Wilkes Barre Record Extracts

March 1886

 Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Mar 1, 1886


In Plymouth Feb 24, 1886 by Rev H E Spayd, M C ROSSENGER and Miss LIZZIE E TENNANT, both of Plymouth

In Nanticoke Feb 27 by Rev G H Ingram, GEORGE W SUTLIFFE and Miss ELLA WERNET, both of Nanticoke

In Nanticoke Feb 18 by Rev J P Harris, EDWARD G HOWELL and Miss ANNIE G FRANCIS, both of Nanticoke

In Miner's Mills Feb 25 by Rev J. Jones, SAMUEL HOOPER and Miss ELLEN RAMSEY, both of Miner's Mills

In Mauch Chunk Feb 23 by Rev S A Heilner, DAVID H SMITH, of Jeddo, and Miss ROSA L WHITEBREAD, of White Haven

JOHN CARTER, and Miss ALICE ADAMS, both of Wilkes-Barre


MICHAEL BRENNAN, of Kingston, who was injured recently in the mines, died Saturday. His funeral will take place Tuesday afternoon. Only about two weeks ago the mother and father of the deceased died.

Sister PONCRATIUS, an inmate of the St Mary's Convent on Washington Street, died yesterday after a lingering pulmonary ailment. She was aged 37 years and 4 months. The funeral will take place Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock, from St Mary's Church. The interment will be made in the Sisters plot in the new Catholic Cemetery.

CHARLES MCGINLEY, an engineer, from Easton on the L & S road was killed Friday night in an accident resulting from a fallen tree.


City Cemetery:

Unnamed child of GEORGE BAUER

SARAH JANE THOMAS, 2 months, fits

FLOYD SWAYZE, 3 months, inflammation of the lungs

HARRY EYER, 1 year, convulsions

JOHN EVA, 6 months, bronchitis

CHRISTINE FROHM, 50 years, lung disease

WILLIAM E LEWIS, 28 years, killed in the mines


Hollenback Cemetery:

SAMUEL HODGSON Sr, 45 years, consumption

HELEN C REITH, 16 years, consumption

A ROY WEIR, 44 years, paralysis

CHRISTOPHER HARDING, 62 years, consumption

JOSEPH M MILLER, 36 years, pleuro-pneumonia

St Mary's Cemetery:

FRANCIS FAHEY, 40, Sugar Notch

Mrs ANN HARRINGTON, 62, Miner's Mills



JAMES RHODY, 92, city

ELLEN GORMAN, 19, Port Bowkley

ANN CONWAY, 49, Parsons









JACOB BROWN, to JACOB KLOSE, administrator


JOHN W DUNN, to M H DUNN, administrator

JOHN ECK, to ELIZABETH ECK, administratrix

T J GOOD, to LOUISA M GOOD, adminstratrix



JOHN B REED, to GRACE and WILLIAM REED, administratrix & administrator

M J, or J M SMITH, to FISHER GAY, administrator, d. b. n.


Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Mar 2, 1886


In Hughestown Borough Feb 27 by Dathan Morse, J.P., GEORGE FEITER and Miss

MARY LEITHAK, all of Duryea. License Certificate No. 581


T H GRIFFITHS, is just now the happiest man in the city. Cause - addition

to his family circle. A fine daughter this time


At the Poor House Feb 28, ALICE THOMAS, adopted daughter of MOSES K EICHELBERGER, aged 10 years. Funeral to take place Wednesday at 10 am from the Parrish Street M. E. Church

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 28, HARRY H SHUMAN, son of W R SHUMAN, aged 10 months and 3 days. Funeral from the residence, 397 Market Street, Wednesday, at 2 pm.

In Scranton Mar 1, Mrs BRIDGET DELANEY, 75 years of age, aunt of JOHN C DELANEY, State Librarian at Harrisburg, was burned to death this morning while raking the fire in an old fashioned grate. Her dress took fire and before it could be extinguished her flesh was burned to a crisp.

In Scranton Sunday, Mrs ANN WILLIAMS, relict of JAMES WILLIAMS. She is the mother of JOHN WILLIAMS, Mrs REESE GRIFFITH of Hyde Park, Mrs A DAVIS and D M JONES, both of Wilkes-Barre, Mrs FRED HABLICK, and DAVID and FREDERICK J WILLIAMS, all of Scranton. Her husband died about 10 years ago.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

Widows appraisements appeared in the following estates: STEPHEN DAVENPORT, AMOS HOWARD, WILLIAM KOONS, JOSEPH STABELL, JACOB SCHWAB, JAMES HARNEY ENOCH WALTON: return of sale confirmed nisi JOHN TAYLOR: ut supra

LEWIS J REX: sale of real estate authorized, returnable first day of next term


W S SHOEMAKER: sale of real estate authorized, returnable April 5 Accounts confirmed nisi in the following estates: SAMUEL DUTT, A S DENNIS, RICHARD HARNED and FRANK MCGRADY

JOHN GOULD: rule granted to show cause

LUCY PACKER: guardian directed to pay funds to foreign guardian and be then discharged

SAMUEL KIDNEY: citation to GEO. KIDNEY to file account as administrator awarded

MICHAEL MANGIN: JOHN J MANGIN appointed guardian and bond approved

JOHN SPECHT: bid of MARTIN SPECHT for real estate filed


There are at 54 persons at present in the county jail, 52 males and 2 females

Tues Mar 2 is known in England as St. Chad's day, a bishop in England 12 centuries ago. He died in 623.


The Dodson Typewriter Co was organized on Saturday with a capital of $30,000. It elected the following directors: E P DARLING, J H SWOYER, H W PALMER, FRED MERCUR, D L RHONE. The machine will be perfected as speedily as possible and it is expected that the first supply will be placed in the market during the current year. The machine will be about the same price as the Remington.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Mar 3, 1886


LIZZIE, the seven months old daughter of MICHAEL JAMES, of Blair Street, Plymouth, died Monday night of brain fever. The funeral takes place from the residence on Thursday afternoon at 3.


The funeral of CHARLES W RANDALL took place Thursday at 3 pm. Gaylord Post 109, G.A.R., taking charge of the remains. The burial was at Shupp's graveyard, Plymouth.


There is an iron clad agreement between the Western Union and Bell Telephone Co to prevent competition. The compact was entered into on Nov 10, 1879, and according to its terms, it will run until Nov 1, 1896.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Mar 4, 1886


Kingston: Those who have wondered why HARRY BASS appears so happy of late are informed that he has been a papa for one week. Wife and child are both doing well.



A distressing accident took place at the Depot Shaft, in Pittston, yesterday afternoon. JOHN LYNOTT, a slate picker aged 12 years, was engaged in scraping coal from under the revolving screen when his clothes were caught in some manner by the screen and he was drawn under and instantly killed, his body being mangled in a terrible manner. He was the son of Councilman LYNOTT, of Church Hill, and the body was removed to his home. An inquest is to be held.

MICHAEL BRENNAN of Edwardsville, who was accidently shot in the Kingston Coal Cos. mines, died on Saturday and was buried on Tuesday by the Emeralds and Father Matthew society. Interment was made in the new Catholic cemetery at Hanover.

Plymouth: MELIA, the 9 year old daughter of GEORGE YALE, living on Main St, who died of typhoid fever Monday night, will be buried at the new cemetery at Wilkes-Barre. The funeral takes place from the residence on Thursday afternoon at 2.

WILLIAM BURKE, a brakeman on the Pennsylvania RR, and who resided in Miner's Mills, was fatally injured about half-past three yesterday morning at South Wilkes-Barre. The cars on which he was standing jumped the track and BURKE was thrown under the wheels and received terrible injuries on the body and limbs. He was removed to the city hospital where he died about 7 am. He was about 20 years of age and the son of JOHN BURKE. The remains were removed to his late home.

Plymouth: GEORGE, the 13 year old son of O B CLARK, of Coal St, died on Sunday. A daughter of Mr CLARK died only a month ago Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Mar 5, 1886


In Hazleton Mar 3, JACOB AMANN and Miss ELIZA, daughter of Mrs ELIZABETH WIEGAND

In Hazleton Mar 4 by Rev Jospeh Carey, rector of Bethesda Church, Saratoga Springs, NY, assisted by Rev Lewis C Washburne, rector of St Peter's Church, Miss ELLEN WALWORTH PAUL, and HENRY WALLACE STROUD, of Montreal, Canada In Hazleton Feb 27 by Rev F A Baner, GUSTAVE FISCHER, of Jeddo, formerly of Hazleton, and Miss MATILDA H MILLER, of Hazleton

In Pittston Mar 3 by Rev Father Finnen, ANTHONY TUFFY of Frogtown, and Miss ANNIE KELLEY, of Oregon In Wilkes-Barre Mar 4 by Father Nagle at St Nicholas Catholic Church, the ediface crowded to its utmost capacity, the contracting parties, Capt HENRY ARMBRUSTER and Miss FRANCES BECKER. The bridesmaids were Miss JOE L BECKER and Miss MARY ALLESS; the groomsmen CHARLES ARMBRUSTER and JOHN BECKER.

Among the guests visiting were the Misses JOSEPHINE and IRENE HOFFMAN of New York.



Nanticoke: DAVID T DAVIES, of Morgantown, is all over smiles, the cause is a fine little boy


In Tresckow Mar 3, WINEFRED, daughter of PATRICK and ANNA DUNLEAVY, aged 8 years

In Edwardsville Mar 4, NORAH MAY, daughter of JOHN W and JANE CADWALADER, aged 9 months, of pneumonia. The funeral services will be held at the house at 9 o'clock Saturday morning, and the remains will be taken on the 10:05 train on the D L & W RR to Jonestown, Columbia County for interment.

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 4, CHARLES D PRINGLE, a former Plymouth resident, but since last September outside foreman at Red Ash No. 2, died yesterday under peculiarly sad circumstances. Four days ago he was attacked with pneumonia, and during the delirium which followed he dressed himself and stole away from the home to work. He was promptly returned home by the superintendent but the exposure proved fatal. He was 31 years of age and greatly beloved by all who had any dealings with him. He resided near the breaker on the hillside and leaves a wife and three children. The funeral will leave the residence at 11 am on Saturday, proceeding to the Christian Church, Plymouth. The interment will take place at the Davenport burial grounds.


An important meeting of miners was held in Snyder's Hall, Nanticoke, last evening. Four days ago, the company, on the grounds that futher work would be attended with too much danger, ordered the rescue party to stop work.

This order naturally created considerable agitation among the miners of Nanticoke, and of the friends and relatives of the entombed men. Miners involved in the rescue effort believe the danger was not so great, and that the company was using it as an excuse to stop the rescue effot. The hall was crowded to excess. GEORGE KIVLER, father of the three KIVLER boys who are among the victims, was chosen chairman. Hon W W HINES was the first speaker, followed by MICHAEL MEEHAN and JOHN EVANS. All announced their firm belief that with ordinary caution there was no danger in prosecuting the work of rescue, and urged the men to to give an expression to their opinions in a manner not to be mistaken.

A resolution was passed to that all miners in the employ of the Susquehanna Coal Co peremptorily stop work and refuse to enter the mines until the work of recovering the bodies is recommenced.

Today the collieries at Nanticoke will be stopped and 5,000 men and boys will be idle. (condensed)

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

HARRIET CAFFREY: audit of executor's first and final account heard and closed

THEODORE H BRYMER: audit of first partial account of administrator heard and continued


Hanover: TOM OPLINGER, who left to join his brother who is a railroad contractor in Nebraska, has sent for his wife and family who will leave Hanover in a few days for the far west.

Plymouth: The judges of election have failed to discharge their duty by meeting and declaring the result of the recent borough election. High Constable APPLETON, in view of this fact, issued a notice commanding them to appear at the office of J W ENO, Esq last evening, with the returns of their respective wards, under penalty of the law

Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Mar 6, 1886


In Hazleton Mar 4 by Rev Dr D Warren, JOHN S STREEPER, of Pottstown, and Miss GERTRUDE M BRUNDAGE, niece of Dr J R CASSELBERRY

At Mauch Chunk Feb 23 by Rev S A Heilner, DAVID H SMITH, of Jeddo, and Miss ROSA L WHITEBREAD, of White HAVEN

In Falls Mar 3 by Rev H G Larned, ELIEL A DURLAND, and Miss LIBBIE CLARK, both of Falls

In Luzerne Borough Mar 4 by Rev J Merriam, assisted by Rev George Greenfield, WILLIAM H WILLIAMS, Mahanoy City, and HANNAH C, daughter of EDWARD DENNISTON, of Luzerne Borough

In Gregory by Rev C B Dobson, LAMBERT WAGNER, of Shickshinny, and Miss CATHERINE BETTS, of West Nanticoke


In Wilkes-Barre Mar 5, of whooping cough, GEORGIE, youngest child of JOHN J BECKER, aged 5 months and 12 days. Funeral Sunday at 3 pm

In Pittston Mar 5, of typhoid pneumonia, CHESTER ADAMS, aged 74. Funeral Sunday at 2 pm; interment in Mosier burying ground.

Near Pittston Feb 28, WENTZEL KLIPPLE, aged 65 years In Freeland Mar 2, FRANK SHOVLIN, aged 23 years

Mrs MARY RHODA of Nanticoke died very suddenly of heart disease Thursday evening

Mrs JANE JAMES, mother of Clerk of Courts W P JAMES died Thursday evening at her home on E Broad St, Hazleton. Mrs JAMES was one of the oldest residents of Hazleton, having come there with her husband from Wales, where she was born, in the year 1840. Besides a bereaved husband, Mrs JAMES leaves a family of five children, RICHARD S, WILLIAM P, the present clerk of the court, MARY, wife of THOMAS J WILLIAM, at present residing there, and SOPHIA, and SALLIE. The funeral will take place on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the family residence on E Broad St.


The report sent out from Nanticoke Thursday night that the men employed by the Susquehanna Coal Co would stop work yesterday morning unless the company decided to resume the work of rescuing the dead in the No. 1 slope at once, was somewhat premature. All the employees went to their duties yesterday the same as usual. The meeting appointed a committee of seven to wait upon Supt MORGAN, but when the time of meeting arrived the committee was no where to be found. Four of them went to work, one took his departure to Wilkes-Barre to see Mr HINES, and the remaining two managed enough courage to wait upon Mr MORGAN. The latter received them very courteously and asked what he could do for them. They replied that they really didn't know what he could do for them. They left promising to return when reinforced by the other members of the committee. (condensed)

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

THEODORE BRYMER: audit of administrator's first and partial account heard and continued

ISAAC B FRANCE: audit of administrator's final account heard and continued


GEORGE COREY: return of sale of real estate confirmed absolutely

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Mar 8, 1886


In Trucksville Mar 4 by Rev S Jay Austin, JOHN H HAGAMAN and Miss NELLIE PETTEBONE, both of Trucksville

In Ashley Mar 2 by Rev W J Day, HARRRY W STARK and Miss MARTHA W BRUNNER, both of Ashley

In East Mauch Chunk Mar 2 by Rev M A Tolman, assisted by Rev D'ESTAING JENNINGS, rector of St Pauls White Haven, ROLLIN P CRELLIN, of White Haven, and Miss ELIZABETH RUSSELL, of East Mauch Chunk, daughter of the late Rev P RUSSEL


The Inquirer publishes the engagement of JULES E PEREYA, of Philadelphia, to Miss GUSSIE LIVINGSTONE, of Wilkes-Barre


In Freeland Mar 2 of apoplexy, FRANK SHOVLIN, aged about 22 years

In White Haven Feb 28, BRIDGET, daughter of JOHN P GALLAGHER

In Yorktown Mar 6, WILLIAM HARRIS, aged 55 years

In Upper Pittston Mar 6, JAMES FINEN, aged 75 years

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 7, PHILIP MALOY, an old resident, died at his home on

Scott St yesterday afternoon. Death was due to asthma complicated by pneumonia. Deceased was aged about 55 years and leaves a wife and nine children. On of the daughters is the wife of JOHN MCANDREWS, an attache of the Exchange Hotel

In Wilkes-Barre Saturday morning, Mrs CHARLOTTE ANDREW, age 65 years, of 275 South Main Street. The funeral will take place Tuesday from the residence of her daughter, Mrs HAZEN.

The six year old son of THOMAS H REES, of Warrior Run, who died on Friday, will be buried today. The interment will be made in this city, and a special train to convey the relatives and friends will be run on the LV RR, leaving Warrior Run at 1 pm


Plymouth: The funeral of George, the 13 year old son of O B CLARK, took place Friday. Services were held at the Christian Church, Rev S L Brown officiating. The burial was made at Shupp's graveyard.


City Cemetery:

ALICE THOMAS, 10 years, pneumonia

SARAH HERRIOTS, 4 years, dropsy

BLODEYN JONES, 2 years, inflammatin of lungs

OMELIA YALE, 9 years, typhoid fever

GEORGE W SINNS, 45 years, accident

LENA DAVID, 7 months, inflammation of lungs

St Nicholas Cemetery:

JOHN BALTES, 9 months


When any one wants to speak to any of the officers in the court house by telephone they call up the commissioner's office. Then, someone has to run and call the person wanted. To avoid this constantly recurring annoyance, the commissioners are having electric bells put in the different offices by which those wanted can be summoned.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Mar 9, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Mar 8 by Alderman G S Groff, JOHN SHARP and Miss CATHERINE TOBY, both of Wilkes-Barre


Mrs MARY RHODDA, died suddenly at her home in Nanticoke Friday evening. Heart disease is supposed to have been the cause of her sudden death. Her husband, BENJAMIN RHODDA, was killed in the mines a year or more ago OSCAR, the five year old son of Mr and Mrs ALDEN, living near No. 2 in Plymouth, after a lingering sickness of pneumonia, died Sunday morning. Funeral Tuesday at 2 o'clock. Interment at the Shawnee Cemetary

WILLIAM FLYNN, aged about 24, residing in Avondale, died suddenly Sunday morning of heart disease.


A E M LARSON vs M C J LARSON, decree in divorce filed


EDWARD LLOYD, a doorboy aged 16, working at the Franklin colliery, sustained a fractured leg by being run over by an empty car on Saturday


Mrs MARY SYLAVAN, of Sherman Street, though 95 years of age, is in perfect good health, can thread a needle, and read the smallest newpaper print without glasses.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Mar 10, 1886


In Pittston Mar 7 by Rev Father Finnen, J J JOHNSON and Miss M A COYNE, both of Pittston

In Bloomsburg Mar 4 by Rev Zannis, A H STROH, of Pittston, and Miss JENNIE HARMAN, of Bloomsburg

At 10 o'clock yesterday, W H DEHART, of Mauch Chunk, was united in marriage to Miss AMARELLA A VANHORN, of Mauch Chunk.


High Constable BRENNER rejoices over the arrival in his household of a baby girl.


Near Pittston Mar 8, Mrs MARY A GRUVER, aged 72 years

In Pittston Mar 8, CATHERINE BRESNAHAN, aged 59 years

In Browntown Mar 8, THOMAS KING, aged 50 years

In Bedford NY, HARRY AMBLER, late of Pittston, aged 21 years

JOHN A JONES, residing in Nescopek, but who was employed in Plymouth, died in Nescopek Monday, of exposure and asthma. JONES was a member of the G.A.R. and it is hoped that the organization will tend to his funeral, which will take place today at 3 pm

HARRY ELEY, son of JACOB ELEY, of Kingston Twp, died last evening at his home there, aged 23. He had been sick about a week with typhoid pneumonia. Both parents are living and he had many warm friends who will mourn his death ZURA SWARTWOOD, aged about 60 years, dropped dead while shaving himself on Sunday last at his home in Swartwood Bend, Wyoming County. He leaves a wife and 2 daughters, both of whom are married.


The funeral of WILLIAM FLYNN, who died suddenly from heart disease, at his home in Avondale, took place yesterday. Services were held in St Vincent's Church, Rev Father Mack officiating. The interment was made in Poke Hollow Cemetery

The funeral of WILLIE, the eight year old son of THOS. E WILLIAMS, of Hyde Park took place on Monday. Interment was made in the Washburn Street Cemetery


UNDERTAKERS ANNUAL MEETING: following members present:

E J PHILLIPS, Wilkes-Barre

H D JUDD, Pittston

W H HAZLETT, Scranton

OWEN CUSICK, Wilkes-Barre

T J O'MALLEY, Scranton

M R WYMBS, Scranton

S B CORWIN, Nicholson

J KLINE, Scranton

STROH & BROWN, Centremoreland

R SHONFELD, Scranton

D D JONES, Providence

Mrs A P O'MALLEY, Scranton

W MCNULTY, Hazleton

J J O'BOYLE, Scranton



A E WILLIAMS, Plymouth

A R RAUB, Scranton


A PERRY, Olyphant



Mark Twain has received $63,000 on the proceeds of four month's sale of Huckleberry Finn

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Mar 11, 1886


In Danville PA Mar 6 by Rev J A Peters, ALBERT FREASE of Rapid City, Dakota, and Miss MARY E WHATENECHT, of Nescopeck.

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 10 by Alderman G S Groff, J H WEBB and Miss DELLA HAMILTON, both of Wilkes-Barre

In Hazleton Mar 6 by Rev E A Bauer, JOEL E RUPERT of New London and Miss AMANDA G MAYCORD of Derringer


In Jeddo Mar 8, CRELON D, son of FRANK and ANNIE MOCK, aged 2 years

In Gowen Mar 9, MANUS, son of BERNARD and MARY WARD, aged 14 years

In Edwardsville Mar 10, Mrs WILLIAM MORGAN died at her home. Besides her husband she leaves six little children. Mrs MORGAN was a sister of MORGAN D ROSSER, superintendant of the Kingston Coal Cos. mines. She was a member of the Congregational Church. Mrs MORGAN had been ill with winter cholera, and gave birth to a child last Friday, it surviving the mother.

In Stockton Mar 9, PATRICK LEMMON, aged 50 years

In Kingston Twp Mar 9, of typhoid pneumonia, HARRY ELEY, aged 23 years. The funeral will take place on Friday at 2 pm. There will be services at the house, the interment being made in Forty Fort Cemetery

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 10, XAVIER BAUR, residing at 59 Grant Street, died last evening about 5: 30 pm., after a brief illness at the ripe old age of 78 years. He is survived by a wife, three sons, JACOB, HENRY, and JOHN, and two daughters. He was also a brother of MARTIN BAUR, the bottler. The funeral will take place Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the late residence.


NED MCKELLIGHAN, a miner residing at Avondale and employed in the mines there, was found dead in his chamber of the mine late Tuesday evening. Whether his death resulted from a fall or top coal or the explosion of a premature blast cannot be told. MCKELLIGHAN was a married man and leaves a large family (condensed)

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Mar 12, 1886


In Plymouth, the eight year old daughter of JOHN R HOWELL of Turkey Hill died yesterday of brain fever.

JOSEPH TYLER, junior member of Tyler and Son, the pump makers, was found dead in bed early yesterday morning, due to natural causes, probably abscess of the brain. Deceased was 39 years of age, and leaves a wife and two children - both girls, one eleven and the other three years of age. A brother, JOHN, resides in Dayton Ohio, a sister, ELLA in Elmira, and another sister EMMA in this city with her parents. (condensed)

In Luzerne Borough yesterday, Mrs CHARLOTTE BOYD. She had lived in that vicinity many years. Her first husband, so far as is known by the people thereabouts, was a man named PIERCE BONHAM. She claimed she was legally married to BONHAM, but, however this may be, he sold her for a quart of whiskey to a man named PUTERBAUGH, with whom she lived for some years. Afterwards she lived with one or two others, and finally was married to the late Col. ROBINSON BOYD with whom she lived until his death a few years ago.

JAMES BOYD, a son of ROBINSON BOYD, has taken charge of the remains and they will be buried on Saturday, interment bing made at Wyoming. (condensed)

THOMAS JOYCE, a well-known and respected resident of Joycetown, near Taylorsville, was instantly killed on the L & S track at Minooka Wednesday afternoon. He was returning from Scranton, and he got off the train at Taylorsville, and crossed over to the L & S RR track upon which he was walking. He stepped from the up-track to avoid an approaching train and had just reached the down-track when the train due at Minooka at 4:10 came along and struck him, horribly mangling his body. Deceased leaves a wife and eight children. He was a brother to DENNIS JOYCE, carpenter at the Glendale Coal Co's shops.


The funeral of NED MCKELLIGHAN took place yesterday and was largely attended. The Father Mathew and the St Patrick societies turned out in full force. Services were held at St Vincent's Church, Plymouth, Rev Father Mack officiating. Interment was in the Catholic Cemetery.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Mar 13, 1886


In Plymouth Mar 6 by Rev J W Morris, JACOB L GRONOW of Nanticoke, to Mrs FANNIE E DIMMICK of Plymouth

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 3 by Rev C R Gregory, WILLIAM FRANCIS and Miss MARY ANN HENSLEY

In Hazleton Mar 9 by Rev S Phillips, JOHN A WILLIAMS, of Hazleton, and Miss MARY BRADY of East Mauch Chunk

Miss SARAH ANN EDWARDS, the well-known soprano of Plymouth, was married at Audenreid on Feb 26 to THOMAS JOHNS, a member of the Gilbert Opera Co, of which the bride was one of the chief attractions. Mr and Mrs JOHNS will reside in Scranton


In Stockton Mar 9, PATRICK LEMMON, aged 50 years

THOMAS M JOHNSON, of the old pioneer stock of the valley, died at his home at old Laurel Run yesterday morning after a protracted illness in the nature of paralysis of more than two years standing, in the 39th year of his age.

He was the only son of JEHOIADA P JOHNSON, second of that named and was born and lived all his life on what was known as the mill homestead of the JOHNSONS. The deceased was unmarried and lived with his mother and two sisters on the paternal estate. The funeral will be at 2 pm Sunday from his late home near Parsons Borough. (condensed)

THEODORE OVERPECK, son-in-law of B F BRODHAM, of South Main Street, and a former resident of this city, died, Wednesday, at his home in Summitt, NJ. He was a member of the firm STEWART & OVERPECK, who in 1874 moved their business from South Wilkes-Barre to Summitt. Mr STEWART died shortly after the removal, and Mr OVERPECK has of late years conducted the business alone. He leaves a wife and several children. The burial will be made in Newark, NJ


A disasterous fire occured yesterday morning at Duryea, near Pittston in the quarter known as Stetler's Patch. JOSEPH GALIO, a miner employed in one of the collieries nearby resided in a small two story frame dwelling with his wife and two children. The building being lightly constructed and very dry, an overheated stove ignited it while the mother was in a nearby yard milking a cow, and the two children were upstairs asleep. The neighbors made brave attempts to get out the infants, and the younger one was got out alive, but was so badly burned that its recovery is not possible. (condensed)


CHARLES W JONES, a miner 32 years of age, was severely injured about the head and face Thursday, by a fall of coal in Shaft No. 1 Nanticoke

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

WILLIAM KOONS, rule to dissolve injunction made absolute and dismissed

PETER RAEDER, examination report on petition for sale of real estate confirmed nisi

ALVA EATON, first and partial account of administrator partially heard and continued


THEO. BRYMER, P A MAXWELL appointed guardian

ISAAC B FRANCE, audit of final account of administrator heard and closed


REUBEN NANGLE, widow's appraisement approved nisi

HENRY LAUN, terms of sale of real estate modified

ANNIE L SMINK, return of sale filed and final decree made thereon

MEYER GANS, ut supra


The DAWES bill divides the great Sioux reservation in Western Dakota, and opens a portion of it to settlement providing the consent of three fourths of the male adult Sioux Indians can be obtained. The measure passed the Senate Feb 1, and is now in the House. (condensed)

The MACON TELEGRAPH says "everybody is glad that Mr Edison is married. They want him to invent a method whereby the baby's midnight shreiks will be carried off on a wire to frighten away the cats on the roof"


Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Mar 15, 1886


THOMAS CREIGHTON, formerly of Baltimore, Maryland, and Mrs ELIZABETH HOLDSWORTH, of this city, were wedded last night in the city of Baltimore, whither they went to be married among the relatives of the groom who have resided in that city for a quarter of a century. They will return here the latter part of this week and their house is in readiness.


On Friday evening MARY FREW, a girl of 11 years, residing in Plains, met her death under peculiar circumstances. She lives with the family of THOMAS WILLIAMS, her own father and mother being dead. On Friday evening she went to get a bucket of water from a barrel that stood by the house side. She plunged the bucket in the water which was about three feet deep, but in trying to pull it out again lost her balance and fell head first into the tub, where she was found dead fifteen minutes later.

The death of SAMUEL P DAVIS, formerly a well-known citizen of Pittston, is announced at his home in Dundaff, Susquehanna County, at the age of 30 years.

Early yesterday morning, JESSE COLEMAN, father of S B COLEMAN of the News Dealer, died at the home of his son-in-law B F KESTER, at Ashland, Schuylkill County, after an illness of about two months, at the age of 72 years. Deceased was born near Easton, Northampton County where he learned the tailoring trade. In 1834 he moved to Briar Creek, Columbia County and married there in 1838. He resided at Orangeville for a number of years carrying on a mercantile business. He was Postmaster of the town and in 1863 was elected prothonatary of Columbia County. In 1874 he discontinued business and traveled for a Philadelphia firm for a number of years. He is survived by a wife and two children, S B COLEMAN and AGNES, wife of B F KESTER, of Ashland. The funeral will take place at Bloomsburg, but the time has not yet been fixed.


The funeral of the late THOMAS M JOHNSON took place from the family homestead in Plains Township yesterday afternoon. The remains were viewed by a large number of friends and interment was made in City Cemetery, Rev Mr Santee officiating


City Cemetery:

LOTTIE WILLIAMS: 6 1/2 years, typhoid fever

CHARLOTTE ANDREWS: 68 years, apoplexy

MARY A GRUVER, 74 years, fit

PETER JOHNSON, 39 years, inflammation of lungs

THOMAS M JOHNSON, 39 years, paralysis

Unnamed child of CHARLES FOX

CHARLES LOEB, 28 days, whooping cough

MARY FREW, 11 years, drowned

FRED DILTS, 10 weeks, whooping cough

Hollenback Cemetery:

JOSEPH P TYLER, 38 years,abscess of brain

St Mary's Cemetery:

WILLIAM BURKE, 22 years, Miner's Mills

JOHN BURKE, 58 years, Plains

PHILIP MALOY, 58 years, city

JAMES PLUNKET, 67 years, Sugar Notch

JOHN FLEMING, 70 years, city

ANNIE LAWLER, 19 years, city


St Nicholas Cemetery:

Mrs HELEN HARTMAN, 65 years


Mrs U. KLINLINE, 46 years

X. BAUR, 78 years

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

MARGARET WILLIAMS: bond approved

JAMES HARNEY: return of sale of real estate confirmed nisi

JOHN REICHARD: report of audit filed

ALVA EATON: audit of first and partial account of administrator heard and closed

REBECCA CORNELIUS: audit of final account of administrator heard and closed

LENA THOMAS: return of sale of real estate confirmed nisi

S M HAWK: examiner's report on petition of guardian for allowance confirmed absolutely

Accounts confirmed absolutely in the estates of: FRANK MCGRADY, RICHARD HARNED, SAMUEL DUTT, and A S DENNIS JOHN E RAINOW: petition filed

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Mar 16, 1886


In Wyoming Mar 13 by Rev Y C Smith, DAVID J PERRY of Franklin, and Miss JULIA MILLER of Monroe

In White Have Mar 8 by Rev M J Bergrath, JOHN DWYER, Jr and Miss MAGGIE CLEARY


In Dallas Mar 15, of paralysis of the heart, W A GARRINGER, aged about 58 years. He leaves a wife and a large family of children. (condensed)

In Miner's Mills Mar 14, BARTLEY BROWN, aged about 65 years. He leaves a wife and five adult children.

GEORGE RINEHIMER, aged 95, for over 60 years a resident of Dorrance Township, died at his home last Saturday. He was one of the earliest settlers in that section and lived all his life in the same old log house which he built when he first located in that vicinity. He is survived by his wife, now 88 years of age, two daughters and four sons.

In Montana Mar 6, JAMES W ARNETT, aged 38 years, son of HARRIET W, and the late Rev WILLIAM W ARNETT, D. D. of Philadelphia

JONAH PETERS, a driver at colliery 12, Plymouth, who was thrown off his car and run over a few days ago, died yesterday. The funeral will take place today at 3 pm from his home in Plymouth


MARTIN GALLAGHER, of Carbondale, spent Sunday with his daughter, Mrs CHARLIE LEIGHTON, of Wilkes-Barre

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Mar 17, 1886


In Mill Creek Mar 15, of typhoid pneumonia, MAGGIE, daughter of MICHAEL DONOHUE, aged 16 years

In Pittston Mar 16, of pneumonia, HARRY POTTER, recently a resident of New York but formerly a resident of Plymouth, aged 25 years In Wilkes-Barre Mar 16, of cancer, MATILDA SLIKER, aged 53 years. Funeral Thursday Mar 18, at 2 pm from late residence, 112 South Street GOMER, the five year old son of JOHN EVANS, who lives opposite the PM Church in Plymouth, died yesterday morning of croup

ALBERT GREKA, a Polish immigrant, residing at Duck Pond, was returning home about 10 o'clock yesterday morning, when, within a hundred yards of his house, was seen to fall down in the roadway. The inmates of a house nearby went to his assistance at once, but in five minutes the man was dead. Death is believed to have been from heart disease. Deceased was engaged as a laborer in the Prospect shaft, and leaves a wife and five children, the oldest 12 years and the youngest two months. He had only been in this country one year


BENJAMIN BOWEN, a miner in No. 2 shaft at Nanticoke, who was at work on the night last night was seriously injured by a fall of rock. His spine was fractured and his condition is very critical. His lower extremities are paralyzed and he suffers greatly. Dr Davis of that borough was called and is attending him. He has a wife and three or four children.


There are still public lands open to settlement in nineteen states and eight territories at prices ranging from $1.25 and $2.50 per acre Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Mar 18, 1886


LEWIS DICKINSON, yesterday received a telegram announcing the death of his mother, MARY DICKINSON, at her home in Philadelphia. She had been a resident of the Quaker city nearly all her life, and had attained to the extreme old age of 99 years, 11 months, 16 days. Mr DICKINSON and his family left later in the day to attend the funeral.

In Philadelphia Mar 17, of scarlet fever, FRANK, son of EDWARD B and LUCY

HUNT TWADDLE, aged 5 years

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 17, THOMAS SEIBERT, residing at 134 Jackson Street, died after a long and painful illness of consumption, aged 50 years and 7 months. He was a carpenter by occupation, but his illness kept him from engaging in active work for the past 12 months or so. He was a life long resident of this city, and was widely known and highly esteemed. He leaves a widow and seven children. The funeral will take place Friday at 2 pm, Rev F K Levan conducting the services at his late home.

In Pittston Mar 15, Mrs JOHN TIGNE


The funeral of W A GARRINGER, of Dallas, whose death was reported in Tuesday's Record, took place yesterday from his late residence in Dallas and was very largely attended. Rev S J Austin officiated at the house and grave. The pall-bearers were DWIGHT WOLLCOTT, JOHN A HILDEBRANDT, JAMES HONEYWELL, JESSE HALLOCK, PERRY WORDEN, and JEREMIAH FRANTZ. The interment was made in the Dallas Cemetery

In reporting the funeral of Mrs SARAH G HUGHES, sister of FRANK DUNSMORE, of Wilkes-Barre, the Brooklyn Eagle says: The funeral took place from the residence of her brother, Mr WILLIAM DUNSMORE, at 233 Macon Street, and was largely attended by the friends of the deceased lady. Mrs HUGHES was for many years a resident of the 23rd Ward. Mrs HUGHES was a frequent visitor to Wilkes-Barre, and will be pleasantly remembered by a large circle of

friends. (condensed)


First love and first shave come but once in a young man's life, and neither usually has much result Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Mar 19, 1886


In Orange Mar 16 by Rev C H Sackett: FREDERICK ELLSWORTH of Mt Zion, and Miss MAGGIE WRISLAR, of Orange

In Hazleton Mar 17 by Rev T M Bateman, THOMAS MARTIN and Miss ELIZABETH HOOPER


In Wilkes-Barre Mar 18, of consumption, MARTHA HENRIETTE, infant daughter of W F and SOPHIE HARRISON. Funeral Sunday Mar 21 at 3 pm, from the house, 155 North River Street

In Plymouth Mar 18, of asthma, JOSEPH J NASH, aged 47, died at his home on Turkey Hill. He has a wife and children in the old country. Funeral Saturday at 4 pm, interment in Plymouth Cemetery.

In Plymouth Mar 16, PETER FARRELL, of Coal Street, aged 25. He was buried yesterday in the Catholic Cemetery. Rev Father Mack officiated at St Vincent's.

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 15, at 112 South Street, MATILDA, wife of FRED SCHLEICHER, aged 50 years and 10 months Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Mar 20, 1886


JOHN BUTLER, of Ruby's Alley, was made very happy the other day. It was a boy visitor.


It is rare that at this season of the year, lightning is seen at all, but yesterday afternoon, GEORGE L PRINGLE, of Kingston, was struck and instantly killed. A sudden flash of lightening descended from the skies, struck the umbrella which Mr PRINGLE carried, and passed down through his body. The remains were conveyed to the residence of his sister, Mrs CULVER, in Shickshinny. No arrangements have been made for his funeral. GEORGE PRINGLE was born in Plymouth May 20, 1822. He was the son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH PRINGLE, and was one of seven children, only three of whom survive him, Mrs CULVER of Shickshinny, SAMUEL PRINGLE of Kingston, and Miss CAROLINE PRINGLE, a twin sister of the deceased, also of Kingston. Mr PRINGLE moved with his parents to Kingston in 1834. He was a brother of the late A J PRINGLE. N G PRINGLE and THOMAS CULVER went to Shickshinny last evening to bring home the body. (condensed)

The many friends of Supt WILLIAM T SMYTH and his wife will sympathize with them in the loss of their infant child, aged 2 months, who died Thursday evening at 8:30 pm. The funeral will take place tomorrow and will be private.


Rev E HAZARD SNOWDEN suggests to the RECORD the growing tendency to change old names. What is now Scranton, was first called Slocum Hollow, the Harrison, and penultimately Scrantonia. He remembers when Plymouth was generally called Shawnee, Wyoming was once New Troy, Larksville was Blindtown, Ashley was Coalville, Luzerne Borough was quite recently Mill Hollow.

Now is the time to go to California. The cut in overland rates is stimulating emigration and Kansas and Iowa are sending large delegations to California. The fare from Wilkes-Barre to San Francisco is only $22.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Mar 22, 1886


In Ashley Mar 19 by Rev W J Day, JOHN C JONES and Miss LILLIE GOFF, both of Ashley

In Carverton Mar 20 by Rev C H Sackett, SILAS H DITTS and Miss SARAH A HARRIS, both of Harris Hill

In West Pittston Mar 19 by Rev A J Furman, WILLIAM NORRIS and Miss MAY HARRIS, both of West Pittston

In Binghamton NY Mar 15, W W SMITH and Miss LILLIE JENKS, both of West Nanticoke


In Plymouth Mar 21, of typhoid fever, WILLIAM JONES, aged 18, son of R B JONES of Main Street

In Nanticoke Mar 12, of inflammation of the lungs, EMILY E, daughter of ENOCH WOOD, aged 6 years

In Nanticoke Mar 12, EDDIE, son of MARTIN TOOLE, aged 14 years

In Nanticoke Mar 12, of typhoid fever, MENA O, daughter of T C EVANS, aged 13 years

Near White Haven Mar 13, JAMES MAGEE, aged abut 70 years

In Nanticoke Mar 15, MINNIE A, daughter of THOMAS A KREIDLER, aged 18 years

Train 4 on the Erie & Wyoming Road was wrecked Friday afternoon near Middle Valley and the fireman, FRED G SMITH, was killed. While rounding a slight curve, the pilot wheels, for some unknown cause, left the track and the engine plunged into the soft soil and turned over on its side. FRED SMITH jumped just as the engine left the track , but was caught undermeath it as it turned over and was instantly killed. The engineer, ARTHUR O'HARA, stuck to his post and escaped with slight injuries. One passenger coach left the track, and the occupants were much shaken. SMITH resided in Hawley and leaves a family.


City Cemetery:

JACOB WEINSTEIN, 69 years, dropsy

JOHN ARMSTRONG, 2 months, whooping cough

ADDA LOEB, 29 days, inflammation of lungs

MATILDA SLYKER, 54 years, cancer

THOMAS SEIBERT, 50 years, consumption

MARTHA H HARRISON, 11 months, spinal malaria

Hollenback Cemetery:

THOMAS MOORE, 42 years, killed on railroad

EDITH SMYTH, 2 1/2 months, whooping cough

St Mary's Catholic Cemetery:


SEBASTIAN MAHON, 1 year 6 months

PATRICK BROWN, Miners Mills, 70 years

GEORGE GRIG, city, 35 years

MARGARET DONOHUE, Plains, 3 years

MICHAEL SPARANGO, city, 54 years

WILLIAM GILROY, city, 54 years

JOHN H HARE, Kingston, 25 years

GEORGE BARKER, Mill Creek, 5 years


JOHN FERGUSON, a miner residing on Darling Street and employed in Hollenback mine, was caught under a fall of top rock, while at work in his chamber and severely injured Saturday morning. His left leg was broken close to the hip joint, and his right collar bone shattered. Last night he was resting easily and showed great improvement. (condensed)


SHARPE CYPHERS is about to exchange his Wilkes-Barre property for a farm in Beaumont, Wyoming

SAMUEL FOSNAT, aged 75 years, was overcome by asthmatic affection upon his return from a visit toWilkes-Barre, and after a brief rest was taken to his home in Exeter Borough. He is considered in a precarious situation. He was a soldier in the rebellion and served in Captain Joe Hileman's company.

There are 393 former Pennsylvnians in Montgomery County, Kansas


Tombstone, Mar 21: A soldier stationed at Mud Springs under the command of Lieut. Wheeler has arrived here bringing the news of the surrender of Geronimo to Lieut. Maus Friday afternoon. The Apache camp was attacked by Mexicans and a hot skirmish ensued during which two Apaches were killed and the forces of Geronimo completely routed. Geronimo fled in the direction of Lieut. Maus' camp for safety, and there, made an unconditional surrender.

The Mexican troops followed them as prisoners, and claiming that the fight occurred on Mexican soil, and the victory was theirs. Lieut Maus refused to give up the prisoners which greatly incensed the Mexicans, who threatened to take the prisoners by force. Gen Crook was hourly expected to arrive in camp, but at last accounts had not yet come. Two dispatches from Lieut. Maus have been received at Mud Springs appealing for assistance. The situation is critical in the extreme, and the massacre of Lieut Maus and his command may occur at any moment.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Mar 23, 1886


DEATHS: none


{this was a very, very slow news day}

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Mar 24, 1886


In Maltby Sat Mar 20, of consumption, GEORGE COUTTS, aged 43 years

Mrs ELLEN GOLDEN, aged 47 years, of Market Street, Pittston, died Sunday morning, Mar 21. She was kicked by her cow last Wednesday morning, and from the injuries thus received, death ensued.

In Pittston Mar 22, THOMAS MCHALE, aged about 27 years

In Quakertown, Miss LENA, daughter of B H BRODHUN died at her home on Monday last. She had been in feeble health for several years past and a recent attack of pneumonia was followed by consumption which in her weakened condition could not be checked. The funeral will take place from her late home on Thursday next. Mr BRODHUN was called to his daughter's deathbed while he was giving the comfort of his presence and sympathy to another daughter whose husband had fallen a victim to the same disease.

In West Hazleton, Mar 22, JOHN GREISING, aged 44 years

In Hobbie, Mar 21, FREDERICK SHORTZ, aged 79 years.

MARY ANN, the two year old daughter of JOHN JENNINGS, of Sherman Street, died yesterday after suffering for several months from pneumonia. The funeral will take place at 2 pm on Thursday, the interment being made in the new Catholic Cemetery


S. J. TONKIN's son JOHN caught an eight pound turtle in one of the pond holes on Monday

LOUIS MOST, the oldest son of Mrs LEO GEISSLER, arrived in town from his home in Chicago

JOHN NETTER, of Philadelphia, a prominent manufacturer of that city, is in town. In years gone by he was a resident and business man of this city, and was located in the store now occupied by OSCAR HEYER


The SHENANDOAH HERALD says: The Miners and Laborers Amalgamated Association is considering the offer of a soap manufacturing firm which offers to pay to the organization a percentage of its profits if it adopts and recommends the use of their soap by its members.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Mar 25, 1886


In Mt Pleasant Mar 23 by Rev T M Bateman, SAMUEL PAISLEY and Miss JANE GODBER, both of Mt Pleasant

In Plymouth Mar 20 by N W Mathews, W H CROMLEY and Miss KATIE KOCHER, both of Plymouth

In Wilkes-Barre, Tuesday, Mar 23 by Rev H G Miller at his house, JOHN S HOLMES of Towanda, and Miss MARION M ANDERSON, formerly of Oxford but now of Wilkes-Barre. The young couple have left for Towanda where they will make their home.


In Wilkes-Barre yesterday, Mar 24, Mrs MARY WILLIAMS, relict of HENRY T WILLIAMS, who died in December last, was overtaken by death at her residence, 230 Northampton Street at the age of 45 years. Her end was brought about by a disease of the throat with which she had been suffering for the past four months. She had resided in this city about 14 years. She leaves a family of six sons and four daughters of whom two, JOHN WILLIAMS of Hancock Street and Mrs WILLETS EYER of East Market Street are married. The funeral will take place Friday at 2:30 pm with interment at City Cemetery.

WILLIAM KNAPP, aged about 68 years, who for over a quarter of a century has been a resident of this place, died at his home on Hazle Street in Wilkes-Barre yesterday, Mar 24. For many years he has been contracted for delivery of cattle, driving them on foot from any part of the country to the butchers here, and in this occupation he made a good living. He had been ailing for some time past and has been quite feeble of late.

In Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday evening, Mar 23, Mrs ELIZABETH LOOBY, residing on North Main Street and a sister of JOHN DUNN, of Scott Street, whose funeral took place yesterday, died at her home after a brief illness of typhoid pneumonia. Mrs LOOBY was the widow of THOMAS LOOBY, and she leaves no children. It is a singular coincidence that her death occurred at the same hour just two days after that of her brother JOHN. The funeral will take place from the residence of her brother-in-law, PHILLIP MOYER, on Friday at 9 am with a high mass at St Mary's Church.

JOHN AYERS Jr, a son-in-law of DENNIS DOLAN of Parsons Borough, died at his home in Luzerne Borough last Saturday morning of pneumonia. Deceased resided at one time in this place. He leaves a family.

On Tuesday evening, SISTER MARY DE SALES, an inmate of St Joseph's Convent of Hazleton, died of pneumonia after an illness of two weeks, aged 22 years.

Her worldly name was Miss SUSAN GOUGH, a daughter of JOHN GOUGH, of Hazleton. She entered the convent in August 1883 and had just completed her noviciate, being professed on her death bed.


At 9 yesterday morning, the remains of the late JOHN DUNN, who died on Sunday last, were taken from his residence on Scott Street to St Mary's Church, where requiem high mass was celebrated by Rev Father O'Haran. The interment was made in the new Catholic Cemetery. The pall bearers were: T M MCGOURTY, CHARLES LAVIN, JOHN KINNEY, CHARLES WESTFIELD, PATRICK KEARNS, and HUGH TIGUE.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Mar 26, 1886


In Conyngham Mar 23 by Rev T Derr, WILLIAM E MEIKRANTZ of Harleigh, and Miss CLARA R SEIWELL, of Sugarloaf

In Maltby Mar 24 by Rev W Scott Stites, CHARLES MCLENNON, of Luzerne Borough, and JANE LAWTHER, of Maltby


In Plymouth, Mrs Dr BIEHL presented her husband with a bright bouncing baby girl Tuesday


In Hazleton Mar 23, of general debility, MARTIN WAMBACH, aged 72 years.

The 18 months-old child of JOHN MORRIS, of Blair Street, Plymouth, died Tuesday night of croup. The funeral took place Thursday at 4 pm from the residence

The funeral of LEO FREEMAN's child, of Plymouth, took place Wednesday. The interment took place in the Jewish Cemetery at Wilkes-Barre


J R DENNIS, son of Capt JOHN DENNIS of Plymouth, now a resident of California, was in town yesterday

Miss KATE BRADLEY, sister of HARRY POTTER BRADLEY, lately deceased, has returned to her home in New York

Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Mar 27, 1886


In Hazleton Mar 25 by Rev J Wagner, GEORGE A REICHART, of Hazleton, and Miss ANNA BROWN, of Worcester, Mass.

In Town Line Mar 20 by Rev J F Kerlin, GEORGE MCMULLEN, of Picture Rocks, Mich, and Miss LILLIE H WAGNER

In Plymouth Mar 20 by N W Matthews, W H CROMLEY and Miss KATE KOCHER, both of Plymouth

In Drums, Thur Mar 25, by Rev J K Fisher and Dr F F Arndt, EDWARD SNYDER of Sandy Run, and Miss ELLA BEISEL of Drums. Among those present were the following: Mr. and Mrs JOHN BEISEL, parents of the bride, Mr and Mrs THOMAS SNYDER, parents of the groom, Misses LIZZIE and ANNIE BEISEL, sisters of the bride, Miss REBECCA SNYDER, sister of the groom, Mr and Mrs REUBEN BEISEL, Mr and Mrs W H BEISEL, ALBERT BEISEL, EDWARD BEISEL, ADA BEISEL, Mr and Mrs A P GOEDECKE, Misses EMMA and GETTY GOEDECKE, ARTHUR and ELLIS GOEDECKE, Mr and Mrs J D MORGAN, Mr and Mrs A STRAW, Sheriff J S OBERRENDER and wife, Mr and Mrs GEORGE DRUM, Mr and Mrs W A STRAW, Mr and Mrs GEORGE BENNER, Mr and Mrs A A DRUM, and Mr and Mrs NATHAN DRASHER (condensed)


In Lattimer Mar 25, BERNARD MULHERRIN, aged 40

In Shickshinny Mar 24, MORRIS, three year old son of Mrs CLARA DECKER

In Pringleville Mar 26, JOSEPH BLAIN. Mr BLAIN had been sick for sometime, his disease being pneumonia. The funeral will take place Monday at 1 o'clock. Mr BLAIN was one of the charter members of the Wahoo Tribe of the I. O. of R. M. of Larksville. (condensed)


In Nanticoke Mar 26, Mrs JOHN PUCKEY died at her residence after a brief illness of pleuro-pneumonia, at the age of 50 years and 11 months. The marriage of her daughter, ANNIE to E TIPPET, of Nanticoke, had been arranged to take place Thursday, and in spite of the desire of all to have it postponed, Mrs PUCKEY insisted that the ceremony should be performed according to the original plan. Deceased leaves three other grown up children, all sons. The funeral will take place Sunday at 2 pm, with interment in Nanticoke Cemetery. The husband of the deceased is a brother of WILLIAM and FRANK PUCKEY of this city.

THOMAS DAVIS, of Kidder Street, Empire, son of JOSEPH DAVIS, died on Wednesday of inflammation of the lungs, aged 21, after a brief illness of four days. The funeral will take place today at 2:30 pm, with interment in City Cemetery

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Mar 29, 1886


In Nanticoke Mar 25 by Rev W J Hill, ELIJAH TIPPET and Mrs ANNIE LECHER, daughter of JOHN P PUCKEY


In Nanticoke Mar 19, Mrs J D DANIELS, aged 45 years

In Dundaff Mar 27, Mrs HENRY PRUNER, mother of Mrs THOMAS R CONNER of Wilkes-Barre

In Wilkes-Barre Mar 28, CATHERINE, wife of FREDERICK LANDMESSER, aged 62 years. Funeral Mar 30 at 3 pm from the residence on Kidder Street Mrs J E BOGG, formerly a resident of Plymouth, died at her home in Dayton, NJ on Friday. The funeral will take place Tuesday. Rev Dr Ewing, formerly pastor of Plymouth Presbyterian Church, will officiate.

In Mehoopany, on Friday, Col J C KINTNER died by his own hand. The deceased had served with credit in the Union Army during the rebellion in the 52d Pennsylvania Infantry under the command of Colonel, later Governor, Hoyt.

The funeral will be held today from his late residence. (condensed)


City Cemetery:

EVA MUTH, 32 years, rheumatism of the heart

MARY WILLIAMS, 46 years, throat disease

SUSAN M MEYER, 1 1/2 years, measles

THOMAS J DAVIS, 21 years, inflammation of the lungs.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

JOHN RICHARDS, partial distribution of fund ordered

JOHN E RAINOW, ut supra

PETER RAEDER, petition of committee of PETER RAEDER, a lunatic, for leave to

sell real estate

JAMES B EDWARDS: return of sale confirmed absolutely

WILLIAM RUMMAGE: widow's appraisement approved nisi


HUGO MILLS: ut supra

JACOB BROWN: ut supra


N H LAYCOCK: examiner's report confirmed nisi

Business on the following estates also conducted:





From Wilkes-Barre: ALEXANDER DICK (merchant), WILLIAM SEARING (carpenter), S D WILSON (livery man), W L MILLHAM (oil merchant), SAMUEL L FALK (clerk), HUGH O'BOYLE (merchant), ELGIN MAY (operator) From Plains: THOMAS EDWARDS (track layer), GEORGE ADAMS (miner)

From Plymouth Twp: ALBERT MORISH (agent)

From Kingston Twp: AMOS STOUT (merchant)


Conductor JAMES MCDONALD, of Easton, for years a conductor on the L V RR is very ill with consumption. It is feared that he cannot recover.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Mar 30, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Mar 27 by Alderman G S Groff, T L OLIVER and Miss VIRGINIA BANN, both of Wilkes-Barre

In Plymouth Mar 27 by Rev N W Mathews DAVID GAMES of Jermyn and Mrs TABORAH GRIFFITH of Plymouth


In Miner's Mills Mar 28, of heart disease, Mrs MARY HALL. She was 55 years of age and somewhat celebrated on account of her great stature and size. She was about six feet two inches in height and weighed over 300 pounds. Her three sons, THOMAS, JOHN, and GEORGE, were all over six feet and the first named is considered the largest man in this part of the state. Mrs HALL was a woman of great kindliness of nature, and was regarded with esteem and affection by all who knew her.

In West Pittston Sunday afternoon, Mrs NAOMA SCUREMAN, aged 67. Funeral Tuesday

In Hazleton Mar 29, of pneumonia, MICHAEL FLYNN, one of the oldest and most experienced miners of the Hazleton region

In Hazleton, Mar 27, of spasm of the heart, Mrs CHARLES HAMPEL, aged 64 years


JOHN vs JOHN: rule granted upon JOHN JOHN to show cause why a divorce shall not be granted, returnable April 19


GEORGE LONG, aged 17, residing in Plymouth and employed as a slate picker in one of the collieries there, was run over last evening by a train of coal cars at the D & H crossing at South Wilkes-Barre. One arm was crushed and several ribs broken. He was taken to the hospital where the crushed arm was amputated at the shoulder. His condition is very critical.

PATRICK CONYNGHAM, aged about 20 years, living on Church Street, Plymouth, a driver at Colliery 5, was run over yesterday and had an arm broken and crushed. Dr Smith was called, and found it necessary to amputate the injured limb


JAMES JONES, of Golden, Colorado, a former townsman, is visiting.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Mar 31, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Mar 30 by Rev J O Woodruff, pastor of the Franklin Street M E Church, HARRY G MARCY, and Miss MARY P RHONE, at the home of the bride's father, Judge D L RHONE.

In Conyngham Mar 20 by Rev T Derr, WILLIAM E MEIKRANTZ, of Harleigh, and Miss CLARA R SEIWELL, of Sugarloaf

In Conyngham Mar 25 by Rev T Derr, DANIEL BOCK, of Hazleton, and Miss MARY ALICE SEIWELL, of Sugarloaf

In Conyngham Mar 27 by Rev T Derr, HENRY DEISENTROTH, of Butler, and Mrs ANNA ZEIGLER, of Hazleton


In Wilkes-Barre, Mar 29, of whooping cough, JOSEPH BENNIE Jr, aged 14 1/2 years. Funeral today, from the residence in Wright Street

In Honeybrook Mar 29, Mrs C W KING, aged 48 years. Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment in Jeansville Cemetery

In Hazleton, Saturday, Mar 27, Mrs MARGARET, wife of CHARLES HAMPEL, aged 64 years, 6 months, and 10 days

In West Pittston, Mar 30, of typhoid fever, Miss MINNIE A ALLEN, aged 15 years. The funeral Thursday at 9


In Wilkes-Barre Mar 30, ANNA BRANDON, wife of GEORGE W WESTFIELD, aged 27 years, 6 months, 11 days. She was the daughter of HARRISON BRANDON, of Huntington Mills, and leaves a husband and one child. Funeral services at the house, 19 Darling Street, today at 1 pm. The remains will be taken Friday on the 2:25 D L & W train to Harveyville for interment, which will be made in Pine Grove Cemetery. (condensed)

GEORGE LONG, of Plymouth, succumbed to injuries received at the D & H crossing at South Wilkes-Barre


MARIA BROWN vs FRANKLIN BROWN: decree in divorce filed

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