1915 A-B

This is not a complete list of all those that died. It is from the Wilkes Barre Record Almanac Yearbook. Among men and women claimed by death from December 1914 to November 1915.
Last Name First Name Age Residence Death Date
Aaron Mrs. Mary R. 71 Wilkes-Barre 21-Nov-15
Abbott Lucy W. 81 Wilkes-Barre 3-Dec-14
Adams Peter 21 Ashley 12-Jun-15
Adams George 12 Moosic 18-Sep-15
Agacinske Mrs. Anna 89 Retreat 25-Apr-15
Agnew John   Nanticoke 25-Aug-15
Airey Harvey 21 Wilkes-Barre 5-Aug-15
Albeck Mrs. W. H.   Wilkes-Barre 14-Jan-15
Albright Margaret A. 18 West Pittston 4-Mar-15
Alekszewig Anthony 35 Plains 21-Aug-15
Alexander Mahlin 69 Sheatown 2-Feb-15
Alexander Mrs. George S. 44 Wilkes-Barre 6-May-15
Allabaugh William   Plymouth 29-Dec-14
Allan Mrs. Ann 82 Pittston 18-Dec-14
Ambosie John   Nuangola 6-Oct-15
Ambrost William 41 Pittston 15-Jun-15
Ames Mrs. Anna 51 Nanticoke 31-Dec-14
Anderson Mrs. N. 73 Larksville 22-Dec-14
Anderson Max C. 54 New York City 8-Mar-15
Anderson Mrs. Agnas   Arizona 2-May-15
Anderson Mrs. Harriet 85 West Pittston 18-Sep-15
Andes Henry M. 36 Wilkes-Barre 14-Dec-14
Andreas C. Sloan 20 Wilkes-Barre 7-Mar-15
Andrews Mrs. James 69 Wilkes-Barre 6-Mar-15
Anson Stephen 56 Larksville 15-Jan-15
Apple Mrs. Christiana 74 Parsons 14-Mar-15
Appleton Mrs. Rosanna   Alden 8-Sep-15
Ardzewicz William   Hanover Township 25-Feb-15
Armstrong Benjamin 71 Wilkes-Barre 4-Apr-15
Ashford Mrs. James 85 Wilkes-Barre 8-Apr-15
Ashley Mrs. H. H. 67 Wilkes-Barre 11-Feb-15
Ausman Mrs. Jennie S. 56 Dorranceton 24-Dec-14
Ayers John 60 Plymouth 2-May-15
Ayers David 55 Plymouth 18-May-15
Ayers Mrs. Joseph   Parsons 9-Aug-15
Ayres Mrs. Mary   Philadelphia 23-Feb-15
Bachinger Augustus F. 28 Bloomsburg 20-Nov-15
Bachman Daniel 79 Allentown 27-Dec-14
Bachman John D. 60 Wilkes-Barre 1-Jan-15
Baer Mrs. Amelia 27 Wilkes-Barre 26-Dec-14
Bahny Mrs. Arian 56 Wilkes-Barre 18-Feb-15
Bair Mrs. George W. 67 Hunlock Township 14-Jan-15
Baker Louis 34 Pittston 30-Apr-15
Baker John 62 Register 10-Oct-15
Ball William 52 Parsons 25-Apr-15
Balta Rev. J. W. 37 Honesdale 14-Dec-14
Bamper L. A. 61 Wilkes-Barre 14-Jan-15
Barber Leonard B. 22 Plains 27-Nov-15
Bardall Mrs. Matilda 87 Pittston 7-Aug-15
Barker Ethal 21 Wilkes-Barre 7-Jul-15
Barnes Thomas 60 Jackson 6-Nov-15
Barnett Mrs. Helen A. 78 West Pittston 21-Mar-15
Barney Henry 67 Wilkes-Barre 25-Aug-15
Barnoski Stanley 42 Wilkes-Barre 2-Sep-15
Barnstorf Reuben   West Pittston 30-Dec-14
Barrett Frank 49 Berwick 13-Apr-15
Barrett Joseph 10 Wilkes-Barre 11-Sep-15
Barring Herman 70 Wilkes-Barre 28-Sep-15
Barritt Mrs. Thomas S. 68 West Pittston 20-Feb-15
Barritt Thomas 74 West Pittston 17-May-15
Barry Philip J. 56 New York City 6-Nov-15
Bartmik William 15 Georgetown 20-Sep-15
Bartram Mrs. George 70 Wilkes-Barre 23-Jun-15
Bartuski Frank 27 Parsons 9-Sep-15
Batcheler Mrs. Annie S. 75 Kingston 17-Dec-14
Bate Robert 91 Wayne County 8-Apr-15
Bath Mrs. John   Pittsburg 2-Apr-15
Bath Mrs. Jane 57 Plains 20-Jun-15
Bathe Lillian 22 Plains 15-Aug-15
Bauer Frank J. 3 Wilkes-Barre 5-Feb-15
Bauer William 33 Wilkes-Barre 13-Aug-15
Bauer Mrs. Barbara 68 Wilkes-Barre 25-Sep-15
Baur Mrs. Henry 53 Bethlehem 29-Apr-15
Beacham Mrs. James 74 Avoca 13-Apr-15
Beaumont Mrs. E. B.   Wilkes-Barre 6-Dec-14
Becker Jacob 78 Wilkes-Barre 8-Oct-15
Belewski Mrs. Leo 51 Plymouth 1-Dec-14
Benedict Hannah E. 73 Pittston 22-Jan-15
Benedict Lewis 63 Dorranceton 5-Mar-15
Benedict Mrs. Anna 58 West Pittston 14-Nov-15
Benkowski Ignatz 58 Nanticoke 4-Oct-15
Bennett Mrs. Emily 69 Edwardsville 23-Dec-14
Bennett Ziba 73 Ashley 10-Jan-15
Bennett George F.   Ashley March 06, 1915 (?)
Bennett Marcus 73 Ashely 17-Apr-15
Benscoter Hiram 68 Town Line 11-Feb-15
Beretsky John 23 Larksville 5-Nov-15
Berger Rabbi L.   Wilkes-Barre 19-Oct-15
Bergold Mrs. Daniel 57 White Haven April ??, 1915
Bergold Charles 63 Bloomsburg 17-Aug-15
Berlew Henry C. 65 West Pittston 4-Jul-15
Berry Mrs. Robert 73 Wilkes-Barre 11-Mar-15
Bertim George 69 Wyoming 23-Feb-15
Besecker Mrs. Frank J. 41 Dorranceton 9-Mar-15
Bevan Mrs. Robert   West Pittston 11-Dec-14
Bilby Mrs. Eliza H. 70 Reyburn 5-Aug-15
Biscomb Ernest 19 Wilkes-Barre 2-Sep-15
Bishop Elizabeth 83 Wilkes-Barre 26-Aug-15
Black Catherine 50 Wilkes-Barre 17-Oct-15
Blaine Mrs. Nathan 28 Lee Park 10-May-15
Blease Mrs. John T. 50 Avoca 7-Apr-15
Blewitt Mrs. Bridget   Pittston 11-Oct-15
Blumenthal Charles A.   Wilkes-Barre 7-Feb-15
Bodle Mrs. Ellen 68 Forty Fort 26-Mar-15
Bodmer Henry 80 Wilkes-Barre 27-Nov-15
Boettcher Beatrice   Ontario, Cal. 20-Jun-15
Boettcher Charles H. 58 Brooklyn 30-Aug-15
Bogart Samuel 75 Bloomsbug 24-May-15
Bogart Mrs. Chrisyiana 78 Register 10-Sep-15
Bogert Joseph W. 67 Wilkes-Barre 2-Aug-15
Bohan Cormac   Pittston 9-Sep-15
Bohin John 24 Wilkes-Barre 22-Jun-15
Bolin Michael J. 80 Pittston 31-Dec-14
Bomboy Jeremiah 91 Salem Township 30-Nov-15
Bond Oliver 77 Wilkes-Barre 2-Mar-15
Bonner Mrs. Lillian 45 Wilkes-Barre 16-Sep-15
Bonner Edwin T.   Hazleton 14-Nov-15
Bonosky Mrs. Harry   Philadelphia 29-Oct-15
Boone David L.   New Haven, Conn. 16-Jun-15
Boone Daniel J. 64 Tank 23-Jun-15
Borsos Stephen 64 Upper Pittston 25-Jul-15
Botheras Edwin 69 Wilkes-Barre 29-Jun-15
Bottoms Mrs. Thomas Jr.   Luzerne 28-Oct-15
Boughner Mrs. J. L. 59 Wilkes-Barre 3-Apr-15
Boulger Mrs. Sarah 70 Wilkes-Barre 17-Aug-15
Bowen Thomas R.   Scranton 7-Aug-15
Bower Ellis 70 Wilkes-Barre 11-Apr-15
Bowman Edward 30 Dorranceton 14-Feb-15
Boyce Mrs. Patrick 68 Tunkhannock 20-Aug-15
Boyer Mrs. Marie   Plymouth 22-Sep-15
Boyle Mrs. Alice 50 Wilkes-Barre 8-Jan-15
Boyle Patrick 37 Plymouth 9-Feb-15
Boyle Mayme   Wilkes-Barre 26-Apr-15
Boyle John F. 60 Wilkes-Barre 13-May-15
Brace Mrs. Benjamin 22 Dallas 11-Aug-15
Bradley Mrs. Henry 78 Ashley 2-Apr-15
Bradley Peter 60 Preston 5-Apr-15
Bradley David 88 Plymouth 28-Apr-15
Brady Robert 30 Wilkes-Barre 5-Dec-14
Brady Matthew   Wyoming 23-Feb-15
Brady Luke   Pittston 4-Mar-15
Brahl Mrs. Louise O. 76 Wilkes-Barre 16-Aug-15
Brazla Z. D. 56 Ashely 1-Oct-15
Breese Mrs. Rosanna 74 Ransom 14-Jul-15
Brehm Mrs. Henry 56 Nanticoke 20-Dec-14
Brennan Patrick J. 51 Wilkes-Barre 24-Dec-14
Brennan Michael   Wilkes-Barre 18-Jul-15
Brenza Mrs. Susan 55 Larksville 30-Nov-15
Brewer Mrs. Letitla 87 Wilkes-Barre 2-Jul-15
Brewster Mrs. Mary A. 67 Kingston 27-Nov-15
Brislin Michael 19 Luzerne 17-Dec-14
Brislin Dennis H. 85 Warrior Run 21-Feb-15
Brislin Margaret 27 Philadelphia 9-Mar-15
Brittain J. W. 65 Boone, Iowa 25-Apr-15
Brittle Mrs. Bridget   Plains 27-Jul-15
Brodhead Mrs. Eva W.   Denver, Col 5-Aug-15
Brogan Patrick Sr. 61 Miner's Mills 18-Apr-15
Brogan Timothy 79 Wilkes-Barre 1-Sep-15
Brotherton Mrs. Raymond 33 Wilkes-Barre 31-Jul-15
Brown Lewis 72 Wilkes-Barre 16-Dec-14
Brown Mrs. Mary A. 71 Bloomsburg 25-Dec-14
Brown Mrs. Charles 57 Parsons 13-Jan-15
Brown William   Plains 21-Jan-15
Brown Wesley 75 West Pittston 23-Feb-14
Brown T. A. 69 Lehman 6-Apr-15
Brown Mrs. W. Earle   Catawissa 19-May-15
Brown R. Frank 54 Plymouth 11-Jul-15
Brown Nicholas Jr. 27 Wilkes-Barre 7-Nov-15
Brown Thomas 50 Yatesville 20-Nov-15
Brutzman Mrs. Mary 75 Parsons 14-Oct-15
Bryan Mrs. William 49 Larksville 16-Jun-15
Bryden Andrew M. 66 Allentown 8-Jun-15
Bubble Peter   Plains Township 12-Aug-15
Buckley Nellie   Pittston 3-Jun-15
Buckley Elizabeth 34 Avondale 7-Sep-15
Budias Peter 27 Alden 3-Oct-15
Bumgardner Nellie 15 Avoca 24-Oct-15
Bunnell Mrs. S. C. 65 Luzerne 15-Aug-15
Burea Mrs. John 24 Plymouth 21-Mar-15
Burgenson Mrs. Ida 54 Dorranceton 10-Sep-15
Burger Adam 72 Wilkes-Barre 11-Sep-15
Burke John M. 55 Providence 21-May-15
Burke Edmund   Pittston 13-Jun-15
Burkel Mrs. Elizabeth 75 Pittston 14-Jan-15
Burland Mrs. William 41 Parsons 13-Dec-14
Burne Kathleen 22 Pittston 13-Mar-15
Burns Michael E.   Hanover Township 28-Aug-15
Burton Mrs. Claude   Waterloo, Iowa 27-Mar-15
Bushmar Isabel   Wilkes-Barre 14-Jan-15
Butler Richard 60 Retreat 22-Jan-15
Butler James 28 Larksville 14-Sep-15
Butrimovich Andrew 53 Kingston 24-Mar-15
Butzbach Phillip E. 33 Wilkes-Barre 21-Aug-15
Byron Matthew 16 Edwardsville 17-Sep-15

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