1872 Southern District Rpt of Non-Fatal Accidents

(consisting of parts of Luzerne and Carbon Cos.)

(from the Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year 1872)

1/24 CONRAD SMITH, Milansville, burnt by powder

1/25 GEORGE KETSON, Milansville, injured both legs

3/12 CONRAD UTHER, S. Sugar Loaf Slope, fracture of a leg

3/16 DANIEL CHAMPBELL, Eckley, fracture of a leg

3/23 JOHN BONAMERS, Nesquehoning, flesh wounds

JOHN BARRETT, Ebervale, flesh wounds

3/30 JACOB GRUNAWALT, Hazleton, injured but not severely

4/22 WILLIAM MANELLUS, Beaver Brook, burnt face by powder blast

4/22 WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, Beaver Brook, bruised by cars

4/23 HUGH KENNEDY, Treskow, bruised by a fall of coal

5/6 JAMES NICHOLSON, Oakdale slope, fracture of a leg

5/25 WILLIAM GALLAGHER, Summit Hill, bruised by cars outside

5/31 THOMAS BUSLER, Nesquehoning, fracture of hip and collar bones

6/8 M. M'DONALD, Nesquehoning, burnt by fire-damp

6/10 JOHN DAUGHERTY, S. Sugar Loaf Slope, bumped by cars on the hip

6/10 SIMON HARTICH, Stockton, burnt slightly by fire damp

6/10 CONRAD DEISROTH, Stockton, burnt slightly by fire damp

6/20 ANTHONY M'NEAL, Oakdale slope, fracture of leg

6/22 CONNIE QUINN, Upper Lehigh, fracture of leg

6/24 DANIEL BOYLE, Summit Hill, badly bruised by cars outside

6/27 CHARLES JONES, Summit Hill, slightly burnt by fire-damp

6/29 RICHARD LEWIS, Summit Hill, hand cut off at the wrist

6/29 WILLIAM BOYLE, Cranberry Slope, Hazleton, severely injured by fall of coal

7/12 D MAXEY, Beaver Brook, fracture of leg

8/1 THOMAS WATKINS, Drifton, bruised by fall of coal

8/10 ANTHONY JORDAN, Ebervale, bruised on back by coal

8/11 GEORGE CHECKMAN, S. Sugar Loaf slope, fracture of both hips by fall of coal

8/14 WILLIAM WALKINS, Highland, fracture of leg by fall of coal

8/16 JAMES COLLINS, Nesquehoning, burnt by explosion of fire-damp

8/19 THEOSPHILUS HORNEY, Upper Lehigh, lost two fingers

9/24 THOMAS MORGAN, Hazleton, cuts by coal falling down slope

10/26 JOHN CARPENTER, Jeansville, severely wounded by fall of slate

11/2 JOHN GALLAGHER, Upper Lehigh, fracture of leg by coal

11/5 JOHN BRISLIN, Oakdale slope, slightly bruised

11/6 JOHN TRALON, Summit Hill, wounded severely by premature blast

11/6 JAMES TRAS, Summit Hill, cuts, not severe, by premature blast

11/11 WILLIAM WORLON, Summit Hill, badly bruised by fall of coal

12/3 FRED STROBEY, Crystal Ridge slope, injured severely by coal

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