Wilkes Barre Record Extracts Covering Nov 2-30 1885


Wilkes-Barre Record: Mon., Nov 2, 1885

CHARLES SHULTZ was smothered to death yesterday morning, 11/1/1885, in the Bear Ridge Colliery by a rush of coal in the manway. An hour later, at Alaska Shift, DAFIT ZAKOWSKY was horibly mangled by a fall of an immense lump of coal. Both men were married and leave large families.

On Saturday morning, RICHARD JENNINGS, a miner employed in Shaft 2 of the Susquehanna Coal Co at Nanticoke, was caught under a fall of top rock and coal and so severely crushed that he died a short time after being carried to his boarding house. He was a single man about 30 years of age and a brother-in-law of Chief of Police Moore of Nanticoke.

Yesterday morning LIZZIE AICHER, the 12 year old daughter of SIMON AICHER, died from the effects of an attack of diptheria.


JOHNSON - BIRDMAN: In Ashley Oct 28, 1885 A. S. JOHNSON of Wilkes-Barre, and Miss IDA BIRDMAN of Ashley


MCGUIRE: In Sebastopol, Oct 30, of injuries received in Shaft 5 at Pittston mines a month ago: HUGH MCGUIRE

JONES: In Wilkes-Barre Oct 28, Mrs JANE JONES of Parsons, age 60 years

BENNETT: In Wilkes-Barre Saturday, Oct 31, STEWART BENNETT, resident of this city, died at his home on Cinderalla St, age 60 years. His father was one of the early settlers of the valley, and the deceased had lived here most of his life. He leaves five children, NATHAN, ALEXANDER G., STEWART Jr, and ROBERT and ELLA. The late RUFUS BENNETT, one of the mail carriers in this city, was also a son of the deceased. He was elected to represent the 11th Ward in council some years ago. The funeral will take place from his late residence Tuesday

KERN: In Plymouth Oct 31, JOHN KERN, age 60 years. Funeral Tuesday from his late residence, interment at Forty Fort; members of lodge 32 F.& A. M. are requested to attend the funeral in a body


BARNETT: At the residence of F D MCCARTHY in Hanover on Friday, his niece, MINNIE BARNETT, age 15 years, died of brain fever, after being sick just 3 days. She was buried in Naticoke Catholic Cemetery

KINZLE: At the residence of J MCCARTY, Denison Twp, Oct 26,

ELIZABETH BONEY, relict of the late JACOB KINZLE. Interred in White Haven


ALBERTA V ENGLE, whooping cough, age 1 yr, 2 mos, 2 days

OLIVE THOMAS, mcmbraneous croup, age 2 yrs, 7 mos


ELIZABETH HOWELLS, bronchitis, age 5 years, 4 mos, 5 days

DAVID MILLER, old age, age 70 yrs



DAVID WILLIAMS: killed in the mines, age 30 years

ELSIE WILLIAMS, membraneous croup, age 6 yr, 6 mos



Miss CLARA BARNES is visiting friends in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre

MILLARD F CYPHERS, now a medical student in Philadelphia, arrived in town yesterday on the Penna RR special train.

MRS FERREL and daughter IDA were guests of Mrs C F NANMAN Saturday

Mrs MONROE DILLEY, who has been dangerously ill, was much better on

Saturday. Dr CROSKY said she was out of danger.


B F BENNETT, of Sayre, connected with the P & NYC RR spent Sunday in Wilkes-Barre. He is the nephew of the late STEWART BENNETT

Among those who have subscribed to the RECORD in the last few days are:


J EYERMAN, 19 Orchard St


H H PRYOR, 101 Railroad St

Mrs J H MCLEAN, S Main St

JAMES GREEN, Miners Mills


V R DANA, Roaring Branch, Lycoming Co

GEORGE GUNTZ, So. Wilkes-Barre

J M BRYMER, 111 N. Main St









Wilkes-Barre Record: Tues., Nov 3, 1885

Today is Election Day


There were 54 mine accidents in Oct reported to Inspector Williams as having occurred in the mines of his district. These accidents resulted in the loss of 12 lives as follows:

Oct 7: GEORGE COOPER was struck by a descending cage and was instantly killed at Shaft 2, Nanticoke.

Oct 15: MARTIN JOHNSON was killed by a fall of coal at the Cedar Spring Shaft and IVOR WILLIAMS was instantly killed by falling down the Dodson Shaft, Plymouth

Oct 17: MICHAEL GALLAGHER was instantly killed by a runaway car in the Mill Creek Slope

Oct 21: THOMAS SPELLMAN was killed by a blast from an adjoining breast in the Henry Colliery, and DENNIS TITUS, THOMAS COLLINS, JOHN KEARST, and FRANK and ANTHONY SPINNETTE were fatally burned by an explosion at Shaft 2, Plymouth

Oct 26: JOHN BULLOCK was struck and killed by cars at Forty Fort Colliery

Oct 31: RICHARD JENNINGS was fatally hurt by a fall of coal in Shaft 2 Nanticoke


Frozen to death: MICHAEL MCCANN, a man aged about 35 years and residing at Trescow, was found about 8AM yesterday morning lying dead on the railroad bed between Trescow and Beaver Meadows. He had been visiting friends and decided to walk home. It is supposed he was overcome by cold and lay down on the ground where he froze to death. MCCANN was a carpenter and not too long ago worked in Hazleton. He leaves a wife and several children.

Buried by the county: The county commissioners yesterday approved a bill for the burial of the first ex-soldier at the county's expense under the provisions of the new law. The veteran thus buried was JOHN KEARST , who was fatally hurt in the explosion in Shaft 2 of the D & H C Co at Plymouth on the 27th ult. He was a member of the 11th US Inf, and was honorably discharged Oct 10, 1867.

Sugar Notch: A man named ROBERT MCGEE is down with typhoid fever and is said to be in very low condition with but slight hopes of his recovery

Ref J T MATHEWS is the newly appointed pastor of the Primitive Methodist Church of Sheridan Street


In Wilkes-Barre Sep 28th by Rev J O Woodruff, G M C PLACE and FRANCES C KELLER, both of Tresco PA

In Plymouth, Oct 31st, by Rev M Brown of the Christian Church. JOHN KNOT and Miss ABIGAIL DANN, both of Wilkes-Barre.


In upper Pittston on the 31st ult., of pneumonia, Mrs A HELLER, age 36 years; funeral Tues

In Pittston Nov 2d, HATTIE, daughter of ROBERT W, and SARAH SMILES, age 2 yrs; funeral Wed

In Pittston on the 1st inst, JOHN, son of WILLIAM BEVAN, age 2 yrs; funeral Tues

In Wilkes-Barre Nov 1st of heart disease, Mrs Wm PINE


Wilkes-Barre Record: Thurs, 5 Nov.,1885 (the paper of 11/4/1885 was primarily full of election returns, no marriages, deaths, etc reported}



In Wilkes-Barre, 11/4, Miss MAGGIE MORGAN, age 35, well-known in this city as an estimable young lady, died at an early hour yesterday morning at the residence of her brothers on New Market St. Her interment will take place Friday at the City Cemetary. Rev Evan Rees will officiate.

In Wilkes-Barre. 11/4, Mrs LUCINDA SMITH, at her home, 58 Cinderalla St; wife of JOSEPH T SMITH; age 55 years; she leaves a husband and 2 sons; Funeral services at her late residence on Friday, and the remains will be conveyed over the Pennsylvania RR to Berwick for interment

On Tuesday, FRANK LAMOREAUX, another of the victims of the explosion at Shaft 2 of the D & H Coal Co at Plymouth; died after suffering the most horrible agony for nearly two weeks. He was not burned internally but his head, neck, arms, and shoulders were charred to a terrible extent. He was a married man with several children. His home was at Humlock's Creek and he came up to Plymouth and commenced work as a carpenter at Shaft 2 only a few days earlier.


JOHN and Mrs HUTCHINS, and Mrs H A LAYCOCK left yesterday for Maryland

Dr F L MCKEE of Plymouth took up residence in Scranton yesterday

Mrs GARRETT SMITH, of South Franklin St, is in Northumberland visiting friends

Col B F STARK lost a valuable horse yesterday from heart disease


Springbrook Mountain and Beech woods some days ago, and returned last night with well filled bags, and reported game plentiful.


Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Nov 6, 1885

No marriages or deaths reported:

JOHN T DAVIS, who was burned by the explosion at colliery 9, of the L & W BC Co at Sugar Notch Wednesday, was the first person taken down with typhoid fever at that place, having contracted the disease at Plymouth

The coroner's jury investigating the death of Mrs WILLIAM PINE met yesterday in the office of Alderman GROFF to hear testimony.

Witnesses called included: neighbors JOHN SMITH and CAROLINA BUTZBACH. Dr A P O'MALLEY testified death was due to a blood clot.

On Monday evening next, Nov 9, the Presbytery of Lackawanna will meet in the First Presbyterian Church of Honesdale for the purpose of ordaining Mr STEPHEN TORREY as an evangelist on his 77th birthday.

Advertisements posted by:

JOHN KOSER, wholesale and retail grocer

WILLIAM H SHEPHERD, contractor and builder

M B HOUBT, architect and builder

JOHN R KENNEDY, restaurant

M H POST, harness manufacturer

W D WHITE, pharmacist

JOSEPH G MYER, drugstore

WILLIAM E DORON, undertaker

S D WILSON, livery stock




Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Nov 7, 1885


In Beach Haven, Oct 28: by Rev E M Chilcoat, D G KLIMETOB and Miss KATE E FENSTEMAKER, both of Foundryville

In Hazleton, 5 Nov: by Rev L C Washburne, Dr J W COLE and Miss BESSIE



In Tresckow, near Hazleton, Thursday, BERNARD MOYE, a miner age 35 years was drowned in the reservoir. Thursday morning he told his wife he was going out to the reservoir to take a bath, and a few moments after he had gone, Mrs MOYE, and Mr GILDEA, a neighbor, followed him and saw him jump into the water. Before they could rescue him, he was drowned.

On Thursday afternoon, about 2 O'Clock, PATRICK GOLDEN, age 17 yrs, a driver at #4 Slope Pittston, was coming out with a trip of cars, when his light was accidently extinguished, and in the dark, he was knocked down and squeezed between the cars, thrown under the wheels, and bruised and crushed so fearfully that he died within an hour after being removed to his home in Browntown. Monday was his first day in the mines.

In Plainsville, 6 Nov: WILLIAM EVANS, the market gardener, breathed his last yesterday morning at 8:00 o'clock, aged 84 years, after a long and painful illness from dropsy. He had lived in the neighborhood of Pittston and Plainsville for over 20 years. He and his sons, HENRY and JOHN, carried on a large business in the Wyoming and Lackawanna valleys. He has left 7 sons and 1 daughter. DANIEL W EVANS, one of his sons, is foreman at a colliery, and DAVID W EVANS, another son, was foreman at the Tonkin mine for 18 yrs.

Sons HENRY and WILLIAM have been carrying on the market business. He also has 3 sons and 1 daughter in Wales. Interment will be at OddFellows Cem at Pittston.

In Ashley, 5 Nov: PETER DAVIC, age 73, leaving a wife and 3 children in Hungary, and 2 children in Ashley

In Pleasant Valley, ANTHONY CARDIN died very suddenly Thursday morning. He was in apparent good health the day previous, and after arriving home from his day's toil, he did considerable work around home, and was taken ill that evening. He leaves a wife and 3 or 4 young children.


JOHN GARVER of Kingston, was considerably bruised and cut about the head and body by a fall of top coal in colliery 11 Kingston, Thursday . He was taken to the hospital

MICHAEL DOUGHTERTY living at Pleasant valley, and working at Old Forge Colliery of the Penna Coal Co. had a leg broken and was very seriously injured internally by a fall of rock this (Friday) morning

On Wednesday night, while BERNARD BROWN was going to his work on Slope #7 of A Pardee & Co, Hazleton, he fell into an old mine hole. He was taken to his boarding house on Pine St, where it was found his skull had been fractured. He is now lying in very critical condition


MARTIN FREY, 144 Canal St

JACOB BATZ, 408 Main St

A BLODGETT, 61 Blackman St



T B MILLER, 19 Washington St

J NEWITT, Meade St


T M DAVIS, 354 Market St

Mrs C H DRESH, 285 S. Franklin


W J SOLLY, 60 Careytown Rd


W MCKAY, River St

A E DOTA, 69 Cinderalla St

M DANDO, Sugar Notch


It is again reported that Dr Pasteur has discovered in inoculation an absolute preventative of hydrophobia

President Cleveland has a strong leaning toward women suffrage

Mr Gladstone recently felled a tree on the grounds at his home at Hawarden President Cleveland has decided not to get married, says a Washington gossip writer


Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Nov 9, 1885


In Plymouth 6 Nov, JOHN JONES, JR, and Miss ELIZABETH JANE REYNOLDS, both of Plymouth

In Plymouth 5 Nov, PATRICK MOONEY and CATHERINE CAREY, both of Plymouth

In Scranton 5 Nov, by the Rt. Rev Bishop O'Hara, JAMES KENNY of Parsons, and Miss MARY MANGAN of Scranton

In Wilkes-Barre 7 Nov, by the Rev Father Nagle, CHARLES HOCHREITER and Miss MARY WALTER, both of Wilkes-Barre

In West Pittston 5 Nov, by the Rev Mr Brown, of Plymouth, assisted by Rev J G Eckman, GEORGE N SWEITZER, of Harrisonville, Kan and Miss FANNIE KNIGHT of West Pittston



In Edwardsville, Nov 6, Mrs MARY HOLLERAN, age 70

In Denison Township Nov 4, CHARLES MILLER, age 78 years, one of the pioneer settlers of the twp. He was engaged in lumber, hotel keeping, and farming. He leaves a wife and grown family.

In Plymouth Nov 6, Mrs JOHN O JONES

In Pine Bluffs Ark, Oct 27, ANDREW C BRYAN, formerly of White Haven, age 57 years, He was twice married, the second being the daughter of the late STEPHEN GOULD


At City Cemetary:

MARY THOMAS, 5 days, weakness

GRACE BURNS, 1 yr, spasms

ANNA E C AICHER, 11 yrs, diptheria

JOHN MENCH, 3 yrs, membraneous croup

Unnamed child of JOSEPH WORTH

MARY FRANCES ENGLE, 3 yrs, whooping cough

MINNIE HOFHEISTER, 3 days, weakness

Unnamed child of FRANK COON, weakness

At Hollenbach Cemetary




Estate of HENRY WELCH: JOHN M ARMSTRONG appointed guardian of IDA M


Estate of JAMES JENKINS: distribution ordered

Estate of E A SPAULDING: J P KIRBY appointed guardian of MAMIE BELLE,


Estate of SARAH DAVIS: HENRY GABRIEL appointed guardian of JENNIS WELSH

Estate of: HENRY STEVENSON, decree entered


From Wilkes-Barre: E TROXWELL (merchant), AUGUSTUS MCCARTY (gentleman), JAMES FARREL (miner), B F STARK (Livery), JOHN MCGUIGAN (brakeman), JOSEPH EDWARDS (miner)

From Plains: RICHARD SCOTT (miner)

From Plymouth Twp: DANIEL DAVIS ( miner), THOMAS MURPHY (miner)

From Newport: PATRICK DELANEY (miner)


Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Nov 10, 1885


In Hazleton Nov 7, by Rev B Nicholas, DAVID K HUGHES, and Miss MARY JANE DAVIE, both of Gowan


In Wilkes-Barre Nov 9, Mrs SARAH DALEY, mother of Mrs C F COOK, of this city, died at the residence of her son-in-law of heart disease, at the age of 72 yrs, last evening. She was the widow of the late ASA DALEY, formerly of Plains, and mother of THOMAS DALEY of this city.

In Wilkes-Barre Nov 8, of congestion of the lungs, DAISY SNYDER, age 15 yrs

In Pittston Nov 7, PATRICK J BARRETT, age 27 yrs

In Upper Pittston Nov 7, AUSTIN NEVAN, age 42 yrs



Sunday morning, Mrs WESLEY WHITE, daughter of Mrs MICHAEL KEHOE, Parsonage St, was suprised to find that her mother had not answered to the call of the milkman. The parents occupy the house adjacent to their son-in-law. Raising the window in the bedroom she saw her mother lying on the floor, apparently dead, her father in the death agonies in the bed. Mrs KEHOE was resuscitated, but her husband was beyond assistance and died within a short time. Mr KEHOE was 55 years of age. Funeral will take place Tuesday.


Yesterday morning, Mrs ROCKY HUGHES, was struck and instantly killed and the L & S track. A son of the deceased woman was killed near the same place last winter, and a son-in-law was killed in Mill Creek Slope a little over two weeks ago. She was 55 and leaves a husband, and a widowed daughter.


On Saturday, MIKEY, the 4 year old son of Capt M MURRAY, of Pittston died of the affects of a scalding received Thursday night.


MICHAEL DOUGHERTY, of Shenandoah, accompanied by his sister BRIDGET, are in town, the guests of PETER MCMANUS

News was received in the city yesterday of the death in Seattle, Washington Territory of Mrs W G MULHERRIN, a sister of Mrs R P ROBINSON of Wilkes-Barre, B P SMITH of Fairmont, and Mrs W P O'NEILL, formerly of this city


Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Nov 11, 1885

MARRIAGES: none listed


Mrs ELLEN MARTIN, wife of PATRICK MARTIN, died at her home at Old Forge,

Lackawanna Co, on Sunday last. She was a sister of Mrs AUGUSTUS G BAKER, of this city. Deceased was about 45 years of age, and left a husband and several children. Her funeral will take place this morning.

The Lehigh Valley passenger train which left Wilkes-Barre yesterday morning at 5, struck and killed an 8 year old boy, JAMES SHARKEY, at Glendon. The boy's father is employed at the Glendon Iron Works, and only the day previous removed the family from Allentown to Glendon.


The funeral of Mrs SARAH DAILEY, whose death was mentioned in yesterday's RECORD, [and spelled "DALEY"], take place from the residence of her daughter, Mrs C F COOK, 17 So Main St, Thursday morning at 10. Internment in Forty Fort Cemetary. She is survived by brother and sister, BUTLER POWELL in the west, and Mrs IONA DAILEY of Wyoming, and by a son and a daughter, T A DAILEY, and Mrs C F COOK, of this city.


Mrs SCHAPPERT, who resides with her son PETER SCHAPPERT, in this city, is now in her 84th year. She is hale and hearty and enjoying good health.

WILL FINCH, who has charge of the boat house at the foot of Northhampton St, shot a bird on Monday of a description hitherto unknown in this section. It was presented to J M COURTRIGHT, by whom it will be stuffed.

Ashley: Some little boys were playing at Petty's Pond on Monday, and they saw a duck light upon it. They spread the news and soon THOMAS CAFFREY, DANIEL MCCARNAN, SAM HOUK and MICHEAL ROE were flying with their guns to kill the duck. MICHAEL ROE fired several times hitting her every time, the rest hit her about the same number of times. JOHN HITTINGER'S dog brought the duck to shore, but it was so badly torn with shot, it was almost worthless.


Furnished Bedroom for rent, $5 per month, A H MORGAN, 9 S. Franklin St

Team for sale cheap, apply to WILLIAM EVANS, foot of Ross Hill, Kingston

Fur repairing and altering, Mrs H S WEEKS, 220 N. Main St


Wilkes-Barre Record, Thur, Nov 12, 1885

MARRIAGES: none listed


In Pittston, Nov 11, of pneumonia, JOHN NEWCOURT, age about 35 yrs

In White Have, Nov 3, CHARLES MILLER, age 77 yrs, 11 mos

In Pittston, Nov 10, THERESSA, daughter of the late THOMAS MCNAMARA, age 10 yrs

In Sugar Notch, Nov 11, SOPHIA, the thirteen year old daughter of JACOB SCHAPPERT. She awoke in her bed and complained of being cold. She later awoke and complained of pains near her heart. The mother applied some restoratives, and sent for a physician at once, but before the arrival of the latter, the girl expired in her mother's arms. Miss SOPHIA was a neice of PETER SCHAPPERT of this city, and one of her sisters is married to JOHN HESS. Services will be held Friday at St Nicholas German Church, interment will be made in the German Cemetary


West Hazleton: Mrs JEFF CASE was buried last Tuesday, interment in Nescopek Cemetary


SIMEON D TREIBLE, a native of Monroe Co, and a resident of this city, registered yesterday as the 271st physician in Luzerne Co

EDITH WELLS, daughter of CHARLES WELLS, who has been very ill for some days past, was somewhat improved last evening

Plymouth, Nov 11: CHARLES PUTERBAUGH, an employee at the Avondale mines, was caught between cars today and badly hurt . He is married but has no children

Plymouth: there is considerable talk electric lights being introduced into Plymouth shortly


Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Nov 13, 1885


In Moscow, Sep 14, by Rev B F Summerbell, THERON M PHILLIPS, of Fleetsville, Lackawanna Co, and Miss LULU S STRAIT, of Kingston

In Wilkes-Barre, Nov 12, JACOB MADOR, and Miss EMMA MILLER at the residence of the bride's sister on Wells St.


Another Pittston's maiden's marriage is announced: Miss LIZZIE M KOON, and H WRIGHT LUEDER, at the home of the bride on Parsonage St, Wed. Nov 25


In Wilkes-Barre, Nove 12, of heart disease, KATE ELLA JONES, daughter of O D JONES, age 7 years, and 6 months; Funeral Saturday at 2:30

In West Pittston Nov 12, GEORGE SUTTON, age 79 years; at the residence of his son-in-law, SAMUEL K BARBER; he leaves 10 children, all adults; funeral Sunday at 2 from Mr BARBER'S residence; interrment in West Pittston Cemetary

In Pittston of pneumonia, JOHN NEWCOMBE, age 33 years

In Wilkes-Barre, Nov 12, ELIZA A DUNN, oldest daughter of PAUL and MARY DUNN, of this city, yesterday morning after 5 days illness of catarrh, age 10 years and 10 months. The deceased girl had been a pupil of the Sisters at St Mary's school.

In Kingston, another child of DANIEL SAMMONS, who lost 2 children by diptheria last week, died on Tuesday from croup, following diptheria Telegrams were received in this city announcing the death in a railroad accident at Texarkana, Arkansas, of JOSEPH POOL, formerly of Ashley. The message was received at the residence of Mrs EMILY KEISER, his mother-in-law, at 186 So. Washington St., with whom Mr POOL'S two surviving children, ADA and STANLEY, are living. Remains to be returned here for burial.


GEORGE STEPHENSON, of Wyoming, was struck on the head by a revolving crank at the Fuller mines Tue and seriously injured, though it is believed he will recover

PATRICK STARK of Plymouth, a young man residing with his mother Cinder Ave, while working at colliery 11, Nov 12, had his foot and thigh badly hurt. He was removed to his home in an ambulance.


ALFRED E WILLIAMS, an enterprising young man, son of Undertaker JAMES M

WILLIAMS, has bought his father's business on Church St. Phoenix, AZ

PHILLIP MCMANUS, stoker for the No. 2 engine, has on exhibition at

Hilliard's Mill, a pair of miniature engines made by himself


Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Nov 16, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre, Nov 14, by Rev Father O'Haran, at St Mary's Church, MICHAEL LENAHAN, residing on Bowman's Hill, and Miss MAY DUCEY, a valued attachee of the Exchange Hotel, both of Wilkes-Barre

In White Haven, Nov 12, by Rev F V Krug, WILLIAM F COLE, and Miss CATHERINE SITES

Sep 26, by Rev G H Day, WALTER ALWORTH, and Miss ELLEN JANE MOYER, of Foster Twp


In Pittston, Nov 14, MARGARET MCFADDEN, age 25 years, wife of JAMES MCFADDEN, following childbirth

In Grand Tunnel, Nov 9, WILLIAM PRITCHARD, age 37


City Cemetary:

DAISY SWAN, 15 years, scarlet fever

unnamed child of FRAN COONS, 2 days, weakness

IRA MOTT, 3 days, spinal disease

JENNETTE RAY, 4 months, inflammation of brain

EDWARD WATKINS, 1 year, fits

Hollenback Cemetary:

unnamed child of JAMES B WILLIAMS, weakness

KATE ELLA JONES, 7, heart disease

"HE WAS NOT DEAD"!: On Saturday, the RECORD printed an item stating that a man named GEORGE SUMMERS of Nanticoke had been killed by a train. The item originated in the Nanticoke correspondence of Friday's 'Leader'. The item was printed without verification. A boy was badly hurt on Friday, and word got around the person was GEORGE SUMMERS. Deputy Coroner O'MALLEY empaneled a jury including Squire WILLIAMS, DAN GROFF, PATRICK LENAHAN, and Constable TAMMANY, and proceeded down to Nanticoke to view the remains and get together the testimony for the inquest. Their arrival created no little consternation at the SUMMERS house, as Mr SUMMERS had not experienced any mishap, and at the time was working in the mines. The panel was happy Mr SUMMERS was alive and well.


Wilkes-Barre: MICHAEL SMITH (miner), PETER SMITH (miner), RICHARD GILLMAN (millwright), ALEX LANDRUM (machinist), MORGAN D JONES (miner), M F KIRWAN (druggist), E L PARRISH (superintendent), S J FAUX (hotel), LARRY DUFFY (engineer), JOHN HERRY (liquor store)

Plains: ADA BRADER (farmer)

Plymouth: R WALSH (miner), THOMAS DWYER (miner)

Dallas Twp: SAMUEL HESS (justice of the peace)

Plymouth Borough: A F HITCHLER (jeweler)

Lake: J W DAVENPORT (farmer)

Laurel Run: ED BYRON (boss)


Silas Goble, of Ocean Co, NJ, who has been married for 51 years, is the

proud father of 23 children, the oldest 40, the youngest, 10. He has spent a small fortune for shoes.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Nov 14, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre, Nov 11, by Rev F B Hodge, ANDREW E COLEMAN and Miss EMMA SEARFOSS, both of Pittston


A thirteen pound visitor has made his appearance at the home of JOHN NYE, the janitor of CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL. Mother and son are doing well


In Pittston, Nov 13, SARAH JANE, daughter of DAVID and Mrs HOWELL, age 7 years

In Union Twp, near Reyburn, Nov 9, WILLIAM BELLES, age 59 years

GEORGE A SUMMERS, of Nanticoke, was struck and killed near that place by the early up train on the D L & W RR yesterday morning. He was about 28 years of age and unmarried. He came to Nanticoke a short time ago from Lock Haven and was working as a laborer in the mines.


JOHN FADDEN is a miner employed at the Prospect colliery of the Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Yesterday, he fired a shot after which he went to the face with a naked lamp and set off the gas, by which he sustained some burns HUGH CORCORAN, a driver, age about 17 yrs, was seriously injured by a fall of rock in Enterprise colliery, of the Lehigh Valley Coal Co., Thursday. His team tore away a prop, which left down the roof. No bones were broken


Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Nov 17, 1885

MARRIAGES: none reported

DEATHS: none reported


Nov 16, A serious accident happened about 7 this evening to CARL SNYDER, son of the late FRANK SNYDER of Plymouth. While loading cars at the slope, he was caught between the lever and the car, and had it not been for the opportune arrival of his brother, would have been choked to death. His recovery is reported as doubtful.

JOHN MCCLUSKY, a miner employed in the Hanover mines, was severely burnt with powder about 3 o'clock. He was making a cartridge from powder and a spark from the lamp on his head dropped into the keg, which was full at the time. It ignited, burning him nearly to a crisp. He lived in Warrior Run and was unmarried. He was taken to the city hospital in the ambulance


ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

CHARLES V STAIR, widow's appraisement confirmed nisi

LENAH THOMAS, petition to review administrator's account referred to L R LANDMESSER

MARY ANN DAVIS, report of audit filed

CHARLES KOLP, petition of guardian for private sale of real estate referred to JOHN B REYNOLDS

MARTHA E MOORE and DAVID SCOTT KIDDER: return of sale confirmed nisi

JOHN I WAGNER: widow's appraisement confirmed absolutely



W H MYERS: opinion on exceptions to guardian's account filed. Same day

exceptions corrected

GEORGE HOFFMAN: additional evidence in re-audit and distribution account taken

JOHN P DANNER: rule on heirs to appear and accept or refuse, etc, continued to Nov 25

THOMAS BENEDICT: report of audit directed to be amended as prayed for ANTHONY HOWLEY: answer of JAMES HOWLEY to petition to have him file account filed

MILES SWEENEY: distribution ordered

NATHAN BARNEY: sale of real estate authorized and bond in $5000 approved

GEORGE BROWN: proof of services of rule in heirs to appear and accept or refuse filed

NANCY CHAPMAN: return of sale of real estate confirmed nisi

ELIZABETH DENNIS: rule for rehearing of audit discharged; same day distribution ordered

A B SMITH: time for filing account of administrator continued one week

GEORGE HOCH: report of audit filed


KATE BURKE: ut supra

Account of administrator's executors of guardians confirmed nisi in estates of: JOHN E RAINOW, HELEN M STARK, CHRISTIAN RUTH, WILLIAM AIREY, T H FELL, JOHN NOBEL, and THOMAS FARRELL Adjourned to Tuesday at 10 AM

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Nov 18, 1885


In Hazleton, Nov 17, by Rev L C Washburne, Dr L H SMITH and Miss SALLIE HARRINGTON. Both of Hazleton

In Elmira, Nov 7, by Rev E M Mills. EDWARD JAMES and MARGRET EVANS, both of Pittston


In Ashley Nov 15, Mrs C H CLEMENS, nee BELLE JOHNSON, living near the plane bridge, died Sunday evening, after an illness of 2 weeks. She leaves a husband and an infant child to survive her. She has numerous relatives living in this area.

In Kingston Nov 17, miner DAVID SHIPPS in the Boston mines. SHIPPS was at work in his breast when a mass of top coal fell from the roof crushing him beneath it, and causing his instant death. The remains were removed to his home in Pringleville. He was a single man about 40 years old, and resided with his aged mother and sister. SHIPPS served through the late war as a member of G N REICHARD'S Co C in the 143rd regiment that marched out from Camp Luzerne in Nov 1862. The funeral will take place tomorrow.

In Wilkes-Barre Nov 17, JONATHAN PURSEL, age 68 yrs, died at his home at 36 No Washington St. He is survived by his widow, and a daughter, Mrs HARRY BARNES of this city. He was a brother of the late PETER PURSEL. Funeral Friday, interment Hollenback cemetary.

In Wilkes-Barre Nov 17, Mrs JOHN JAMES JONES, age about 36.

In Plains Nov 12, MARTIN DOLAN

In Hazleton Nov 17, Miss LIZZIE FITZINGER, age 16 years

In Miners Mills Nov 13, ANNIE CAMPBELL, wife of MICHAE KINNEY


In Plymouth Nov 17, a double funeral took place today. MICHAEL O'CONNER Sr and MICHAEL O'CONNER Jr were buried in the Catholic cemetary. Services were held at St Vincent's church, Father Donohue officiating. The elder O'CONNER was taken sick while visiting in Avondale and was brought home dead. The son died of consumption in New Jersey.


The body of REUBEN NAGLE, who was drowned at Hick's Ferry, not far from Berwick, on Oct 22, has at length been recovered. His brother had the remains brought to his late residence where they were interred.


In Nanticoke, ANTHONY BRENNAN, a miner age 37, had his right arm broken and his hip seriously injured in a fall of toprock on Saturday last WILLIAM BOYLE, of Maffits Patch, Ashley, got his middle fingle badly bruised by the cars in Stanton mines on Tuesday. Dr JAMES amputated it at the second joint SIMON SIGLER, of Nanticoke, age 23, was slightly burned on the hands and face by an explosion of gas in Slope 1 Monday afternoon

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

F BRUNE: Final account of executors approved

ELIZABETH WHITMORE: hearing of audit of trustees final account continued

THOMAS MONTGOMERY: hearing of audit of executor's final account continued Sixty boys attended night school on Monday evening in the Ashley school building


Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Nov 19, 1885

MARRIAGES: none listed


In Wilkes-Barre Nov 17, VINCENT R DANA, son of our well known townsman, C B DANA, died at the residence of his father, 383 So Main St, Tuesday, of consumption, age 24 years. He had been ailing for a long time but had only been confined to bed for about four weeks. He had been, at one time, employed as postmaster at the Glen Summitt Hotel, and also, in the tax receiver's office. The funeral will take place on Friday from his father's house at 10:00 am. Interment being made in Hollenback cemetary.

Mrs ELIZA WILLIAMS, age 31 years, died at her residence on Sherman St yesterday of consumption. She leaves a husband and two children to mourn her loss. She arrived from Wales only two months ago and was then in a very weak state. She is a daughter of WILLIAM THOMAS, of Meade St, an old resident of this city. The funeral will take place Friday from the house at 2:30, Rev Samson Jones officiating. Interment will be made in the City Cemetary.


AMOS HOWARD, of Huntington Mills, is confined to his house, suffering with consumption. His recovery is considered doubtful. The daughter is also suffering with the same disease.

Mrs EMMA GREGORY, wife of B GREGORY of Muhlenburg, is very sick with a strangulated hernia. Her case is extremely critical.

Mrs HOLMES, wife of THOMAS HOLMES of Broadway, is confined to bed by overwork. Her case is considered critical.

CHARLES BAKER, of Shickshinny, is dangerously ill with neuralgia of the heart. His case is considered very serious.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

ASHBEL LEE: report of audit filed

LENA THOMAS: return of sale confirmed nisi

SAMUEL G TURNER: decree filed authorizing investment $10,000 in hands of guardian

NICHOLAS GERLITZ: executor discharged

BENJAMIN J EVANS: audit of trustee's final account closed

OWEN DONOHUE: audit of administrator's first and partial account heard and continued

W H MYERS: final account of guardian as modified by opinion of court

Adjourned to Thursday, 10 am

Alderman Parsons has added a Remington Typewriter to his office paraphernalia


Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Nov 20, 1885


In Plymouth Nov 11, by Rev Mr La Bar, BENJAMIN JONES, and Miss EDITH HARRISON, both of Plymouth

In Plymouth, JOHN M MORGAN has returned from a visit to Wales with a young and pretty bride


The marriage of MINER BANKS and Miss IDA BOYER, both of Plymouth, is set to take place Nov 26

On Wednesday afternoon, Nov 25, LEWIS K STRENG, the present Clerk of Courts, will be united in marriage to Miss SARAH B., daughter of H R HUGHES, of West Pittston. This will place among the ranks of the benedicts the only bachelor official of Luzerne, except for two of the auditors, the district attorney, and the county solicitor.


In Plymouth, Nov 16, Mrs CATHERINE WALLACE, age 69

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

L H STEELE: report of audit filed

NATHAN HONTZ, deceased, final account of administrator, examined and confirmed nisi

EDWIN RINKER, audit of final account of administrator heard and closed

JOHN GOULD: audit of final account of executor continued to Saturday Nov 28 Adjourned to Friday at 10 am


Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Nov 21, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre Nov 19, by Rev G W Miller, G B HESS and Miss M JOSEPHINE WILDONER, both of Wilkes-Barre.

In Shickshinny Nov 18, by Rev F E Lyons, EDWARD POLLOCK and Mrs ANNA GRAVES, both of Shickshinny

JOHN V JONES, of Meade St, who left for Wales a few months ago for a tour of his native land, returned home on Wednesday bringing with him a newly married wife.


In Plymouth Nov 20, Mrs ANN RYNOR, of Coal St died of old age at 82

In Plymouth Nov 20, ELIZABETH LOWAR, age 51, wife of JAMES LOWAR of Shonk's Hill, died this morning of cancer of the stomach after an illness of 6 months. The funeral will take place Sunday. Sevices will be held at the Primitive Methodist Church.

In Pittston Nov 19, of injuries received in the mines, PATRICK COOLIHAN, age about 45 years

In Hazleton Nov 20, Miss ROSA FICHTER, age 17 years

In Plymouth Nov 20, of consumption, THOMAS TENNANT of Boston Hill. He leaves a wife and 4 children.


In Plymouth Nov 20, the 10 month old daughter of JOHN R MORRIS, who died Tues of croup, was buried today in Hyde Park

At 10 am yesterday Hollenback Cemetary, VINCENT R DANA. Pallbearers were: L W CHASE, G W KNELLY, WILL ANMAN, J NAGLE, ANTHONY CAMPBELL, and C P KIDDER, Jr.

The remains of JONATHON PERSEL were interred in Hollenback cemetary yesterday. Funeral taking place from his late residence at 36 N. Washington St. Pallbearers were: MARCUS SMITH, C B METZGER, E W STURDEVANT, GEORGE KIRKENDALL and SAMUEL TONKINS

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

THOMAS MONTGOMERY: audit of executor's final account heard and continued

JOHN RICHARD: audit of executor's account heard and continued

DAVID LIDNER: widow's appraisement confirmed nisi

MICHAEL CULLEN: return of sale of real estate confirmed absolutely

MARY ANN HILL: hearing of audit of administrator's account continued one week

MARY ANN SCHAFFER: return of sale of real estate confirmed nisi

SAMUEL G TURNER: decree authorizing investment of funds by guardian filed

THOMAS MONTGOMERY: exceptions to executor's account overruled and executor discharged Adjourned to Saturday, at 10 am


Mrs MARTHA B WATT, of Carbondale, is visiting her father, W S WELLS


Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Nov 23, 1885


In Plymouth by Rev M Harvey, THOMAS J WILLIAMS and Miss LULU KETCHAM, both of Plymouth

In Plainsville Nov 20 by Rev Y C Smith, WILLIAM WALKER and Miss JANE GERVAN, both of Plains

In Athens Nov 11 by Rev J Baron French, CHARLES A FAY, of Wilkes-Barre, and Miss ANNA S PLUMMER, of Athens


In Ashley Nov 22, Mrs CHARLES CAFFREY, age 60 years, died at her residence of inflammation of the bowels. She was a lady widely known and highly respected, not only in Ashley but throughout the valley, and her death will be sincerely mourned. She leaves five children, all adults.


City Cemetary:

ANNIE RODERICK, 8 months, brain fever

FRED ASH, 3 months, consumption

ISABELLA CLEMENS, 22 years, confinement

Unnamed child of JOHN PAINTER

ANN JONES, 36 years, fits

ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, 31 years, consumption

Hollenback Cemetary:

VINCENT R DANA, 24 yrs, consumption

JONATHAN PURSEL, 68 yrs, complications of diseases

CATHERINE JAMES, 58 years, abscess of liver

St. Mary's Old Catholic Cemetary:


New Cemetary:

From Kingston, PATRICK RATCHFORD, 68 yrs


ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

JOSEPH POOLE: JOHN W COLBORN appointed guardian, bond in $2000 approved

OWEN DONOHUE: audit of first and final account of administrator heard and approved

ELIZABETH WHITMAN: audit of final account of trustee heard and closed

THOMAS BRENNAN: audit of second and final account of executors heard and closed

HANNAH E MAUPSIN: audit of first and final account of administrator heard and closed

ELIZABETH FELTON: rule granted to open audit; returnable first day of next term

THOMAS B PETERS: citation to administrator ordered to issue, returnable Dec 5, 1885

DANIEL R JONES: sale of real estate authorized, bond in sum of $700 approved


Wilkes-Barre: THOMAS H BACHMAN (tailor), MARTIN CAWLEY Jr (clerk), B W MARCY (bank cashier), W F BAILEY (agent), ANDREW ADDISON (gardener), HENRY PARRISH (engineer)

Plymouth Borough: HENRY LEES (merchant), SOL HIRSH (merchant), MARTIN LAVAN (saloon)

Kingston Twp: J B SMITH (farmer and banker), JAMES WILCOX (agent)

Ashley Borough: WILLIAM CREIGER (jeweler)

Parsons: O A PARSONS (collector)

Sugar Notch: PETER F REILLY (miner)

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Nov 24, 1885


In Wanamie Nov 22 by Rev G H Ingram, E R THOMAS of Nanticoke, and Miss CARRIE M STAIR of Wanamie

In Wilkes-Barre Nov 23 by Rev Father O'Haran, PATRICK FLOOD of Ashley, and Miss MARY ANN RILEY of Wilkes-Barre


In Pittston Nov 22, Mrs MARY TONHILL, age 82 years, mother of JOHN TONHILL

In West Pittston Nov 22, JOHN LINTERN, tax collector for several years, died Sunday evening from the effects of injuries sustained in the mines 14 years ago. He was born in Timsbury, Somersetshire, England 58 years ago, and had been a resident of Luzerne Co about 30 years. He was a Methodist by religion, and a member of the Keystone Lodge 4, Sons of St George. Funeral Tuesday at 2.

In Upper Pittston Nov 22, Mrs MICHAEL JUDGE, age about 45 years

In Lehigh Tannery Nov 16, JOHN J COUGHLIN, age 38 years


THOMAS TENNANT, of Plymouth Junction, was buried on Sunday in Forty Fort Cemetary. The funeral was largely attended. Deceased was a brother of DAVID TENNANT, of Luzerne Borough

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

JOHN SPECHI: inquest awarded as prayed for, and PETER HEIDENREICH, JOHN

SWARTZ, HENRY KNEISS appointed commissioners

IRA GALLOP: citation awarded to commissioners

HENRY LAWN: widow's appraisement confirmed nisi

SAMUEL WHITEBREAD: audit of first and final account continued


Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Nov 25, 1885


In Edwardsville Nov 23 by Rev B W Thomas, JOSEPH E ZILK, and Miss MARY A PHILLIPS, both of Lackawanna


At Wilkes-Barre, at the hospital, on Nov 23 of malaria and bilious fever, Mrs ANNIE POWELL, age 23 years, oldest daughter of JOHN E EVANS. Funeral takes place Thursday from Mr EVANS house, 18 South Meade Street. Burial in Hollenback Cemetary.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

O K ARNOLD: widow's appraisement confined nisi

L L AYRES: ut supra

J R WILLIAMS: statement of report of audit filed

THOMAS BENEDICT: re-statement of report of audit filed

ELIZABETH POWELL: audit of second and final account J H POWELL, administrator heard and closed

JOSEPH HARRIS, of Plymouth, has added his name to the list of subscribers for the electric light


Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Nov 26, 1885 (Thanksgiving)


In Plymouth Nov 25 by Rev S C Meckel, JOHN C RUHF, of Ashley, and Miss CASSIE HAHN, daughter of EDWARD HAHN, inside foreman of colliery 4 of the D & H C Co of Plymouth

In West Pittston Nov 25 by Rev Thomas Nicolls of the West Pittston

Presbyterian Church, LOUIS K STRENG, Clerk of Courts of Pittston, and Miss SARAH B HUGHES, daughter of H R HUGHES of West Pittston at the residence of the bride's parents on Luzerne Avenue.


In Wilkes-Barre Nov 22, JAMES MCMAHON, age 85

In Sugar Notch Nov 24, of injuries received in mines, HARRY MCCLOSKEY, age 29

In Pringleville Nov 17, of consumption, Mrs WILLIAM BRYDEN

In Plymouth Nov 25, MARY LIZZIE NORRIS, age 12 years, daughter of Mrs PHEBE JONES, of Welsh Hill, died of the quinzy today. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 2 pm, services to be held at the house by Rev Mr Howell of the English Congregational Church


The six year old child of J P THOMAS was buried in Plymouth today. The mother died only a short time ago.


JESSE B SCHOOLEY: audit of administrator's first and partial account heard and continued


A man named DANIEL LEWIS was slightly burned by an explosion of gas at colliery 9, L & W-B Coal Co, on Monday last.


Ashley, Nov 23: PAUL OBERRENDER's saugage machine works like a charm

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Nov 27, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre Nov 26, MARY A FELL, daughter of DANIEL A, and ELIZABETH G FELL, died at the residence of her parents, 42 No. Washington St, yesterday morning of consumption. She was first taken ill in 1882 with pneumonia, which developed into an incurable pulmonary infection. She was born in this city April 3, 1856. The funeral will take place from the family residence on Saturday at 2 pm. Interrment in the family plot at Hollenback Cemetary.


Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Nov 28, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre Nov 25 by Rev Father O'Haran, JAMES LEABY of Ithaca, NY, and Miss LIZZIE FARRELL of Wilkes-Barre

In Pittston Nov 25 by Rev S C Fulton, H W LEUDER of Wilkes-Barre, and Miss LIZZIE M KOON, of Pittston

In Ashley Nov 22 by Rev M D Fuller, R H HAMILL, and SUSAN LEASER, both of Ashley


In Wilkes-Barre Nov 27, of consumption, KATE F, wife of Dr A P O'MALLEY. Nearly four months ago Mrs O'MALLEY gave birth to a little girl. She contracted the disease on a trip to New York. Mrs O'MALLEY'S maiden name was KATE F WALSH, daughter of PATRICK WALSH, a Brooklyn NY liquor dealer. She was born Dec 2, 1857. Her father died at Saratoga in 1880. She leaves 2 children: a sturdy little boy of 2 years, and the daughter, 4 months. The funeral will take place Monday morning in St Mary's Church, and interment will be made in the new Catholic Cemetary.

In Lehman Nov 26, JOHN MAJOR died while eating his Thanksgiving dinner. Beyond the infirmities of advanced age, he had not been ill. JOHN MAJOR was born 87 years ago in Yorkshire, England, and came to this country at the age of 17, his father setttling in Lehman Twp in 1817, where the family has ever since resided. He married a sister of Rev WILLIAM CASE, now of Kingston, and their union was blessed with a family of 9 children, 6 of whom are now living, 5 sons and 1 daughter: CRANDALL MAJOR of Forty Fort, W F MAJOR of Plymouth, R D MAJOR of Wilkes-Barre, J W MAJOR and G B MAJOR, both of Lehman, and Mrs CLORINDA MILLIGAN of Plains Twp. Mrs MAJOR died several years ago. Mr MAJOR is survived by 5 brothers and sisters: WILLIAM, GEORGE, and DAVID, all of Lehman Twp, Mrs JANE, of Mehoopany, Wyoming Co, and Mrs LAMEROUX of Illinois. Funeral from the residence of his son Sunday, services in the M. E. Church.

Mrs LYDIA REIDER, age 86, died of cancer at the residence of her son, Dr OLIVER REIDER, on Monday. The remains were taken to Berwick for burial.


Freeland Nov 27, Mrs JOSEPH NEWBERGER was interred in the Jewish Cemetary


MARLEY MARLEY, inside assistant foreman at the Forty Fort colliery, of the Wyoming Valley Coal Co, was yesterday at noon unloading timbers when some of the heavy props fell on him, injuring him on the back and breast. He was removed to his home in Swoyer's patch and is reported to be in critical condition. He is a married man with several children.

JOSEPH SAVAGE, age 34, sustained a fractured leg in Slope 1 at Nanticoke yesterday, by falling from a moving car in which he was riding, and being jammed against the rib. He was removed to the City Hospital

THOMAS HART, WILLIAM J EVANS, and a man known as DUTCH JOHN were injured yesterday by an explosion of gas at the Conyningham shaft of the D & H Canal Co. Damage to the colliery was slight, but the three men were injured somewhat.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

GEORGE HOCH: distribution ordered

KATE BURKE: ut supra

T C HARKNESS: ut supra

JOHN W DAVIS: restatement of report of audit filed

J M SMITH: opinion of court in matter of petition for proof of contract filed

JESSE B SCHOOLEY: audit of first and final account of administrator continued to Dec 5

MARY ANN HILL: ut supra

FRANK MCGRADY: return of sale of real estate confirmed nisi

JAMES F STARK: decree in partition filed. Accounts of guardians, executors, and administrators confirmed absolutely in the following estates: T H FELL, CHARLES NOELKE, THOMAS FARRELL, HELEN M STARK, WILLIAM AIREY, CHRISTIAN RUTH, MARY E PETERS, and JOHN E RAINOW

Adjourned to Saturday at 10 am


P H MCCAWLEY, brother of Prof M D MCCAWLEY of the 6th ward of this city, was ordained to the priesthood in Chicago on Sunday last.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Nov 30, 1885


In West Pittston, Nov 28, by Rev Thomas Nichols, JOHN FLANIGAN, and Miss CARRIE BRENTON. The ushers were EUGENE W MULLIGAN of this city, and the bride's brother: Dr WILLIS BRENTON of Philadelphia. There were no other attendants. The ceremony at the West Pittston Presbyterian Chapel was followed by a reception at the residence of the bride's parents, JOEL and Mrs BRENTON.

In Wilkes-Barre Nov 21 by Rev J K Levan, WILLIAM SCHIEL and Miss MARY GOERINGER, both of Wilkes-Barre


In Plymouth, Mrs HIRAM B LEWIS has presented her husband with a fine little daughter


In Plymouth Nov 28, of paralysis, TIMOTHY MCGINNIS. The former high constable was prostated by a stroke of paralysis Saturday morning, and a second stroke in the evening resulted in his death. He was well advanced in years and leaves 2 or 3 adult children.

In Nanticoke Nov 21, ROBERT, son of HENRY SIMPSON, age 3 years

In Wilkes-Barre Nov 29, of heart disease, WILLIAM H BUTLER. The grandfather of the deceased was Col. ZEBULON BUTLER, who commanded the Wyoming troops in the battle and massacre of 1778. Col. Z Butler was thrice married, his third wife being Miss Phoebe Haight, of West Point, and it was from this union that STEUBAN BUTLER, the father of the deceased sprang. STEUBAN BUTLER was one of the pioneer journalists of this region. In 1809, at the age of 20. STEUBAN BUTLER and SIDNEY TRACEY joined in the purchase of the Luzerne Federalist which had been established by ASHER MINER in 1801 and managed by himself and CHARLES MINER. STEUBAN BUTLER was married in 1810 by the Rev Ard Hoyt to JULIA BULKELEY, sister of the late JONATHON BULKELEY.

STEUBAN BUTLER died Aug 12, 1881, survived by three sons and three daughters. The surviving brothers and sisters are: GEORGE, principal of a young ladies seminary in Griffin, Georgia; C. E. of this city; GERTRUDE BUTLER MURRAY of Trenton, NJ; ELLA, wife of Dr Strawbridge, of Danville; and FRANCES B, wife of Dr ALEX. SHIRAS, of Washington DC

In Freeland Nov 26, the wife of JOSEPH NEUBERGER, formerly of Wilkes-Barre, of heart disease, age 43 years. Interment in Jewish Cemetary, Wilkes-Barre.

In Shickshinny Nov 23, of cancer, Mrs LYDIA REIDER age 86 years


On Saturday afternoon, the remains of MARY A FELL were interred in Hollenback cemetary. The services were at the house were led by Rev F B

Hodge. The pall bearers were: DANIEL A FELL, Jr, and ALEXANDER G FELL, brothers of the deceased, BENJAMIN GRAY, her uncle, ERNEST PARRISH, HARRY M SPEECE, and FRED M CHASE.


City Cemetary:

Infant child of JACOB J RIECHERS

Hollenback Cemetary:

Mrs ANNIE J POWELL, 22 years, bilious fever

St Mary's Cemetary:


HENRY MCCLOSKEY, Sugar Notch, 28 years

MARY CUNNINGHAM, city, 7 years

MARGARET GORHAM, Ashley, 11 years

Mrs CATHERINE O'MALLEY, city, 28 years

MARY MCCHALE, Parsons, 6 months

ANNIE VITTI, 2 months

St Nicholas Cemetary:

GEORGE GEISTLE, city, 40 years

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

SAMUEL TURNER: decree filed authorizing investment

JOHN GOULD: audit of executor's final account heard and closed

JOHN REICHARD: JOHN M CRANE appointed guardian without bond

T H FELL: confirmation of guardian's account stricken out

GEORGE BROWN: sale of real estate authorized and bond in $10,000 approved

GEORGE CORAY: sale of real estate to pay debts authorized

HENRY LAUN: sale of real estate authorized, and bond in sum of $6,000 approved


JOHN E RAINOW: confirmation absolute of first and final account of administrator stricken off

JOHN I WAGNER: sale of real estate authorized

Adjourned to Saturday, Dec 5


Wilkes-Barre: DAVID GRIFFITH (miner), JOHN TEETS (coachman), MATHEW GILLIGAN, E P COSGROVE (merchant), JOHN L LABAGH (agent), URBANE DILLEY (drover), J T GRIFFITH (miner), PETER FORVE (plumber), JOHN S ZIRNHELT (saloon), PAT KEIGHRON (engineer), PETER J MURPHY (salesman)

Kingston Twp: MICHAEL BRENNAN (carpenter)

Parsons: THOMAS HEARY (miner), PETER BURT (miner)

Plymouth: JAMES MCALARNEY (merchant)

Hanover: JAMES MCCLOSKEY (miner)

Plymouth Twp: J P RUCH (hotel)

Plains: T H THOMAS (miner)

Ashley: W JONES (merchant)


LIZZIE BONEY of Pierce's Hill is down with typhoid fever and is not expected to live

Plymouth: Poles for the hanging of electric light wires are being erected

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