1879 Eastern District Rpt of Slight Accidents (consisting of portions of Luzerne and Carbon Cos.) (from the Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year 1879)

1/9 MORGAN R WILLIAMS, Grassy Island shaft

1/10 PATRICK CONNELLY, Greenwood colliery

1/14 JEFFERSON REED, Twin shaft

1/14 JOHN ROBERTS, Seneca slope

1/15 JOHN TOSSNEY, Green Ridge slope

1/18 JOHN WEBER, Butler shaft

1/22 ALBERT MATTHEWS, Pine Brook shaft

1/24 JOSIAH D CARYL, Spring Brook colliery

1/25 JOHN O'BOYLE, Pierce colliery

2/1 WILLIAM JENKINS, Brisbin shaft

2/1 JAMES GALLAGHER, Brisbin shaft

2/5 JOHN MCDONALD, Erie shaft

2/6 JAMES WHITE, Green Ridge slope

2/8 PATRICK MURRAY, Roaring Brook shaft

2/20 EPHRAIM HUSBET, Phoenix shaft

2/22 WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Pyne shaft

2/26 PATRICK MCCUNE, Coal Brook colliery

3/1 DAVID NICHOLS, Brisbin shaft

3/3 JAMES TIERNEY, No. 2 slope (P.G.)-Jenkins Twp

3/4 JAMES GALLAGHER, No. 7 shaft-Jenkins Twp

3/4 JOHN CUSIC, Marvine shaft

3/11 JOHN LAWLER, Grassy Island shaft

3/11 PETER MACK, Grassy Island shaft

3/21 HENRY MOSS, Capouse shaft

3/24 JOHN CRAIG, Pierce colliery

3/26 MICHAEL JORDAN, Greenwood colliery

3/28 JOHN BONE, No. 7 shaft-Jenkins Twp

4/7 EMIL MITCHEL, Brisbin shaft

4/10 MICHAEL MALOY, Green Ridge slope

4/14 JOHN BARRETT, Gipsey Grove colliery

4/16 ISAAC LLOYD, Cayuga shaft

4/16 JOHN CAHOE, Seneca slope

4/19 DAVID HARRIS, Brisbin shaft

4/22 DANIEL LYNCH, Continental shaft

4/25 FRANCIS MANGAN, Central shaft

4/28 NIMROD HIMMS, Spring Brook colliery

4/30 WILLIAM JEPSON, No. 7 shaft-Jenkins Twp

4/30 MICHAEL GREEN, Mt. Pleasant slope

5/2 WILLIAM O DAVIES, Taylor shaft

5/5 MICHAEL CONNERS, No. 4 slope-Jenkins Twp

5/6 JOHN WELSH, Bellevue shaft

5/6 MICHAEL GILROY, No., 4 shaft-Jenkins Twp

5/13 JOB DAVIES, Pine Brook shaft

5/19 MICHAEL MURPHY, Butler shaft

5/26 SAMUEL BAKER, Green Ridge shaft

5/27 THOMAS H HARRIS, Mt. Pleasant slope

5/27 ISAAC STONE, Taylor shaft

5/28 THOMAS R DAVIES, School Fund slope

5/31 PATRICK MORAN, No., 4 shaft-Jenkins Twp

6/3 PATRICK DOUSE, Central shaft

6/9 LUKE FLYNN, White Oak colliery

6/10 PATRICK CONNERS, Brisbin shaft

6/13 JOHN MYERS, Sloan shaft

6/13 JOHN EVANS, No. 8 shaft-Hughestown borough

6/14 JAMES J GANNON, Meadow Brook shaft

6/14 MARTIN BURNS, Von Storch slope

6/16 MARTIN BELL, Hillside colliery

6/18 RICHARD DROWN, Marvine shaft

6/20 PATRICK MCDONALD, Roaring Brook shaft

6/21 THOMAS MAHON, Eddy Creek shaft

6/24 MICHAEL MELVIN, No. 2 Diamond shaft

6/24 JAMES DELANEY, No., 4 shaft-Jenkins Twp

7/1 MICHAEL SMITCH, No. 8 shaft-Hughestown borough

7/3 MICHAEL FORD, No. 6 shaft-Jenkins Twp

7/3 MARTIN GUNNY, Central shaft

7/5 WILLIAM ELLIS, Taylor shaft

7/7 THOMAS TIGHE, No. 6 shaft-Jenkins Twp

7/8 THOMAS WILLIAMS, Bellevue slope

7/10 ISAAC BRIGGER, Taylor shaft

7/11 JACOB SUNDAY, School Fund slope

7/14 JAMES EAGAN, Taylor shaft

7/14 THOMAS DAVIES, Spring Brook colliery

7/15 FRED. COTTLE, Gipsey Grove

7/16 WILLIAM CALLINS, Green Ridge slope

7/23 MICHAEL ENGLISH, Mt. Pleasant slope

7/23 JACOB GRIER, Mt. Pleasant slope

7/23 WILLIAM HOBLING, Mt. Pleasant slope

7/26 PATRICK FLANNERY, Greenwood colliery

8/1 MICHAEL REAP, Von Storch colliery

8/5 HENRY HAGAN, Bellevue colliery

8/11 PATRICK LUDDEN, Taylor shaft

8/11 JOHN VERNON, Eaton colliery

8/13 THOMAS H WILLIAMS, National slope

8/13 AUGUST HENEMOTE, White Oak colliery

8/15 WILFORD FLETCHER, Capouse shaft

8/15 EDWARD KENNEY, White Oak colliery

8/19 WILLIAM WHITE, Marvine shaft

8/20 MICHAEL CRANE, No. 6 breaker-Dunmore borough

8/22 RICHARD DAVIES, No. 2 Diamond shaft

8/26 WILLIAM G GRIFFITHS, Sloan shaft

8/26 JOHN E WILLIAMS, Sloan shaft

8/30 MARTIN NEILLON, No. 1 shaft-Hughestown borough

9/2 LLEWELLYN JONES, Sloan shaft

9/3 JOHN KENNEDY, Tripp's slope

9/8 JACOB LUTZ, Tripp's slope

9/8 WILLIAM SWEENY, No. 10 shaft-Hughestown borough

9/10 CHARLES PAYNE, Von Storch slope

9/11 DAVID LEWIS, Capouse shaft

9/16 PATRICK CANNON, Eddy Creek shaft

9/22 DAVID THOMAS, Taylor shaft


9/23 JOHN TRANTOR, Leggett's Creek shaft

9/24 MORGAN JAMES, Sloan shaft

9/27 PATRICK BURKE, Eddy Creek shaft

10/9 THOMAS SHERIDAN, Sloan shaft

10/14 CHARLES MYERS, Eddy Creek shaft

10/15 JEREMIAH CARTER, Greenwood colliery

10/25 PATRICK KNIGHT, Von Storch slope

10/27 JAMES GRIMES, Spring Brook colliery

10/29 FRANK COOPER, Taylor shaft

10/30 DAVID MAHAN, Sibley shaft

11/1 MISS LLOYD JONES, Capouse shaft

11/10 JAMES GREELEY, Pine Brook shaft

11/11 MARTIN MCDONOUGH, Pine Brook shaft

11/14 MARTIN HUNT, Tripp's slope

11/15 JOHN EVANS, Pyne shaft

11/15 JOHN J MORAN, Pyne shaft

11/17 PATRICK DICKSON, Marvine shaft

11/17 HENRY SENGLEMAN, Butler shaft

11/24 PATRICK GILBOY, Coal Brook colliery

11/29 MARTIN CANNON, Eddy Creek shaft

12/3 DANIEL DONBY, Marvine shaft

12/5 MICHAEL COSTELLO, Taylor shaft

12/6 JOHN HUGHES, Brisbin shaft

12/13 DAVID ALLGOOD, Mt. Pleasant slope

12/17 JAMES CORNELIUS, Dodge shaft

12/20 PATRICK SCANLON, Marvine shaft

12/22 DANIEL JENKINS, Spring Brook colliery

12/23 PATRICK MAHON, Sloan shaft

12/30 THOMAS PHILLIPS, Cayuga shaft

12/30 JAMES CORLESS, Cayuga shaft

12/30 EDWARD FLYNN, No., 4 shaft-Jenkins Twp

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