Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Feb 1, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 30, of typhoid fever, WILLIAM D BOWDLE, aged 15 year, son of DANIEL D, and ELLEN C BOWDLE, of Philadelphia. Funeral from the residence of his grandmother, Mrs W S DORAN, 19 W. Market St. WILLIAM's brother EDDIE, remains in Philadelphia with consumption.


Hollenback Cemetery:

W H TENNANT, 49 years, consumption

Mrs MARY ALICE WALTER, 35 years, quick consumption

C P HUNT Jr, 3 1/2 years, croup

MIRIAM LEWIS, 17 months, cholera infantum

RICHMOND L LEWIS, 15, killed in mines

City Cemetery:

THOMAS B JONES, 21 days, whooping cough

Infant child of W MCCALLISTER

EMMA L HAND, 2 1/2 years, scarlet fever


St Mary's Cemetery:

ANNIE CADDEN, 43 years, Kingston

Mrs MARIA JONES, 20 years, Wilkes-Barre

JOHN BRENNER, 61 years, Kingston

JOHN BRANSHAR, 19 years, Sugar Notch

FRANCES MANCHAKI, 39 years, Wilkes-Barre

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

STEWART PEARCE: ordered that formal decreee be drawn re: petitioner CARRIE H PEARCE

WM. E HANCE: audit of first & partial account of executor heard and continued

CHARLES KULP: examiner's report confirmed absolutely

JESSE B SCHOOLEY: distribution ordered

SHERMAN M HAWK: petition of guardian for allowance referred for examination

JACOB SCHWAB: widow's appraisement approved nisi

JAMES HARNEY: ut supra


WILLIAMS, bond approved


WALTER, bond approved

CONRAD DOETZER: report of examiner confirmed absolutely; indenture to

CHARLES PARRISH acknowledged

JOHN NOBLE: audit of administratrix heard and continued

JAMES MOTT: audit of fifth partial account heard and closed

OWEN DONOHUE: administrator discharged

MARATHA E MOORE: deeds acknowledged

Adjourned to Monday


Rev Father McDermott, formerly pastor of the Catholic Church at Nanticoke, yesterday formally assumed charge of the Sacred Heart Church, of Plains.


Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Feb 2, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 30 by Rev F K Levan, PHILIP FENSTERMACHER, and Miss ALICE VAN FOSSEN, both of Wapwallopen

In Pittston Jan 30 by the Very Rev John Finnen, JOSEPH BENDER, of West Pittston, and Miss LIZZIE O'DONNELL, of Pittston


In Wilkes-Barre Jan 31, HERMAN HITCHLER, a resident of the second ward, age 55. He leaves a wife, but no children. It is supposed he died from some disease of the heart.

InWilkes-Barre Jan 31, NEAL MCGUIRE, another resident of the second ward, died of inflammation of the lungs. He leaves a wife and six children. Funeral today at 1:30 pm.

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 1, THOMAS F DAVIS, aged 75, a member of Ely Post, G.A.R., at his residence at 55 Lehigh St. His remains will be interred at Hyde Park on Wednesday. He leaves a wife and two daughters.

In Hazleton Jan 30, MARY OLIVIA, daughter of HARMON and SARAH BONTZ, age 6 years

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Feb 3, 1886


JOSEPH BENETTE PEARSON died yesterday morning at the residence of his parents on Lehigh St. Funeral from the Fell Street A. M. E. Church

Miss ANN J KELLER, daughter of JOHN KELLER, died at the home of the latter at Larksville, aged 32 years. She had suffered for three years from chronic rheumatism of the nerves. The funeral will take place at 2 Thursday afternoon. Deceased was a sister of Mrs JOHN BURSCH, of Kingston, and Mrs F H POOLE, of Hyde Park


The January report of the Chief of Police submitted to the Council last evening shows a total number of arrests of 113: males 96 females 17; married 38, single 56, minors 19. The offenses charged were: drunkenness 47, disorderly conduct 37, vagrancy 37, fast driving 7, assault and battery 10, larceny, tying a horse to a tree, coasting on sidewalk and nuisance each 1.


Supt M H EICHELBERGER reports 22 admissions to the alms-house of the Central Poor District during January. Among them were the following:

ELLEN GORMAN, aged 20, Plains, had consumption; afterwards taken away by her father

JAMES KENNEDY, aged 60, Plymouth, stayed only one day

ROBERT WALKER, aged 50, Wilkes-Barre, discharged Jan 29

JOHN MILLER, aged 50, Hanover, consumption

TERRY COONEY, aged 53, Nanaticoke, tremens

JAMES WALLACE, aged 58, Wilkes-Barre, leg off

ELIAS DELONG, aged 76, Kingston, old age

THOMAS HOLLERAN, aged 23, Plains, idiot

ANNIE ROUSH, infant, Plains

NAMON DORSEY, 18 months, Hanover

MIKE BUSHES, 24, Newport, sick

WILLIAM NEWTH, 32, Wilkes-Barre, lazy

STELLA DEWITT, 22, Wilkes-Barre

CORA ANN WATERS, 27, Wilkes-Barre

ALEXANDER, JOHN, THOMAS, and WILLIAM WATKINS, aged 5 to 15, Nanticoke, no home, (afterwards taken away for adoption)

AUGUST BOVOSKIE, 20, Nanticoke, sick

ANTHONY SWEENEY, 45, Kingston, sick

Mrs KREGLE, 24, Wilkes-Barre

JOHN STATOLA, 26, Plymouth, sick



New York, Feb 2: Another successful test was made today on the Staten Island Railway of the telegraphic wonder of sending and receiving messages on a railway train under full headway

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Feb 4, 1886


In Kingston Jan 30 by the Rev A Griffin, ROZEL MERICLE and MARY E PAYNE, of Kingston


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 3, Mrs M COWENS. Funeral from the Fell Street A.M.E. Church Friday at 2 pm.

A telegram was received in this city yesterday announcing the death of Mrs ROSS , wife of Mr DONALD M ROSS, late of the firm of Crosby & Co. of this city, at the home of her mother in Wilmington, Del.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

JOHN KENNEDY: first and final account of administrator heard and continued

NATHAN BARNEY: term of sale of real estate amended and return confirmed absolutely

D R JONES: return of sale of real estate confirmed absolutely Ut supra in the estates of: DAVID LLEWELLYN, JOHN I WAGNER, MARTHA E MOORE, HENRY LAUM, JOHN SPECHT, and GEORGE BROWN

Accounts of executors, trustees or administrators confirmed nisi in estates of:



Washington, D C Feb 3: Senator Blair has made a report from the select committee of the Senate on woman suffrage in favor of a constitutional amendment to be submitted to the legislatures of the several States providing for extending the right of suffrage to women.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Feb 5, 1886


In Conyngham Jan 29 by Rev T Derr, JACOB W DRASHER and Miss MOHALA WOODRING, both of Butler

In Conyngham Jan 29 by Rev T Derr, JOHN FISHER, of Highland, and Miss EMMA MINNICH of Milnesville


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 3 of whooping cough, JENNIE WEBB, daughter of WILLIAM and JENNIE WEBB, aged 4 months. Funeral Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence of Mrs WEBB, 251 Northampton Street. Interment at Hollenback Cemetery.

In Buffalo NY, FLORENCE, daughter of M B and CARRIE A FOWLER, aged 5 years.

Funeral Saturday at 9 am from the residence of THOMAS A SMITH, 148 South

Main St. Interment at Forty Fort.

In Pittston Feb 4, Miss DELLA CUTLER, aged 28 years, of Bright's disease. The funeral will take place Saturday at 2. Interment in West Pittston Cemetery. She was a daughter of A CUTLER of Hazleton. (Note: Deceased was the divorced wife of FRED C LAM, of Kingston, and leaves 2 daughters, aged 3 and 5 years: - editor: RECORD)

In Taylorsville, Mrs JAMES JAMES, aged 62, formerly of the Pittston House, South Main Street, but now of Taylorsville, died at that place at 8 o'clock last evening, as a result of a fall two weeks ago,. The funeral will take place Sunday at 2. Interment in Pittston Cemetery.

In Hazleton Feb 3, CARRIE L, daughter of WILLIAM and SARAH MILLER, aged 6 years.

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 4, Miss MAY COATES, in the 83rd year of her age. Funeral from the First Presbytrerian Church on Saturday, inst, at 2 pm.

Interment at Hollenback Cemetery


Hazleton Feb 4: A fatal accident occurred this afternoon in the No. 4 slope at Stockton, by which CHARLES BRAY, a miner, was instantly killed, and CHARLES GARRAHAN was probably fatally injured. The men were working together in a breast, when a heavy fall of coal occurred, striking them and crushing them in a terrible manner. Both men were married and lived at Beaver Meadow.


S L Brown and Co are about to put in a 25 horsepower engine and another dyn amo, furnishing 250 Edison electric lights in their oil houses

Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Feb 6, 1886


In Plymouth Feb 3 by Rev M Harvey, DAVID B HOOPER and Miss MARY EDWARDS, both of Plymouth


In Plymouth, Mrs JOHN HUGHES presented her husband with a young heir

Also in Plymouth, a baby boy graces the home of Dr Lockard


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 5, of diphtheria, HENRY C., son of FRANK BEINERT, aged 2, years. Funeral Sunday at 2 pm

JOSEPH H CHAPMAN, formerly of Wilkes-Barre, died Jan 18, in his 83rd year in Mauch Chunk. He was born at Northhampton, Mass June 5, 1803. Having lost both his parents when he was but about 13, he came to Pennsylvania to live under the guardianship of his uncle, JOSEPH CHAPMAN, (father of J W CHAPMAN). He was married to MARTHA P WOOLEY in Philadelphia in 1833, whom he has outlived, and removed to Mauch Chunk some 50 years ago. His son, Maj LANSFORD F CHAPMAN was killed in the battle of Chanccellorsville in May 1863.



The funeral of Mrs ELLEN LOUGHNEY, whose death occurred on Wednesday, took place yesterday from the residence of her son-in-law PATRICK MCVEY on Hillside Street and was largely attended. Religious services were held at St Mary's Church, the interment being made in the new Catholic Cemetery.

The funeral of Miss ANN J KELLER, of Larksville, took place Thursday.

Services were conducted by Rev E H Snow of Forty Fort. The pallbearers were her relatives: JOHN BERSCH of Kingston, F H POOL of Hyde Park, ALONZO KELLER, JOSEPH KELLER, and WILLIAM KELLER of Plymouth, and FRANK GATES of Kingston. Interment at Forty Fort Cemetery.


Seven weeks ago yesterday - ill fated Friday - the great disaster by which 26 men lost their lives, occurred at Slope 1, Nanticoke. Since then, every effort that human ingenuity could suggest has been made to rescue the unfortunate victims, but thus far without success. The fact is, the worst has not yet been told, and it is now doubtful if the bodies of the 26 men will be recovered for months yet, and it is just possible that some of them will never be taken out. ... To sacrifice the lives of experience miners for the purpose of recovering dead bodies would be the height of folly, and it is doubtful if the company officials will ask the men to do work they would not do themselves. (condensed)

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

EDWIN R PRESTON: GEORGE W SHONK appointed guardian, bond required

STEPHEN DAVENPORT: widow's appraisement approved nisi


JOHN SPECHT: rule granted on heirs and and others to appear

WM. E HANCE: first and final account of executor heard and closed Adjourned to Saturday at 9 am

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Feb 8, 1886


In Berwick Feb 3 by Rev Mr Yocum, JOHN MARTIN Sr of Beaver Meadow, and Miss SUE E THOMPSON, of Berwick

In Jeansville Feb 4 by Rev W C Hesser, DAVID FRY and Miss ELIZA STEELE, both of Beaver Brook

In West Pittston Jan 14 by Rev J G Eckman, MAURICE ROTHERMEL of West Pittston, and Miss MAY O'BOYLE, of East Pittston


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 7, of uremic poisoning, Hon THOMAS BRODRICK, aged 69, for six years the mayor of Wilkes-Barre. Mr BRODRICK was born in Ireland in the vicinity of Londonderry on May 17, 1817. He was the eldest son of JAMES BRODRICK, who came to this country and settled in Northampton Co. near the Lehigh Water Gap in 1818. He was twice married. His first wife was a Mauch Chunk lady by whom he had two children, Mrs Walters of Mauch Chunk, and Mrs C R Potts of New York. After the death of his first wife, he was united to Miss Elizabeth Ferguson of Philadelphia, by whom he is survived. One child was the issue of this marriage, CATHERINE, wife of FRANK COOLEY. Mr BRODRICK was a member of St Stephens's Episcopal Congregation.

Arrangements for the funeral have not yet been completed.

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 7, of consumption, Mrs ALICE EDGAR, wife of C F EDGAR of South Franklin Street. She was thirty years of age. A short service will be held at her house this morning at 9:30 am, after which the remains will be taken to Oxford, NJ, her old home, for interment.

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 3, Mrs ELLEN LOUGHREY, aged 82

Interred in the Cemeteries this week:

Hollenback Cemetery:

JAMIE M WEBB, 4 months, whooping cough

Miss MARY COATES, 82 years of age

City Cemetery:

HERMAN HETCHEL, about 50 years, consumption

Unnamed child of ALFRED C ROSS

BENNETT PEARSON, 15 years, consumption

MATTIE COWANS, 36 years, inflammation of bowels

RICHARD FETHERINGILL, 40 years, inflammatin of stomach

ELIZABETH DAVIS, 36 years, confinement

HENRY C BEINERT, 2 1/2 years, diphtheria

CHARLIE STENE, 14 days, weakness

St Mary's Cemetery:

NEAL MCGUIRE, 20 years


Mrs ANN BYRON, 51, Kingston


JOHN FOLSTER, 50, Kingston

St Nicholas Cemetery:

JOHN KEIH, 3 years

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Feb 9, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 8, MINNIE BERTHA, daughter of FRANK BEINERT, aged 5 years and 4 months. Funeral Wednesday at 2:30 pm.

In West Pittston Feb 7, of pneumonia, LOREN DEWEY, aged 75 years. Funeral Wednesday at 10 from the residence of HENRY DEWEY. The burial will take place at Clark's Green in the afternoon of the same day.

In Pittston on the 6th inst., ELIZABETH A ROSE, aged 54 years

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 8, PAUL, youngest son of FRED SCHNEIDER. Notice of funeral hereafter.


Kingston: JOHN TEASTER was buried on Sunday. The funeral was held at the Catholic Church on Pringle Street. Interment in St. Mary's Cemetery Wilkes-Barre.

Kingston: The funeral of THOS. MORGAN's five year old son was held at the family residence at Edwardsville on Sunday afternoon. The remains were interred at Forty Fort.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

WM. ALLEN: citation ordered for executor to give security, or be removed returnable Feb 27

R D ARNOLD: terms of sale of real estate amended and return of sale confirmed nisi

GEORGE SUTTON: return of inquest in partition of real estate confirmed nisi

P M CLEARY: ordered that report of audit be amended and that the fund be paid to ELLEN CLEARY and not to MARY CLEARY, mother of the decedent, the error being a clerical one JAMES MOTT: report of audit and distribution of account filed

JOHN TAYLOR: order of sale of real estate of JOHN TAYLOR is continued Adjourned to Tues at 10 am


Nanticoke: Scarlet fever is still very prevalent among the little ones of our town


Incorporation of Osterhout Free Library Charter approved

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Feb 10, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 9, suddenly, of congestion of the lungs, HARRY SHERWOOD, son of HENRY S, and MARTH S GREEN, aged 1 year 10 months. Funeral at New Milford, Conn.

THOMAS J GOOD, the Northampton Street druggist, died yesterday due to heart disease. Deceased was a son of SAMUEL GOOD and was born in Pittston July 23, 1824, and was consequently in his 62d year of his age. While yet quite young in years, Mr GOOD emigrated to the West where he remained for a number of years. At the breaking out of the war, he returned to Luzerne County, and coming to Wilkes-Barre, learned the drug business at the store of Wells brothers. In 1865 he established a drug store of his own. On April 7, 1880, Mr GOOD was married to Miss LOUIS TATTERSHALL, of White Haven, who survives him, but there are no children. Two brothers of the deceased, MILTON and JACOB, reside in Iowa. Another brother, A J GOOD, is a farmer in Franklin Twp, this county. A sister, Mrs MARINDA DEWITT, resides at the same place. The day of the funeral will be announced tomorrow.

JENKIN B JONES, an ex-mine boss, residing at Miner's Mills, died, aged about 60 years. He was a native of Wales, and came to this country about 30 years ago and located first at St Louis. After residing some time in the West, he came to this section of Pennsylvania and was for a time min boss at the Continental colliery, Scranton, and at the Van Storch shaft, Providence. He was afterwards mine boss at the Mill Creek, Port Bowkley, Horton, and Prospect mines. He leaves a wife and two children, JENKIN J JONES, and Mrs ELIZA DAVIS.


One of the three boilers at No. 1 breaker, Drifton, exploded with terrible force, instantly killing JOHN KILKELLY, the fireman, and badly injuring STEWART MACFARLANE, foreman of pumps and boilers for Coxe Bros & Co.

KILKELLY had only been employed at Drifton for five or six weeks and he lived at Ebervale. He was at work on top of the boiler, and his body was hurled seventy feet into the air and descended head first into the fire between the displaced boilers. He was twenty-six years of age and leaves a wife and two children. NICHOLAS DOBART, the assistant fireman, was slightly injured.


The funeral services for PAUL, the infant child of F. SCHNEIDER, will be held Thursday at St Stephens Episcopal Church at 11 am. The interment will be made in Hollenback Cemetery.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

JOHN E RAINOW: audit of first and final account of administrator heard and closed


Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu Feb 11, 1886


Yesterday morning A D SHONK of Plymouth and Miss LIZZIE NESBITT of this city, daughter of J M NESBITT, deceased of Huntsville, were united in marriage at Memorial Church by Rev W H Smith of Honesdale, a former pastor of the church.


On Tuesday evening, HENRY APPLE, resident of Edwardsville, died at his home there, aged 47 years. Death was due to quick consumption. His wife died two or three years ago, but he is survived by three children, two girls and one boy. He was a stone mason and plasterer by occupation and had lived in the vicinity of Edwardsville al his life. He served with credit in the late war and the family state that he was a member of the 143d Regiment and was about to make application for pension on account of disability. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 2 pm from his late home, and the interment will be made in Forty Fort Cemetery.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

JESSE B SCHOOLEY: administrators discharged

JANE WELCH: citation awarded to SAMUEL WELCH to satisfy record

STEWART BENNET: LIDDON FLICK appointed guardian and bond approved

MEYER GANS and ANNIE L SWINK: examiners report confirmed nisi


Total cash and merchandise received: $ 11,503.53

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Feb 12, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 10, WILLIAM S KELLY, the popular young salesman at Patten's Hardware Store, formerly of Tunkhannock, and Miss KATIE WHEATON, daughter of Dr T J WHEATON were married at the residence of the bride's father. Miss DORA A WATT and Miss KITTIE A RHOADS were the maids of honor.

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 10 by Rev W H Smith, A D SHONK, of Plymouth, and Miss LIZZIE NESBITT, of Wilkes-Barre

In Plymouth Feb 4 by the Rev Father Donohue, FRANK BABCOCK and Miss MARY MCIVERS, both of Plymouth


In West Pittston Feb 11, Mrs ANN MCCLOSKEY, mother of JAMES MCCLOSKEY, aged about 80 years. Funeral Saturday morning at 11 am.

In Wright Township Feb 2, of diphtheria, BERTHA ELIZABETH, child of WILLIAM and ANNIE C RINEHART, aged 3 years, 6 months, 16 days. Buried in Dorrance Cemetery.

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 6, of consumption, Mrs ELIZA STOUT, of North Wilkes-Barre, aged 44 years. Buried in Wilkes-Barre City Cemetery.


In open court yesterday, the sheriff acknowledged the following deeds for real estate sold by him: To Witteman and Co., for land in Pittston Borough, sold as property of P SCHMIDT

To JOHN B SMITH, for land in Kingston Township, sold as property of L M SMITH

To First National Bank of Pittston, for land in West Pittston, sold as property of ALVA TOMPKINS

ORPHAN'S COURT: Estates of:

THOS. FARRELL: report of audit ordered amended as desired


THOMAS WILLIAMS on giving bond.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Feb 13, 1886


In Hazleton Feb 9 by Rev E A Bauer, JACOB KEPNER of Stockton, and Miss KATE BLADEL

In Hazleton Feb 11 by Rev E A Bauer, DANIEL B BRIEHOFF, of Hazleton and Miss BARBARA H SCHUMACHER, of Ebervale


In Marcy Twp Feb 10, MATIAS KOSTENSKY, age 26 years

In Pittston Feb 12, FRANK, son of PATRICK DOUGHER, aged 18 years

In Hazleton Feb 10, ROBERT STEVENS MCNAIR, son of THOMAS S and MARY S MCNAIR, aged 14 years

In Tresckow Feb 11, ROSE, wife of JOHN GALLAGHER, aged 47 years

In West Pittston Feb 11, ANN MCCLOSKEY, mother of JAMES MCCLOSKEY, aged 80 years

In Wyoming Feb 11, of Bright's disease of the kidneys, THOMAS FLYNN, aged 53 years

At Nanticoke Friday evening, the infant daughter, 8 months old, of SIMON WORMSER. The funeral will leave the house Friday at 2 pm. Interment will be in Jewish Cemetery, Wilkes-Barre.

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

HIRAM SUTTON: distribution ordered

LENA THOMAS: sale of real estate set aside and a new sale ordered

JOHN GOULD: report of audit filed

W H TENNANT: LOREN B TENNANT appointed guardian and bond approved


Thursday evening about 100 Welshmen met at William's Hall to take into consideration the colonization of a tract of land in Webster County, Virginia. REES H RICHARDS presided and gave a very glowing and interesting account of the county, its fertility, its minerals, and its valuable forests.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Feb 15, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 11, WILLIE, son of, JOHN and MARY HANSAM, aged 2 years and 6 months

In West Pittston Feb 11, of consumption, ELIZA E, wife of B LEIDS, aged 47 years

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 14, HENRY WALLACE, aged 78 years

In Huntington Feb 10, S F MONROE, aged 68 years

In Huntington Feb 3, Mrs MOSES SPRINGER, aged 50 years

JOHNSON POLSUE, a freight conductor on the L & S road, whose foot was caught in a frog at Green Ridge while making a coupling, and his hand and foot cut off. He was removed to his home in Newtown, he seemed to be recovering, but blood poisoning set in and he died Saturday shortly after noon. He leaves a wife and several children in very poor circumstances.


The funeral of JOHN BARTON, who was killed on the LVRR track, took place yesterday. Rev R R Webster officiating. The interment was made in City Cemetery


City Cemetery:

ELIZA STOUT, 44 years, consumption

Unnamed child of JOHN RINEMAN

CATHERINE WEICHEL, 70 years, cancer and old age

SAMUEL LAHR, 30 years, consumption

MINNIE BERTHA BEINERT, 5 years, diphtheria

WILLIAM HANSOM, 2 1/2 years, whooping cough and fits

JOHN BARTON, 31 1/2 years, killed by cars

HENRY JONES, 12 years, inflammation of lungs

ALMAN BARNES, 70 years, Bright's disease

EMILY NOK, 1 month, brain fever

Hollenback Cemetery:

IDA VAOW, 26 years


JENKIN B JONES, 59 years, complication of diseases

PAUL SCHNEIDER, 13 months, catarhh and hernia

ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

JOHN RICHARD: Miner's Savings Bank of Wilkes-Barre appointed guardian of A E SWOYER

JOHN H DAVIS: citation to file final account awarded

WILLIAM AIRY: ordered that accountant pay funds to parties entitled thereto


JOHN B WOODWARD: second and partial account confirmed absolutely

THOS. FARRELL: ordered that accountant pay funds to parties entitled thereto

HIRAM SUTTON: ut supra

HELEN M STARK: report of final audit filed

BARNA SUTLIFF: distribution ordered

SAMUEL REESE: application for attachment continued

First and final account confirmed absolutely for the following estates:



G D WHISTSELL, of West Pittston, will become a resident of this city on the first of next month, taking possession of Van Campen's butcher's shop on North Main Street

EUGENE MYERS, son of the veteran policeman FRED MYERS, has returned home from his seafaring life, having been honorably discharged from the US Cruiser Alliance after three years service


"If there is't blood shed at the Sixth Ward polls, it won't be the fault of the fellows who want to shed it"

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Feb 16, 1886


In West Pittston Feb 13, DORRANCE HOWELL and Miss JENNIE ROBERTS, both of West Pittston


BUTTS VS BUTTS: decree in divorce filed


In Kingston Twp Feb 13, Mrs CATHARINE TIMLIN, aged 46

In Sebastopol Feb 14, PATRICK, son of MICHAEL KERRIGAN, aged 10 years

In Browntown Feb 14, PATRICK MCDONNELL, aged 46 years

In Plymouth Feb 14, J T SMITH, aged 54, died at his home on Main Street. Funeral takes place Wednesday evening. His remains will be taken to Tamaqua, Schuylkill Co on the 10:15 am train Wednesday. He leaves a wife and several grown-up children.

Passenger train six, bound north, on the LVRR , while passing what is known as Felter's Curve, about one mile this side of Sugar Notch, struck and instantly killed FRANK FAHEY, a laborer residing in Hanover Twp. He leaves a wife but no children.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Feb 17, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 16, BESSIE C, daughter of P S and EMMA J BOGERT, aged 3 years and 3 months, due to whooping cough and pneumonia. The funeral will be held on Thursday.

In Hazleton Feb 14, JOHN MCGLORY, age 68 years.

Mrs SILVINA FLINT, sister of M H POST of this city, died yesterday at her home in Fairmont Twp of pneumonia. She was in her 66th year. The funeral will take place Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.


El Paso Texas, Feb 16:

One of Gen Crook's scouts here says that Geronimo has asked that his meeting with Gen Crook be postponed until the 21st inst.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Feb 18, 1886


DEATHS: none


Plymouth: the lamps for the electric lights arrived this morning and will be immediately erected.

Officer J KLINE, who was at the Lehigh Valley Station last evening, by accident lost his revolver. Any one finding the same will please leave it at the police station. The weapon was a gift and is highly prized by the owner.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Feb 19, 1886


In Hazleton Feb 18 by Rev L C Washburn, T MILTON MORRIS of Jeansville, and Miss MARY WAASER of Hazleton

In Parsons Feb 18 by Rev P T Roche, WILLIAM H GOLDEN and Miss ANNIE KELLY, both of Parsons


On Tuesday (election day), a young voter came to the house of ALONZO HOUSER, Kingston. He will be obliged to remain in this country 21 years before he will be allowed to vote.


At Conway N. H. Feb 18, of paralysis, Capt MILTON DANA, brother of Hon EDMUND L DANA, of this city, aged about 64 years. Capt DANA was a son of ASA S DANA, and was born on his father's farm in Eaton Twp, opposite Tunkhannock, in Wyoming Co. about 64 years ago. ASA DANA was a son of the second ANDERSON DANA, who fell in that bloody conflict in front of Fort Wintermute on the third of July, 1778, known as the Wyoming massacre. In 1819 his father removed to the farm in Tunkhannock. (condensed)

In Wilkes-Barre Twp Feb 18, Mrs JAMES BEVAN, wife of the miner residing at the Empire, after a lengthy illness. She leaves a family of adult children. In Fairmont Twp, of pneumonia, Mrs SYLVANIA FLINT, sister of M H POST, of this city, aged 66

In Browntown Feb 16, a child of MICHAEL REDDINGTON, aged 5 years

In Pittston Feb 17, Mrs JANE HORAN, aged about 75 years

In the Northern Luzerne Poor House, Feb 16, MARY CONNOLY, aged 91 years

In Pittston Feb 17, PATRICK O'BOYLE, aged 35 years

MILTON ADAMS, a young brakeman supposed to be from Carbon Co., was killed at the foot of Ashley St yesterday. He was about to make a coupling when his thigh was caught between the bumpers and crushed. The artery was cut and he bled to death. For the past three months he had been brakeman on engine 232. He has no relatives living here, but has a father and mother living in East Penn, where the remains will be taken tomorrow. He was about twenty

years old.


The little child of JOHN LOHMANN was buried on Tuesday from their residence in Kingston

From Kingston: RICHARD PRICE, who died on Tuesday, was buried this afternoon

From Plymouth: The three month old child of Mr and Mrs CROSSEN, of Jersey Hill, was buried at the Catholic Cemetery to-day (Thursday)


JAMES PRICE, of Slocum Street in Edwardsville, was obliged to have a frostbitten toe amputated

Kingston: The only damage done the street car track by the late overflow of the Susquehanna was a slight washout at the two pond holes.

Plymouth: The electric lights will be started up tomorrow

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Feb 22, 1886


In Wilkes-Barre Feb 21, Mrs ISABELLA MCGUIGAN died yesterday morning at the residence of her daughter, Mrs JAMES MCDADE, 259 South Street. She was in the 92d year of her age and until within a few months had enjoyed good health. She was conscious to the last and died very peacefully surrounded by her children and grandchildren. A son of the deceased, PATRICK MCGUIGAN, resides on Northampton St. Another daughter has her home in Pottstown. The funeral will take place Tuesday morning from the late residence; requiem high mass at St Mary's Church and interment in the new Catholic Cemetery.


WILLIAM BENSON, employed as a laborer in the No. 5 breaker, while engaged in some duties of the mine on Wednesday, was struck by a car, thrown to the track and killed. He was 51 years old and leaves a wife and one child

ORPHAN'S COURT: Estates of:

JAMES JONES: widow's appraisement approved nisi

WM. M. BENNETT: ut supra

JAMES MOTT: distribution ordered

JULIA ANN STROH: petition of administrator to convey deed referred to examiner


EIPER VS. EIPER: formal decree of divorce filed


City Cemetery:

HENRY WALLACE, aged 77 years, typhoid pneumonia

ANNA BALIST, 1 year, croup

FLORENCE ELEY, 1 year, catarrh

ELIZA JACOBY, 1 1/2 years, croup

Unnamed child of JOHN P THOMAS

JAMES RICHARD SHIBAR, 5 months, membraneous croup

MARY BEVAN, 57 years, cancer of breast

MARY ANN JONES, 74 years, old age

Hollenback Cemetery:

CHARLES STARK, 12 years, diphtheria

BESSIE C BOGERT, 3 1/2 years, inflammation of lungs

St Nicholas Cemetery:

JOHN STEMMER, 11 years



All banks and public offices will be closed today in honor of the anniversary of the birth of the "Immortal George".

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Feb 23, 1886


In Beaver Meadow Feb 20, MARY, wife of HARRY ERWIN, aged 47 years and 28 days.

In Hazleton Feb 20, JAMES MCGLYNN, aged 42 years

In Pittston Feb 21, Mrs JACOB RITTEL, aged about 54 years

In Yatesville, of old age, MARTHA, relect of the late JOHN N HALE, aged 74 years

In Pittston Feb 20, BRIDGET, wife of MICHAEL MANGAN, aged 63 years

In Pittston Feb 21, of dropsy of the heart, WILLIAM BLACKBURN, aged 18 years

HARRY EYER, aged one year and one month, died yesterday afternoon. The funeral takes place tomorrow at 3 pm from residence, 266 East Market Street  

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Feb 24, 1886


In Plymouth Feb 20 by Rev N W Mathews, NICHOLAS BROWN, and Mrs. ABIGAIL GILL, both of Plymouth

In Forty Fort Feb 20 by Rev George Greenfield, JOHN PARKER FRITZ and Miss CATHERINE CARR, both of Luzerne Borough

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 23 by Rev W W Loomis, WILLIAM BOYCE and Miss MARY SIMPSON, both of Plymouth


At Ebervale Feb 22, SUSAN FRALICH, wife of G H GARDNER, aged 62 years

In Wilkes-Barre Feb 23, HELEN C, daughter of WILLIAM REITH, aged 16 years and 10 months.

A R WEIR, station agent of the P & R RR Co at Miner's Mills, died suddenly yesterday of paralysis. His age was about 40 years.

At Ashley, JAMES RHODY died here Monday morning at the age of 98

On Monday, Mrs MCDONALD of Parsons, mother of Mine Inspector HUGH MCDONALD and of DAVID MCDONALD, inside foreman of the Conyngham colliery, died at her home at the advanced age of 79 years. The funeral will take place today at 11 am., with interment in Plymouth


Kingston: JENNIE, the oldest of F. C. LAINS's two daughters, is very sick at her grandparents home in Pittston. Her mother died recently.

Ashley: GEORGE FLOWER is the present break twister on the new street car and WILL DENNIS is conducting

Ashley: WILLIAM FREDERICK left for Allentown yesterday to accompany the remains of his mother-in-law, who died from paralysis of the brain Wilkes-Barre: At five o'clock last evening, at St Mary's Convent, Washington Street, Miss B POWERS of Pittsburg, and Miss E GRANT of Towanda, were received into the Order of the Sisters of Mercy. This morning at 7, Miss MARY CASSIDY, daughter of Mr JOHN CASSIDY, late superintendent of the P & R RR, will make her profession. The bishop will preside.


Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Feb 25, 1886


In Wyoming Feb 23 by Rev Y C Smith, PETER K MCMILLEN, of Wyoming, and Miss EMMA I DE REMER, of Monroe In Wilkes-Barre Feb 23 by Rev R B Webster, WILLIAM T DICKIE and Miss IDA WEIDAW, all of this city

In Plymouth Feb 23 by Rev M Harvey, BERNARD TIMMS and Miss MARY WATTS PHILIPS, both of Plymouth


FRANK W MOORE and Miss JENNIE C BRINK, both of Luzerne County, were united in marriage yesterday afternoon by Justice of the Peace William Smith, of Phillipsburg.


In Buffalo NY on the 21st inst, OLLIE H FOWLER, son of M B and CARRIE A FOWLER, aged 2 years and 5 months. Funeral from the cars at Kingston at 5 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Interment at Forty Fort.

In Pittston Feb 23, of continued fever, JENNIE, oldest child of FRED C D, and the late DELLA C, LANE, aged 5 years and 5 months. Her mother's death preceeded hers only a few days. She will be buried Thursday at 2 pm from the home of Mrs M A OLIVER, Oak Street, Pittston. Mrs OLIVER is an aunt of the late Mrs LANE.

In Sugar Notch Feb 24, of sciatic rheumatism, JOHN H WILLIAMS, aged 54 years. Funeral Friday, 26th, at 2 pm. Interment in Ashley cemetery.

In Ashley Feb 22, JAMES RHODY, aged 98 years

In Miner's Mills, Feb 23, ALEXANDER ROY WIER, aged about 14 years

In Miner's Mills, Feb 20, of tumor, Mrs HARRINGTON, aged 61 years. Interment Tuesday in Hanover cemetery


Miss MARY CASSIDY, eldest daughter of Mr JOHN CASSIDY, made her profession as a Sister of the Order of Mercy at St Mary's Convent, Washington Street.

Bishop O'Hara celebrated mass in the chapel, after which the young postulent read aloud the vows which were to cut her off from all the pleasures of the world during the remainder of her life. The young lady will be known in religion as Sister Mary Aloysius, and she will become an inmate of the convent at Towanda.


Cleveland, Feb 24: Thomas A Edison, the well-known electrician, was married today to Miss Nina Miller, daughter of a prominent manufacturer


Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Feb 26, 1886


In West Pittston Feb 24, MARY JANE, wife of JOHN SCOBLE, aged 32 years, 8 months, 16 days.

In Pittston Feb 25, of paralysis, PATRICK REAP, aged 61 years


Plymouth: The electric lights are in full blast and make the few stores that are using them bright as day.

When will Kingston have electric lights?

Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Feb 27, 1886


DEATHS: none


ALVARETA KEIZER vs REUBEN KEIZER: decree in divorce filed


Telephonic messages from Nanticoke last evening stated that no work was done in the mine yesterday, but that no official announcement had been made that the attempt to reach the bodies would be abandoned. The officials are deliberating as to the best course to pursue. It is generally believed, however, both in Nanticoke and elsewhere, by all experienced miners that all attempts to reach the bodies will be useless, and that the work will be abandoned and the gangways walled in. (condensed)

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