1st District Non Fatal Mine Accidents -- Lackawanna County

Accident Date Name Nationality Occupation Age Married Single Name of Colliery County Nature & Cause of Accident in Brief
Jan-13 Frank Sharples English Driver 18 S Raymond Lackawanna Leg fractured by being caught between spreader of mule and a water pipe on main haulage road.
Jan-16 Joe Moncavage Polish Laborer 24 S Raymond Lackawanna Shoulder blade fractured by fall of roof at face of chamber while loading car.
Jan-16 Edward Burke American Driver 16 S Powderly Lackawanna Arm fractured while coupling cards near foot of slope. A trip jumped off on the slope and struck the cars he was coupling.
Jan-20 Alick Fruentine Italian Driver 20 S Riverside Lackawanna Right thigh broken by falling off mining car while riding on bumpers coming out of the heading.
Feb-13 Alfred Ganzen-weller Austrian Laborer 21 M White Oak Lackawanna Ribs fractured by another man falling on him while they were riding down a slope on a truck.
Feb-14 Joul Morcom English Miner 58 M Jermyn Lackawanna Arm fractured by fall of coal when he returned to face of chamber after firing a blast.
Feb-25 Paul Sayfer Russian Laborer 43 M Erie Lackawanna Leg fractured by a prop that was discharged along side of heading road by a trip of cars.
Feb-25 Andrew Bojinski Polish Laborer 29 S Erie Lackawanna Leg fractured.
Mar-28 Raymond Oakley American Driver 17 S Jermyn Lackawanna Injured by being caught between cars and side planing while crossing between a trip of cars near head of slope. His light went out. The engineer started the trip to get the water out of the cylinders.
Apr-05 Thomas Gilhooley Irish Driver 23 S Jermyn Lackawanna Left arm fractured by a prop that he was assisting the timberman to stand. The rail broke on which he was standing and he fell and the prop fell on him.
Apr-11 George Melan Polish Miner 40 M Morss Hill Lackawanna Hip and abdomen bruised by fall of roof at face of chamber while preparing to fire a blast.
May-03 Edward Kosary Polish Laborer 28 S White Oak Lackawanna Leg fractured by fall of roof at face of chamber before commencing his day’s work. He had just entered the face of chamber, when roof fell.
May-11 Luegi Fillips Italian Miner 40 M Powderly Lackawanna Skull slightly fractured by fall of roof near face of chamber, after returning from firing a blast.
May-13 Michael Vilmont Polish Laborer 42 M Powderly Lackawanna Leg fractured by a piece of roof falling on him while sitting down near face of chamber.
2-Jun John Horrison Russian Miner 26 M Northwest Lackawanna Back injured by fall of roof at face of chamber while about to put a cross-timber up.
5-Jun William Leoon Polish Laborer 25 S Powderly Lackawanna Skull slightly fractured by being struck by a prop that he discharged with a rock that he threw back.
5-Jun Alfred Morcom English Driver 19 S Jermyn Lackawanna Two toes taken off by being caught betweenbumber of car and top of rail while riding on bumper of car that jumped off the track.
14-Jul William Hofsommer Austrian Laborer 20 S White Oak Lackawanna Left collar bone broken by mine car he was running down a “run”, when the car jumped off of the track.
21-Jul Michael Eshmisky Polish Miner 30 S Powderly Lackawanna Hand cut and side bruised by flying coal from a blast while passing through a cross-cut from the chamber he was working in to another.
22-Jul Akem Sauce Russian Miner 35 M Northwest Lackawanna Back injured by fall of roof at face of chamber while drilling a hole.
29-Jul Patrick Cleary Irish Miner 35 M Powderly Lackawanna Hand badly bruised while blocking a car at face of chamber. The wheels ran over the block. Two fingers had to be amputated.
14-Aug Michael Kelley American Laborer 46 M White Oak Lackawanna Jaw bone fractured by being struck by lever while putting car on track on rock dump. Outside.
5-Sep Cyrus Jenkins American Laborer 45 M Northwest Lackawanna Thigh and lef scalded by steam escaping. While he was repairing a steam pipe, an elbow broke. Outside.
10-Sep Henry Miller American Laborer 26 S White Oak Lackawanna Leg fractured near ankle by being caught between boiler and rail of track while loading a boiler on a truck. Outside.
19-Sep Joseph Lavelle Irish Slate-picker 14 S Tappans Lackawanna Foot crushed by railroad cars at breaker. During the noon hour the boy jumped on a trip of cars and slipped under them. Outside.
4-Oct John Donash Austrian Laborer 36 M Jermyn Lackawanna Leg fractured by fall of roof while helping the miner to tamp a hole at face of chamber.
11-Oct Richard Walsh American Miner 30 S Jermyn Lackawanna Right shoulder dislocated by mine cars toppling over while rounding a curve coming on to heading road from chamber.
22-Oct Lafayette Mathews American Carpenter 36 M Jermyn Lackawanna Two ribs fractured by being caught against timber in shaft while putting a new carriage into place in shaft. Outside.
23-Oct Michael Solisky American Driver 18 S Powderly Lackawanna Compund fracture of atm. He was bumped between cars on a passing branch while unhooking his mule.
24-Oct Frank Walsh American Company Man 19 S Jermyn Lackawanna Injured by falling. While helping the electrician to wire the mule barn he fell from the place where he was standing, three feet from the floor. Outside.
26-Oct George Montero Italian Laborer 40 M White Oak Lackawanna Back injured and one rib fractured by being caught by mine car at face of chamber. The mule’s harness caught the side of car while passing and pulled the car over the head block in the chamber.
28-Oct Anthony Pitha Italian Miner 31 M White Oak Lackawanna Leg fractured by fall of coal at face of chamber, while barring out a shot.
10-Nov James Molinaro Italian Driver 17 S Coal Brook Lackawanna Arm fractured at wrist by falling off a culm car and the car running over it. Outside.
14-Nov Stephen Cowaniac Russian Car Loader 25 S Jermyn Lackawanna Foot cut off at ankle joint. While barring railroad car another car ran into him. Outside.
15-Nov Frank Ropoche Italian Miner 25 M White Oak Lackawanna Collar bone broken and body injured by fall of coal. After firing a blast in face of chamber he was barring down some loose coal when it fell on him.
22-Nov Felix Styputski Polish Laborer 25 S Jermyn Lackawanna Ribs broken by fall of coal at face of chamber while loading car.
29-Nov John Lusasko Polish Laborer 25 S Northwest Lackawanna Leg fractured below the knee by fall of roof while working at the face of chamber.
5-Dec John Novak Polish Company Laborer 40 M Erie Lackawanna Left leg fractured below knee by being caught by car. He was waiting along side of track for an empty car into which he was going to load sand when the car jumped off the rack.

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