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One Fatally Hurt and Two Seriously Injured A distressing accident occurred on the Wilkes-Barre Boulevard about 8 o'clock last evening which resulted in the death of John C. Williams of 42 East North Street outside foreman of the Baltimore No. 1 mine of the D&H coal co. at East End .... member of the St. Dennis Club, composed principally of Scotch men. It is the annual custom of the club to hold an outing in the nature of a clam bake.....the party started home.....George Mitchell of Plains, who had two horses and a two seated rig was the first to start down the mountain ..... they heard cries from behind. They came from Williams and Kayser who were coming along with a carriage and a single horse. The horse had become frightened and was running away. Mr. Mitchell was barely able to get out of the way.....they found the horse and carriage in the road. The carriage was demolished and the horse was badly injured. They were horrified to see Mr. Williams lying cross wise in the road. When they reached him, he gasped once or twice and then expired. ....... John C. Williams was 59 years of age. He was born in Scotland and came to this country when he was but 20 years of age. He located in Pittston where he began work as a miner residing there and at Dunmore about 20 years. He resided 7 years at Parsons and for some time was one of the school directors at that place. He has resided in Wilkes-Barre for the last 20 years, and has worked for the D&H coal co. for the last 19 years, during all this time acting mine foreman at the Baltimore colliery at East End. He was well known in this city and had a wide circle of friends. He was a member of the local Lodge of Elks and was also a Mason, being a member of a Lodge in Pittston. He is survived by one daughter and one son-Mrs John Alexander with whom he resided at 42 East North Street, and John Williams, Jr., who also resides there. He leaves two brothers, James Williams, janitor at the Hillard Grove school building, and Thomas Williams, foreman in a planing mill at Scranton.

From John C. Williams, his grand nephew.

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