Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader Extracts for Jan 1890

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Wednesday Evening, Jan 1, 1890


In Plains Dec 31, 1889 by Rev Caspar R Gregor, WILLIAM RUSSELL and JENNIE KIER, both of Plains

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 31, 1889 by Rev C Kuehn, father of the bride, assisted by Rev L B Geshwind in Saint Paul's Lutheran Church, Rev ERNST R COLLMAN and Miss LYDIA KUEHN, both of this city

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 31, 1889 by Rev P C Nagel, GEORGE J STEGMAIER and Miss MARY G COSTELLO

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 31, 1889 by Rev W L Phillips, EVAN J EVANS and Miss ELLA F BAKER, both of Plainsville

At Pittsburg, on Sunday Dec 29, Mr MILES J MINOR, of Hazleton, and Miss KATIE MCANDREWS, of Pittsburg


In Pittston, Dec 29, a young man came to the residence of GEORGE REID, on Parsonage Street, and at present his intentions seem to be to make the place his future home. The young gentleman and his mother are doing well.


In Nanticoke Dec 31, 1889 ROBERT N SIMPSON, who was foreman at colliery No. 2 of the Susquehanna Coal Co. He was assisting the headman to push empty mine cars at the head of the slope, to make room for the loaded cars to pass. The cars were pushed too quickly, arriving at the frog before the loaded cars had passed. The loaded cars struck the empty one which SIMPSON was pushing, and knocked him over to the main mine track, running from No. 1 shaft and a train passing struck and instantly killed him. Deceased was the brother-in-law of Major JACOB ROBERTS, Jr of this city, and Mayor RIPPLE, of Scranton. He was 37 years old, and leaves a wife and two children.

In Plymouth Dec 31, 1889, of Bright's Disease, Miss MARY FLANAGAN, aged 16 years

At Buttonwood Dec 30, 1889 Mrs DEVOOK

In Pittston Dec 30, 1889, of typhoid fever, ELMER HOLGATE, aged 27 years

In Pittston Dec 29, 1889 FRANK JORDAN, aged 61 years

From Sugar Notch, Dec 31, 1889: Mrs CATHERINE YATES, one of the oldest and most respected of our inhabitants, died here at the home of her daughter, Mrs PETER T RILEY, on Thursday last, after a brief illness. The funeral was largely attended by family and friends on Saturday morning when a solemn high mass of requiem was said by Rev T J Ray. Mrs YATES and family have lived here for 24 years. She is mourned by three sons and three daughters, all of whom are married and respected residents of this county.


A Weatherly man complains that electric light kills the trees and says the trees need darkness as much as men


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Thursday, Jan 2, 1890




JOHN PROSSER to MARY EDWARDS, both of Plymouth

JAMES BELLES to MARY NAPHUS, both of Wilkes-Barre

JOHN CRESLEY , of Hanover, to AMANDA FORGER of Wilkes-Barre


In Pittston, the wife of HENRY BAUER, breathed her last last evening at her home on George Street

In Wilkes-Barre, ROZELLE M GAYLORD, the barber in the Hollenback building, was found dead in his barber shop this morning. The janitor, JAMES HANIGAN, was the first to find the body. Mr GAYLORD had trimmed hair for nearly 30 years. Mr GAYLORD had a splendid war record and many were the stories he told about the war. The old barber was somewhere near 60 years of age, and was born in the farming country back of Falls, about 20 miles up from this city. He worked on the farm under a step-father until he was about 16 years of age, when he went to Tunkhannock and learned his trade. Mrs GAYLORD is in Chicago on business, and her address could not be learned. CHARLES KNAPP, the half-brother of the deceased arrived in town this afternoon, and made preparations for his funeral, which will occur on Saturday. Interment will be made at Skinner's Eddy. (condensed)

MATHEW HANDLEY, aged 56 years, was found dead at the Meadow Brook Coal trestling yesterday morning, in Scranton, his head resting in a pool of blood. How he came in the place is a mystery. The coroner will investigate the case.

In Pittston, the wife of ALEXANDER CRAIG, Chief Engineer and M.M. of the Susquehanna Coal Co., died at her late residence on Butler Hill, about 8 o'clock this morning. She had been suffering sometime past with pneumonia and heart failure. Deceased was fifty three years of age, was an active worker in the Presbyterian Church, and beloved by all who knew her. She leaves a husband and three children to mourn her loss. The children are: Professor THOMAS CRAIG, of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, who is expected home tonight, ALEXANDER CRAIG, Jr, and a daughter. Notice of the funeral will be given later.


In Pittston, the funeral of Mrs CLELLAND, wife of ROBERT CLELLAND, took place yesterday afternoon, and was attended by a large number of sorrowing friends. Interment was in Pittston Cemetery.


EBEN WATTS, aged thirteen years, was accidently shot in the stomach at Ehrgood's grist mill, Moscow, Tuesday afternoon. The boy was still alive New Year's afternoon, buth the physicians in attendance have no hope of saving his life.

HAZLETON: A S Campbell, the superintendent of Construction of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company of Pennsylvania, is here superintending the stringing of the wires. The Hazleton loop is being run in and before another week the town will be connected with New York and New England.


London: The health of both Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales is said to be very poor


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Friday, Jan 3, 1890


At Port Jervis NY Jan 1, 1890 by Rev R H Craig of Luzerne Borough, Dr L P COOK, of Hawley, Penna, and Miss HELEN M HARDENBERG, of Port Jervis

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 1 by Rev A Griffin, COROZ BELL, of Orange, to Miss LILLIE WOOD, of Centremoreland

In Plymouth Jan 1, 1890 by Rev L S Brown, D F DAVIS and Miss ANDELIA B CASE, both of Plymouth

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 2, 1890 by Rev G S Groff, Alderman, FRANK KOCIAN and ELLEN HAIL of Pittston Township

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 1, 1890 by Rev E L Santee, S A SIMS and Miss HELEN STOUT, of Dorrance Township

In Orange Jan 1, 1890 by Rev G C Lyman, ELMER C BERLEW and Miss ELLA M SCHOONOVER, of Orange

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 2, 1890 at the Synagogue, Miss BLANCHE V WASSERMAN, of this city, to ALEXANDER H MEYER, of Richmond, VA. Miss DAISY WASSERMAN, the bride's sister, served as maid of honor, and Mr DANIEL WHITLOCK, of Richmond Va was groomsman. SAMUEL W CONSTINE, LEO W LONG, JOSEPH AARON, EDWIN VALK, CHARLES CONSTINE, and Dr LONG were the ushers. A reception followed at the home of the bride's grandmother, Mrs JOHN CONSTINE. Out of town guests included, from Richmond Va.: H H MEYER and wife, Miss GREENAWALD, and D WHITLOCK; from Baltimore: LEVI WASSERMAN and wife, parents of the bride; from Scranton: Mrs LOU N KRAMER, Miss EMMA KRAMER, Miss SAMTER, and Miss GOLDSMITH; from Pittston: ABE B BROWN, ALBERT BROWN, M F SACHS, and YETTA HEYMAN; Nuremberg Germany: Herr OTTO von FECHHEIMER. The couple will reside in Richmond, Va. (condensed)



In Pittston Jan 1, 1890, JOHN DANIELS, aged 60 years

In Pittston Dec 31, 1890, son of JOHN BARRETT, aged 4 years

In Hazleton Jan 2, 1890, Dr O E SCHULZ. The doctor had been suffering with a severe cold bordering on pneumonia the past three weeks. Cause of death was pronounced to be heart failure.

In Philadelphia at the home of her son-in-law, on Thursday, Jan 2, 1890, of pneumonia, LYDIA, widow of the late SAMUEL FRENCH, late of Plymouth. She was 85 years old and is survived by five children, Mrs ESTER T WADHAMS and HENDRICK W FRENCH, of Wilkes-Barre; S L FRENCH, of Plymouth, MOSES I FRENCH of Philadelphia, and Mrs EMILY C FRENCH, of Bethlehem. Mrs FRENCH was the daughter of MOSES WADHAMS, deceased, and a half-sister of the late Hon CALEB E WRIGHT. She spent the past summer in this city, and vicinity, and also attended Mr WRIGHT's funeral at Doylestown. The remains will be brought to Wilkes-Barre for interment in Hollenback Cemetery.

Miss HARRIET WALTERS, sister of Miss MAGGIE WALTERS, and niece of JOHN W JOSEPH, of this city, is dead at Coal Creek, Colorado, aged 24 years. Mrs SAMUEL WILLIAMS, of Scranton, is also a sister.

Mrs ROSETTA MONK, widow of JOHN MONK, of Yatesville, died Wednesday evening from heart failure. Deceased was about 69 years of age. The funeral was held this afternoon, and interment was in the Pittston Cemetery.

Rev A H RUBIN, Rabbi of the Fifth Avenue Temple, New York, and a brother of Rev H RUBIN, of this city, died this morning


The funeral of JOHN DANIELS took place from his late residence at Market Street, Pittston, at two o'clock this afternoon. Interment was in the West Pittston Cemetery. Funeral services were held in the First Congregational Church.


From Pittston: THEO. HART, Sr, is lying seriously ill, at the home of his daughter, Mrs CHARLES H NAUMAN


London: Queen Victoria's family are worrying the life out of the old lady. What with the piccadillioes of the sons and daughters and grandsons, and the marital troubles of the daughters and granddaughters, she is overwhelmed with trouble. Surely in her case we again find illustrated the truth of the old adage: "uneasy is the head that wears the crown".


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Sat, Jan 4, 1890


In Plymouth Jan 1, 1890 by Rev L S Brown, DAVID DAVIS and Miss DELLA CASE, both of Plymouth

On Sat Jan 4, 1890 by Rev F K Levan, JOHN W C CRESLEY to AMANDA J FOGEL, both of Wilkes-Barre

In Pittston Jan 1 by Rev G A Struntz, W O FAIRCLOUGH and Miss ROSA HELPMAN, both of Hughestown

In West Pittston Dec 25, 1889 by Rev D W Coxe, W R ARNTS and Miss MARY ROGERS, both of Tunkhannock


In Danville Dec 30, 1889, Mrs THOMAS COX, of Plymouth, aged 36 years

In this city, on Saturday morning, Jan 4, 1890, of typhoid fever, MICHAEL SCHEIDEL, aged 25 years. Deceased was the son of ADAM SCHEIDEL, and was unmarried, but leaves, besides his parents, six brothers, and two sisters. The brothers are HARRY, JOSEPH, GEORGE, PETER, ADAM, and FRED. One of the sisters is in the Mallinckrodt convent, and the other is a teacher at Hoboken, N.J., in a school conducted under the auspices of that institution. The funeral will take place Monday afternoon under the auspices of the St P Society of St Nicholas congregation from the residence of his parents, 132 South Washington Street

In Plymouth Jan 2, 1890, of Bright's disease, JOHN HUNT, aged 70 years

In Yatesville, Jan 1, 1890 Mrs ROSETTA MONK, aged 70 years

In this city, Jan 3 1890, of typhoid fever and pneumonia, DANIEL T DALEY, aged 37 years. He has been a reporter for this paper since 1886. DANIEL T DALEY was born in County Cork, Ireland, February 28, 1853. His parents left the old country when he was 8 years old and took up a residence in Fayettesville, N.Y, where the deceased attended school, and learned a printer's trade. He was for a long time the night editor for the Scranton Times, and also worked for an Elmira newpaper. In 1874 he was married to Kate Shaughnessy, in St Vincent's Cathedral, Scranton. Mr DALEY's father and mother, both very old, are still living in Fayettsville on a small farm. Besides his parents, he is survived by two married brothers: JOHN and TIMOTHY, who both reside in Fayettesville, and an unmarried sister, ANNIE, who resides in Leadville, Colorado. The deceased leaves a wife, who has been an invalid for 13 years. There are two boys left with the bereaved mother, JOSEPH, aged 13, and JOHN, aged 9. The deceased buried three infant children in Scranton, two daughters and a son. The funeral of the deceased will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from St Mary's R C church. Interment in St Mary's Hanover Cemetery. JOHN DALEY, a brother of the deceased, and P F SHAUGHNESSY, a brother of Mrs KATE DALEY, the widow, arrived yesterday. (condensed)

In Milnesville, Jan 1, 1890 Mrs CATHERINE BURKE, aged 45 years

In Scranton, Jan 3, 1890, JAMES CORBETT, former chief of police, died of pneumonia aggravated by an attack of influenza.


The funeral of the late ROZELLE B GAYLORD took place this morning, the remains being interred in the cemetery at Laceyville. The body was taken to the place of interment on the 7:45 train in charge of a guard of honor from Ely Post, No. 97, G.A.R., composed of post commanders METZGER, MARCY, and FINCH, and comrades CLARK, JONES, and JOSLIN. They were met at Laceyville by the local post of that place, and relatives and friends of the deceased.



Two men from Dickson City were put under arrest yesterday charged with manslaughter under the mining laws, in causing the death of JOSEPH BUTLER, a boy, who was killed by the men allowing a car to run out of their chamber. The car ran away, and on the steep grade caught the boy, causing his death.

Wilkes-Barre now numbers her grip sufferers by the thousands. Some of the doctors say the air is full of microbes and few can hope to escape its clutches.


London: Alfred Tennyson, the poet laureate, is seriously ill. Some anxiety is felt concerning him.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Mon, Jan 6, 1890


In Moosic Jan 1, 1890 by Rev F A King, of Luzerne, CHARLES S SNYDER, and Miss JENNIE TREGELLAS, both of Moosic

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 2, 1890, by the Rev G S Groh, alderman, FRANK KOCIAN and ELLEN HALL, of Pittston Township

The friends of liveryman PURCEL's charge de affairs and factotum, SAMUEL DEPUE, little thought, when he went away on his Christmas vacation, that he would return a benedict. It came about this way. Miss JENNIE PHILLIPS, of this city, went to the Delaware Water Gap, to visit friends; this was also the destination of SAMUEL. They rode together on the same train, in the same car, and in the same seat. The journey was quite long, but none too long for SAMUEL, who suggested to JENNIE, that they prong the trip through life. JENNIE was nothing loth, so, on Saturday night, Dec 28th, the lamps were lighted in the Delaware Water Gap M. E. Church, and at 8 o'clock, the Rev Mr Curtis made the happy couple one.


BERNARD BAIL to HATTIE MILES, both of Wilkes-Barre

MARTIN MELVIN, of Pittston, to MARGARET BURCE, of Avoca


In Pittston Jan 3, 1890, a four year old daughter of JAMES MAKAREWIC

In Milnesville Jan 3, 1890, WILLIAM HALL, aged 73 years

In Honey Brook Jan 3, 1890, ELIAS, son of the late ELIAS MORGAN

Carbondale reports a fatal case of grippe. PETER MCDERMOTT, sr, died on Friday of bronchitis following the influenza. He was 72 years of age and formerly a resident of this county.

Two children of Mr CYRUS MADDEN, of West River Street, have just died with diphtheria, one having been buried yesterday, and the other today, and a third child is seriously ill. The disease seems to be of the most malignant type

MARTIN L OBLENDER, a young man of 17, was attacked by the grippe on Saturday, and died this morning.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:


Other estates:

J W DUNN, return of rule and citation filed JOSEPH BELLAS, citation awarded ELIZABETH EDSON, rule to show cause

PHILIP MOSS, sale of real estate authorized HENRY BROWNSCOMB, return of citation filed H H DERR, specific performance of contract decreed GEO. STAIR, return of citation filed

PHILIP HESS, ut supra O F WILLIAMS, return of sale confirmed nisi

S A TURNBACH, order issued for payment of costs


Colonel CHARLES DORRANCE, the founder and venerable resident of Dorranceton borough, was 85 years old on Saturday and is still in the enjoyment of a good and vigorous health.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Tue, Jan 7, 1890


JOHN E MONAGHAN and Miss JULIA RILEY, who were married on New Years Day by Rev T J Ray will make their future home in Sugar Notch

On Jan 3 1890 by Rev G A Struntz, FRANK STAHL and SUSANNA SUTTER, both of Hughetown


SWOYER vs SWOYER, decree in divorce in form filed


RALPH D LACOE, Jr, of Pittston, to HARRIET C STARK, of Plains

GEORGE E VINCENT, of Buffalo, to MARY L PALMER, of Wilkes-Barre




At Milnesville Jan 3, WILLIAM HALL, aged 73 years, 4 months, and 1 day

At Hazleton Jan 4, HENRY, son of Mr and Mrs GOTTLIEB KARN, aged 1 year, 10 months, and 10 days

At Stockton Jan 4, CHARLES, son of Mr and Mrs ADAM CLOK, aged 3 years, 3 months, and 24 days

At Harleigh Jan 4, Mrs ANN MCCARRON, aged 76 years

At Fargo City, North Dakota, on Sat Dec 28, 1889, ALICE, wife of, CHARLES D MILLS, a former resident of Hazleton

In West Pittston Jan 6, of diphtheretic croup, CHARLES, son of THOMAS and LIBBIE BERRYMAN, aged 5 years

In Browntown Jan 4, a three year old daughter of MICHAEL HESTON

In Yatesville Jan 6, Mrs JANE ROBERTS, widow of JOHN ROBERTS, aged 84 years

In Upper Pittston Jan 5, after a week's illness of typhoid pneumonia,

BRIDGET, daughter of, MICHAEL JUDGE, aged 19 years

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 6, EUGENE SNYDER, aged 6 months

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 6, Mrs HENDERSHOT, aged 41 years

In Pittston Jan 5, JOHN MANLEY, of pneumonia induced by influenza

In Wilkes-Barre Monday Jan 6, of typhoid pneumonia, EMMA HANAMAN, aged 48 years, 8 months, and 3 days. The funeral will take place on Wednesday at 2 o'clock. Interment in City Cemetery

From Plymouth: Mr ALFRED FORD, aged 65 years, died last Saturday afternoon of miner's consumption, and was buried in Danville this afternoon. A wife and four of a family, most of whom have reached maturity, survive him

From Plymouth: Mrs ANGELO J HENDERSHOT, aged 45 years, died of Bright's disease at four o'clock yesterday afternoon. She leaves a husband, three sons, and a daughter to mourn her demise


ISAAC STEINHEIMER, who lives in South Wilkes-Barre, left his home this morning lighthearted and happy to go to work in No. 3 breaker of the D & H Coal Co near Larksville. He had been at work but a short time when a mass of top rock fell upon him crushing him to death. The remains were brought to his house in this city


Wilkes-Barre: P M GILLIGAN (merchant), M F KIRWAN (druggist), ISAAC LONG (merchant), C J RHINEHEIMER (merchant), ROGER MCGARRY (supt)

Ashley: SAMUEL BLACK (merchant), JOHN O'NEIL (clerk)

Avoca: JOHN ALLEN (mine foreman)

Black Creek: THOS. JONES (laborer), F NORTON (teanster)

Buck: WM. BLAKESLEE (farmer)

Butler: HARRY PRICE (book keeper)

Dorrance: S W SPAIDE (farmer)

Exeter: MATHEW DOUGHER (merchant)

Fairmont: MILAND BRANDON (sawyer)

Fairview: PAT'K BOYLE (brakeman)

Foster: PETER SHEVLIN (miner), MARTIN MARKE (moulder), FRANCIS BRENNAN (saloon keeper)

Franklin: S COURTRIGHT (farmer)

Hanover: W W KREIDLER (farmer)

Hazle: RICHARD JONES (police), JOHN KEARNEY (miner), GEO. NESBITT (boss)

Hazleton: TAYLOR AREWATER (clerk), J S MCNAIR (civil engineer), A REILLY (miner), RICHARD MARTIN (merchant), NATHAN SHAFER (merchant)

Huntington: M D HARRISON (hotel)

Hunlock: MARIS HATTON (farmer)

Jenkins: JOHN MCCORMICK (brick maker), THOS. EDWARDS (carpenter)

Laurel Run: E L MORGAN (laborer)

Marcy: JAMES MCMILLAN (merchant)

Miners Mills: J S MCGROARTY (clerk)

Nanticoke: A K MOWREY (book keeper)

Nescopek: JOHN ROUGH (farmer), WM. HENRY (farmer)

New Columbus: D L CHAPIN (merchant)

Pittston: J T ARMSTRONG (miner)

Plains: THOS. SUTTS (miner), M HART (miner)

Plymouth: ZIBA VAN LOON (merchant)

Salem: CHARLES DODSON (farmer)

Sugarloaf: G W DRUM (farmer)

Yatesville: M LOFTUS (miner)

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

MARGARET BEARMER, administrator discharged

MARY SHAFER, rule on heirs to accept or refuse real estate

GEO. STAIR, answer to citation filed


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Wed, Jan 8, 1890


In Avoca Dec 31, 1889 by Rev F P Doty, GEORGE W CARTER, of Pittston, and Miss IDA E SMITH, of Avoca



JOHN KRAUSE to ANNA WIDUCT, both of Hazlebrook


JOSEPH DUDO to F KORTZ, both of Nanticoke



From Pittston: EDWARD GALLAGHER, residing at Pittston Junction, died about 9:30 last evening of pneumonia. About ten days ago he was taken with grippe which developed into the disease which caused his death.

From Pittston: One of the two year old twins, a little boy, of JACOB SHEOR, residing in Frogtown, died yesterday of diphtheria. Three more of his children are sick this morning and it was reported another one was very low.

In Plymouth Jan 7, of convulsions, infant son of THOMAS PICTON, age 2 years

In Plymouth Jan 7, of miner's consumption, JOHN MCALWEE, aged 66 years

In Plymouth Jan 7, FREDERICK KLINGES, of Wilkes-Barre, aged 30 years

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 6, of paralysis, OWEN BRIGGS, aged 76 years

In Pittston Jan 6, of diphtheria, JACOB, one year old son of JACOB SHERRER, aged 2 years and 10 months

In Wilkes-Barre on Wednesday morning, Jan 8, of pneumonia, GEORGE GLASSER, aged about 20 years. He was the son of ANTHONY GLASSER of South Canal Street. He was a nephew of Constable HENRY BRENNER, and was employed in Morgan's Hardware store.

In Scranton, Prof WILLIAM AUBREY POWELL died last evening, aged 52 years. He had been in failing health for three years past

BARNEY O'HARE, a prominent lawyer and politician of Schuylkill Co., died with pneumonia at Pottsville yesterday. Mr O'Hare was a candidate for District Attorney of Schuylkill Co three years ago, but was beaten by W J Whitehouse. Barney O'Hare's name was known to almost every inhabitant of the Schuylkill Valley, for during the Mollie Maguire troubles of Schuylkill Co, his home was burned down three times within a short period of time, and subsequently was attacked in his schoolroom at Newkirk by three men, who left him in a precarious condition. He bore marks of the attack at the time of his death. He was a member of the E.B.A. and was one of the most energetic members of the Catholic Club recently organized.



Dr A P QUICK, formerly of Kingston, writing to the Kingston Times from Cawker City, Kansas, tells of the glorious weather conditions which prevail there this winter.

PETER KING, a farmer residing near Harvey's Lake, who was born in Plymouth, and is a 64 year resident of this county, called at the Leader's office to arrange delivery of the Leader to his son, JOSEPH B KING, at Lowville, Columbia County, Wisconsin. Mr KING stated that a large number of people, who had once resided in this section of the county, are now living in Lowville.

From Shickshinny: Mrs FRANKLIN, of Huntington Valley, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs N B STACKHOUSE, this week

From Shickshinny: Miss JENNIS ALLEN, Shickshinny's school teacher, has returned from visiting her parents near Muhlenburg

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Thu, Jan 9, 1890


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 8, 1890 by Alderman G S Groff, JOHN STOUS, and REBECCA GRUVER, of Miner's Mills

At St Vincent's Church, Plymouth, on Wednesday Jan 8, 1890, by Rev Francis Mack, Mr WILLIAM TETINS, and Miss KATE REILLY

At St Stephens Church, Jan 8, by the Rev H L Jones, MARY LOUISE, daughter of ex-Attorney General PALMER, and GEORGE EDGAR, son of Rev Bishop JOHN H VINCENT of Buffalo. The six ushers were: HARRY E ANDERSON, COLMAN W CUTLER and EMILE SHULTZ of New York, SIDNEY COLGATE of Orange NJ, and SYDNEY B MINER and B W PALMER of Wilkes-Barre. The bridesmaids were: Miss ISABEL DARLINGTON of Washington DC, Miss HARRIET HAND of Scranton, Miss JESSIE MUNGER of Plainfield NJ, Miss MARIE JADLIN of Brooklyn, Miss ANNA PARISH and

Miss NELLIE PALMER of Wilkes-Barre. Maid of Honor was the Miss MADELINE PALMER, a sister of the bride. Best man was JAMES B JOY of NY.

S A BACHARACH of Philadelphia, and Miss GUSSIE LIVINGSTONE, daughter of ISAAC LIVINGSTONE, were married at the Synagogue last evening by Rev Dr Rundbaken.


In Wilkes-Barre Hospital Jan 7, FRED SHOPLAND, aged about 17 years, the young man whose back was broken by the blowing down of a fence at Atlantic Park in August 1887.

The death of JOHN FEATHERSTONE, of pneumonia, occurred yesterday afternoon, after an illness lasting from last Saturday. His wife, a sister of Hon. W H HINES, and two young children, survive him, as do four brothers and two sisters: THOMAS, JOSEPH, MICHAEL, and ARTHUR, Mrs HUGH NOLAN, and Mrs CLARA NOLAN. He was a native of Ireland, the son of JOHN FEATHERSTONE, and was about 35 years of age. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 10 am, with solemn high mass.

At Hazleton, Wednesday Jan 8, of consumption and heart trouble, HENRY KRAPF, aged 57 years, 11 months, and 27 days

The third victim of diphtheria in the household of CYRUS MADDEN, 62 West River St, expired at noon today. His name was SAMUEL MATTHEW MADDEN, aged 3 years and 8 months. WILLIAM JOSEPH, aged 6 years and 8 months, died at 11 pm on the third inst. CLARA AUGUSTA, aged 9 years and 5 months, followed her little brother at midnight of the 5th, and now death claims the last of a trio of happy children who were in good health and spirits but one short week ago.

S P VANDERMARK, of Nanticoke, fell dead on the street at that place about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. He was aged 78 years, 5 months, and 16 days. The funeral will take place from the residence of L J VANDERMARK at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon.

JACOB GREENAWALT, a constable, and HENRY KRAPF, a saloon keeper, died of the grippe in Hazleton, last night, after an illness of but a few days.



Mr C H WHEELOCK, of Kingston, is just home from a visit to his uncle at Battle Creek, Mich.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Fri, Jan 10, 1890


At Plains, on Wednesday evening Jan 8, by Rev J F Williams, Mr RALPH LACOE Jr, of West Pittston, and Miss HATTIE STARK of Plains


PETER YOUNGBLOOD, of Truckville, to MAGGIE LAYON, of Jackson



DANIEL THOMAS to MAGGIE LLOYD, both of Wilkes-Barre

W. MOSKAL to M CATTA, both of Nanticoke


W L MORSE, of Philadelphia, formerly of this city, was in town yesterday as happy as a bird. It leaked out subsequently that his wife had just presented him with a boy, the first one. He has been sixteen years waiting for him, and three sisters were ready to greet him,


At Seattle, Washington on Wednesday Jan 8, THOMAS R GOUCHER, formerly of this city, aged about 36 years. TOM worked for this paper for a few months back in its early days. While employed here he married Miss CORA KEELER. Subsequently he went to California for a few years before moving to Seattle.

The deceased was a brother of Mrs E A NIVEN of this city. His mother, Mrs MARY GOUCHER, is with her daughter, Mrs FRED C HAND, in Scranton. He has three brothers in California, the eldest, WILLIAM H of Los Angelos, CHARLES of Long Beach, and GRANT of San Francisco. Another sister, Miss EMMA GOUCHER, lives in Philadelphia (condensed)

Jan 1, 1890, Miss ELIZABETH WINTERS, of Orange, Pa, aged 82 years and 8 months

Jan 8, 1890 Mr ALVA R ANDERSON, of near Truckville, aged 45 years

In Pittston, Jan 9, of diphtheria, a 2 year old child of Mr and Mrs THEO. D BRITIGAN

Miss KATE L FRACE, daughter of the late JOHN FRACE, died at her home, 22 North Street, last evening of pleuro-pneumonia, following influenza. Her mother, three brothers and three sisters survive her. Her brothers are A A, FRED, and VICTOR, and the sisters Misses IDA and MARY ANN, and Mrs CLARA PAINTER, the last named of West Pittston. The funeral will take place on Sunday.

In Beaver Meadow Jan 9, JAMES MCGINTY, aged 37 years

In Pittston Jan 8, of convulsions, JAMES, son of Mr and Mrs THOMAS

ARMSTRONG, aged 2 years

In West Pittsston Jan 8, JOHN B IRWIN, aged 69 years

In Pittston Jan 9, of typhoid fever, Mrs ISABELLA, wife of A W OLIVER, aged 40 years

In Pittston Jan 9, LOUIS SHAFFER, aged 60 years. Members of the I O O F are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of deceased brother of Gohonto Lodge, No 314.

In Avoca Jan 7, of pneumonia, JOHN GRAHAM Sr, aged 40 years

In Freeland Jan 8, Mrs KATE MCGEEHAN, aged 65 years

Mrs CAROLINE GOODWIN, who had been prostrated with paralysis since the first of the year, died at her home on Main Street, Kingston, aged 80 years. She leaves one daughter, Mrs A V COOL, of Streator, Ill. Funeral at 1:30 pm Saturday.

At noon on Thursday Jan 9, of diphtheria, SAMUEL MATTHEW, child of CYRUS MADDEN, of West River Street, aged 3 years and 8 months.

Miss FANNIE PAYSON, sister of Messrs. W B and ED. A PAYSON, of this city, died at her home at LeRoysville, Bradford county, at 6 o'clock this morning, of consumption, aged 32 years. She had been ill for about five months. Besides her brothers, her father and mother, of whom she was the only daughter and the only child living at home, survive. Mr W B PAYSON, who has charge of Swift & Co's meat business in this city, will leave with his wife on the 5 o'clock train, and his brother, who is in his employ, will leave on a later train. They will be absent from the city until after the funeral, which will probably take place on Sunday

Judge C B MCHENRY, of Columbia County, died at his home at Stillwater on Wednesday Jan 8, in his 60th year.

Death is reaping a rich harvest at Carbondale. Mr T J GILPATRICK, MICHAEL DUNLEAVY, and a child of JOHN NOLAN, died on Wednesday night and another child of Mr NOLAN yesterday morning.

From Plymouth: EDDIE, the eight year old son of EDWARD HAHN, the inside foreman at No. 4, D & H colliery, died of the grip yesterday afternoon

From Pittston: THOMAS BERRYMAN, lost his only remaining child, a boy nineteen months old, last evening. The little fellow died of diphtheria, with which he had been suffering for about two weeks. The funeral took place this afternoon from the family residence on Wyoming Street. Mr BERRYMAN has lost both of his children within a week.

From Pittston: The home of MICHAEL JUDGE is again in mourning almost before the somber crape had been removed from the door. On Sunday last, an eighteen year old duaghter of Mr JUDGE succumbed to the dread disease pneumonia, and on Wednesday, MARY ELLEN, aged 23 years, breathed her last. Mr JUDGE is a widower and is left now with a family of two boys and two girls, the elder one of whom is married and the younger being of eleven years of age. The funeral will be announced later.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

M MCNERTY: audit closed

W E WHITE and W H WEBB: ut supra

M W KUNKLE: widow's appraisement approved nisi

JOHN GRUVER, hearing of audit continued

W H MEYER, guardian discharged


From Wilkes-Barre Heights: Mr ABE GODFRIED leaves next week for Lima Peru, where he goes to take a position as book keeper for his brothers, who are there in the insurance and transfer business.

 Mr JOSEPH MARKS, father of ABRAM and MOSES MARKS, age 63, is seriously ill with a partial paralysis


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Sat, Jan 11, 1890


In Mill Creek by Rev J F Williams, Jan 8, STEPHEN ERTH and NELLIE HOWE, both of Mill Creek

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 9 by Rev W D Thomas, GEORGE GARDNER, of Parsons, and Miss MARY WILLIAMS, of Baltimore No. 3

In West Nanticoke Dec 31, 1889 by Rev Wm Keatley, JACOB SHUTT and Miss LIZZIE SKULL, both of Nanticoke

In Avoca Jan 8 by Rev G N Makely, JOHN MARSHLAND and Miss MARGARET WEIR, both of Moosic

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 11 by Rev R B Webster, Mr WILLIAM H TUCKER, of Lockport, NY, and Miss MARY MORRISON, of Philadelphia


At Hazleton Jan 10, of pneumonia, W G CARSON, aged about 35 years

At Glen Lyon Jan 6, infant child of Mr and Mrs DAVID EDWARDS

At Nanticoke Jan 4, MARY KATHERINE, wife of the late WILLIAM ELKE, aged 57 years

At Alden Jan 6, Mrs MARY ANN, wife of MAHLON FINE, aged 25 years

In Pittston Jan 10, CELIA COHEN, died at the home of her parents in Browntown, of pneumonia, aged 22 years

At Ebervale Jan 10, PATRICK O'DONNELL, aged 30 years

At West Hazleton Jan 10, MARY, daughter of Mr and Mrs GEORGE KORN, aged 17 years

MIKE PIFER was killed in shaft 6 at Glen Lyon, and JOHN BOGOOS in Tunnel No. 6 on Wednesday by a fall of coal

From Pittston: a serious accident occurred in the "Cork and Bottle" mines, by which MICHAEL BRENNAN lost his life, and PATRICK LOFTUS and GEORGE MURRY were more or less injured. It appears that WILLIAM MURLY, a miner, was about to set a blast, when he sent his brother GEORGE to warn the others. When he thought enough time had passed for his brother to warn them, he fired the blast. LOFTUS, who was directly in front of the breast, was terribly injured about the head and back. BRENNAN, who was engaged in loading a car, was completely buried, and must have been killed instantly. After a half-hour's work to free him, he was taken to his hom in Frogtown, from where he will be buried. Deceased leaves a wife and five children. (condensed)

From Pittston: Death visited the home of JAKE SHERRER again yesterday afternoon, and took away another of his children, a bright little child about two years old, membraneous croup, together with diphtheria, being the cause of death. This makes the third one within a few days he has lost. Five more of them are sick, and the doctor says one of them cannot live.

From Pittston: Esq DOMINICK O'MALLY, of Brandy Patch, died this morning. Deceased has been suffering for a long time with asthma, and consumption. Notice of funeral later.

From Pittston: OLIVE, the little five year old daughter of W C WERKHEISER,of Upper Pittston, died this morning of diphtheria. Funeral on Monday afternoon at 2. Interment in Pittston cemetery

From Pittston: HARRY, the infant son of CORA and Mrs HESS, died on Thursday night, and was buried this afternoon, at three o'clock in the West Pittston cemetery (this is quoted exactly)

ORPHAN'S COURT: Estates of:

ENOS WILKES, returned of real estate confirmed nisi


JOHN ESHELMAN: administrator discharged

W ALLEN: citation awarded


Land in West Pittston, property of R S POOL, to J B SHIFFER

Land in West Pittston, property of WM. ALLEN, to F W WHEATON



Washington, DC: An earnest effort has been made recently by the friends of New Mexico to persuade the territorial committees of the house and senate to agree to report "an omnibus" bill admitting the territories of Idaho, Wyoming, and New Mexico to statehood.

From the Boston Globe: HOW TO DISCOURAGE THE GRIPPE: The man who goes to bed with his chest covered with a hot onion polstice, and his stomach full of boiled onions, will wake up to find the grippe disgusted and gone.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Mon, Jan 13, 1890


From Midville: JOHN MILLER, our local champion checker player, has taken unto himself a partner for life.



W H ALLEN, of White Haven, to BRIDGET O'BERKENY, of Fairview


S X DAVIS to SARAH EVANS, both of Nanticoke


The home of CHAS. CAMPBELL, corner Park Avenue and Dana Street, was brightened by the coming of an eleven pound baby boy last evening. Mother and little one are doing about as well as can be expected.


In Dallas Jan 8, 1890 of pneumonia, ALVEY ANDERSON, aged 45 years

At Bowman's Creek Jan 9, of general debility, Rev JAMES PHOENIX, aged 75 years

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 11, of heart trouble, J R KENNEDY, aged 46 years. His body will be taken at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning for interment in the Lebanon cemetery in that city. Services will be held at the chapel at that cemetery. Services will also be held at the residence, 68 Public Square, this evening at 8 o'clock, Rev H L Jones officiating. Miss URSIE, the oldest daughter, arrived from New York last night, as did Mrs JEROME AUGUSTINE, a sister from Philadelphia. The remains, which were embalmed by undertaker Doran, presented a natural lifelike appearance and were looked upon by many this afternoon.

At Newtown Jan 9, J T CALLAGHAN

In Plains Jan 10, of influenza, FLOSSIE, little daughter of Mrs CHARLES LAYDE

From Midville: the funeral of little FLOSSY LOYDE passed through here yesterday followed by many of her sympathetic friends

In Larksville Jan 1, of pneumonia, JOHN DORRIS


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 11, of diphtheria, EDITH, daughter of CLARA MARSHALL, aged 7 years

In West Pittston Jan 9, of diphtheria, HARRY HESS, son of CORAY HESS

In Scranton Jan 11, Mrs ANN POWELL, formerly of Plymouth, aged 79 years

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 12, JAMES K DRAKE, aged 80 years

In Wilkes-Barre Jan12, of pneumonia following influenza, MARY ELLEN PIERSON, wife of V R PIERSON, aged 30 years. She leaves a husband and two sons, one aged about four years and the other an infant of three days. She was the daughter of O P PHILLIPS, from whose residence at 157 North River St the funeral will take place at 20 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

PATRICK KAREE, of Kingston, died yesterday of pneumonia, which resulted from taking cold while convalescing from the grippe

Captain JOHN DELACY, of Scranton, died at his home in that city yesterday of pneumonia, aged about 57 years

Miss MAME YOST died at the residence of her mother on South Franklin St at 5 o'clock this morning of congestion of the brain. She was taken ill with a severe cold about two weeks ago. It is a sad affliction to her mother who is left completely alone. Miss MAME being the last of her children. The funeral will take place Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

The many friends of D O MCCULLUM, of Wyoming, will regret to learn of the sad bereavement that has overtaken him in the loss of his wife, who passed away at her home in Wyoming today after a lingering illness. The deceased was 39 years of age. She was a daughter of W S SHOEMAKER, and leaves, besides her husband, a son aged 12 and a daughter 8. The funeral will take place on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock.

BENJAMIN HARNETT, whose home was on Capouse Avenue in Scranton, died on Thursday and was buried yesterday. His brother, EDWARD, aged 25 years, who had lived opposite BENJAMIN, had been sick for some time. He was anxious to see his brother's funeral, and was lifted from his bed and placed in a chair at the window. He watched the funeral procession until it was out of sight, then he tottered to a lounge and died in a few minutes.

From Pittson: It is reported that the wife of F BRANDENBURG died suddenly this morning after about three days illness with influenza

From Pittston: SAMUEL BENNETT died at his home yesterday morning about half past eleven o'clock, of pneumonia. Deceased was about 36 years of age and leaves a wife and six children to mourne his loss.


From Midville: One of our distinguished school teachers pays numerous visits to the city lately. The attraction may be the girl with the dark blue eyes.

FROM THE EDITORIAL PAGE: Notes on the Influenza Epidemic

The nature of the influence which delelops and perpetuates la grippe, or influenza, is unknown.

Among the noted epidemics of influenza are those of 1762, 1782, 1803, 1833, 1837, and 1847.

In the 17th century the Italians ascribed epidemics of like nature to the "influence" of the stars; hence the name "influenza"

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Tue, Jan 14, 1890


From Plymouth: MICHAEL COSTELLO and Miss MARY GAVIN were married by Rev Father Mack last Saturday evening at St Vincent's Church


JOSEPH CORRALE to JUNA GIZZO, both of Hazleton

W W SPECER, of Dallas, to O HERBERT, of Beaumont


JOHN W O'BRIEN, leaves this afternoon, accompanied by his friend JOHN JOYCE, for Honesdale, where he will take unto himself a wife. The latter's maiden name is CLARKE.


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 13, of pneumonia following an attack of the the grippe, Mrs PATRICK HARRISON, of 274 East Market Street. She was 52 years old and leaves a husband and two adult children

In Upper Pittston Jan 13, of pneumonia, BERNARD DEMPSEY, aged 27 years

In Pittston Jan 12, of consumption, JANE, wife of CHARLES CRUMP, aged 44 years

In Upper Pittston Jan 12, of pneumonia, SAMUEL BENNETT, aged 36 years

In Pittston Jan 12, of dropsy, ELIZABETH, wife of, DANIEL JENKINS, aged 56 years

In Pittston Jan 13, of pneumonia, Mrs ELIZABETH LUTZ BRANDENBURG, aged 55 years

In this city on Tuesday Jan 14, CHARLES, son of Mr J E MCDONALD, of Market Street, aged 8 months. The funeral will take place on Thursday at 1:30 pm

In Wyoming Jan 13, Mrs D O MCCOLLUM, aged 39 years. Funeral Wednesday Jan 15 at 1:30 pm

From Plymouth: Mrs POWELL, mother of W W POWELL, died at Scranton on Saturday night; funeral here today

From Plymouth: The child of JAMES BOYLE was buried this afternoon


The grip still continues its ravages and many people in this city are down with it. Funerals are of a daily occurance and in the majority of cases those that occupy the caskets are the victims of maladies growing out of the influenza: pneumonia, and heart trouble being in the foreground. Fatalities have resulted in nearly every place the disease has invaded. Pittston, Scranton, and the towns along the lines of the railroad passing through this city, are all afflicted and the newspapers daily record the deaths of prominent people.

At Pottsville yesterday, FRANCIS A HARPER, a well-known citizen, died of the grippe after a illness of only 2 days.

THOMAS THOMPSON MILLER, a director of the First National Bank of Easton, died yesterday of pneumonia superinduced by grippe. (condensed)



It is said that Caterer Kennedy's malady, heart disease, from which he had suffered for a long time, was accelerated by the immoderate use of tobacco. He was in the habit of chewing the ends of cigars.

JAMES MCGINTY, of the Mayor's officer, has gone to Upper Lehigh to attend the funeral of his father-in-law

PATRICK MCGUIRE, of Grand Tunnel, left that place yesterday to take up residence in Leadville Colorado

From Plymouth: THOMAS F ROONEY, who has been in Denver Col the past three months, returned to Plymouth yesterday


Susan B Anthony, the famous woman suffragist, is said to look not a day older now than she was ten years ago. She has a pleasant voice and there is no indication about her of masculinity.

Mrs Custer, widow of the gallant General, is said to be a woman absolutely without fear. She used to accompany her husband whenever he would allow her to go during his campaigns.

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Wed, Jan 15, 1890


Miss MILLIE SCHAPPERT, daughter of PETER SCHAPPERT, and FRED J STEGMAEIR, son of CHARLES STEGMAEIR, were married at St Nicholas, by Rev Nagle, last evening. The ushers were PHILIP FORVE, JOHN BECKER, ROBERT WILLIAMS, and JOHN KASENBAUGH. Miss EMMA SCHAPPERT was maid of honor, and WINA SCHAPPERT, bridesmaid. the best man was Mr JOSEPH SHRIEBER, of Philadelphia.


From Pittston: Mr A J BRENNAN and Miss MARY SHERIDAN will be united in marriage this evening in St John's Church. After the wedding, a reception will be held at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs MICHAEL SHERIDAN in Sebastapol

Mr WELLS JOHNSON, of the editorial staff of the Record, and Miss JANE LEACH, will be married at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning at the home of the bride's parents North Main Street

The wedding of HAROLD D CHASE, a journalist formerly of this city, and Miss ANNIE THOMPSON will take place in the First Presbyterian Church in Topeka, Kansas this evening. Mr CHASE is chief editoral writer on the Capital Commonwealth of Topeka. SAMUEL and Miss ETHEL, brother and sister of the groom, left on Saturday for Topeka.


J F LETTER, of Fairmount, to A MICHAEL, of Cambra


A F MAGUIRE to MARY HOGAN, both of Wilkes-Barre



In Wyoming Jan 15, FLORA S, daughter of ANDREW and MARY MATHERS, aged 22 years, 6 months, and 8 days. Funeral Saturday at 2 pm from the residence; interment at Forty Fort

In this city on Tue Jan 14, of diphtheria, CHARLOTTE MUIR, infant daughter of CHARLES E and SALLIE E AYARS, aged 2 years, 4 months, and 12 days.

In Larksville Jan 13, of pneumonia, JAMES L KEATING

In Upper Pittston Jan 11, of diphtheria, OLIVE J, daughter of Mr and Mrs W C WORKHEISER, aged 7 years

In Brandy Patch, Pittston, Jan 10, DOMINICK O'MALLEY, aged 54 years

In Hollywood Jan 10, SOPHIA, wife of CHARLES KELLY, aged 38 years

In Stockton Jan 11, CLARENCE, the infant son of Mr and Mrs GEORGE LEGGO

In Audenreid Jan 13, JOHN BAYLESS, aged 68 years

In Hollywood, infant daughter of CHARLES KELLY

In Hazleton Jan 13, Mrs MARGARET BOCK, aged 69 years

In Hazleton Jan 14, of bronchitis, Mrs JOHN D SHOLL, aged 46 years

In Cork Lane, Pittston, Jan 13, of pneumonia, ANTHONY REAP, aged 56 years

In Butler Jan 11, DANIEL OUPLINGER, aged 82 years


Yesterday was the 36th anniversary of W H MCCARTY's advent onto this mundane sphere.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Thu, Jan 16, 1890


At the home of the bride on Thursday Jan 16, by Rev C R Gregory, Mr WELLS B JOHNSON, and Miss AUGUSTA E LEACH, daughter of ISAIAH M LEACH, both of this city

From Pittston: A J BRENNAN and Miss MARY SHERIDAN last evening were united in marriage in St John's Church. After the ceremony, the bridal party and invited guests adjourned to the home of MICHAEL SHERIDAN, the bride's father, where a sumptious repast was spread.

In Phillipsburg NJ on Wednesday Jan 15, by Rev Father Burk at Sts Phillips and James Church, Mr JOHN GILLIGAN, of Ashley, a conductor on the L & S division of the Central RR of NJ, and Miss SALLIE FLYNN, of Phillipsburg.Mr JAMES GILLIGAN, nephew of the groom was best man, and Miss LELIA FLYNN, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid. Mr and Mrs GILLIAGAN will reside in Scranton.


LUKE JAMES to MARY C THOMAS, both of Plymouth

W BLISS to SARAH FORD, both of Pittston

M ROCHINKO to MARY NEMIE, both of Alden

ADAM HILL, of Eckley, TO BELLA HOWELLS, of Jeddo



DEUR vs DEUR, decree in divorce filed


At the residence of her son-in-law HORACE S CHAMBERLAIN, Jan 15, of influenza, Mrs LUCY HITCHCOCK, formerly of Oxford, NY, aged 78 years. The funeral takes place at 10:30 am Friday from 63 Jackson Street, interment at Oxford, NY

In Larksville Jan 14, Mrs JOHN LYON, aged 51 years

In Plymouth Jan 15, infant daughter of S I DAVENPORT

In East Mauch Chuck Jan 14, Mrs SARAH SHARPE, aged 90 years

At Beaver Brook Jan 14, ANNIE O'DONNELL, aged 3 years

In Nanticoke Jan 12, child of WILLIAM OLDFIELD

In Nanticoke Jan 12, child of BRUCE BOONE, aged 5 years

In Plains Jan 12, two children of EDWARD ROSENGRANT

In this city Jan 15, of old age and pneumonia, ANDREW BIERBACH, aged 86 years. The funeral took place this afternoon from his late residence on Bowman Street

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 15, of pneumonia, DAVID J JONES, aged 50 years. He lived at No. 7 Meade St., and a wife and four children survive him.

In Pittston Jan 14, of cancer, Mrs CHARLES REILLY, aged 45 years. The funeral took place this afternoon at 1 o'clock. The remains were taken to Silver Lake, the deceased's former home, for interment (note: the combines 2 mentions, one spelled "Reilly", the other "Riley")

In Oregon, Pittston, Jan 14, of diphtheria, GERTRUDE, daughter of C FIX, aged 3 years

Dr PETER F ARNDT, a well known surgeon of Easton, died yesterday of gangrene, aged 57 years.

GEORGE GUINNIP received word from Honesdale that his mother was dead. She was 86 years old and had been ailing for some time. Mr GUINNIP left for Honesdale this morning and will be gone for several days.

From Plymouth: Mrs JOHN LYNN, aged 40 years, died very suddenly of heart disease at her home in Larkspur about 11 o'clock yesterday. A husband, who was at work when she died, and a mature family, survive her. (condensed)

From Plymouth: WILLIAM S JONES, aged 52 years, died at 6 o'clock last evening of pneumonia. A wife and family survive. He had the grip, and had a relapse in it, with the above fatal result.

From Plymouth: JAMES KEATING, who died at Larksville, of pneumonia last Tuesday, was buried at Forty Fort this afternoon.

From Plymouth: Miss FLORA MATHERS, 22 years of age, died at her home in Wyoming yesterday afternoon. Funeral at 2 pm next Saturday. Interment at Forty Fort.

From Pittston: The funeral of ANTHONY REAP took place this morning at at 9 o'clock and was largely attended. Services were held in St John's Church. Interment in Market Street cemetery


PETER MCANNULTY was killed in Pennsylvania Mine No. 14 this morning by a fall of coal . JAMES MORAN, his laborer, who was at his side, was only slightly injured. The dead man was 45 years of age and leaves a wife and seven children. He bore a high character and owned his own home.


Dr GEORGE H KIRWAN, who was in Cincinnati as groomsman for M J STEPHENS, returned this morning and resumed his practice.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Fri, Jan 17, 1890


At Harvey's Lake Jan 15, Mrs MARY LONGHAN, formerly of Upper Pittston

In Larksville Jan 14, of pneumonia, JAMES L KEATING, aged 24

From Plymouth: A child of SAMUEL J DAVENPORT, of Vine Street, died last Wednesday

From Plymouth: A two year old child of THEODORE SMITH died yesterday

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

J R NICELY: accountant ordered to pay over funds to parties entitled thereto The same as above in the estates of: MARY BRADER, MARY E PETERS, PETER GOOD, GEORGE BRADER, DANIEL D MOSLER, EPHRAIM GREGORY, JOHN FARR LEWIS, G.G. SCHOLLENBERGER

CLARISSA PRICE: first and final account confirmed absolutely


SAMUEL WILLIAMS: sale of real estate confirmed absolutely


JEROME MILLER was reported about the same today. His son GEORGE arrived from Harrisburg today.

GEORGE HELLER, of Wilkes-Barre, is visiting his brothers C H, JOHN, and HARRY HELLER in Allentown


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Sat, Jan 18, 1890


Jan 16, by Rev E A Bauer, Mr BALZER HESS, of Butler Twp, to Miss JULIA YOUNG of Hazleton

At St Patrick's Catholic Church, White Haven, Jan 15 by Rev M J Bergath Mr JOHN MCCAUGE and Miss KATE MATTIMORE, both of Denison Twp



JOHN FOLS, of Slocum, to MARY J CROMMAS, of Conyngham

H S BEISHLINE, of Cambra, to E M HARRINGTON, of Fairmount



In this city on Saturday Jan 18, of paralysis, Dr CHARLES F INGHAM, aged nearly 80 years. Dr INGHAM was born in Dublin, Ireland of English parentage, in 1810. His parents came to this country in 1823 and located in Philadelphia, where the

deceased was educated. He studied medicine but after graduating and practicing a short time learned civil engineering, which pursuit he followed up to within the more recent years. In 1839 he was married to Miss LUCY VERNETT, of New London, Conn, who survives him. Three children are living: WILLIAM INGHAM, city engineer, Miss LUCY, and Miss MARY. The funeral will take place Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock

At her home in Rocksdale, MADELINE CETARICI, aunt of Mrs NETTIE BETTERLY aged 79 years and 6 months.

In Edwardsville Jan 15, of pneumonia, EPHRAIM ROYER, aged 60

In Plymouth Jan 17, of typhoid fever, THOMAS C DAVIS, aged 60

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 17, JOHN HOLMES, infant son of FRED HOLMES

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 17, ROBERT WILLIAMS, aged 27, of pneumonia



Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Mon, Jan 20, 1890


LAWRENCE MASTLEY, of Luzerne, to ANNIE GIDDO, of Kingston

G R GREGORY, of Muhlenburg, to TILLIE SHEARER, of Huntington


HENRY OERKITZ Sr, aged 85 years, died Saturday night of old age. The funeral will take place Tuesday at 1:30 pm from the residence of his son, 69 Hill Street. Interment at City Cemetery.

ISAAC W MOISTER, who was at one time a well knownl resident of Pottsville, is dead at Centralia. Mr MOISTER was the father of ISAAC MOISTER, division engineer of the LV Coal Co at Wilkes-Barre, and Mrs BERNER, wife of Prof G A BERNER, of the Sub-Grammar School, was a daughter of Mr MOISTER.

J LEONARD PFOUTS, soliciting passinger agent of the C R R of N J, died at his residence on Grove Street last night of consumption. He was 35 years of age. In June last he lost his wife, and is survived by a young son. He has many friends who will regret to hear of his demise. The day of the funeral has not yet been announced.

Mrs DELILAH, wife of J J EDWARDS, living at the rear of the St Cloud Hotel, died shortly after nine this morning, after suffering from pneumonia since last Tuesday. She was nearly 56 years of age. Mr ARCHIE, and Mr WILLIAM DECKER, the former an engineer, and the latter a fireman on the D L & W RR at Moscow Pa, with their families, arrived in the city today and will remain until after the funeral, which will be on Wednesday. Interment at Hollenback.

From Nanticoke: CHARLES MCCARTY, son of F D MCCARTY, of Hanover, died early on Sunday morning after being sick only five days. Deceased was 21 years old and was a very exemplary young man. The funeral will occur at 2 o'clock tomorrow. Interment in Nanticoke Catholic cemetery.

From Nanticoke: Miss ELLA WILLIAMS died at 7 o'clock last evening.

Pneumonia was the cause. She was the daughter of Undertaker J M WILLIAMS.

From Pittston: COONEY FICK has lost another of his children, a bright little girl of thirteen with diphtheria. This makes the third one of Mr FICK's children who have succumbed to this dread disease.



JOHN BRADLEY, formerly of Yatesville, has moved his family to Nanticoke

Miss BUCKLEY, of Pleasant Valley, is visiting her cousin, Miss AGGIE BUCKLEY, at West Nanticoke


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Tue, Jan 21, 1890


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 20, at St Mary's Church, THOMAS SNEE, of Wilkes-Barre, and Miss MARY CAFFREY, of Georgetown

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 19, JAMES CONNELLY and Miss MARY KILCOMMONS, of Georgetown

In Plymouth, LUKE JAMES and Miss MARY P THOMAS were married yesterday afternoon by Rev T R Phillips


F M KELLEY, and A L WALTERS, both of Wilkes-Barre

R G HUSTON, of Slatington, to LIZZIE MARSH,of Wilkes-Barre

W J DAMPIER to E J LLOYD, both of Edwardsville


From Pittston: Mrs OWEN ROONEY, of Port Griffith, yesterday presented her husband with a fourteen pound baby boy. Mother and child are doing well.

From Pittston: JIM MCLAUGHLIN was happy this morning when his wife presented him with a bouncing baby daughter. Mother and child are doing well.


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 19, DAVID GRUVER. The funeral will take place from his late residence, No. 69 Hillside Street, at half past one tomorrow afternoon. Interment in Hollenback Cemetery.

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 19, CHARLES WERNER, of pneumonia, aged 62

In Forty-Fort Jan 18, complication of diseases, JOHN FARRINGTON, aged 27

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 20, of pneumonia, DELILAH, wife of J J EDWARDS, aged 56

In Centralia, Jan 18, ISAAC MOISTER, aged 52. Interment in West Pittston Cemetery.

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 18, HENRY OERKITZ, of old age, aged 85

In Pittston Jan 19, MARGARET, wife of MICHAEL CONREY, aged 50

In Dunmore Jan 20, of pneumonia, AARON REID, formerly of Pittston, aged 64

In Sugar Notch Jan 20, of consumption, Miss ELLEN ELIZABETH ROBERTS, aged 17


REUBEN FALK, a well known farmer of North Whitehall Twp, Lehigh Co., attended the funeral of his father-in-law, and while leaving his carriage, fell over and died in a few moments. He leaves a widow and seven children.

The funeral of J LEONARD PFOUTS, will take place at 11:30 am tomorrow with services at the house on Grove Street near the Central station at Hazle Street. The remains will be taken on the Lehigh Valley train, at 1:10, to Hazleton for burial.

From Pittston: The funeral of JAMES O'DONNELL occurred this morning at eleven o'clock. Interment was in Market Street Cemetery

The funeral of Miss MYRTLE G YOST took place in Pittston this morning. Services were held in the West Pittston M. E. Church. Interment was in West Pittston Cemetery.

The funeral of JAMES OLIVER took place in Plymouth yesterday


Mrs EDWARD S SMITH, of Canajoharie N Y, is visiting her father, THOMAS FORD, in Pittston

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Wed, Jan 22, 1890


Mr FRANK M KELLEY and Miss AUGUSTA L "GUSSIE" WALTER, both of Wilkes-Barre, were married at 8 o'clock last evening at the home of the bride's parents, No. 65 Lincoln Street. Rev A Griffin performed the ceremony. Miss MINNIE KELLEY, sister of the groom, officiated as bridesmaid. The groomsman was JAMES TRETHAWAY. Among the attendants were: J WALTER, father of the bride;

Misses EMMA and LILLIE WALTER, sisters of the bride; JAMES KELLEY and wife, father and mother of the groom; S R KELLEY, brother of the groom, and wife; VINCENT KELLEY, cousin of the groom; CHRISTIAN WALTER, uncle of the bride, and wife; J C HILBERT, grandfather of the bride; HERMAN WAGNER, uncle of the bride, and wife. Mr KELLEY is a valued employee in the Leader counting room. (condensed)

In this city Jan 18, MICHAEL SCOTT and Miss MAGGIE BENNETT, both of Wilkes-Barre


H J WILLIAMS, to SARAH MILLS, both of Nanticoke

FRANK AUGUST of Wilkes-Barre, to MARTH MORGAN, of Miners Mills

G W KROPP to M E SANDYS, both of Wilkes-Barre


Mr JOSEPH MARKS, who was prostrated by the rupture of a blood vessel on Friday, the 10th inst, and who had lain in a comatose condition, died at the home of his niece, Mrs N SPRINGER, at 53 North Washington, aged 64 years. Mr Marks was born in Prussia in 1816 and came to this country forty five years ago. He located in New York City, in the clothing business, where he remained until 1870, when he removed to Scranton. He was a prominent clothing merchant in that city for fifteen years, then removing to Pittston, and continuing in the business there for five years, when he retired and removed to this city. Here he kept house until his wife died two years ago and since that bereavement he had boarded with his niece, Mrs SPRINGER. He leaves three children, Mr Louis Marks of Scranton, and Messrs MOSES and ABRAM MARKS, who constitute the firm of MARKS BROTHERS of this city. The funeral will take place from Mr SPRINGER's residence at 2 pm on Friday, under Masonic auspices.

In West Pittston Jan 21, of pneumonia, RICHARD CALLICOTT, aged 41 years

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 21, of pneumonia, ADAM GIRE, of 144 Kidder Street, aged 26 years

At Red Rock Jan 17, NELLIE COLE, aged 6 years and 7 months

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 21, CLARA IRENE, daughter of JOSEPH MCREYNOLDS, aged 4 years

In Nanticoke Jan 19, of pneumonia, CHARLES HARRY MCCARTY, aged 21 years

In Parsons Jan 20, of heart disease, ANNIE GANNON, aged 13 years

In Pittston Jan 20, Mrs SARAH KIRKHAM, aged 79 years

In Pittston Jan 21, of diphtheria, ANNIE M, daughter of M J KISHPAUGH, aged 8 years

Dr N J COGSWELL, father of Mrs S S JAMES, of this city, and Prof H E COGSWELL,of Scranton, died at his home at Silvara, Bradford County, on Sunday, of pneumonia resulting from influenza, aged 66 years.

Mr JOHN A WERLINE died at Scranton yesterday of typhoid pneumonia aged 23 years, 7 months, and 9 days. The funeral


VICTOR GREEN, of Tamaqua, is visiting her sister on Lincoln Street



San Francisco, Jan 22: TO BREAK FOGG'S RECORD; Miss Nellie Bly has reached San Francisco; a race across the continent. She has already traveled over 21,000 miles in 68 days, and will undoubtedly break the record made in fiction by Jules Verne's hero.

Catlettsburg, Ky Jan 22: The Hatfield - McCoy feud again

Tulare, Ca Jan 22: Daring Train Robbers

Berlin Jan 22: Baron Von Frankenstein, one of the leaders of the Clerical party in the Reichstag, died today.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Thu, Jan 23, 1890


The wedding of Mr GEORGE W KROPP, foreman of the Leader job rooms, and Miss MAGGIE SANDYS took place at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs JANE SANDYS, 132 Lincoln St, last evening. Miss SOPHIE GASS, of Albany NY, acted as bridesmaid. Mr FRED KROPP, the groom's brother, was groomsman. The ceremony was performed by Rev Henry L Jones.

In Ashley Jan 21, by Rev Father Hoban, A F MCGUIRE and MARY HOGAN

In Pittston Jan 21 by Rev W J Hill, THOMAS F TRACY, of Brooklyn NY, and Miss EVA W CULVER, of Orange, Pa.


In Pittston Jan 22, Mrs ANNIE A, wife of ISAAC LOVELL, aged 25

At Mountain Valley Jan 18, DANIEL DAVIS, aged 63 years

At Beaver Meadow Jan 21, CATHARINE CURTIS, aged 56 years

On South Laurel Street, Hazleton, Jan 22, CATHERINE R, daughter of Mr and Mrs WILLIAM H FLOYD, aged 5 years, 9 months, and 12 days.

At Lattimer Jan 22, DANIEL HEINBACH, aged 63 years

DAVID FAIRCHILD, of Kingston, of which place he had been a resident for upward of seventy years, died yesterday of pneumonia, following influenza, aged 83 years. He had also suffered for a long time from partial paralysis. His wife died in 1873, but five sons and a daughter, all grown, survive. The funeral will take place at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Interment at Forty Fort.

From Dallas: THOMAS CASTERLINE died Tue after a long illness

JOHN KELLEY, an old and esteemed resident of Parsons, died this afternoon at 1 o'clock. The deceased was the father of Dr JOHN KELLEY, WILLIAM KELLEY,and Mrs WILLIAM GOLDEN. Notice of the funeral will be given hereafter

JOSEPH CASSIDY, a son of JOHN CASSIDY, formerly superintendant of the Wyoming Division of the Jersey Central road, died today of typhoid pneumonia, aged 20 years. The funeral will take place on Sat from the paternal residence on Northampton Street



From Plymouth: JOHN CURRAN, of Avondale, took the train for Scranton last evening. His most intimate friends say he has a matrimonial bee in his bonnett

From Plymouth: Miss MAMIE LIVINGSTONE, of Wilkes-Barre, was the guest of her sister, Mrs A REESE, last Tues

From Plymouth: JOHN DERBYSHIRE was injured by cars in the Parish mines last Tue

From Dallas: ELLIS HONEYWELL has moved to Shawnee Mountain

From Ashley: Mrs A SAFFORD, of Kingston, is visiting her sister, Mrs J WHITE


Walt Whitman is the most picturesque character in American literature today. His splendid wealth of white hair is a sitting frame for a face of majestic beauty. His magnificient frame is not yet bowed by the weight of seventy winters.

Mark Twain is said to be growing indolent in his advancing years. He retires early to bed and never breakfasts before 10 o'clock

Buffalo Bill recently climbed Mt Vesuvius. He was pleased with the crater.

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Fri, Jan 24, 1890


At the residence of Mr J A MONTZ, South Street, on Wed evening Jan 22 by Rev A Griffin, Mr L R C SHEAR, of Pittston, and Miss L A LEE, of Utica NY

In Pittston Jan 23 by Rev Father Finnan, CORMAC BOHAN and Miss MARY KEARNEY

In Miner's Mills Jan 22 by Rev E J Morris, FRANK ARGUST, of Wilkes-Barre, and Miss MARTHA MORGAN

In Nanticoke Jan 23 by Rev J P Harris, HENRY J WILLIAMS and SARAH A MILLS



GEORGE WILLIAMS to EMMA BELLAS, both of Harrington

JAMES GOLDEN to LIZZIE LANGAN, both of Pleasant Valley

MORGAN BOYLE to NORA DORAN,both of Hanover township


Mrs HENRIETTA NEY, widow of Mr ALBERT NEY, died at the home of her cousin, Mrs M H BELL, 62 South River Street, yesterday, aged 72 years. Mrs NEY was a native of Charleston, SC, and was for some years an inmate of the household Mrs OLIVER BURR HILLARD, of that city, by whom at that time Mr NEY was employed as a clerk, subsequently going into business for himself at Charleston, and later at New Orleans, and Cincinnati. He died in May last at Falmouth, Mass., where he was in the habit of spending his summers, and soon after his death, Mrs NEY came to this city and took up residence with Mrs BELL. She leaves no near relatives. The funeral will take place on Saturday. (condensed)

In Honeybrook Jan 23, CHARLES RODGERS, aged 35 years

At Coleraine Jan 23, MARY, daughter of CORNELIUS and CELIA DUGAN, aged 3 years and 8 months

In Brooklyn NY Jan 6, of consumption, Lieut HARRY T MONAHON, U S Navy, in his 42d year

In Ashley Jan 23, Mrs PHILIP SYMONS

In Plymouth Jan 23, of pneumonia, Mrs DAVID DAVIS, aged 34 years

In Easton Jan 21, MARGARET H, wife of DIXON LEWERS, aged 60 years

In Kane, Bradford County, on the 21st inst, of pneumonia, GEORGE M, only son of GEORGE and ELLA ORR, formerly of this city, aged 4 months.

HENRY STINE, of Mauch Chunk, a brakeman on the cannonball freight train on the Jersey Central RR, was killed at White House NJ yesterday morning by his head coming in contact with a water pipe that had beenleft projecting over the track from a tank. The train was moving rapidly when the accident occurred and Stine's head was crushed in a horrible manner. Stine's remains were sent home.

From Ashley: The funeral of Mrs PHILIP SIMOND,whose death occurred on Thursday, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house of the deceased on Newport street


The will of AMANDA M BRIGGS, late of this city, was probated today. After directing that all her just debts be paid she orders that her property be converted into cash and that it be divided into nine shares, one share to be given to each of the following persons: LORETTA GREEN, her daughter; FREEMAN BRIGGS, a son; HANNAH THOMAS, a daughter; SARAH WEISS, a daughter; JESSE BRIGGS, a son; MARY A MACE, a daughter; MILES F BRIGGS, a son; ISAAC J

BRIGGS, a son. The will was made and signed August 10, 1888, and LORETTA GREEN is made the sole executrix. The witnesses are E D NICHOLS, and C J RINEHIMER


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Sat, Jan 25, 1890


At the bride's home Jan 21 by Rev E G Baker, H S BEISHLINE, of Cambra, and E M HARRINGTON, of Fairmont

At the M E parsonage, Beach Haven, Jan 21, by Rev G V Savidge, HARRY E RABER, and Miss BESSIE CAIN, both of Beach Haven

At the M E parsonage, Town Hill, Jan 22, by Rev E G Baker, G R GREGORY of Union, and TILLIE SHEARER, of Huntington Valley

In Nanticoke Jan 18 by Rev Dr S H Meade, JOHN FOLS and MARY CROMMIS, both of Slocum


Mrs S ROBINS, of Union Street, received a telegram today from Topeka, Kan, informing her of the death of her brother, Mr G S OVERTON, which occurred there this morning. The cause of death was pneumonia, developed from influenza. Mr OVERTON was an old resident of this city, and was engaged in the insurance business here.

In Wilkes-Barre Hospital Jan 24, Mrs ANN GIBSON, aged 72 years

At East Haven Jan 21, DANIEL H, son of the late JOHN H WASSER, aged 17 years, 9 months, and 28 days

At his late residence in White Haven Jan 23, JOHN DWYER, aged 63 years

At Lehigh Tannery Jan 23, RUTH, wife of PATRICK MCCLOSKEY

At LaPorte, Ind., on Sat Jan 11, SIMON WOLBERT, formerly of Hanover township in this county, in the 79th year of his age

At Larksville Saturday morning, Jan 25, of cancerous troubles, Mrs SARAH DOWNING, aged 55 years. She leaves a husband and three children


PHILLIP LINDERMAN, private sale of real estate ordered

ELIZABETH EDSON, bond approved


WILLIAM ALLEN, sale of real estate confirmed nisi

PHILIP HESS: JOHN B WOODWARD appointed guardian ad litem of JENNIE A, and FLOYD L HESS

JOHN BELLAS, proof of service of citation filed

ELIZABETH HOFFMAN, attached ordered as prayed for


BENJAMIN LLOYD, administrator discharged

HIRAM GEORGE, final account of A C CHAPIN, guardian, approved, and guardian discharged

PHILETUS S BAILEY, CATHERINE M BAILEY appointed guardian of CARRIE L BAILEY HENDERSON G DEVERS, return of sale confirmed nisi

WILLIAM P WATKINS, return of sale confirmed absolutely

Ut supra in the following estates: WILLIAM THOMAS, GEORGE B SEYBERT, and JOSIAH ANDRES


The petition of PETER MARTIN, filed this morning, respectfully showeth that he was lawfully joined in marriage to his present wife May 20, 1887, and lived and cohabited with her and in all respects demeaned himself as a kind and affectionate husband, but that the said wife since the 25th day of May 1887, has wilfully and maliciously deserted his habitation without just cause or reason and he therefore prays for a divorce


The funeral of NATHAN BRONG will take place from his late residence, 425 North Canal Street, at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon

The funeral of Prof BOETTGER's infant son will take place tomorrow at 2 o'clock

Mr and Mrs FRED H PAYNE, of Williamsport, are spending a few days at the home of the latter's father, S B VAUGHN, Esq, of the West Side

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Tue, Jan 28, 1890


In Kingston Jan 27, by C W Boone, Esq, Mr WILLIAM HEMBROW and Miss LUCY JOHNS, both of Edwardsville




In Wilkes-Barre Jan 25, of pneumonia, WILLIAM, the three year old son of WILLIAM S EVANS, of Georgetown

In Pittston Jan 26, JAMES, son of Mr and Mrs JOHN MUNLEY, aged 2 years and 6 months

In Ashley Jan 28, ELSIE, only daughter of Mr and Mrs S E WELLS, aged 3 years and 6 months.

In Pittston Jan 25, of diphtheria, DAVID, son of JOHN G MILLER, aged 9 years

In Sebastapol Pittston, Jan 27, JOHN QUEENEY, aged 50 years

In Freeland Jan 26, Mrs ANN MCRORY, aged 48 years

In Hazleton Jan 25, JOHN JOSEPH WALTER, infant son of the late JOSEPH MCHALE, aged 6 months

In Audenreid Jan 27, JOHN BAYLESS, aged 30 years

In Jeanesville Jan 26, TILLIE E, wife of TRUEMAN GOOD, aged 22 years


The funeral of STEPHEN STILES, an old and well known resident of Huntington township, took place at Town Hall today. The deceased had been subject to convulsions for several years, and it was in one of them that he died on Thursday night last. The funeral was postponed until today on account of his two children who are located in the far west. They did not arrive, however, in time for the funeral. Mr STILES was an uncle of Mrs Dr KESSLER, of this city.

A young son of RICHARD EVANS, a miner, while attempting to cross the tracks at the Empire colliery, was run down by a passing train and had one of his legs horribly mangled. The little sufferer was immediately taken to his home and a physician called who, upon examing the child's injuries, found that amputation was necessary. The boy was only 8 years old.

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Wed, Jan 29, 1890


From Plymouth: Prof W H VAN PLEES, the organist of St Vincent's Church, and Miss LIZZIE, the esteemed daughter of Dr MARSHALL G WHITNEY, of Church Street, were married very quietly at St Vincent's last Monday evening

From Stillwater: We had a very quiet wedding also, on Friday evening last, Mr F P KLASE, our station master, to Miss GRACE, daughter of the late SILAS MCHENRY. Mr KLASE brought the evening mail over, and after leaving it at the post office, he and Miss GRACE stepped into the pastor's house and were quietly united in wedlock. They then went to spelling school as innocently as if nothing had taken place, but the boys were not to be bluffed off in this way. Their fun was to come further on. So, on Saturday night, a crowd of them gathered before the house of the bride's mother, with drums, pans, bells, kettles, guns, and everything else that would make a noise, and for about an hour, they filled the valley with "horrid nice" music, nor did they let up when the bride and groom made an appearance, and the cigars and candles were forthcoming. Later on, the Bendertown Band arrived and completed the serenade.





From Dallas: Mrs BURTON SNYDER has a very promising baby daughter in whose welfare and happiness she indulges the fondest anticipation


At Hazleton Mon Jan 27, Mrs WALTER E WETTERAU, aged 78 years, 10 months, and 14 days

At Hazleton Tues evening Jan 28, of heart disease, Mrs MARY JOHNSON, aged 66 years, 5 months, and 13 days

From Dallas: THOMAS CASTERLINE died last week. His remains were laid away in Trucksville

From Dallas: THOMPSON PERRIGO died last week. Having had the prevailing disease measles set in, and though he was remarkably healthy and robust prior to the attack, he had to succumb. The funeral, which took place at Trucksville, under the auspices of the Order of Odd Fellows, was very largely attended.


Mr C H WHEELOCK, of Kingston, who has decided to engage in business with his uncle at Battle Creek, Mich, will leave with his family for that place on Sat, Feb 8.

From Dallas: JOHN STEEL, of Jackson, and his wife, have gone to England, their native place, on a visit

NATHANIEL HONEYWELL, formerly of this place, was recently here on a visit from Bradford county


NADA ROBINSON today filed a petition asking for a divorce from her husband

ARTHUR ROBINSON. The marriage took place June 8, 1881, and from that time until August 15, 1888, she lived with him and demeaned herself as his lawful wife.

Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Thu, Jan 30, 1890


In St Mary's Church, this city, on Tues evening Jan 28, by Rev Father Nealon, Mr PHILLIP J MCKERNAN, of Ashley, and Miss PERPETUA H SWINBURNE, of Wilkes-Barre

At Pittston, on Wednesday evening Jan 29, by Rev W J Hill, at the residence of the bride's parents on William Street, Mr JAMES LEWIS, and Miss LENA V KIRBY.

From Plymouth: WILLIAM MCDERMOTT and Mrs CATHARINE CORCORAN, of Avondale, were married at St Vincent's Church yesterday evening


From Plymouth: Mrs OWEN FINNERTY, of Welsh Hill, who had the grip followed by pneumonia, died at 5 o'clock this morning, a few hours after having been delivered of a still-born child. She was 24 years of age, and leaves a husband and three children. The funeral will take place on Saturday.

In Plymouth Jan 29, of pneumonia, the four year old son of JOB EVANS

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 28, of pneumonia, Mrs CATHERINE LEONARD

In Pittston Jan 27, MOSES TUDOR ROWLAND, aged 84

In Pittston Jan 27, MARY LLOYD, aged 85

In Pittston, L & S station, Jan 27, PATRICK KEEFE, aged 32

In Plymouth Jan 27, of pneumonia, MARY FLANIGAN, aged 16

In Plymouth Jan 29, of pneumonia, MARGARET NASH, aged 87

In Wilkes-Barre Jan 29, of dropsy, JOHN GALLAGHER, aged 19 years

In this city on Tue Jan 28, of lung troubles, WILLIAM RATIGAN, aged 18 years

At Larksville, on Tue Jan 28, of diphtheria, DAISY MAY, daughter of HENRY KNOCK

At Hazleton, on Wed Jan 29, JOHN, son of MICHAEL and MARY BOYLE, aged 4 years.


From Pittston: The funeral of JOHN QUINCY took place yesterday afternoon. Mass was celebrated in St John's Church. Interment was in the Market Street Cemetery

From Pittston: The funeral of the late WILLIAM R BURNETT took place at 10 am yesterday, from his late residence on Parsonage Street, the Rev W J Hill officiating. The remains were removed to Wilkes-Barre and interred at Hollenback Cemetery. (condensed)

Who kills all the dead letters? Miss Direction.


Wilkes-Barre Evening Leader, Fri, Jan 31, 1890


The wedding of Mr JOHN T DAVIS, of New York, and Miss DIANE ISABELLA LLOYD, of this city, took place at the residence of the bride's sister, 93 South Sherman Street, last evening, Rev Henry L Jones officiating. Mr and Mrs LLEWELLYN MORGAN, brother-in-law and sister of the bride, served as groomsman and bridesmaid respectively. Mr and Mrs Davis will reside in New York

In Plymouth Jan 28, by Rev Father Donohue, WILLIAM MCDERMOTT, and CATHERINE CORCORAN, both of Avondale

The wedding of the Rev J W GRIFFITH, pastor of the Baptist Church in Throop, and Miss MAIDIE BOWEN, of Wilkes-Barre took place at the home of the bride on Hillside street yesterday afternoon, Rev Dr George Frear officiating. Miss LINNETT, of England, who is visiting in this city, acted as bridesmaid, and Mr PHILLIPS, of Plymouth, a student at Bucknell University, was groomsman.

At West Hazleton, on Tuesday evening, Jan 28, 1890, by Rev E A Bauer, Mr GEARY BORDNER, and Miss GERTIE WEISS, both of West Hazleton


PATRICK J HUGHES to KATE CLARK, both of Wilkes-Barre

Rev J W GRIFFITH, of Throop, to MAIDIE BOWEN, of Wilkes-Barre

T J DAVIS of New York, to I LLOYD, of Wilkes-Barre



In Plymouth Jan 28, HENRY BALLOT, aged 7 years, of pneumonia

In Trucksville Jan 23, of diabetes, GEORGE YOUNGBLOOD, aged 20

In Hazleton Jan 28, Mrs MARY JOHNSON, of heart disease

At Drifton Jan 28, OTTO, son of Mr and Mrs G MARWAT

Mrs MARY C, wife of the Hon F D COLLINS. She was a native of Scranton and 30 years of age. She was married to Mr COLLINS in 1884. The funeral takes place tomorrow at 10 o'clock, from St Paul's R C Church

From Pittston: PATRICK BILBOW, an esteemed and faithful member of 72, E B A, died yesterday morning after a brief illness of the grip, aged about 37 years. He leaves a wife and seven children. The members of branch 72 will meet at 2 pm Saturday to attend the funeral

RICHARD STEPHENS, who came from Kansas City a few days ago to visit his brother, M J STEPHENS, died this morning of pulmonary trouble. Mr STEPHENS was born in Bishopauckland, Durham, England, 32 years ago, but spent most of his life in America. He leaves a young wife and one child to mourn his loss. The diseased was well-known in Wilkes-Barre where he spent a number of years before going west. The remains are at the home of his brother on

Sherman street.


Mr and Mrs LEWIS H LITTS, of Abilene, Kansas will celebrate their golden wedding on February 15, and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs JOHN A RUSSELL will celebrate their wooden anniversary on the 3rd. Mr LITTS was formerly warden of the Luzerne County prison RICHARD FAULL, of Ashley, formerly assistant inside foreman for the Wilkes-Barre and Lehigh Coal Co, at Jersey colliery No. 8, has been promoted to inside foreman of South Wilkes-Barre colliery No. 5. He succeeds Capt A B FRAZER, who leaves on Monday next for Indian Territory, where he has accepted the position of mining superintendent at the Choctaw Coal & Railroad Co, under Superintendant LUDLOW, formerly of the Mineral RailRoad and Mining at Shamokin. Capt FRAZER will not move his family until April.


From New York, Sister Gertrude, Father Damien's successor, en route for Molokai, Hawaii, to die for the lepers.

From New York: Sale of Literary Relics:

At an autograph auction, a page written by Charles Dickens, containing a humorous agreement among three friends, who were about to have a walking match, sold for $ 205. A letter from Byron to a friend fetched $ 55. A bit of Thackery's manuscript went for $ 55, and the same price was paid for a letter from Washington to Madison

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