1915 Letter C

This is not a complete list of all those that died. It is from the Wilkes Barre Record Almanac Yearbook. Among men and women claimed by death from December 1914 to November 1915.
Last Name First Name Age Residence Death Date
Cadden Mrs. Thomas   Dushore 29-Dec-14
Caffrey Patrick 57 Wilkes-Barre 19-Feb-15
Caffrey Mrs. Michael   Sugar Notch 2-Aug-15
Cain Phillip 82 Beach Haven 17-Jul-15
Callahan Michael   Pittston 25-Jun-15
Callahan Mrs. Mary A. 64 Wilkes-Barre 16-Oct-15
Calpin Mrs. Mary 67 Sugar Notch 15-Nov-15
Campbell Mrs. James, Jr.   Larksville 10-Jan-15
Campbell Mrs. Ellen   Lackawanna County 12-Jan-15
Campbell Col. Cyrus 73 Seattle, Washington 14-May-15
Campbell Mrs. Ann 52 Wilkes-Barre 16-Jul-15
Canavan John 24 Parsons 9-Jan-15
Canfield Mrs. Ellen L. 74 Centreland 30-Sep-15
Cannon John 60 Plymouth Township 6-Jan-15
Cannon John   New York City 9-Aug-15
Captan Samuel 55 Pittston 25-Apr-15
Carden Martin 33 Pittston 23-Feb-15
Carey Mrs. Ellen   Browntown 15-Aug-15
Carey Freeman H. 88 Waterton 21-Nov-15
Carkhuff William   Plains 29-Apr-15
Carkhuff Edward   Wilkes-Barre 8-Oct-15
Carlin Mrs. Joseph   Wilmington, Del. 23-May-15
Caroll James 45 Exeter Borough 19-Oct-15
Carpenter Mrs. Mary S.   West Pittston 2-Jan-15
Carpenter E. J. 68 Wilkes-Barre 27-Oct-15
Carr Joseph R. 41 Pittston 14-Feb-15
Carr Mrs. Clarissa M. 60 Wilkes-Barre 22-Sep-15
Carr Harry 16 Wilkes-Barre 18-Oct-15
Carrigan Mrs. Michael 60 Wilkes-Barre 9-Dec-14
Carroll Thomas   Duryea 4-May-15
Case Georgett 68 Salem 7-Apr-15
Casey Mrs. Elizabeth 48 Luzerne 1-Dec-14
Casey Michael J. 46 Swoyerville 11-Aug-15
Casey Mrs. Leona 42 Wilkes-Barre 5-Sep-15
Cavanee Silas 79 Town Hill 25-Jun-15
Cawley Patrick, Jr.   Edwardsville 17-Mar-15
Cawley Bridget 75 Wilkes-Barre 29-Jun-15
Cawlwy John   Scranton 10-Jul-15
Cease Phillip 64 Shavertown 25-Oct-15
Cease Thomas 66 Cease's Mills 31-Oct-15
Chachinski Mrs. Annie 50 Wilkes-Barre 30-Dec-14
Chakan Michael 21 Wilkes-Barre 19-Apr-15
Chapman Rev. Francis A.   Oregon 2-Aug-15
Charles Stephen 18 Wilkes-Barre 21-Aug-15
Charlton Mrs. Mary A. 70 Pittston 21-May-15
Charlton Theodore C. 34 Pittston 6-Jul-15
Charnetzki Mrs. Charles   Plains 13-May-15
Chase Mrs. Mary L. 60 Wilkes-Barre 28-May-15
Chase Mrs. M. J. 72 Wilkes-Barre 13-Aug-15
Chesko Mrs. Lucy 22 Nanticoke 15-Mar-15
Chivers Anna 46 Pittston 14-Jun-15
Chochol Mrs. Susan 36 Miner's Mills 26-Aug-15
Christian William 42 Hanover Township 29-Sep-15
Churchfield Mrs. Patrick   Pittston 27-Dec-14
Chuya Mrs. Andrew 38 Wilkes-Barre 26-Mar-15
Ciebien John 39 Warrior Run 28-Aug-15
Clancy Mrs. Catherine   Wilkes-Barre 4-Feb-15
Clark E. W. 28 Wyoming 24-May-15
Clark Ralph M. 14 Wilkes-Barre 18-Jun-15
Clark Mrs. Margaret   Duryea 19-Jul-15
Clarke Mrs. Winifred   Pittston 7-Feb-15
Clarke John 42 Ashley 3-Oct-15
Clauss Marion L. 15 Wilkes-Barre 26-May-15
Clifford Michael J.   Pittston 25-Apr-15
Clinton Mrs. Mary 70 Ashley 30-Sep-15
Close Andrew 31 Plymouth 26-Apr-15
Cody Thomas F. 67 Pittston 17-Dec-14
Coffee Peter   Miner's Mills 30-May-15
Cohen Henry M. 55 Dorranceton 26-Dec-14
Colbert Gertrude 21 Plymouth 29-Mar-15
Colborn John W. 84 Scranton 26-Jun-15
Cole Blanche Taylor 47 Harveyville 6-Sep-15
Coleman Ransford B. 65 West Pittston 26-Nov-15
Collins Mrs. Ellen 37 Wilkes-Barre 3-Dec-14
Comitz William, Sr.   Sugar Notch 22-Dec-14
Conahan Henry 58 Georgetown 2-Apr-15
Conahan Mrs. Ann   Luzerne 7-Sep-15
Concher Mrs. Mary 66 Nanticoke 25-Mar-15
Connell Thomas 58 Wilkes-Barre 25-Nov-15
Conner James W.   Plains 12-Feb-15
Conner William J. 51 Wilkes-Barre 28-Apr-15
Connolly Mrs. Sarah 84 Ashley 20-Feb-15
Connor John 52 Kingston 19-May-15
Connor Calvin 24 Wilkes-Barre 3-Jun-15
Connors Irene 20 New York City 2-Sep-15
Conrad Mrs. Charles   Wilkes-Barre 17-Apr-15
Conrad Elizabeth 55 Shickshinny 16-Oct-15
Conroy James   Pittston 9-May-15
Conroy Peter 58 Nanticoke 15-May-15
Considine Richard 21 Hudson 9-Jan-15
Conyngham Patrick 69 Georgetown 28-Nov-15
Cook Thomas 35 Ashley 18-Dec-14
Cook Thomas 67 Plains 21-May-15
Cook Mrs. Lydia 80 Beaumont 11-Nov-15
Cooke Mrs. U. G. 35 Forty Fort 15-Oct-15
Coolbaugh Sarah P. 14 Wyoming 19-Jan-15
Coolbaugh Hannah G. 22 Forty Fort 25-Oct-15
Cooley Joseph 34 Towanda 26-Feb-15
Cooper Mrs. Alfred   Duryea 13-Jan-15
Cooper Mrs. Jennie 45 Wilkes-Barre 21-Mar-15
Cooper Mrs. Boyd 41 Wilkes-Barre 1-Apr-15
Cooper Mrs. Elizabeth 87 Shenandoah 3-Jul-15
Cooper John W. 86 Wilkes-Barre November 3, 1915
Cooper Mrs. Bridget 70 Scranton 23-Nov-15
Corbett Mrs. Joseph 55 West Pittston 23-Jan-15
Corcoran Anna   Pittston 10-Jan-15
Corocoran Mrs. Alice   Pittston 14-Jul-15
Corrigan John   Parsons 14-Aug-15
Costelli Mrs. Anthony 65 Wilkes-Barre 2-Jan-15
Costello Mrs. Sabina 57 Ashley 11-Jun-15
Costello Anthony 68 Wilkes-Barre 21-Jul-15
Cotton Verna 21 Wilkes-Barre 12-Jun-15
Coursen Louisa   Carverton 31-Jul-15
Courtright James 84 Kingston 8-Dec-14
Courtright Mrs. Martha J. 80 Shickshinny 27-Jan-15
Courtright P. Benton 40 Shickshinny 9-Sep-15
Cragle Mrs. H. D. 53 Hunlock 5-Feb-15
Craig Victor E. 36 West Pittston 1-Jun-15
Craig Mrs. Frances 70 Wilkes-Barre 25-Nov-15
Cramer Mrs. William 53 Midvale 14-Aug-15
Crawford Captain F. M.   Philadelphia June ??, 1915
Crawford William H.   Wilkes-Barre 21-Jul-15
Crawley Mrs. Richard 35 Wilkes-Barre 20-Sep-15
Crockett Mrs. Matilda 69 Broadway 23-Mar-15
Croop Martin 16 Sorbertown 16-Oct-15
Crossley Mrs. Mary A.   Wilkes-Barre 5-Mar-15
Crossman Norman S. 22 Pittston 8-Oct-15
Crowell Arthur H. 51 Bay Shore, L.I. 21-Sep-15
Crumley Mrs. Charles 53 Warrior Run 1-Dec-14
Crydenwise Reverand 76 Middletown 14-Apr-15
Culbert Mary   Westmoor 9-Jan-15
Culbert George W. 53 Wilkes-Barre 24-Mar-15
Cule Mrs. Ann 74 Harvey's Lake 1-Aug-15
Culp Mrs. Charles 56 Nanticoke 15-Dec-14
Culver Mrs. Anna   Bloomingdale 15-Sep-15
Culver David 83 Forty Fort 2-Oct-15
Cummings Mrs. John 36 Plains 3-Mar-15
Cunningham Mrs. Ellen   Pittston 13-Mar-15
Cunningham Mrs. Lena 35 Wilkes-Barre 19-Apr-15
Curley Mrs. Francis 30 Hudson 12-Feb-15
Curry Hildegarde 12 Port Griffith 2-Mar-15
Cusick Joseph 21 Parsons 21-Jan-15
Custer Mrs. George 72 Wilkes-Barre 12-Apr-15

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