Barbara Rentenbach of Knoxville Tennessee sent me some pages from the July 1989 of MEIN HEIMATLAND,a supplement to a larger newspaper distributed in certain parts of the province of Hessen in Germany. I was gratified to find names of many early immigrants to the Hazleton area. The author of the article "*Emigranten aus dem Kreis Hersfeld in Hazleton/Pennsylvania 1865-1870"* is Wolfgang G. Fischer of Heimboldshausen/Wiesbaden. He visited Hazleton, extracted the information from church records, matched the names to the towns in Germany, and produced the following piece which I have translated to English. I reproduce the translation minus the introduction to the article. If you are researching the following names or their variations, this data will be of interest to you:

Adam, Altmueller Altmiller, Assmann Aszmann Ashmann*,
Bachmann*, Baum*, Beisheim, Bleckwill Blackwell*, Bock*, Boding, Boettcher* Bettcher, Brill*, Brust*, Buettner Bettner Bedner,
Degenhardt*, Deisroth* Teisroth, Diegemann, Diehl* Deal* Diel*, Diessen, Dippel*, Dippock, Doernberg Dornberg Dirnberg,
Ehmer Aimer, Ehrow Erow Eroh*, Eichler, Eisel, Erbe* Erb*,
Fey* Fay*, Fischer* Fisher*, Fuchenroth, Fuehrer Fairer,
George* Gorg Georg, Gicking* Guecking, Goetz* Getz*, Griessing*, Gunz Kunz Koontz,
Hahn, Hassenpflug, Haudel, Hebel, Heckenroth, Heiderich Heidenreich*, Heiner Heinn*, Hellwig, Herwig, Herzig, Herzog, Hildebrandt Hildebrand*, Hoffmann*, Hopf, Jaeger Jager Yaeger* Yager,
Kerstner Kirshner*, Kershner* Kerstner, Koech Koch*, Koehler* Keller* Kohler*, Koellner Kellner*, Koenig* Kanig Konig King, Koerper Korper, Kohlhass Kolhouse, Krapf*, Krause* Krouse* Crouse*, Krueck Kruck*, Kuenhold,
Laemmerhirt, Lapp*, Lorchheim,
Malkemas Malkemus Markelmus, Metz*, Missinger Messanger, Mohr* Moore, Mueller* Miller* Muller*,
Nenstiel*, Noelke,
Pfalzgraf, Pfankuch, Pippert,
Rausch, Reinhardt* Rinehart* Reinart*, Reihnmueller Reimiller* Reinmiller* Rinemiller, Reiss* Rice*, Riess Ries* Rees Reese*, Ringleben* Ringlaben*, Rohrbach*, Rosenstock*, Rothem Rothemel, Ruch*, Rudolph*, Rueger*,
Saeger* Sager*, Sauer* Sower, Sauster, Schade* Shade, Schaub*, Schellhaus, Schirmer*, Schmauch*, Schminke, Schreiner* Shriner, Schubert, Schucart Schugart* Schugard*, Schutter Shutter, Shaeffer Shaffer, Specht, Spoerer Sporer, Spohr Spor, Stauffenberg Stauffenberger, Stein* Stone*, Suessman Susman*,
Thamer Damer Dahmer, Trieshmann,
Ulrich*, Unbewusst Unbewust, Utter,
Volkenand*, Volkhardt Vollkert*, Volmer,
Wagner*, Wambach, Wambach, Wehner* Venner Verner, Weitz, Wendel*, Wendt, Wettrau*, Wiegand*, Wiessenborn, Wolfskeul,
Ziegenbein, Zierdt.

There are a large number of footnotes to the article. I didn't include them. Perhaps that should be made clear to those who consult the database. A few of them give pertinent additional info about relationships. I would be glad to translate any of them if I'm asked to do so by researchers.
Questions about entries? Contact June Dittbrenner Nessler

*Names found in 1997 Donnelly directory (phone book)
**Emigrants from the County of Hersfeld {Germany} to Hazleton, Pennsylvania 1865-1870.
b/capital letter = born in the town under which the name appears.
o/capital letter= of the town under which the name appears.
sp/b = sponsored by.
dau = daughter



Heinrich HEIDERICH b/A, married to Catharina ZIEGENBEIN b. in Ronshausen, living in Stockton; a son, George Friedrich b. 4 Feb 1867/bapt 10 Mar. S/b: George SCHREINER and wife Elizabeth STEIN; a dau Anna Catherina b. 1 Jul 1869 bapt 25 Jul. Sp/b: Adam WAMBACH and wife Anna Christine.

Peter HUGO b/A, married to Margaret Elizabeth KOHLHAAS also from there, living in Hazleton; a dau Elizabeth b. 13 Oct 1868/bapt 15 Nov. Sp/b: Elizabeth ROSENSTOCK nee GOETZ.

George ROHRBACH b/A, married to Maria SCHMINKE b. Hazleton where they now live; dau Catherina b. 17 Aug 1866/bapt 16 Sep. S/p: Catherina SCHMINKE.


Johannes KLEE o/D, married to Catherina Elizabeth WIESSENBORN of Braunhausen, living in Hazleton; son Johann George b. 26 Mar 1866/bapt 6 May. Sp/b: George JAEGER and his wife Anna WIESSENBORN; a son Johannes Heinrich b. 22 Apr 1868/bap 1 June. S/b: Johann Heinrich KLEE; a son Johann Adam b. 12 Jul 1870/bapt 31 Jul. Sp/b: Adam WIESSENBORN.

Heinrich KLEE o/D, married to Margaretha BOETTCHER of Hoerschel in Grossherzogtum Sachsen-Weimar, living in Hazleton; a son Martin b. 4 Aug 1867/bapt 22 Sept. Sp/b: Martin BOETT; a dau Anna Louise b. 6 May 1869/bap 6 Jun. Sp/b: the parents themselves.


Maria WOLFSKEUL b/E, married to Rudolph KOELLNER of Suess, living in Hazleton; a dau Gertrude Margarethe b. 11 Aug 1865/bapt 24 Sept. Sp/b: Gertrude WAGNER.


Johannes RIESS o/E, married to Maria HOPF of Dippoch (Sachsen-Weimar), living in Tresckow, in 1870 in Mt. Pleasant; a son Adam b. 24 Jul 1865/bapt 17 Sep.Sp/b: Adam HOPF; a dau Anna Sabine b. 15 June 1867/bapt 14 Jul. Sp/b: Anna Sabine HOPF; a son Johannes George b. 21 Jan 1870/bap 6 Mar. Sp/b: Johannes George RUDOLPH.

(Johann) Peter Riess o/E, a tailor, b. about 1841, son of the farmer Jacob Riess married in Hazleton 28 June 1869 to the daughter of the cabinetmaker Heinrich SCHMAUCK, Catherina Elizabeth SCHMAUCK of Sugarloaf, now living in Beaver Meadows; a dau Elizabeth Mathilde b. 5 May 1870/bapt 29 May 1870. Sp/b: Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth SCHMAUCK nee MOHR.


Elizabeth HOFFMANN b/F married to Johannes HILDEBRANDT b. in Kleinensee living in Switzerland; a dau Anna Barbara b. 19 Dec 1866/bap 25 Feb 1867. Sp/n Anna Barbara HOFFMANN.*

*I do not know why the above entry was included unless it somehow connected to the one below. JN

Eva Elizabeth HOFFMANN b/F married George HILDEBRANDT b. in Kleinensee, living in Rice Township; a dau Catherina Elizabeth b. 5 July 1868/bap 1 Aug. Sp/b: Eva Elizabeth HILDEBRANDT nee HERZOG.


Anna Margaretha DIEHL o/F married to Adam BACHMANN of Solz, living in Stockton; a daughter Anna Dorothea, 1 April 1867/bap 21 Apr 1867. Sp/b: Dorothea BACHMANN.

Anton HERWIG o/F married to Elizabeth KEGEL of Solz, living in Stockton; a son Balthazar b. 31 Jul 1865/bapt 10 Sep 1865. Sp/b: Balthazar HERWIG; a son George b. 14 Nov 1867/bap 22 Dec 1867. Sp/b: George HERWIG; about midnight between the 19th and 20th April 1870/bapt 1 Mai. Sp/b: Conrad WENDT and wife CHRISTINE nee RUEGER.

Balthazar HERWIG o/F married to Marthe UNBEWUST of Grossbreitenbach (supposedly in Kurhessen), living in Hazleton; a foster dau Elizabeth b. 29 Jan 1867/bapt 24 Mar 1867. Sp/b: Elizabeth KEGEL; a dau Catherine b. 6 Aug 1868/bap 30 Aug 1868. Sp/b: Catherine UNBEWUST.

Christiane REI(h)NMU(E)LLER o/F married to Johann Gottlieb SAEGER of Sindelfingen (supposedly in Kurhessen) living in Tresckow; a daughter Christiane b. 16 Aug 1866/bap 25 Nov 1866. Sp/b: Christian KOERPER and Sibille KOERPER.

George REINMUELLER o/F, married to Sarah Ann HORN of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, living in Tresckow; a son David Ludwig b. 22 Mar 1867/bap 4 Aug. Sp/b: David and Louise Mueller; a son Carl August 21 Feb 1870/bapt 5 June. Sp/b: Johannes REIMOELLER and Mrs. Martha REIMOELLER.

Margarethe REI(N)MU(E)ULLER o/F married to Johannes FUEHRER of Sachsen-Weimar, living in Hazleton; a son Heinrich b. 12 Feb 1869/bapt 15 Aug 1870. Sp/b: Mrs. Catherine SAUSTER.

Conrad RUDOLPH o/F married to Margarethe BEISHEIM of Blankenbach, living in Stockton; A dau Margarethe b. 3 Oct 1866/bapt 21 Oct. Sp/b: Peter EHROW and wife Gertrude nee KRAPF; a dau Anna b. 12 Mar 1869/bapt 18 Apr. Sp/b: Luis BLECKWILL and wife Sabina.


Anna Barbara METZ b/G, married to Casper FISCHER, b. in Heimboldshausen, living near Hazleton; a son Fallenthin b. 28 Feb 1867/bapt 24 Mar 1867. Sp/b: F. EHMER; a dau Martha Elizabeth b. 19 Nov 1869/bap 12 Dec. Sp/b: Mrs. Martha Elizabeth KIRSCHNER nee FISCHER.


Casper FISCHER o/H married to Anna Barbara METZ. (see Gethsemane).

Christine KRUECK o/H married to Christian BOCK (see Hilmes).

George KRUECK o/H married to Elizabeth SCHUTTER of Hazleton, living in Hazleton; a son Heinrich Christian Noah b. 19 Jan 1870/bapt 6 Feb. Sp/b: Heinrich MUELLER and Christine KRUECK.

Martha Elizabeth KRUECK o/H married 30 Dec 1860 in Hazleton to George MUELLER of Foertha in Sachsen, living in Hazleton; a dau Christine Elizabeth 20 Feb 1869/bapt 25 Apr. Sp/b: Mrs. Christine BOCK nee BACHMANN.

Peter METZ o/H married to Martha SCHMIDT of Butendorf, living in Lattimer; a son Peter b. 23 Mar 1867/bap 26 May 1867. Sp/b: his own parents.

August SAUER o/H married to Barbara Elizabeth SCHADE of Netra, living in Hazleton; a son Johann Heinrich Marthin b. 2 Jan 1866/bapt 28 Jan 1866. Sp/b: Heinrich FEY.

(Anna) Margaret SAUER married 10 Feb 1861 in Hazleton to Assman WIEGAND. Witnesses: Joel BUETTNER and August SAUER.

Martha SAUER o/H married to Heinrich FEY of Mitterode, living in Hazleton; a dau Anna Martha Catherina b. 21 Nov 1865/bapt 10 Dec. Sp/b: Anna FEY and Catherina FEY.


Heinrich EICHLER b/H married to Julie(Julianna) KRAUSE born in Kleinensee, living in Hazleton; a son Johannes b. 6 Oct/bapt 25 Dec 1866. No Sp; a son Heinrich b. 4 Oct 1866/bapt 10 Jan. Sp/b: Heinrich KLEE.

Adam DIEHL b/H married to Dorothy BACHMANN born in Nentershausen, living in Stockton; a daughter Martha b. 22 Dec 1866/bapt 13 Jan. Sp/b: M. BACHMANN; a daughter Anna Margaretha b. 18 Nov 1868/bapt 13 Dec. Sp/b: Mrs. Anna Margarethe BACHMANN nee DIEHL; a dau Elizabeth b. 19 Feb 1870/bapt 20 Mar. Sp/b: Mrs Elizabeth SCHADE nee MARKELMUS.

Wilhelmina LORCHHEIM born in Herfa married to Friedrich August NOAH born in Burkhardtsdorf/Sachsen, living in Hazleton; a dau Maria Wilhelmine b. 19 Oct 1869/bapt 7 Nov. Sp/b: Wilhelmina LORCHHEIM.


Elizabeth RIESS o/H, married to Christoph BAUM of Iba, living in Hazleton; a son Johannes Bathazar b. 20 Feb 1869/bapt 28 MAr. Sp/b: Witwe Anna Catherina BAUM.


Catherina NENSTIEL b/Ronshausen and living in Stockton, married to George HAHN b/H, living in Germany; an illigitemate son Heinrich b. 8 Dec 1865/bapt 31 Dec 1865. Sp/b: George PFANKUCH and his wife Elizabeth HAHN (possibly fr (see) Motzfeld).


Christian BOCK oH married to Christine KRUECK of Heimboldshausen, living in Hazleton; a daughter Elizabeth b. 16 Jun 1866/bapt 8 Jul. Sp/b: Heinrich DEISROTH and wife Elizabeth ROTHEM(EL?); a son Johann Heinrich b. 14 Mai 1870/bapt 5 Jun. Sp/b: Kohannes Heinrich Bock.


Eva Elizabeth BRILL o/K married to Wilhelm DIPPEL of Suess, living in Hazleton; a son Wilhelm b. 13 Feb 1866/bapt 4 Mar. Sp/b: Rebecca DIPPEK and Karl BRILL; a dau Margaretha Elizabeth b. 13 Dec 1867/bap 12 Jan 1868. sp/b: Margaret KOENIG; a dau Anna Marie b. 25 Jun 1869/bapt 11 Jul. Sp/b: Anna Maria BRILL.

(Anna) Margaretha BRILL o/K married to Johannes Friedrich KOENIG of Machtlos, living in Hazleton; a daughter Eva Elizabeth b. 17 Jul 1867/bapt 27 Oct. Sp/b: Witwe KOEHLER; a dau Marthe Elizabeth b. 4 Jan 1869/bapt 7 Mar. sp/b: Witwe KOENIG of Tamaqua; a son Karl Friedrich b. 18 May 1870/bapt 19 Jun. sp/b: Carl BRILL.

Anna Elizabeth ERBE o/K married to Johannes HOPF of Dippach, living in Tresckow; a dau Anna MAria b. 3 Jun 1866/bap. 29 Jul. sp/b: Anna Maria REISS (RIES?).

Carl HAUDEL o/K married to Amelia ASSMAN of Frankenhausen in Fuerstentum Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, living in Jeansville; a dau Anna Louise b. 1 Dec 1865/bapt 18 Mar. Sp/b; none; a dau Friederike b. 10 Nov 1867/bapt 1 Mar. Sp/b: Frederike ASSMANN; a dau Elizabeth b. 10 Sep 1869/bapt 19 Sep: Sp/b: Mrs. Elizabeth KOECH.

George HILDEBRANDT o/K married to Anna Martha BACHMAN of Nentershausen, living in Stockton; a son Adam b. 11 Jul 1869/bapt 20 Jul. Sp/b: Adam BACHMAN

George HILDEBRANDT o/K married to Eva Elizabeth HOFFMANN. (See Fischbach)

Johannes HILDEBRANDT o/K married to Elise GEORGE of Weissenhasel, living in Blackcreek; a daughter Anna Elizabeth b. 20 Apr 1870/bapt 29 May. Sp/b: Anna Elizabeth LAEMMERHIRT born in Kister.

Johannes HILDEBRANDT o/K married to Elizabeth HOFFMANN. (See Fischbach)

Johannes Adam HILDEBRANDT o/K married to Julianna EHROW of Butler Township, living in Butler Valley; a dau b. Catherina Elizabeth b. b.27 Feb 1866/bapt 31 Mar. Sp/b: Catherine Hildebrandt; a son Siemon Nicholas b. 26 Mar 1868/bapt 31 May. Sp/b: Siemon and Nicholas HILDEBRANDT.

Nicholas HILDEBRANDT o/K married to Elizabeth HERZIG (see Widdershausen).

Siemon HILDEBRANDT o/K married to Catherina VOLKHARDT from Kleinensee, living in the small woods behind Milnesville in 1869 in Milnesville; a dau Maria Christine b. 23 Dec 1866/bapt 7 Jan. Sp/b: Maria Christina BRILL; a son Nicholas Siemon b. 21 Nov 1869/bapt 27 Dec. Sp/b: Nicholas HILDEBRANDT.

Anna Eva JAEGER o/K, daughter of the worker Johann JAEGER married in Hazleton 21 Oct 1867 to Friedrich DIEGEMANN 0f Hohenkirche, son of the worker George Heinrich DIEGEMANN of Stockton, (the couple) living in Hazleton; a dau Anna Catherina b. 16 Apr 1868/bapt 17 May. Sp/b: Anna Catherina DIEGEMANN; A daughter Franziska b. 3 Jan 1870/bapt 13 Feb. Sp/b: Franziska SPECHT nee KRAUSE.

(Catherina) Elizabeth JAEGER o/K married to Jacob PIPPERT of Unhausen, living in Hazleton; a dau Margaretha b. 30 Nov 1866/bapt 25 Dec. Sp/b: Margaretha LAPP; a dau Christine Catherina Elizabeth b. 7 Sept 1868/bapt 25 Oct. Sp/b: Witwe Christine JAEGER.

George JAEGER o/K married to Catherina WEISSENBORN of Braunhausen, living in ?; a son Johannes George b. 16 Aug 1868/bapt 4 Oct. Sp/b: George SCHELLHAS and his wife Anna Martha nee HOFFMANN.

Heinrich JAEGER o/K married to Anna Barbara SPOERER also of that place living in Butler Valley; a son Martin Jacob b. 21 May 1866/bapt 12 Aug. Sp/b: Marthin FEY.

Johannes JAEGER o/K married in Hazleton on 21 Apr 1861 to Anna Catherina Elizabeth KRAPF of Kassel, living in Hazleton; a son Johannes Jacob b. 1 May 1868/bapt 7 Jun 1868. Sp/b: Jacob PIPPER; a dau Elise Charlotte b. 10 Feb 1870/bapt 22 Mar. Sp/b: Elise Charlotte KRAPF.

Johannes JAEGER o/K married to Elizabeth KERSTNER (see Lautenhausen).

Margarethe JAEGER o/K married to Karl LAPP of Solz, living in Hazleton; a dau Franziska b. 11 Sep 1866/bapt 7 Oct. sp/b: Anna Catherina Franziska born JAEGER; a dau Anna b. 5 Mar 1868/bapt 29 Mar. Sp/b: Anna DIEGEMANN nee JAEGER; a son Johannes Karl b. 22 Oct 1869/bapt 21 Nov. Sp/b: Johann LAPP and the parents.

Johannes KOENIG o/K married to Anna BRILL of Machtlos, living in Laurel Hill; a dau Anna Catherina Maria b. 2 Mar 1866/bapt 18 Mar. Sp/b: Anna BRILL nee KOEHLER.

Philippine KRAPF o/K married to Luis BLECKWILL of Luzerne Co., living in Hazleton; a son George b. 8 Feb 1869/bapt 18 Apr. Sp/b: Carl RAUCH.

Julie/Juliana KRAUSE o/K married to Heinrich EICHLER (see Herfa).

Christof SPECHT o/K married to Anna Martha SCHAEFER of DOERNBURG, living in Hazleton; a son Johannes b. 29 Apr 1868/bapt 21 May. Sp/b: Johann STAUFENBERG.

Marthin SPECHT o/K married to Elizabeth SUESSMANN of Hazleton, living in Hazleton; a dau Dorothea Catherina b. 2 Nov 1866/bapt the same day (an emergency baptism). Sp/b: Dorothea SUESSMANN; a son Johannes b. 26 Jan 1868/bapt 23 Feb. Sp/b: Johannes STAUFENBUERGER; a son Adam b. 26 Feb 1870/bapt 28 Feb. Sp/b: Adam SCHIRMER.

Andreas SPOERER o/K married to Caroline SCHUCHARDT also from there, living in Hazleton; a son Wilhelm b. 5 May 1866/bapt 1 Jul. Sp/b: Wlhelm KUECH and wife Elizabeth.

Friedrich WEHNER o/K married to Catherina KISTER of Roehrigshof Co. of Salzugen, Herzogtum, Sachsen-Meiningen, living in Harliegh; a son George b. 13 Oct 1866/bapt 9 Dec. Sp/b: George WEHNER.

Johann WEHNER o/K married to Elizabeth BACHMANN of Solz, living in Hazleton; a son Friedrich b. 6 Feb 1866/bapt 11 Feb. Sp/b: Friedrich WEHNER.

George ZIERDT o/K married to Anna (Barbara) DIESSEN/DEGENHARDT of Solz, living in Hazleton; a son George Heinrich b. 18 Oct 1865/bapt 10 Dec. Sp/b: George HILDEBRANDT; a dau Catherina b. 28 Nov 1867/bapt 25 Dec. Sp/b: Catherina REINHARDT; a son Gustus b. 24 Jul 1870/bapt 4 Sept. Sp/b: Gustus ALTMUELLER.

Margarethe ZIERDT o/K married to Christian WETTERAU of Blankenbach, living in Cranberry; a son Johannes Friedrich b. 19 Oct 1869/bapt 18 Apr. Sp/b: Johannes JAEGER and Friedrich JAEGER.


Justus ALTMUELLER b/L 1870 sponsored by a son of George ZIERDT (see Kleinensee).

Anna Catherina FUEHRER b/L married to George UNBEWUST born in Fernbreitenbach/Sachsen, living in Cranberry; a dau Margarethe b. 7 Jun 1866/bapt 29 Jul. Sp/b: Anna UNBEWUST.

Margarethe HEBEL b/L married 31 Dec 1850 to Heinrich (Adam) FISCHER born in Kempfenbrunn Co. of Gelnhausen, (and who lived) 1860-1869[?] in Weatherly) 1866 in Stockton; a son Heinrich b. 17 Jan 1866/bapt 26 Aug. Sp/b: none; a dau Elizabeth 28 Feb 1869/bapt 17 May. Sp/b: Her own parents.

Elizabeth KERSTNER 26-year-old daughter of the farmer Conrad KERSTNER o/L married on 7 Mar 1869 to the worker Johannes JAEGER in Milnesville 26-year-old son of the joiner Johannes George JAEGER of Kleinensee. Attendants: Jacob KRAPF and Anna Barbara FEY.

Catherina KIRSHNER, 24-year-old daughter of the farmer Conrad KIRSHNER o/L married in Hazleton on 7 Mar 1869 to the blacksmith Adam KUENHOLD, 27-year-old son of the farmer George KUEHNHOLD of Bosserode. Witnesses: Johannes HELLWIG and Hermann KUEHNHOLD.

Anna Margarethe RIESS b/L around 1842, daughter of the farmer Heinrich Jacob REISS married in Hazleton on 16 Mar 1869 to Friedrich KOELLER born 1842 in Erbersbach,Grossherzoftum Baden son of the shoemaker Johann Adam KOELLER, living in Weatherly; a son George Heinrich b. 4 Jan 1870/bapt 31 Mar. Sp/b: Heinrich HEBEL.

Elizabeth VOLMER o/L married to Jacob NOELKE of Hessen-Kassel, district of Hirschfeld; a dau Elizabeth b. 1 Jul 1870/bapt 9 Oct. Sp/b: Her own parents.


Elizabeth HAHN o/M married to Conrad MUELLER of Doernberg, living in Hazleton; a son Conrad b. 27 Sep 1865/bapt 15 Oct. Sp/b: Conrad VOLKENAND and Catherina RINGLEBEN; a daughter Martha Elizabeth b. 29 Sep 1867/bap 20 Oct. Sp/b: Barbara Elizabeth SPOR nee SCHUBERT.

Georg PFANKUCH o/M married to Elizabeth HAHN from there, living in Hazleton; a dau Anna Martha b. 12 Nov 1866/bap 22 Dec. Sp/b: George RUDOLPH and wife Anna Catherina nee MAUSEHUND; a daughter Elizabeth b. 31 Dec 1868/bap 24 Jan 1869.
Godmother Elizabeth MANS.


Anna Martha PFALZGRAF b/N married to Johannes SCHMAUCH born in Blankenbach, living in Tresckow; a dau Barbara Elizabeth b. 18 May 1870/bap 5 Jun. Sp/b: Mrs. Elizabeth KOEHLER.


Leonhardt RUDOLPH o/R married to Barbara Elizabeth GEORGE of Iba living in Stockton; a son Lorenz b. 23 Nov 1867/bap 25 Dec. SP/b: Lorenz HAS(S)ENPFLUG.


Anna (Martha) HEINER born in Schenklensfeld married to Casper BRUST born in Ostheim, living in Hazleton; a dau Anna Martha b. 2 Mar 1865/bap 8 Oct. Sp/b: Conrad SHAEFFER and his wife Anna; a son Johannes George b. 11 Jan 1867/bap 24 Mar. Sp/b: Johann George BRUST; a son Heinrich b. 6 Jun 1870/bap 3 Jul. Sp/b: Heinrich BRUST.

Gertrud WAGNER b. Schenklensfeld married to Conrad UTTER (see Wippershain).


Anna Sabine WIEGAND of Tann married to Heinrich GRIESING of Blankenbach, living in Butler Township, 1869 in Hazleton; a son Johannes George b. 28 Jan 1867/bap 3 Mar. sp/b: John WENDEL; a son b. Christian Conrad b. 6 Jun 1869/bap 3 Jul. Sp/b: Christoph WIEGAND and Mrs. Elizabeth FUCKENROTH.

Gertrud WIEGAND o/T married to Wilhelm SIPPEL of Sontra, living in Mt. Pleasant; a dau Martha Catherina b. 14 Mar 1868/bap 12 Apr. Sp/b: Martha HECKROTH.

Nicholas WIEGAND o/T married to Elizabeth HILDEBRANDT of Bebra, living in Hazleton; a son Johann Adam b. 21 Jan 1867/bap 17 Feb. Sp/b: Adam SCHMAUCH.


Anna Marie ERBE b/U on 7 Jan 1826 married to Siemon GICKING born in Nentershausen, living in Hazleton; a son Friedrich b. 2 May 1867/bap 9 Jun. Sp/b: Friedrich BODING.


Carl HAAS o/W married to Margarethe ADAM of Hazleton, living there; a dau Catherina Elizabeth b. 6 MAr 1868/bap 17 Apr. Sp/b: Catherine Elizabeth CLAUSIUS and Elizabeth ADAM.

Elizabeth HERZIG o/W married to Nicolaus HILDEBRADT of Kleinensee, living in Butler Valley; a son Nicolaus Johannes b. 5 Feb 1868/5 Apr. Sp/b: Nicolaus EICHLER.

George RUCH o/W married to Christine MISSINGER of Struempfelbach in the Kingdom of Wuertemmberg, living in Hazleton; a son Heinrich b. 29 Jul 1867/bap 6 Oct. Sp/b Heinrich BACH.

Carl THAMER o/W married to Martha MANS of Dens, living in Hazleton; a son Johannes Carl b. 28 Oct 1864/bap 4 Dec. S/b Johann Mueller(?) and his wife Elizabeth nee EISEL; a son Conrad Wilhem Carl b. 22 Feb 1870/bap 13 Mar. Sp/b: Conrad SCHAUB and Wilhelm MANS.

Marthin TRIESHMANN o/W married to Anna Christine GUNZ(?) also from there, living in Mt. Pleasant; a son Conrad b. 10 May 1866/bap 15 Apr. Sp/b: Conrad SCHAUB.

Clara WIEGAND o/W married to Hermann WEITZ of Abteroda in Grossherzogtum Sachsen-Weimar, living in Hazleton; a dau Elizabeth b. 9 Nov 1865/bap 10 Dec. Sp/b: Gertrud EICHLER and Elizabeth DAMER; a son Conrad b. 17 Aug 1867/bap 17 Sep. S/b: Conrad WEITZ; a dau Anna Martha Dorothea b. 10 Aug 1868/bap 15 Apr. Sp/b Mrs. Anna Martha DAMER.


Conrad UTTER b/W married to Gertrud WAGNER born in Shenklengsfeld, living in Hazleton; a dau Anna Catherina b. 28 MAr 1866/bap 8 Apr. Sp/b: Wilhelm ULRICH and his wife Helene.

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