Pittston Gazette Newspaper, 16 Sept 1869, Luzerne Co, PA (Extracted by Marge Gray).

The Avondale Catastrophe (copied from the New York Tribune, Sept 9, 1869) Avondale, PA
"Two Hundred Miners Suffocated in the Avondale Colliery Fire" (Here is a list of those who died"

Palmer STEELE, stable boss, Plymouth
Dennis SLOCUM, driver, Plymouth
John BOWEN, formerly of Providence. He leaves a wife and one child. William POWELL. Wife and seven children in the old country; one daughter lives in Plymouth and one son was in the mine.
Wm. WILLIAMS, Hyde Park, 14 yrs of age, who had only worked there one day.
Matthew EVANS, of Steuben Colliery.
William EVANS, a brother of Matthew, of Steuben Colliery.
Evan HUGHES, inside boss.
Matthew MOSIER, Plymouth, leaves wife and child.
John CLARK, Jersey Hill, Plymouth, leaves wife and seven children.
Wm. J. EVANS, Turkey Hill, leaves wife and two or three children.
George STACKHOUSE, Avondale, driver, aged 17, unmarried.
Edwin JONES, Hanover, leaves a wife.
Peter CONKLIN, of Plymouth, has a wife and three children in England.
Morgan WATKINS, Plymouth, unmarried.
Andrew FROTHINGHAM, Avondale, leaves a wife.
Wm. ALLEN, Hanover, leaves a wife, soon to be a mother.
T.E. JONES, formerly of Providence, leaves a wife and widowed mother.
Peter JOHNSON, Plymouth, unmarried.
Evan HUGHES, inside boss, Plymouth, brother of Benjamin HUGHES, of Scranton, leaves a wife and three children. (This could be the same Even Hughes also listed above)
Wm. BOWEN, Avondale, wife and one child.
James POWELL, son of Wm. POWELL, unmarried.
Thomas HUGHES, Welch Hill, Plymouth.
Wm. REECE, Cold Street, Plymouth, wife in the old country. His step-father and brother were both in the mine.
Wm. PORFIT, Plymouth, wife and two children.
W. N. WILLIAMS, Plymouth, wife and three children.
Wm. LEWIS, Plymouth, wife and child.
John HUGHES, Plymouth, wife and child.
Thos. MORRIS, Plymouth, wife and four children.
Elijah BRYANT, Avondale, wife and child.
Thomas ROBERTS, Plymouth, single.
Wm. SINK, Avondale, single.
Daniel JONES, Plymouth, family in England.
David THOMAS, cousin to the two who were brought out, Plymouth, unmarried, parents in the old country.
David GIVENS, aged seventeen, car driver, parents at Kingston.
Evan REES, Plymouth, wife and child in Wales.
E.W. EDWARDS, Plymouth, wife and child.
Henry MORRIS, Plymouth.
W. T. WILLIAMS, 39, Hyde Park, wife and child.
D. S. REESE, Plymouth, wife and four children. Two sons in mine. Richard WOOLLEY, Plymouth, single.
John R. DAVIS, formerly of Pittston.
David JAMES, Kingston, wife and child.
Williams EVANS, son of Wm. E. EVANS, in mine, has a mother and a sister.
Wm. WILLIAMS (shoemaker), Plymouth, aged about 40, wife.
Richard OWENS, Avondale, wife.
Willie HATTON, about 10 yrs old, Plymouth.
Wm. EVANS, Avondale, uncle of Wm. E. DAVIS, aged 51, driver boss, wife.
James POWELL, Plymouth, single.
Thos. HATTON, father of the boy Willie, Plymouth, wife and two living children.
Edward OWEN, Baltimore, MD, wife and family in Baltimore.
John BURTCH, and John, Jr, age about 12, Plymouth, formerly of Providence, wife and three children.
John JENKINS, inside boss.
Wm. R. EVANS, second son of Mr EVANS brought out.
Daniel WOOD, Plymouth, wife and two children.
Wm. MOSES, Plymouth, age about 14.
David REESE Jr, Plymouth, father and brother brought out dead.
Griffith ROBERTS, Plymouth, lived with parents.
Man, named unknown.
Joseph MORRIS, Plymouth, wife.
John RUTH, Hanover, wife and child.
Patrick MC GURICK, wife and three children.
Henry SMITH, Avondale, wife and three children.
Shem HOWELLS, Welch Hill, Plymouth, wife and four small children.
Thos. DAVIS, Plymouth, family in Wales.
Wm. DOWDLE, Avondale, single.
John ROBERTY, single.
Thos. RYAN, Avondale, mother at Grand Tunnel.
Hugh GILROY, son of Patrick GILROY who recognized him, as did also a brother, married and one child, but did not live with wife.
John MAHER, Avondale, 40, wife and one child.
Wm. T. MORGAN, Plymouth.
James MURRAY, Avondale, wife and two children.
Michael DALY, wife and four children.
D.P. PRYOR, Avondale, wife and two children.
Patrick BURKE, Plymouth, has a sister in Scranton.
James WILLIAMS, Plymouth, wife and two children.
John D. EVANS, Plymouth, wife and five children.
Wm. HARDING, Plymouth, came from Hyde Park, wife.
Samuel R. MORGAN, Plymouth, wife and four children, three of whom boys, were in the mine and brought out dead.
Wm. WILDRICH, Hanover, wife and four children.
Reese LUNDAY, of Turkey Hill, wife and three children.
Thos. LEWELLYN, Plymouth, single.
Reese LEWELLYN, brother to preceeding, single.
Wm. DAVIS, Plymouth, wife and children in the old country.
John THOMAS, Plymouth, wife and one child.
John DAVIS, Plymouth, formerly of Pittston.
William T. WILLIAMS, Plymouth, wife and four children.
Wm. D. JONES, wife and four children in Aberdare, South Wales.
Darrius GUYTER, Avondale, wife and three children.
Wm. REES, wife and children in Neath, South Wales.
Wm. SPICK, Plymouth, wife and one child.
John HARRIS, Avondale, wife and children.
Thomas JONES, Plymouth, wife and children. Buried one child last Sunday.
Thos. PHILLIPS, Plymouth, single.
Lewis DAVIS, boarded with Evan HUGHES, single man.
Charles FEAR, Plymouth.
John THOMAS, Plymouth, aged 17.
Dave JOHNSON, Plymouth, wife and one child.
James MALLON, Plymouth, single.
James HASKINS, Plymouth, wife and three children.
Wm. D. JONES, wife in Merthyr Tydvil.
Edward TAYLOR, Avondale, single.
Roland JONES, Turkey Hill, wife and two children.
Addison ALLIBACH, Plymouth, wife and three children.
Daniel EDWARDS, Avondale, wife and one child.
John POWELL, Avondale, formerly of Tenn. wife and two children.

Bottom of the article says the total was one hundred and eight besides the two who perished while trying to rescue them.

This List was donated by Marge Gray.

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