Index of ministers who served in Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1885 - 1935

This partial listing will hopefully give clues needed to determine where family researchers can go to find more information on marriages, christenings, baptisms or other information.

LIMITATIONS: This list was generated through the use of city directories and newspaper announcements including obituries, and are therefore subject to the inaccuracies of the source material; especially mispellings and wrong initials. Some corrections have been attempted and these are noted in the remarks column. Dates of service are approximate.

Not every year has been researched (and quite a bit of information is outside the core years) but this list will be updated and expanded periodically. Please note that information from outlying communities is difficult to gather, so the list is predominately for Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Since the Wyoming Conference of the Methodist Church announced appointments yearly, the Methodist Church is well represented. This accounts for the large number of lower New York state locations in the list and the lack of information around Hazleton, which will (in time) be corrected.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Corrections and additions are gladly accepted and may be sent to <>.


code source

a almanac (yearbook of newspaper)

c1 Elizabeth Bartle, Long Island, NY, information on Bethesda Congregational, Edwardsville

c2, from Centennial of Nanticoke

c3 June Nessler, Baptism records of Reformed Church, Freeland

c4 Louis Schwartz, grandaughter of Rev. T. Davies

c5 Dalice, abstracts from Hazleton newspapers

c6 Centennial of Kingston M. E. Church, provided by (e-mail header was lost)

c7 Ann O'Hara, descendent of Rev. Luman Sanford

c8 Nebo Baptist, historian Mike Krasulski

d city directory

h history of church

n newspaper

o obit (newspaper)

w www

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Beach to Beyshar
Bickford to Boys
Brackenbury to Byrne
Caldwell to Cawley
Cecere to Colgrove
Coleman to Cooper
Copeland to Crandall
Crane to Czarkowski
Daffin to Day
DeForrest to Dixon
Dlugos to Dzurko
Eakins to Ettwein
Eva to Ezerskis
Faber to Fitzpatrick
Flack to Frank
Frankel to Furman
Gable to Gilbride
Gildea to Grauley
Graves to Gzuglechick
Haas to Harrison
Harrison to Hemans
Hemmingway to Hizer
Hoag to Houghton
Houlihan to Hyatt
Jacks to Jennison
Jennison to Jones
Jones to Juzick
Kaddah to Kennedy
Kennedy to Klump
Klumpp to Kyzin
Labuda to Lengyel
Lengyll to Logan
Long to Lyon
Mac(Mc)Alpine to Marks
Marks to McAndrews
McAnulty to McLarney
McLaughlin to Miller
Miller to Morris
Morris to Myers
Padewski to Peck
Peck to Plugas
Podkul to Puskar
Race to Reitz
Reitz to Roberts
Roberts to Rydderch
Sabin to Schmitt
Schmitt to Shofield
Shoop to Smith
Smith to Sprock
Staag to Stroud
Struckas to Szwidis
Taft to Thorpe
Thourp to Tyson
Wadishevsky to Warnock
Warnock to Weisswasser
Weist to Wilkens
Willes to Wilson
Wilson to Wysochansky

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