Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Dec 15, 1885


Eight men seriously injured, four believed fatally. The list of the victims is as follows:

GEORGE MARTIN, assistant fire boss, aged about 68, married with several hildren, and residing near the mine. His skull was fractured, several ribs broken, and he was otherwise cut and bruised. At 6 pm last evening he was dying.

JOSEPH CLEARY, fire boss aged about 30, single residing at Miners Mills. His skull was fractured, arm broken, and body badly cut and bruised. His death is almost inevitable.

PETER COFFEY, miner, aged about 38, married with seven children, residing close by the mine. He is badly burned about the head, face, neck, shoulders, and arms. His recovery is very doubtful.

PETER STONE, laborer, aged about 22, single, residing near the mine. He is terribly burned about the body and probably internally also. His death is considered certain.

NICHOLAS GRAY, driver aged 16, residing at Mill Creek. Badly cut about the face and head and body bruised. One eye, it is feared, is destroyed.

JOSEPH PARDUSKI, door tender aged about 16, badly cut about the head and body and severe contusions about the back.

SAMUEL MORRIS, laborer aged about 23, single, residing at Mill Creek, severely bruised about the head and shoulders and head cut.

MICHAEL NOLAN, laborer aged about 26, married, residing at Miners Mills, cut and bruised about the head and back In addition to the above, a number of men and boys were slightly injured by being thrown to the ground or against the rib by the violence of the concussion.

The injured men were at once conveyed to their homes, and medical aid summoned.



In Hazleton Dec 10 by Rev J Wagner, GEORGE G WETTERAN and Miss KATE A BARR, both of Hazleton


In Shickshinny Dec 14, WILLIAM KOONS, an old and well known resident of Shickshinny, and a former sheriff of old Luzerne, died after an illness of several weeks at the ripe old age of nearly 86 years. He was born in Monroe Co April 14, 1800, and came to Luzerne at the age of 17, and carried on a mercantile business for 40 years. Mr KOONS was twice married, first to SARAH FULLER of Huntington Twp, and second to SUSAN BACON HORTON, (daughter of SEPTIMUS BACON). He leaves a wife and a number of grown up children, a daughter, and 8 son, among whom are: B D KOONS, the lawyer, and STERLING COONS, a business man of Shickshinny. The funeral will take place Wednesday with interment at the Scott buring ground near Waterton.

In Plymouth Dec 14, FRENCH SIMIS, aged about 76 years, died of a cancer in the stomach. He leave a wife and several children.


MARY, daughter of PATRICK NEALON of Hanover Twp, who died on Tuesday, was buried yesterday. She was 14 years old and a pupil of Preston School. She was taken to Sugar Notch Church and interred in the Catholic Cemetary. Her pallbearers were: LIZZIE HINES, BRIDGET MCGOWEN, BRIDGET MURPHY, ANNIE O'HARA, LIZZIE SULLIVAN, and NORA DORAN.


A R BACON is trimming the front of his store with evergreens for Christmas

There are 522 teachers in Luzerne Co.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Dec 16, 1885


JAMES CLEASBY and GEORGE MARTIN, the two men most seriously injured in the disaster at the Mill Creek Slope on Monday, died yesterday. CLEASBY breathed his last about noon, and MARTIN lived only about 2 hours longer.

COFFEY, the miner who was badly burned, is somewhat improved, and his physician has strong hopes of pulling him through. His laborer, PETER STONE, is in much worse condition. In addition to being terribly burned externally, he inhaled the blazing gas, and his throat and mouth are scorched. There is little or no hope of his recovery. The other injured men are all doing well, and none of them are in danger of losing their lives.

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 15, THOMAS MINOR KESLER died at 5 pm at the home of his mother on Union St, of cirrhosis of the liver, at the age of 41 years. He was the son of the late ANDREW KESLER. His brother Dr KESLER of Carbondale arrived last evening. The funeral will take place Friday at 2 pm.

In Larksville Nov 27, at the home of his parents, JAMES CORBY, aged 21 years, 4 months, and 2 days. The disease which brought to a premature end the life of this promising young man was quick consumption, supposed to have been caused by overexertion. He was a member of the Order of the Silver Star and Junior American Mechanics.

Mrs VALENTINE GORHAM, of Ashley, died on Monday at her residence, after a week's illness. She leaves six children, all quite young. The funeral will be tomorrow afternoon.


Pasteur is now treating 62 patients for hydrophobia

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Dec 17, 1885


In Edwardsville Dec 12 by Rev B W Thomas, GEORGE B JENKINS and Miss SARAH A GRIFFITHS, both of Edwardsville


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 15, DORA, wife of JACOB BERGOLD, aged 34, died Tuesday night at the family residence on Hill Street. The husband of the deceased is a brother of CHARLES BERGOLD, the well-known meat dealer. The funeral will take place Thursday at 2 pm from her late residence.

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 16, Miss CARRIE BICKART, aged 18

PETER STONE, the laborer who was so terribly burned in the explosion at the Mill Creek slope on Monday, died from his injuries after suffering intense agony. PETER COFFEY is slightly improved, but his condition is still very precarious and he may die almost at any moment.


The directors of the Central Poor District have under their care several children from 1 to 10 years of age which can be had by persons desirous of adopting children

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Dec 18, 1885


In Plymouth Dec 15 by Rev M Harvey, W H JONES and Miss ELIZABETH ANN HASLEM, both of Plymouth


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 16, FLORENCE SNYDER, daughter of SIMON SNYDER, aged 2 years and 6 months, died on Wednesday afternoon of diphtheria at the home of her parents, corner of Washington and Jackson Streets. Her grandparents, DANIEL and Mrs BRITTON, of Pottsville, are in town for the funeral, which will take place today at 3:30 pm.

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 17, JOSEPH STABELL, the well known druggist who had recently opened a new store on East Market St, died suddenly about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. On Wednesday evening, Dr L H TAYLOR was called in and found Mr STABELL suffering with violent pains in the region of the stomach. Mr STABELL was about 34 years of age and leaves a wife and two children. His sister, who resides in Cleveland, Ohio, was notified by wire of the sad event.

About six o'clock yesterday morning, Mrs MEYER, wife of JOSEPH G MEYER, the druggist of Hazle Street, died at her residence of neuralgia of the spine, the result of a severe cold contracted about three weeks ago. Her maiden name was MADDIE CANNON and her home was in Philadelphia. She was married to Mr MEYER only 15 months ago and leaves an infant daughter of three months. The deceased, though a comparative stranger in this city, had endeared herself to a large circle of friends by her gentle and lovable character. Her parents were summoned from Philadelphia and reached her yesterday. The funeral will take place Saturday at 11 am from her late residence with interment at Hollenback


In Swoyer's Patch, LAWRENCE MURRAY, the carpenter who was so badly injured by a fall in the airway of the Forty Fort colliery two weeks ago, died yesterday

In Plymouth Dec 13, Mrs MARTHA TOWNSEND, aged 78 years

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 15, Miss MARY WELLS


Hazleton Dec 17, While JOHN NISHK was feeding a pair of rollers at the Derringer Coal breaker today, he lost his balance and fell between the rollers and before they could be stopped, his whole body was drawn through them. He was crushed to death.


Veteran policeman FRED MEYERS is pushing his candidacy for high constable.

The old man has many friends in town

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Dec 21, 1885


Twenty six men are entombed 500 feet blow ground, and it is impossible to say whether they are alive or dead. The names as published in Saturday's paper was correct, and the identity of one more has been learned, DAVID WILLIAMS, a miner, aged about 35. The names of the others are still unknown. Up to 7 pm last evening, not a trace of the imprisoned men, not a sign or sound to indicate that they were still alive. The distress and grief of the relatives, friends, and families of the unfortunate men in the mine cannot be described with the pen. It can hardly be imagined. Its terrible effects have been seen in the death of Miss MAGGIE SARBER, sister of the two SARBER brothers. She was a young woman in a weakly condition and the shock of the disaster so prostrated her that on Saturday afternoon she died. Mrs DONOHUE, the mother of the doorboy who is also one of the victims, was prostrated, and is in critical condition. Another most sorely afflicted household is that of the KIVLERS. Four brothers were at work in the mine when the fatal deluge came. One was rescued with difficulty. The

other three are entombed. Their parents, an aged couple, are nearly frenzied with grief. The work of rescue has been carried on both day and night. It seems probable under all existing circumstances that today will see the fate of some of the entombed men decided. [CONDENSED FROM LONGER ARTICLE]


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 20 at St Nicholas' parsonage, Father Nagle officiating, CHARLES GRIESMER and Miss IDA DANKLE.

In Shickshinny Dec 15 by M E Walker, HORATIO E MABY and Miss IDA SIGFRIETZ, both of Conyngham Twp

In Nanticoke Dec 16 by Rev G Lyman, ARTHUR H CROWEL and Miss KATE LAVIN, both of Nanticoke

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 16, WILLIAM L THOMAS, and Mrs ESTHER DAVIS, both of Nanticoke.

In West Pittston Dec 17 by Rev J G Eckman, SAMUEL LEVI, and Miss CLARA M STEPHENS, both of West Pittston


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 20, Dr JONATHAN E BULKELEY died in the 64th year of age after a week's illness of pneumonia. He was born in this city Nov 16, 1823, his parents being JONATHAN and ELIZABETH SIMONS BULKELEY. His mother died three years ago in the 79th year of her age. During the War of Rebellion, he served three years as assistant surgeon in the 4th Pennsylvania Reserves, having been mustered out Nov 26, 1862. Upon the expiration of his term, he served as surgeon with the 100 day men. He participated in the battles of Mechanicsville, Gaine's Mill, Malvern Hill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and other engagements with the rank of Major. His wife was the widow of JAMES STARK, but his marriage was without issue. The funeral will take place Tuesday at 2 pm from the residence of his brother, C L BULKELEY, and, R B BRUNDIDGE on Union St. [CONDENSED FROM LONGER ARTICLE]

In Plymouth Dec 20, Col. ANDREW F LEVI died last night at 9 pm. Deceased was a son of DAVID LEVI, one of the earliest Welsh settlers, and former postmaster, in Plymouth. While a young man, the deceased married ELLEN, daughter of OLIVER DAVENPORT, and granddaughter of Col GEORGE P RANSOME of revolutionary fame. There were no children born to them however. Notice of the funeral will be given tomorrow. [CONDENSED]

Near Pittston Dec 16, WILLIAM KEATING, aged 53 years

ANNIE, wife of FRANK W WIVELL, of E Market St, Brewery Hill, died of consumption on Sunday morning after a long and painful illness. She will be greatly missed by her husband and five little children, the youngest of whom is only 12 years old. Mrs WIVELL was born in Scranton, but has resided in this city nearly all her life. Her maiden name was DEMPSEY. She was aged 35 years. The funeral will take place Tuesday from her residence at 10 o'clock when high mass will be celebrated at St Mary's Catholic Church, interment in Hanover Cemetary.


City Cemetary:

JOSEPH CLEASBY, aged 34 years, explosion of gas

DORTHA BERGOLD, aged 33 years, congestion of lungs

GEORGE MARTIN, aged about 68 years, explosion of gas

FLORENCE SNYDER, aged 2 years, 7 months, diphtheria

MARY WELLS, aged 26 years, tumor

Hollenback Cemetary:

THOMAS M KESLER, aged 40 years, disease of liver

Mrs MATTIE C MEYER, aged 34 years, neuralgia of spine

JOSEPH STABELL, 34 years, heart disease

St Nicholas Cemetary:

JOHN MILLER, 5 years, diphtheria

KATIE DOTZER, 7 months, weakness

St Mary's Cemetary:

PETER STONE, 30 years, Mill Creek

ANTHONY LENAHAN, 33 years, Sugar Notch

PETER CAFFREY, 53 years, Plains

LAWRENCE MURRAY, 31 years, Kingston

THOMAS CONWAY, 13 months, city


WALTER JONES, a former townsman, who left here 8 years ago for Monterey

Mexico, arrived here at midnight. He left on the early train this morning

to visit his parents in Nanticoke.


New York Dec 20, Thomas A Edison, the inventor, has resumed his work on the phonograph, which he abandoned in 1878 to perfect his electric light. He is now building one with a five foot wheel, to be driven by steam, the sound from which will be transmitted to a wheel forty times its diameter, which will have a funnel thirty feet long and give forth a sound thirty times louder than the human voice.


Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Dec 22, 1885


All hope of finding the imprisoned miners alive is given up; rescue operations from the air shaft have been stopped. Rescuers had reached within 20 feet of the end of the slope, when with a sudden rush, they were overwhelmed with a mass of culm and dirt. So swift was it in its movement, that the four leading men, JAMES TURNER, JOHN ABSALOM, JOSEPH WARNE, and JOHN DAVIS, were partially overwhelmed. The four rescuers were only slightly cut and bruised. The names of the victims are as follows:

THOMAS CLIFFORD, doorboy, 14 years

WILLIAM DELANEY, driverboy, 14 years

WILLIAM ELKIE, runner, 19 years

EDWARD HARGRAVES, miner, 21 years

JOHN HAWK, laborer, 30 years, single

WADISLAW JELGOSHINSKI, laborer, aged 23 years

OLIVER KIVLER, miner, 27 years, married

WILLIAM KIVLER, laborer, 17 years

FRANK KIVLER, 32 years, married

MAUX LONGOLKI, driver, aged 17 years

ABRAM LEWIS, miner, 42 years, married

ANDREW LOWE, married, 25 years, married

VINCENT LUKE, laborer, age unknown, married

EDWARD MATHEWS, laborer, 20 years

AUGUST MATULE, miner, 45 years, 6 children

PETER MATTLEWICZ, laborer, age unknown, single

JOSEPH MCCARTY, miner, aged 23 years, married

JOHN NOWACH, laborer, age unknown, single

ABRAM RUBINSKI, laborer, age unknown, single

ISAAC SARVER, miner, 28 years, married, 2 children

JOHN SARVER, laborer, 21 years, single

JOHN SHUTT, miner, 28 years, married

THOMAS WILLIAMS, laborer, 21 years, single


In Hazleton Dec 19 by Rev T Bateman, GEORGE ARCHIBALD and Miss MARGARET UNBEWUST, both of Hazleton.

In Hazleton Dec 19 by Rev T Bateman, JOHN WATKINS and Miss LAURA EVERT, both of Jeansville.

In Drifton Dec 20 by Rev Father Fallihee, CORNELIUS BOHAN, of Drifton, and Miss BRIDGET WARD, of Freeland


ED CONNOR is the happiest man in Plymouth, all on account of a Christmas present presented to him by his wife. It's a girl.

A new saloonist arrived in Plymouth in the person of a young LEO FREEMAN, who was born yesterday.


Yesterday, ROBERT GIBBONS, an old resident of Wilkes-Barre, died at his home, corner of Hill and Jones Sts, of tumor in the stomach, aged 62 years, after an illness of three months. He is survived by his wife and two children, -W R GIBBONS, the well-known attorney, and JAMES E GIBBONS. The funeral will take place Wednesday at 9 from his late residence. Requiem high mass will be said in St Mary's Catholic Church, and interment will be made in the new Catholic Cemetary.

In Plymouth Dec 21, WILLIAM DUCK, aged 46 years, a miner and well-known resident, died about 1 pm after a brief illness. He leaves a wife and several children

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Dec 23, 1885


Mrs JOHN CRAIG, of 41 Railroad St: a daughter


MCCLELLAN MIKEL, a young man 20 years of age, was chopping trees on the farm of ALFRED MCHENRY, near Cambra, on Monday, when he met with an accident that proved fatal. In some way he got under a falling tree, and was struck with such violence as to fracture his skull. He died the next morning.


The bodies of the victims of the Great Disaster at Nanticoke are not yet recovered. The mining of coal is to be resumed today. Other means of the recovery of their bodies will be explored. [CONDENSED]


Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Dec 24, 1885


In Phillipsberg, NJ Dec 21 by Rev J R Bryan, WILLIAM M WILLIAMS and Miss HANNAH B MOYER, both of Hazleton


In Dallas Dec 23, of consumption, MARY C., wife of JOHN J RYMAN, died at her home yesterday; she was 34 years of age and a sister of Mrs CHARLES LAW, of


Hon. GEORGE JUDGE, who has been ill for some time at his home in Cork Lane, died Tuesday night, aged 62 years. His affliction was dropsy, and he suffered much pain. Mr Judge was elected to the State Legislature of 1876, over his competitor, JOHN B DANIELS, by a nearly 300 majority. Mr JUDGE was born in Crossmalina, County Mayo, Ireland, September 2, 1823, was educated at a select school, was a carpenter by trade, and has occupied various postions of trust in Pittston Township, where he has resided for many years. His funeral will be attended on Friday.

In Hazleton Dec 22, Mrs MARY MCCUE


The high esteem in which Col ANDREW F LEVI was held at his home was testified to by the large number of Plymouth people who attended his funeral yesterday. A touching picture of his life was given by the officiating clergyman, Rev. J Labar, pastor of the M. E. Church, of which the deceased had been a member. The burial was after the Masonic ritual , Lodge 332, F. & A. M., performing this impressive duty. Interment was made in the new cemetary. The pallbearers were: H C BRODHEAD, E W MARPLE, Dr C H WILSON, S U SHAFFER, JOHN A OPP, and S L FRENCH.

The funeral of PATRICK ROWAN, of Welsh Hill, who died Monday of pneumonia, took place yesterday. Services were held at the St Vincent R C Church, Rev Father Donohue officiating.


The names of the unfortunate men and boys who have fallen victims to this terrible disaster are as follows. The list is now believed to be correct, although there is another victim, a Hungarian, whose name cannot be learned.


WILLIAM ELKIE, runner boy


MARX LONGUSKI, driver boy

OLIVER KIVLER, miner, married

WILLIAM KIVLER, laborer, single

FRANK KIVLER, miner, married

THOMAS WILLIAMS, laborer, single

EDWARD HARGRAVES, miner, single

ABRAM LEWIS, miner, married

EDWARD MATHEWS, laborer, single

JOSEPH MCCARTY, miner, married five months

AUGUST MATULE, miner, married

ADAM RUBINSKI, laborer, married

ISAAC SARVER, miner, single

JOHN SARVER, laborer, single

ANDREW LOW, miner, married

JOHN SHUTT, miner, married

VINCENT LUKE, laborer, married

JOHN HAWK, laborer, single

JOHN NOWACH, laborer, single


PETER MONTELEWICZ, laborer, single

J. ADOMOSCHICK, miner, married

JOHN DRAJNA, miner, single


FRANK KLINE, son of Policeman KLINE, got his finger cut off in R BAUR'S Potter press on Tuesday. This is bad weather for printer's fingers.

The District Telegraph boys will have no Christmas surcease from toil. They

work every day in the year, except an occasional Sunday off.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Fri, Dec 25, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 23 by Rev H E Hayden, WILLIAM CARTER and Miss IDA G WHITE, both of Wilkes-Barre

In Hazleton Dec 24 by Rev E A Bauer, SAMUEL HILL and Miss KATE RIMBACH, both of Jeanesville

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 24 by Rev J W Woehrle, WILLIAM H SHULER and Miss MAGGIE C SEYBERT, both of Wilkes-Barre.

In Rippletown, Wright Twp, Dec 10 by Rev G W Headley, AARON COLEMAN and Miss LIZZIE CASTNER, both of Wright Twp.


Mrs MARY HODGDON, widow of SAMUEL HODGDON, formerly of Port Blanchard, who some six or seven weeks ago was burned by the breaking of a lamp, since which sad mishap she has lingered, though a great sufferer, expired at half past eleven o'clock. Mrs HODGDON was a daughter of JOHN BLANCHARD and grand daughter of JEREMIAH BLANCHARD. The latter was in command of the Pittston company and stockade on the east side of the river on the bloody 3rd of July 1778, but was not permitted to participate in the battle in front of Fort Wintermute on that fatal day. Her father, JOHN BLANCHARD, was one of the pioneer coal operators of the valley, and she was born on the BLANCHARD estate, a short distance below the old captain's modest homestead on the banks of the Susquehanna some 63 years ago. Her mother, who is a sister of THOMAS LAZARUS, of Hanover Twp, still resides in her husband's old home, and is yet in the enjoyment of good health, though now past 81 years of age.

SAMUEL HODGDON, husband of the deceased, was a brother of Mrs Dr GEORGE URQUHART, of this city. Deceased leaves a family of several sons and daughters, all grown to adult age. Her sons GEORGE and SAMUEL, as well as daughters LIZZIE and MARY, live at Port Blanchard; besides these, there are two sons living in the western country. Mrs C I A CHAPMAN of Pittston, and Mrs Col PETER ALLABACH of Washington, DC are her sisters, also Mrs FRICK and Mrs FANNIE SAYLOR. Her brothers, DAVID, EBENEEZER, JEREMIAH BLANCHARD reside in Pittston. Mrs ANDREW KESLER of this city, and Mrs Dr J E BULKELEY, recently widowed, are cousins of the deceased. The funeral will be on Saturday at 1 pm from her late home.


Wilkes-Barre Record, Sat, Dec 26, 1885


In Edwardsville Dec 24, by Rev R W Thomas, WILLIAM ALLEN and Miss CELIA DAVIES, both of Edwardsville

In Edwardsville Dec 24, by Rev R W Thomas, GEORGE M DAILY and Miss HATTIE M BENNET, of Scranton and Edwardsville respectively

In Stillwater Dec 15, by Rev D M Kintner, WARREN WEAVER, of Fishingcreek Twp, and Miss ATTA K MCHENRY, daughter of the late Hon E J MCHENRY of Stillwater.

In Drifton Dec 20, by Rev Father Fallihee, CORNELIUS BONNER, of Drifton, and

Miss BRIDGET WARD of Freeland


The situation at Nanticoke remains unchanged. The announcement that a shaft was to be sunk from the surface, directly over the spot where the bodies are supposed to be, is not true. The bodies will be reached through the gangway from slope 2, and a large force of men are kept at work there night and day. To many homes in Nanticoke, Christmas brought none of its usual rejoicing and festivities. The terrible disaster seemed to throw a shade of gloom over the whole town, and even in those households not directly affected by the calamity the remembrances of the fate of the unfortunate men and boys entombed in the mine took off much of the pleasure of the Christmas festivities.


Luzerne County now has about 20 camps of the Patriotic Order Sons of America. The latest is at Rock Glen.

It is a metropolitan custom to publish authorized lists of ladies receiving New Year's calls. The "RECORD" has been asked to prepare such a list. We will be glad to have names sent to this office for publication next Friday morning.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Mon, Dec 28, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 24 by Alderman Parsons, DENNIS BOYLE, of West Nanticoke, and Miss CORA ZIEGLER of Wyoming

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 25 by Rev J O Woodruff, LINCOLN H WILLIAMS, and Miss LOUISA E KOHL

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 25 by Rev A R Palmer, W H RICHARDSON and Miss HELEN E WELCOME, both of Wilkes-Barre


The good wife of Lawyer Q A GATES presented him with a promising heir yesterday morning.


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 25 of paralysis, ELIZA CRAIG, aged 83 years

In Miners Mills Dec 24, JAMES CORCORAN

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 27 of diphtheritic croup, GEORGE ALLEN, son of late BENJAMIN GARRISON, aged 1 year and 10 months

Saturday night in Plains, AUGUSTUS WATERSTEIL, aged about 45, leaving a wife and two children. Mr WATERSTEIL had been ill with paralysis about 4 months.


How to rescue the bodies now is a very serious problem, when a fresh fall of sand may be expected at any moment. The company is very anxious to recover

the bodies, but shrinks from sacrificing any more of the men.


City Cemetary:

MONROE MILLS, 2 days, heart disease

Unnamed child of BENJ DAVEY

JACOB SNYDER, 67 years, nerve fever

WILLIAM EVANS, 4 years, dropsy

ARTHUR BEVAN, 3 years, croup

MARY ANN MARTIN, 1 month 19 days, croup

Hollenback Cemetary:

J E BULKELEY, 62 years, pneumonia and complications

DOUGLAS HAND, 4 1/2 years, diphtheria

Mrs MARY HODGDON, 62 years, injuries received from breaking of a lamp

St Mary's Cemetary:


JOHN MCNEE, 1 year

Mrs ANN WIBELL, 35 years



ORPHANS COURT: Estates of:

NATHAN HOUTZ: Final account confirmed absolutely

JOHN NOBLE: Exceptions to first partial account held under advisement

CATHERINE SHELLHAMMER: First and partial account approved


AMZI WILSON: Opinion filed


ABRAHAM LONG: widow's appraisement approved nisi

LEWIS B HARRIS: ut supra

LOUISA OWENS: ut supra


SAMUEL REESE: Rule granted to show cause

JESSE B SCHOOLEY: Hearing of first and final account of administrator


Adjourned to Monday.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Tue, Dec 29, 1885


L J HARTE, of the Wilkes-Barre Western Union Telegraph office, has taken unto himself a wife. On Thursday last, he went down to Pamrapo, N. J. , and on Saturday afternoon at the home of the bride's parents was united in marriage to Miss ANNIE E RATHYEN, daughter of J F RATHYEN, of that place.

The nuptial was performed by the Rev Mr Simpson of the M E Church in the presence of a few friends. Mr HARTE returned to Wilkes-Barre yesterday, his bride will join him in a few weeks.

WILLIAM ALLEN and Miss CELIA EVANS were married at Edwardsville, on Thursday

evening, Dec 24, by the Rev Benjamin Jones, at the residence of the pastor.


Mrs HARRIET CARLOW, widow of the late P W CARLOW, died at her residence in Wyoming at 10 o'clock Sunday. She was in the 78th year of her age, and for many years had been a resident of the town. She has been a resident of the Wyoming Valley over 50 years. Her funeral will take place at her late residence in Wyoming, on Tuesday afternoon. Interment at Forty Fort cemetary.

SIMON BIOSTUSKA'S daughter, who was burnt about two weeks ago, died on Saturday from her injuries.

ALEXANDER YOURSKUSKIE'S 14 year old daughter died to-day from a burn received last week.

Early Sunday morning, WILLIAM WRIGHT, proprietor of a saloon in Plains Township dropped dead from heart disease. He leaves a wife but no children Hazleton Dec 28: the dead body of MATACHI BRENNAN, a man 40 years of age, was found lying long the turnpike, leading to Shenandoah, this morning. He had started to walk to his home in Shenandoah last night and was frozen, the weather being extremely cold.


The officials of the Susquehanna Coal Co. have not given up hope of finding the remains of 25 of their employees, who perished in No. 1 slope a week ago last Friday.

The work of opening up the main gangway is being pushed forward as speedily as possible. Three shifts work eight hours each. Superintendent GEORGE T MORGAN said it will take four or five weeks at least. "After we reach the main gangway we expect to find any amount of quicksand, culm, and water, ready to rush down upon the men, probably without warning... One hundred cars of debris are being taken out through the slope daily now. " A meeting of citizens resolved last night that an effort be made to raise funds for the helpless relatives of the entombed men. [CONDENSED]

Wilkes-Barre Record, Wed, Dec 30, 1885


In Wilkes-Barre Dec 29,at St Mary's Church by Rev Father O'Haran, WILLIAM CONWAY and Miss ANNIE MOONEY, both of Wilkes-Barre. The groom is a conductor on the Lehigh Valley RR, and now that he has switched off into the sea of matrimony, his many friends wish him a happy voyage.

In Kingston Dec 26 by Rev A. Griffin, BUTLER PACE of Larksville, and Miss VINNIE PEARD of Edwardsville.


In Wyoming Dec 27, Mrs HARRIET CARLOW, widow of P W CARLOW, in the 78th year of her age.


CHARLES ROTH, a boy employed as a runner in the Diamond Colliery, was yesterday caught between moving cars, and seriously injured. He was removed to his home on Northampton St, but his recovery is said to be doubtful.

In the same mine on Monday, PETER GALLAGHER, living on Grant St, was caught under a fall of bony coal and sustained serious injury to the back and spine. He was in a precarious position yesterday


The Nanticoke relief committee met last night in Broadway Hall and decided to issue the following appeal to the sympathetic public: "On Dec 18, 1885, 26 persons were entombed in slope No. 1, of the Susquehanna Coal Co., at Nanticoke by a cave-in of quicksand and water, which filled up nearly all of the immediate workings and effectually cut off all hopes of rescuing the unfortunate men alive. The victims were the support of some 20 families, all of whom are left in destitute circumstances, and all are worth of public charity. The Committee of Relief therefore makes this appeal to the generous public and confidently hope it will be liberally responded to. Contributions will be received by either the President, Rev T C LYMAN, or B E ROBINSON, financial secretary, at Nanticoke, and will be duly acknowleded and faithfully applied."

Signed: Rev T C LYMAN, President,

B E ROBINSON, secretary,

JOHN I ABSOLOM, corresponding secretary, and,

J C BRADER, treasurer


While going up North Washington Street yesterday morning heavily loaded, JACOB FALK'S meat wagon broke down, one wheel coming off.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Thu, Dec 31, 1885


In Scranton Dec 29 by Rev Father McAndrews, JOHN G GAUGHAN, of Pittston, and Miss TERESA A LAHEY, of Scranton.

In Wapwallopen Dec 17 by Rev S Sidney Kohler, MAHLON A PETERS of Hobbie, and Miss SARAH C EROH, of Dorrance

In Wapwallopen Dec 19 by Rev S Sidney Kohler, NORMAN D PETERS of Hobbie, and

MARGARET E EROH, of Dorrance

In Wapwallopen Dec 24 by Rev S Sidney Kohler, E W GILROY of Nanticoke, and

Miss JENNIE MINNICK, of Briggsville

In Hazleton Dec 24 by the Rev James C Clark, THOMAS PENN, and Miss JESSIE ZEARDT, both of Ebervale

In Hazleton Dec 26 by the Rev James C Clark, C W HALL and Miss JANE MARSLAND, both of Milnesville.

In Conyngham Dec 26 by the Rev J J Kuntz, JOHN M HELLER and Miss JULIA E MCMURTRIE, both of Conyngham

In Hazleton Dec 25 by the Rev E A Bauer, CHARLES F SCHAAR and Miss KATE PANCO, both of Tomhicken

In Hazleton Dec 29 by the Rev E A Bauer, HENRY CULP of Hamboldt, and Miss FREDERICKA HILGERT, of Hazleton


In Ebervale Dec 27, SEPTIMUS TRESCOTT, aged 78 years

In Wilkes-Barre Dec 30, Mrs CAROLINE DAVIE, aged 37 years and 1 month, wife

of BENJAMIN DAVIE, and mother of three children, of hemorrhage of the heart.

Funeral from her late residence 235 Hazle Street, Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment in Hollenback Cemetary. [NOTE; in a related article "DAVEY"]


Dec 30: JEFF LEWIS, who lives on Main St, Plymouth, while at work at the Parrish Coal Co.'s colliery, Tuesday, had his hand squeezed between the bumpers. The thumb and two fingers were taken off and he is now getting along very nicely.


Plymouth: The electric light plant will be here in a few days. Mr RILEY, the Nanticoke electrician, is in town rendering his valuable aid in the work of erecting the light.

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