH, 49, of 381 Vaughn St., Luzerne was injured at Pettebone Colliery of Glen Alden Coal Co.
Frank SUSECK, 23, of 1 North St., Hudson injured in Delaware Colliery, Hudson Coal Co.
Thomas HAYLES, 36, of 8 Walnut St., Plymouth injured at Number 21 mine of Glen Alden Coal Co.
Joseph GIBOVICZ, 47, of 236 Slocum St., Kingston was injured at Number 3 shaft of Woodward Colliery of Glen Alden Coal Co.
Daniel CASEY, 23, of 22 Rutz St., Ashley was injured at Number 20 mine of Glen Alden Coal Co.

Page 33
Dec. 4, 1930 Charles SUCHADOLSKI, 12, of 1214 S. Main St., Pittston. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Vincent SUCHADOLSKI.
Dec. 4, 1930 Frank CANDERO, 50, of 404 S. Washington Ave., Scranton. He died from injuries when hit by automobile on Nov. 14, 1930.
Dec. 4, 1930 John F. "Jack" LALLY of Jessup.
Dec. 4, 1930 Luciano COCCODRILLA, 43, from Jessup was killed by subway train in Brooklyn, NY.
Dec. 4, 1930 Mike ZAMBO from Hazleton & vicinity died at Otto Colliery.
Dec. 4,1930 Mrs. Catherine RUBY, 53, of 7 Hale St., Yatesville.
Dec. 4, 1930 Mrs. Thomas JAMIESON of 7 Radcliff St., Pittston. Funeral to be held Dec. 6, 1930.
Dec. 5, 1930 Miss Bridget HOLLAND died at home of sister, Mrs. Martin ROCHE of 59 Washington Terrace, Pittston.

Coal Company hopes to end compensation for:
Mrs. Mary HARRIS of 2 Opal Lane, Wilkes-Barre for death of son, John HARRIS, Jr. Compensation from Hillman Coal Co.
Mrs. Lena BRENNAN of 116 Third St., Wyoming for death of husband, Leo BRENNAN. Compensation from Wyoming Valley Shovel Works.

Athelia ZUMPOLI, 48, of N. Main ST. , Pittston was injured at Ewen Colliery of Pittston Co.
Birth of daughter to Mr. & Mrs. William HASTINGS of River Rd., Port Blanchard.
Married on Thanksgiving eve, Rose ZEDULIK of 199 Spring St., Moosic to William BRADBURY of 834 Linden St., Avoca.

Page 37
Birthday of Olga HAASE, 5, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William HAASE of Maxwell St.
A picture of Mrs. William HIBBARD. She was chairman of a dinner.
Dec. 4, 1930 a daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. J. RAUBFOGEL of 102 Third Ave., Kingston. Mother's maiden name was Eva COHEN.
To marry on Dec. 5, 1930 in Passaic, NJ, Helen Jean WATSON, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. George W. WATSON of Passaic, NJ, to Burr CHURCHILL son of Mrs. Burr C. MILLER of 62 S. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre.

Sunday Independent, Sunday, December 7, 1930
Front page:
Dec. 6, 1930 Vincent SWINGLE, 53, former resident of area killed when struck by train in Alleghany, NY.
Dec. 6, 1930 John KEATING, 28, and John HEIM, 27, of Mahanoy City are in Hazleton Hospital near death when their car was struck by trolley car in Freeland.
Joseph PALEWATER of 10 Hancock St., Plains injured hand at Henry Colliery of Lehigh Valley Coal Co.
Stanley POSTEA, 53, of Arch St., Glen Lyon lost a finger at Glen Lyon mine of Susquehanna Collieries Co.

Page A-2
Miss Tekla BRUCE, professional name Prostko, a singer from Nanticoke has taken a year's leave from her job as music supervisor of Ashley schools to do serious singing auditions.
Dec. 8, 1930 Mrs. Joseph OSTROWSKI funeral to be held from home of Mrs. Walter POBUTKIEWICZ of 6 E. River St., Plymouth.

Page A-6
Dec. 8, 1930 Mrs. Jeannie TILGHMAN was buried from home of her daughter, Mrs. Robert KIEBACH of 47 Stanley St.
Dec. 8, 1930 Morris H. LAMOREAUX of 152 Division St. Kingston funeral to be held.
Dec. 9, 1930 Mrs. Catherine RUBY of Yatesville funeral to be held.

Page A-10
Dec. 6, 1930 William L. JONES of 191 Academy St. Plymouth died. He was born in Pittston.
Dec. 6, 1930 Stephen PRUDNICK, 75, died at Retreat State Hospital.

Page A-13
Dec. 6, 1930 Edward N. LEE died in Altoona. He was native of Danville and a well known baseball player. His funeral will be held on Dec. 9, 1930 at 56 S. Wells St., Wilkes-Barre.
Dec. 6, 1930 Mrs. Frank LOUX of Center St., Pittston died. Her funeral will be held Dec. 9, 1930.
Dec. 6, 1930 Joseph SARNAK of 353 Kosak St., Swoyerville will be buried.
Dec. 6, 1930 John J. HUGHES, 50, of Plains died.
Dec. 6, 1930 Michael SWADITCH, 51, of 188 E. Main St., Miners Mills died. His funeral to be held on Dec. 9, 1930.
Dec. 6, 1930 Wilbert BENNING, 62, of 165 Lee Park Ave. Hanover Twp. died.
Dec. 8, 1930 Michael HANCOVSKY of 85 Lawrence St., Edwardsville funeral to be held.

Page A-14
Anthony HOWLEY,17, of Scranton, a St. Thomas College student lost his left leg when two autos collided and crashed into a drug store. He was standing in front of the store.
Dec. 9, 1930 Mrs. Sophie PLUTA of 405 E. Grand St. Nanticoke funeral to be held.

Sunday Independent, Sunday, March 25, 1934
Front Page:
Icy streets cause accidents:
Jacob SLOMOVITZ, 54, 129 S. Grant St., Wilkes-Barre - auto accident.
Mahlon CASTERLINE, 24, of 944 E. Market St. - auto accident.
James T. WALSH, 18, of 21 W. Hartfort St., Ashley - auto accident.
John SADICK, 47, 151 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre - auto accident.
Cont. to Page 12:
Mrs. Catherine STARK, 36, of 36 Skidmore St., Hudson - fell.
Carl THOMAS, 29, of Daleville Rd. - auto accident.
W. D. EVANS of Dalton - auto accident.
Joseph MIESAVAGE, 21, of 137 E. Ridge St., Nanticoke - auto accident.
Dominick STANKIEVICH, 25, of 26 Warner St., Plains - fell.
Catherine POLISKO, 13, of 43 Center St., Hudson - dog bites.
Mary RONCHI, 5, of 10 Ridgewood St., Plains - burned.
Michael MOORIAS, 37, 126 Center St., Nanticoke injured in Truesdale mine, Glen Alden Coal Co. on Mar. 12, 1934.
Harold ROSS, of 132 Union St., Kingston - truck accident.
John FLANNERY of 13 Casey Ave., Wilkes-Barre Twp. - auto accident.
John McGROARTY, 20, 262 Poplar St. - hurt wrist.
Mrs. Catherine KORONSKI, 48, 240 E. River St., Plymouth - fell.
Francis ALLES, 8, of 110 Oak St. - fell.

Page A-4
Alfred MOY of Noxen won $600 in Army & Navy Sweepstakes in Canada.
Mrs. Emogene S. BESTEDER, 54, of Centermoreland died on March 24, 1934. Her husband is William F. BESTEDER. Funeral to be held Mar. 27, 1934.
Mar. 24, 1934 John DEVANEY funeral held at 126 Jones St.
Mar. 24, 1034 Anna Theresa McANDREW buried. She is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harold McANDREW of 18 E. Hollenback Ave.
Mar. 26, 1934 Joseph DOVEDYTIS of 49 Harkins Lane to be buried.
March 26, 1934 Thomas H. SMITH funeral to be held at home of son, George, of 28 Sylvanus St.

Page A-5
Mar. 24, 1934 Miss Cecelia (STOJ) CZARNECKI of 165 Garfield St., Nanticoke funeral to be held.
Mar. 26, 1934 Mrs. Frances YASQULSKI will be buried from home of daughter, Mrs. MOLSKI of 57 Coal St., Glen Lyon.
Mar. 26, 1934 Mrs. Lydia FETZER funeral to be held. She was an auto accident victim. Her parents are Mr. & Mrs. George FILBERT of Retreat.
Mar. 26, 1934 Mrs. Sabina HART former resident of Ashley will be buried from home of daughter, Mrs. John WALSH of 2522 Cedar Ave., Scranton.

Page A-6
A large article on Hugh GALLAGHER, 55, from Freeland.
Refused divorce of Stanley GORDECK of Nanticoke from Anna GORDECK, a mental patient in Danville.
Granted divorce for Wassil NAMES of 319 Center St. from Glagola NAMES of Czechoslovakia. They were married in Austria in 1911. He came to America & wife refused to come here.
Refused divorce of George FUDALA of 415 Main St., Duryea from Emma FUDALA on grounds of fraud.
Divorce proceedings filed by Clyde E. BAKER of Trucksville against Esther BAKER of Luzerne. They were married in Luzerne in 1915 & resided together until Jan. 1931.

Page A-7
Mar. 24, 1934 Donald SEARFOSS, 1, son of Mr. & Mrs. David SEARFOSS of 108 Lehigh St. was buried.
Mar. 24, 1934 Jane WALSH, 15, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank WALSH former residents of Plank St., Pittston, died at family home in Utica, NY.
Mar. 25, 1934 Mrs. Rose CORNFIELD of 65 N. Hancock St. funeral to be held.
Mar. 26, 1934 Veronica MILIAUSKAS, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas MILIAUSKAS of 54 Hayes Lane to be buried.
Mar. 26, 1934 Mrs. Anna MUIR of 30 Rose St., Plains funeral to be held.

Page A-10
A picture of James J. LAW who is general chairman of formal dance.
Funerals Held:
Mar. 24, 1934 Kenneth JAMES, 3 month old son of Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth JAMES of 221 Nottingham St., Plymouth to be buried.
Mar. 24, 1934 Fred BARTLESON funeral from home of parents, Mr. & Mrs. William BARTLESON of 4 Duplan St., Kingston.
Mar. 24, 1934 Joseph RAKSHYS of 18 Knox St., Lee Park.
Mar. 24, 1934 Sam GRACI of Price St., Pittston.
Mar. 26, 1934 Mrs. Ida LYNN from home at Sweet Valley.
Mar. 26, 1934 Miss Betty MUENDLEIN of 124 E. Vaughn St., Kingston.
Mar. 27, 1934 Michael WOJNARSKI of 476 Second St., Plymouth was buried.

Page A-11
Pictures of Peter J. DEVLIN, Thomas GILL, John ROGERS, & Donald BROWN in charge of The Wilkes-Barre Club of St. Thomas College Dance.
Mar. 24, 1934 Miss Alice BURK, 24, of 73 Academy St., Plymouth died. Her parents are Mr. & Mrs. George BURK.
Mar. 24, 1934 William LARMOUTH of 319 Mercer Ave., West Pittston was buried from home of brother, Albert of Tripp St., West Wyoming.
Mar. 26, 1934 Patrick MULLINS of McAlpine St., Avoca was buried.
Mar. 27, 1934 Kazimer JANOWSKI of 9 E. Noble St., Nanticoke funeral held.

Page A-12
A picture of Rhythm Chorus: Marguerite TURPIN, Josephine SHEERIN, Marie McCLOSKEY, Rita MORAN, Catherine MURRIN, Mary SCHAPPERT, Rita FARRINGTON, Mary HENNIGHAN, Anne EVANS, Nan DOUGHTERTY, Julie KONSAVAGE, & Kitty KIERAN.
Mar. 27, 1934 Thomas FRANK of 7 E. Main St., Wanamie to be buried.
Mar. 27, 1934 Miss Mary J. MULHERN of 170 S. Grant St., Wilkes-Barre was buried. She was a Wilkes-Barre 6th grade teacher for 45 years.
Mar. 27, 1934 George POLAK of 217 Beatty St., Parsons funeral held.

Page A-13
Pictures of Theodore J. GRASER and Angelo ZUPA. They opened Wilkes-Barre's newest men's tailoring establishment.
Page A-14
Funerals held:
Mar. 24,1934 Mrs. James ANDERSON of Main St., Trucksville.
Mar. 24, 1934 Mrs. John McHALE of 408 N. Main St. Her maiden name was Dorothy BOYLAN of Avoca. Her parents are Mr. & Mrs. James BOYLAN of Brooklyn, NY.
Mar. 24, 1934 Mrs. Grace RIGGI died at the home of her son, Michael of 119 Thompkins St., Pittston.
Mar. 24, 1934 Michael GODEK of 22 Coal St., Plymouth.
Mar. 27, 1934 William ROCHE of 57 W. Hartford St.
Mar. 27, 1934 Elizabeth Steinhauer LAUER, 68, of 55 Birch St., Wilkes-Barre. She was the daughter of John & Barbara Bomer STEINHAUER. She died on Mar. 23, 1934.

Page A-15
Funerals Held:
Mar. 24, 1934 John MOORE of 1010 Carey St., Avoca.
Mar. 24, 1934 Gloria D'ADAMO of Williams St., Pittston.
Mar. 26, 1934 Andrew S. FELICKO of 55 N. Franklin St.
Mar. 26, 1934 Peter H. KEHOE of 114 Barney St.
Mar. 26, 1934 Alexander DRODZINSKI of Lidy's Rd., Dupont.
Mar. 26, 1934 Michael PISONICH of 110 Spruce St., Georgetown.
Mar. 26, 1934 Hugh J. EVANS of Mt. Carmel.
Mar. 26, 1934 Mrs. Isabel MORGAN from home of son, Burgess Andrew JONES of 106 Parke St., West Pittston.

Page B-4
A picture of Anthony KOTULAK with his accordion.
Page B-6
A picture of Catherine SWANK, daughter of Anthony SWANK of 460 N. Pennsylvania Ave. She has the leading part in a drama.
Engagement of Genevieve DUNLEAVY to William CURHAM both of Plymouth. They are to marry April 2, 1934.
Approaching marriage of June Elizabeth WHITEBREAD, daughter of Freas E. WHITEBREAD of 292 Carey Ave. to Russell J. WANDELL, son of Mr. & Mrs. William WANDELL of Wilkes-Barre. They are to be married on Mar. 30, 1934.
Engagement of Ruth MEREDITH daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William MEREDITH of 59 Rees St. to William DAVIES son of Mr. & Mrs. David J. DAVIES of 51 Dana St., Forty Fort. Wedding in the fall.
Rabbi & Mrs. Samuel WOLK were married on Mar. 18, 1934 in Minneapolis. Her maiden name was Mary COHEN.
Approaching marriage of Elizabeth COLEMAN of New York City, daughter of Mrs. Mary COLEMAN of Wilkes-Barre to William TERZIAN, son of Mrs. Sara TERZIAN of Richmond Hills, L. I. They are to be married on April 9, 1934 in Miners Mills.

Page B-13
Pictures of Allan COVERT and Al REBENNACK. They took over Stanley Tire & Battery Service Store at 267 Wyoming Ave., Kingston.
Theodore PUHLICK from Kingston to run for 5th District State Legislature. Fred C. ADAMS of Reynolds St., Kingston also to enter race.
Dave GELB, a salesman for Lester Chevrolet Co. of Kingston, sold 114 cars & trucks in 1933.
Page B-15
A picture of the Kingston High School Band.
March 20, 1934 Wood UNGER of Forty Fort died.
March 24,1934 Mrs. Walter J. FOWLER of Spruce St., West Pittston died. Her father is George DAVIS.
March 24, 1934 Teofil SAVITSKI funeral held at 82 Chestnut St., Larksville.
March 26, 1934 Thomas FRANK of E. Main St., Nanticoke funeral to be held.
March 26, 1934 James Henry TRIMMER of 76 Hanover St. funeral to be held.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, Wednesday evening, March 28, 1934
Page 15
A picture of Berth M. HUFF daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer D. HUFF of 54 Church St., Kingston. Announcing her engagement to Edgar E. MAY son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry MAY of 28 E. Hoyt St., Kingston.
A son, C. John ANKNER, born to Mr. & Mrs. Clarence J. ANKNER of Park Ave. Mrs. ANKNER's maiden name is Gertrude McGLYNN.
March 24, 1934 Marion E. WHEELER, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. WHEELER of Woodlawn St., Scranton, married Howard Winslow GIBBS, II, son of Mrs. Howard W. GIBBS and the late Dr. Howard W. GIBBS of Moscow.
Joseph E. O'BRIEN of Wilkes-Barre a senior at St. Bonaventure's College was the Easter Dance chairman.

Page 16
Down Memories Lane:
30 Years ago in Wilkes-Barre Times - Mrs. George E. HOUSE, 32, of Maple St., Dorranceton died on March 28, 1904. Her maiden name was Elizabeth THORBURN.
20 Years ago, March 28, 1914 - Arline HAUCK celebrated her 9th Birthday at her grandmother, Mrs. Susan MILLER's, home at 38 Moyallen St.
20 Years ago marriage licenses were issued to:
Ralph J. ARAMY of Dorranceton & Agnes RUFF of Luzerne.
John S. WATKINS of Nanticoke & Louise E. KNIGHT of Alden.
Dominco CONSORTE of Pittston & Teresa GUIRA of Pittston.

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Mar. 24, 1934 Emma HAGENBAUGH, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William HAGENBAUGH of 59 Wyoming St., Lee Park became the bride of Norman LEWIS of 103 Oak St., Wilkes-Barre. They will reside at 33 N. Wells St., Kingston.
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Funerals Held:
Mar. 28, 1934 William BRESHAHAM at 445 Broad St., Cork Lane, Pittston Twp.
Mar. 28, 1934 Mrs. Anna McHALE of 409 Broad St., Cork Lane, Pittston Twp.
Mar. 29, 1934 Alexander SLOAN of 135 Broat St., Pittston. He died on Mar. 27, 1934.
John KONOPKA of 708 Oak St., Old Forge
Joseph PADAROSKI of 319 Charles St., Old Forge. He was run down by a passenger train in Avoca on March 24, 1934.

Mar. 27, 1934 Miss Lulu MILLER, 65, of 83 N. River St., Wilkes-Barre. Her parents were Mr. & Mrs. Lewis SHIPLEY. She was adopted at age 6 by the late Roger MILLER of 354 S. Main St. She was a teacher for nearly 40 years at the Hill Street School.
Mrs. Mary C. BELLES, 81, died at the home of her daughter Mrs. David MacFARLANE of 453 W. Spruce St., Hazleton.
Mar. 28, 1934 Perry W. DERSHIMER, 87, of 411 Wyoming Ave., West Pittston. (A large article)

Mar. 24, 1934 a Birthday party was held for twins, Howard & June LEIBENGUTH of Noxen. Their parents are Mr. & Mrs. Ray LEIBENGUTH.
Mar. 27, 1934 Shirley Rae celebrated her 4th Birthday. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence ILLES of 617 Grant St., Hazleton.
Mar. 27, 1934 Robert WILLIAMSON of 192 Broad St. celebrated his 83rd birthday. His son, William J. WILLIAMSON is a Pittston School Director.
Miss Helen ROSENSTOCK of E. Oak St., Hazleton celebrated her Birthday.

Susie MIRABELL of Calvert St., Yatesville to Bernard COLARUSSO of Quincy, Mass.
Mar. 25, 1934 Mary OCCHIATO of 511 Exeter Ave., West Pittston to Paul MACRI of Hudson. Ceremony to be held on April 18, 1934.
Marriage license issued to William H. STOUT, Jr. Of Berwick to Margaret Alice SMITH of Jeddo.
Martin L. GROSSMAN, son of Mrs. M. GROSSMAN was married to Pearl M. EMERICH of Pine Grove in Newville.
Mar. 27, 1934 Three men were burned at Ewen Colliery:
Joseph WAUGH, 29, of 1415 Plane St., Avoca.
John MACK, 43, of 3 Hunter St., Wilkes-Barre.
Joseph ZALER, 31, of 143 Center St. Nanticoke.

Injured in Auto Accidents:
William MONTROSS, 34, of 438 Main St., Luzerne.
John PAVIAC, 38, of 351 Union St., Luzerne.
John SAVONIS, 22, of 96 Chestnut St., Swoyerville.
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A picture of Earl WEST in an ad for West Auto Co. of Market St., Kingston.
A picture of Leon at General Chevrolet Co. of S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre.
A picture of Daddy SMITH at Conrad Motor Co. of Market St. Kingston.

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Mar. 27, 1934 Mrs. Michael RIPSKI, 70, of Avondale. Her maiden name was Pauline GOWCZESKI.
Mar. 27, 1934 Mrs. Margaret FELTON, 78, died at home of niece, Mrs. George RAMSEY of East End Boulevard. Her sister is Amelia JAMES of Kingston and brother is William A. WILLIAMS of Parson.
Charles CHEPULIS a border in home of Mr. & Mrs. Walter ANDRUSCAVAGE of 317 Beaumont St., Warrior Run, died.
Mar. 27,1934 Frederick DANIELS, 45, of 119 Poplar St., Wilkes-Barre died. His widow, Mary Jones DANIELS was from Nanticoke.
Mar. 27,1934 Mrs. Frances SUSKA, 58, of Dallas died at home of niece, Mrs William ROGALDINSKI of 10 Charles St. Her husband is Paul SUSKA.
Mar. 27, 1934 Mrs. Sidney KOENIG, 93, of Conyngham died. Her husband, Stephen KOENIG died 41 years ago.

Funerals Held:
Mar. 27, 1934 funeral of Rev. T. J. ASKEW, pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church of Scranton to be held at church. He died on March 22, 1934 in an auto accident in Pittsburgh.
Mar. 28, 1934 Dorothy ROZWILANICH, 6, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph ROZWILANICH of McCullouch St. Exeter.
Mar. 28, 1934 Thomas O'CONNOR from daughter, Mrs. LIMBERTIS's home at 33 N. Welles St.
Mar. 28, 1934 Andrew STAHOVEC, Sr. from 17 Sycamore St., Wilkes-Barre.
Rose Mary CRUZADO, 5 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony CRUZADO of 27 Murray St., Wilkes-Barre.
Mar. 29, 1934 Charles GRUVER of 49 E. Thomas St., Fox Hill, Plains Twp.
Mar. 29, 1934 Mrs. Ida P. McALPINE of 192 N. Franklin St.
Mar. 29, 1934 John T. EVANS, 68, of 837 Sumner Ave., Scranton.
Mar. 30, 1934 Lulu MILLER viewing at home of nephew, A. C. SCHOONOVER of 95 Poplar St., Kingston.

Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Thursday Evening, March 29, 1934
Front page:
Mine gas explosion in the Hillman vein of Dorrance Colliery of Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Two were killed, 5 were hurt, & 50 escaped injury. Those killed were Philip CONSIDINE and Anthony "Webb" MALINSKIE. Four were injured:
William KANEROWSKY, 72, R. of 66 O'Neill Ave.
Lewis GARY, 26, of 313 Dean Court, Kingston.
John KUBOSTI, 21, of 274 Slocum St., Swoyerville.
Thomas CZUBECK, 52, of 44 Kidder St., East End.

Mar. 29, 1934 Myer FELSHER, 39, of 755 N. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre suffered a fractured skull in auto accident in West Philadelphia.
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Approaching marriage of Angela GORMAN daughter of John GORMAN of Inkerman to Vincent GARVEY son of Mr. & Mrs. John GARVEY of Moosic. Wedding to be held on Easter Monday morning.
Mar. 28, 1934 Mrs. Ivor THOMAS of McLean St. celebrated her 89th Birthday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Cyrus WEISS.
Billy MacNELIS of S. River St. celebrated his 13th Birthday with a party.

Times Leader, Friday Evening, March 30, 1934

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Thomas BRADSHAW, 3, son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas BRADSHAW of 740 Main St., Sugar Notch was killed in a truck accident. Mrs. Bradshaw was the former Isadora MANGOLD. Funeral on April 2, 1934.
Mar. 29, 1934 Mildred McDONALD, 21, was killed when hit by train.
Leonard RUDIS, 6, son of Mr. & Mrs. John RUDIS of 32 Webster St., Pittston, suffered fractured skull when hit by truck.
Mar. 29, 1934 Howard DAVIS, 20, of 22 Charles St. fractured ankle when hit by auto.
Thomas BROMFIELD, 6, of 52 Taft St. cut hand on broken glass.

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Mar. 29, 1934 mining accidents at Hudson Coal Co., Coalbrook mine, Carbondale:
Vincent PETRUZZELLA, 45, Carbondale.
Michael TOCARCHICK, 49, Simpson.
James McCARTHY, 35, Simpson.
John KELLY, 38, Carbondale.
James LANGAN, 50, Carbondale.
Waldo DEMBSKI, 44, Simpson.
Joseph DRAGWAY, 41, Simpson.
Martin PETROSKI, 51, Simpson.
James BALEVANO, 48, Carbondale.
David POWELL, Carbondale.
Michael GORRELL, Carbondale.
Samuel MENNING, Carbondale.
Stanley KEELER, Simpson.

Gas explosion at Dorrance colliery, third man died.
Ignatz DANIELS, 26, of 424 N. Washington St. died March 29, 1934. His parents are Mr. & Mrs. Frank DANIELS.
Philip CONSIDINE, 32, of 21 W. Jackson St., former resident of Miners Mills.
Anthony MOLINSKI, 20, of 837 North St., Luzerne, was killed instantly.

Times Leader, Saturday Evening, March 31, 1934

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Down Memory's Lane
30 Years Ago:
21ST Birthday of Guy SMITH of Ransom St., Forty Fort.
Michael BERESKY (Kuchie) of Larksville will pitch for Wyoming Seminary.

20 Years Ago:
Jennie B. CLAPSADDLE was married to Harry S. MAINS at home of bride's aunt, Mrs. Kate BROWN of 832 S. Franklin St.
Lulu May KNIFFEN, 21, died at home of parents, Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. KNIFFEN of 26 Maple Ave.

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Mar. 30, 1934 Allan ANDREWS, 21, of 39 Dining St. hit by auto.
Mar. 30, 1934 Walter RICHARDS, 17, of 174 William St. fell from bicycle.
Leo BORSI of Brady St., Wyoming injured at Dial Rock colliery.
James BLANDINO of Lawrenceville section of Old Forge injured foot at Central colliery.
George CERULA, 15, of Japan, Jeddo injured when struck by auto.
Conrad WENNER, 6, of 19 S. Broad St., West Hazleton hurt when hit by auto.

Mar. 28, 1934 Mrs. Leonard HELTER of Fairview Ave., Berwick died.
Mar. 29, 1934 Miss Elizabeth GOBLE died at home in Endicott. Funeral Mar. 31, 1934. Sister of the late Samuel GOBLE of Tunkhannock.
Mar. 30, 1934 funeral of Perry DERSHEIMER held in Pittston.

A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas BONE of 4 Bank St., Plains on Mar. 30, 1934.
Mar. 31, 1934 Mrs. William A. THOMAS of 78 Wyoming Ave., West Pittston celebrated her 79th birthday. Miss Isabel THOMAS, her daughter also celebrates her birthday.
Mar. 31, 1934 Margaret Alice SMITH daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert SMITH of Highland St. to marry William H. STOUT, Jr. of 1218 First Ave., Berwick.
Richard HUMPHREYS son of Mr. & Mrs. David HUMPHREYS of Manhattan St., Ashley to marry Phyllis THOMAS of Carbondale on April 2, 1934.
Edward J. GREGORY of 203 Dawson St., Avoca, son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward GREGORY received a metal. He has been in the Marines since 1931.

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Mar. 29, 1934 Mrs. Thomas MILLER a resident of Berwick died in Bear Creek. Her Brother is Clark HIPPENSTEEL.
Mar. 29, 1934 Naomi GARREN, 18 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John GARREN of 9 Dana St. died. Funeral on Mar. 31, 1934.
Mar. 29, 1934 Leo "Baron" BEATTY, 35, a World War veteran and former resident of Wilkes-Barre died in Fairview, NJ. Funeral on Mar. 31, 1934. He was the son of the late Michael & Anna BEATTY of 129 N. Washington St.
Mar. 30, 1934 Ignatius NASIATKA of 547 Myers St., Duryea died. Funeral on Apr. 2, 1934.
Mar. 30, 1934 infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Michael SCHINTZ of 350 Bowman St. died. He was one hour old. Funeral on Mar. 31, 1934.
Mar. 30, 1934 Caroline K. URBAN, 48, of 344 Hillside Ave. Edwardsville. Her husband is Frank URBAN.
Mar. 30, 1934 Abraham NAMEY, 60, of Blackman St., Wilkes-Barre died. He was born in Syria. Funeral on Apr.2, 1934.
Apr. 2, 1934 John A. LEWIS from home of daughter Mrs. William KEIRLE of 37 Church St., Edwardsville.
Apr. 2, 1934 Constantis YURGEALITIS from home of sister Mrs. Anna ENDZALITIS of 171 Almond Lane, Wilkes-Barre.
Apr. 2, 1934 Anthony MOLINSKI. Mine accident victim.
Apr. 2, 1934 Harriet C. ELLSWORTH of 251 Horton St. Her husband is Frank L. ELLSWORTH.
Apr. 2, 1934 Mary GEORGE of 45 Prospect St., Wilkes-Barre.
Apr. 2, 1934 Miss Josephine HAZELTINE of Harris Rd., Trucksville.

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