Non-Fatal Accidents for 5th District of Luzerne & Lackawanna County

Accident Date Name Nationality Occupation Age Married/Single Name of Colliery County Nature & Cause of Accident in Brief
Jan-20 John Dusho Polish Miner 30 M Jerymn Nos. 1, 2, 3 Lackawanna Shoulder dislocated by fall of coal at face.
Feb-07 William Green American Laborer 30 S Langcliffe Luzerne Leg broken by leg getting caught between timber and railroad tracks. Outside
Feb-11 Robert Seamans English Miner 65 M Old Forge Lackawanna Two ribs broken by fall of roof at face.
Feb-27 Robert Gillespie American Fireman 34 M Old Forge Lackawanna Ulna fractured and arm lacerated by putting arm between disk and bed plate before engine came to a complete stop. Outside.
Mar-05 Joseph Pieons Italian Rock Dumper 42 S Consolidated Luzerne Two ribs broken and back and legs scratched. He was thrown off a muke's back, his foot caught intraces and he was dragged. Outside
Mar-23 Frank Morandi Itilian Machine helper 15 S Jermyn Nos. 1, 2, 3 Lackawanna Right arm torn off. While working on drill press in machine shop his clothing was caught. Outside
  Notzi Kochinsky Polish Miner 29 M Jermyn Nos. 1, 2, 3 Lackawanna Leg broken and hand crushed by fall of roof at face.
Mar-24 Stanley Melisky Polish Driver 15 S Sibley Lackawanna Foot crushed by being caught between bumpers of two cars. Outside.
Apr-18 David Parry American Laborer 27 S Taylor Lackawanna Hip injured and head cut by fall of roof at face.
Apr-21 Leo Breymier American Runner 18 M Halstead Luzerne Collar bone broken. He was running car out of chamber and missed th sprag. He ran after car, fell and struck his shoulder against pump.
May-10 Andrew Techanovitch Lithuanian Laborer 30 M Pyne Lackawanna Head and neck lacerated and ribs broken by fall of roof at face.
May-20 Sam Beesic Austrian Laborer 24 S Old Forge Lackawanna compound fracture of both legs by fall of top coal at face
May-29 William Edwards American Driver 20 S Consolidated Luzerne Skull fractured. Kicked by muel on gangway road.
Jun-07 John Price Welsh Foor-tender 43 S Consolidated Luzerne Injured by being caught between empty and loaded cars on branch at foot of slope.
Jun-19 Andrew Povlukounes Lithuanian Miner 47 M Halstead Luzerne Back and side injured by premature blast at face.
Jun-24 Peter Sweagan Polish Miner 43 M Sibley Lackawanna Eyes injured by premature blast at face.
  Michael Zupko Polish Laborer 23 S "" "" Skull slightly fractured.
Aug-04 Miko Keshpin Russian Loader 27 S Pyne Lackawanna Contusiono of right hip and thigh, by being caught between car and steps leading to loaders platform under breaker. Outside.
Aug-19 Stanley Yopchunko Polish Laborer 22 M Langcliffe Luzerne Left leg fractured by fall of roof at face.
  William Owens Welsh Miner 47 M "" "" Compound fracture of left leg and arm, also contusions on side and scalp wounds by fall of roof at face.
Aug-22 Thomas Whylam English Miner 47 M Sibley Lackawanna Body cut, bruised and burned by premature blast at face of chamber.
  Evan Davis Welsh Laborer 20 S "" "" Body cut, bruised and burned by premature blast at face of chamber.
Aug-24 John Supinski Polish Miner 22 M Old Forge Lackawanna Left leg fractured, right ankle dislocated, and contusions on right hand and left leg by fall of roof at face.
Sep-05 Regnaldo Matteolo Italian Miner 42 M Sibley Lackawanna Compound fracture of arm and sclap cut by fall of roof at face.
  Bolonga Constantine Italian Laborer 28 S Sibley Lackawanna Scalp slightly wounded by fall of roof at face of chamber.
Sep-28 David B. Davis Welsh Company Man 39 M Pyne Lackawanna Hip broken by being caught between car and roof while riding on front end of car on gangway.
Oct-18 Edward Collins American Coal Inspector 45 M Taylor Lackawanna Left arm broken and body squeezed by being struck by car while riding from breaker to office. Outside.
Oct-19 Dominick Bruno Itialian Miner 26 M Sibley Lackawanna Head cut and bruised by a delayed blast at face of chamber.
Oct-31 John Bedock Polish Bankman 42 S Consolidated Luzerne Face, arms and legs burned by an explosion caused by water coming in contact with burning culm. Outside.
  Alex Summondosky Italian Bankman 36 S "" "" Face, legs and lower part of body burned by above explosion.
Nov-05 John Reap American Miner 42 S Consolidated Luzerne Left leg broken by fall of roof at face of pillar while robbing it.
Nov-22 Joe Reese Welsh Helper 29 M Taylor Lackawanna Compound fracture of right leg by fall of roof at face.
Nov-29 John Flynn Irish Miner 45 M "" "" Back badly injured by fall of roof at face of chamber.
Dec-04 Mike Fenik Slavonian Loader 25 S Pyne Lackawanna Head injured and compound fracture of right arm by being knocked off a car. Outside.
  Peter Brobosky Polish Miner 40 M Sibley Lackawanna Legs broken by fall of roof at chamber.
Dec-07 William Kisselisky Russian Prop-cutter 41 M "" "" Arm broken by being struck by mine car that slipped off guide. The mine car was being unloaded from big car. Outside
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