Luzerne County Marriage's

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Man's Name               Woman's Name                 Marriage Date    Marriage Place
**********               ************                 *************    **************
John McGowan            Mildred M Mullarkey         
Patrick Mulligan        Catherine McGowan              Apr. 28 1886    Eckley, Pa
J.E. McGown             Kate E Devers                  Oct. 27 1886    Wilkes Barre, Pa
David McGowan           Susan Klinger                  Oct. 28 1886    Ashley, Pa
Michael Harris          Mary McGowen                   Jan. 2 1889     Wilkes Barre, Pa
Martin McGowan          Mary Ann Gillespie             Jan 21 1891     Avoca, Pa
Patrick Grady           Rose McGowan
James McCormack         Bridget McGowan                Apr 23 1908     Sugar Notch, Pa
Joseph Francis McGowan  Mildred Constance Stuscavage   Nov 30 1935     Kingston, Pa
Leo Doran               Mary Regina Meighon            May 14 1940     No return Filed
John Clifford           Eleanor Johnson                Jun 26 1945     Avoca, Pa
Clement A Haggerty      Margaret A Carey               Aug 5 1918      Pittston, Pa
Michael A Carey         Marian D Caffery               Jan 7 1928      Sugar Notch, Pa
William Long Carey      Naomi Bainbridge               Nov 23 1944     Pittston, Pa
Larry Harding           Ann Carey                     
Michael Joe Healey      Sarah Healy                    Aug 11 1926     Wilkes Barre, Pa
William J Conway        Ann Mooney                     Dec 27 1885     Wilkes Barre, Pa
James Conway            Kate Keegan                    Nov 03 1887     Parsons, Pa
Edward A Nolan          Mary A Conway                  Apr 22 1889     Pittston, Pa
Martin Kelly            Rose Conway                    Sept 9 1891     Pittston, Pa
Peter J Conway          Bridget Coyne                  Nov 30 1892     Pittston, Pa
Michael Cleary          Catherine Conway               Jun 22 1893     Sugar Notch, Pa
Cornelius F.A. McCoy    Elizabeth F.C.  Cleary         Jan 01 1914     
Thomas G. Lynott        Marie D. Cleary                Aug 24 1917
John McGrourty          Agnes Conway                   Mar 04 1897     Wilkes Barre, Pa
Auly Conway             Mary Culkin                    Nov 20 1905     Pittston, Pa
Patrick Burke           Bridget A Conway               May 07 1907     Wilkes Barre, Pa
Aloysius Conway         Mary Cavanaugh                 Oct 27 1927     Ashley, Pa
Charles Lyons           Joanarc Lally                  Jun 15 1894     No return filed
William Hawk            Olive Lyons                    Aug 4 1921      Ashley, Pa
George W Decker, Jr     Catheran Owen                  Jul 10 1918     Wilkes Barre, Pa
James Gilroy            Sarah Owens                    Nov 6 1895      Plymouth, Pa

These records were donated by: Terry Moughan

Addditional Marriages Donated

Charles E. Farrell born in Upper Lehigh 6 day of Feb A.D. 1870, residing at Freeland
occupation engineer not related by blood
or marriage to the person whom he desires to marry
not married before

Mary O'Donnell born in Jeddo Pa on the
12 day of Apl A.D. 1869 residing at Eckley
occupation dom not married before

Marriage License issued 26 Oct 1894
Consent of residing at
Filed " " 1894
Duplicate certificate returned 15 Nov 1894
Married 1st Nov 1894 Rev. Thos Brehony, Eckley

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Additional Marriages Donated to Luzerne County Genweb.

Groom Name:           Bride Name:        Marriage Date:    Place:

Adam Michael        Lorraine Booth       June 24, 1914    Plymouth
Conrad Hill         Mararet A. Kress     Sept 20, 1932    Hazleton
Joseph Kress        Lizzie Schutt        March 26,1894    West Hazleton
Howard Nelmes       Almena Richards      Sept 16, 1899    Jeansville
Edward Kite         Ellen S. Schaffer    March 5, 1898    Freeland
Howard E.Schaffer   Christie E. Balliet  May 16, 1901     Freeland
Joseph G. Hill      Shirley M. Schaffer  Sept 23,1967     West Hazleton
Charles F. Schaar   Kate Panco           Dec 25, 1885     Hazleton
John Lohman         Anna M. Shaffer      July 7, 1887     Hazleton
Adam J. Hill        Bella Howells        Feb 5, 1890      Eckley
Conrad H. Hill      Olive Airbsey        Oct 26, 1892     Eckley
Jacob F. Michael    Catherine Bachman    Sept 16, 1893    Hazleton
Emery W. Schaffer   Ida J. Robinson      June 20, 1891    Conyngham
William E. Schaffer Ethel M. Stumpf      Feb 2, 1935      Freeland
John A. Schaffer    Laura M. Minnich     March 25, 1893   Jeansville
Howard Nelmes       Tessie J. Davis      Dec 20, 1920     Hazleton
Charles A. Stumpf   Mary E. Michael      June 7, 1913     Hazleton
John F. Kress       Anna C. Meiss        Oct 23, 1880     Hazleton
Casper Grebey       Sophia Stumpf        Jan 28, 1871     Hazleton
William D. Stumpf   Katherine Heckrote   Apr 20, 1872     Hazleton
John W. Gerlach     Catherine Stumpf     Dec 23, 1860     Hazleton
Peter Peuser        Sophia Stumpf        June 1899        Hazleton
Goerge  Bloesing    Wilhelmina C. Koch   Apr 22, 1925     Hazleton
John G. Kline       Hannah Barager       Jan 5, 1854      Hazleton
John Heidenreich    Mararet Barager      March 17, 1850   Hazleton
Lewis Leffler       Anna C. Gerlach      July 18, 1882    Hazleton
Wiliam D. Gerlach   Caroline Heidenreich June 12, 1901    Hazleton 
These records were donated by: Joseph Hill

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