1884 Rpt of Serious but Non-Fatal Accidents in the Eastern District


1884 Rpt of Serious but Non-Fatal Accidents in the Eastern District of the Wyoming Coal Fields, Luzerne and Carbon Counties, now including all of Lackawanna and a portion of Wayne and Susquehanna counties.


(from the Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year Ending 31 December, 1884)


1/14MORGAN SWEENEY, 50, miner, Von Storch mines, Scranton

1/17STANLEY BLANCHARD, 17, dumpman, No. 14 shaft, Jenkins twp

1/26JOHN MCLANE, 21, pumpman, Storr's shaft, Dickson City borough

1/29MICHAEL NEALON, 15, driver, Eddy Creek, shaft, Olyphant borough

1/31EDGAR WILLIAMS, 40, pumpman, Lackawanna Coal Co, Blakely borough


2/8GEORGE RAY, 40, miner, No. 2 shaft, Pittston borough

2/13CHARLES READY, miner, Lucas shaft, Scranton

2/27JAMES ESIES, 50, miner, National mines, Scranton


3/11THOMAS RYAN, 24, laborer, Dodge shaft, Lackawanna twp

3/14PATRICK CAWLEY, 16, pin-boy, No. 10 shaft, Hughestown borough

3/19T W WILLIAMS, 16, driver, Hyde Park shaft, Scranton

3/19WILLIAM WINN, 19, laborer, No. 5 shaft, Jenkins twp

3/19JAMES LESLIE, 21, wheelman, Jermyn #2, Jermyn twp

3/24M SPUD, 61, laborer, Brisbin shaft, Scranton

3/25EDWARD HATTON, 40, miner, Leggett's Creek shaft, Scranton

3/25DAVID REESE, 18, runner, Von Storch mines, Scranton

3/25WILLIAM JUDGE, miner, Beaver mines, Pittston borough

3/27WILLIAM TOOLE, 16, fan-turner, Greenwood mines, Lackawanna twp

3/31 ALBERT GRIFFITHS, 14, driver, Ontario breaker, Pleasant Valley borough


4/3EDWARD S JONES, 45, miner, Bellevue shaft, Lackawanna twp

4/4JOHN HAILEY, 50, laborer, Stetler shaft, Marcy twp

4/22MARTIN DUFFY, 14, driver, Dodge shaft, Lackawanna twp

4/23CAPRA AMBETSUE, 23, slate-picker, Erie breaker, Greenwood borough

4/25JOHN CONNORS, 17, driver, Tripp slope, Scranton

4/25PATRICK CONWAY, laborer, Lucas shaft, Scranton

4/29MICHAEL E RILEY, 10, slate-picker, Meadow Brook breaker, Scranton


5/2JOHN CLISHAM, 16, laborer, Everhart mines, Jenkins twp

5/12ANDREW YARRO, 30, laborer, Stetler mines, Marcy twp

5/15JAMES HEIFFER, 26, miner, Archbald mines, Lackawanna twp

5/26HENRY SPRAGLER, 45, miner, Meadow Brook shaft, Scranton


6/1DAVID J THOMAS, 13, door-boy, Hampton mines, Lackawanna twp

6/9FRANTZ SHUMAN, 50, laborer, Stetler shaft, Marcy twp

6/9THOMAS MACKLIN, 15, door-boy, Barnum mines, Marcy twp

6/10HENRY MCGINLEY, 27, miner, Stetler shaft, Marcy twp

6/10JOS DUNCANNON, 25, laborer, Stetler shaft, Marcy twp

6/27JOHN MARSDEN, 35, miner, Pancoast mines, Dickson City borough

6/27ROBERT BLACK, 24, laborer, Pancoast mines, Dickson City borough

6/27MICHAEL MALIA, driver, Grassey Island Shaft, Olyphant borough


7/7MICHAEL JUDGE, 15, driver's helper, Bellevue slope, Lackawanna twp

7/9JOSEPH TSATCO, 45, laborer, Mt Pleasant breaker, Scranton

7/10THOMAS JENKINS, 40, miner, Sloan shaft, Lackawanna twp

7/11THOMAS LINNEN, 14, driver, Shaft 9, Pittston borough

7/12BARTLEY WALSH, 50, miner, Capouse shaft, Scranton

7/12JOHN HOWLEY, 39, miner, Tunnel 1, Pittston twp

7/12PATRICK RUANE, 39, laborer, Tunnel 1, Pittston twp

7/15JAMES RODGERS, 35, laborer, Florence shaft, Pittston twp

7/23JOHN KISPILLIPSY, 35, miner, Eddy Creek shaft, Olyphant bor

7/25NEAL STURGEON, 16, driver, Shaft 12, Pleasant Valley borough

7/29WILLIAM T REESE, 48, miner, Cayuga shaft, Scranton


8/1FRED. SCHMALTZ, 53, miner, Shaft 8, Hughestown borough

8/2MIKE LABSCHAENSKY, 27, laborer, Dodge mines, Lackawanna twp

8/4THOMAS STROBECK, 23, miner, Mosler mines, Hughestown borough

8/6JOHN NORTON, 30, laborer, Bellevue mines, Lackawanna twp

8/14JOHN MCDONNELL, 14, driver, Barnum breaker, Marcy twp

8/14JOSEPH PRICHARD, 11, slateboy, Jermyn #1, Jermyn borough

8/16WILLIAM EDEN, 34, miner, Pancoast mines, Dickson City bor

8/19EDWARD SAUNDERS, 17, laborer, Marvine mines, Scranton

8/19WILLIAM EDWARDS, 17, driver, Brisbin mines, Scranton

8/20PATRICK CONNELLY, laborer, Marvine mines, Scranton

8/23MARTIN KELLY, 36, miner, Shaft 5, Jenkins twp

8/25JOHN DESILVA, 25, footman, Ontario breaker, Pleasant Valley

8/26JULIUS KNOPP, 33, miner, Mosier mines, Hughestown borough

8/28PATRICK GALLAGHER, 13, oiler, No. 2 Diamond breaker, Scranton

8/30MILES MONAHAN, 57, miner, Coal Brook mines, Carbondale City

8/30MARTIN HABERMAN, 33, miner, Stetler mines, Marcy twp


9/4MICHAEL LOFTUS, driver, Eddy Creek mines, Olyphant borough

9/9EDWARD MCDONEL, 15, pin-boy, Barnum shaft, Marcy twp

9/12MATTHEW COYLE, 28, laborer, Lucas Mines, Scranton

9/16JOHN SLADEK, 21, laborer, Stetler mines, Marcy twp

9/17JOHN LAVILLE, 36, miner, Taylor mines, Lackawanna twp

9/27NOAH GORDON, 63, miner, Heidelberg mines, Pittston twp


10/18GEO SPANCHARD, 39, laborer, Eddy Creek mines, Olyphant borough

10/22GEORGE COOPER, 36, miner, Jermyn #4, Dickson City borough

10/22THOMAS RYAN, 24, laborer, Archbald mines, Lackawanna twp

10/27MIKE SHILL, 18, outside driver, Pyne mines, Lackawanna twp

10/29THOMAS GRIFFITHS, 43, miner, Leggett's Creek mines, Scranton

10/29JOHN MCHALE, 17, runner, Pierce mines, Archbald borough


11/8JOHN MULLANNY, 25, miner, Grassy Island mines, Olyphant borough

11/8CHARLES HOBAN, 13, door-boy, Grassey Island mines, Olyphant bor

11/10MICHAEL CORCORAN, 40, miner, Shaft 4, Pittston borough

11/14PATRICK BERRY, 14, driver, Leggett's Creek mines, Scranton

11/15JACOB ROBINS, 13, driver, Pyne mines, Lackawanna twp

11/15MARTIN KANE, 24, miner, Shaft 9, Pittston borough

11/15JOSEPH SINCARRON, 37, laborer, Stetler mines, Marcy twp

11/17THOS LESHOFSKY, 24, laborer, Stetler mines, Marcy twp

11/17JOSEPH FRITSAM, 21, car runner, Stetler mines, Marcy twp

11/17DAVID J JONES, 18, driver, Mt Pleasant mines, Scranton

11/18MARTIN STANTON, 35, miner, Bellevue Shaft, Lackawanna twp


12/5FRANK MCCARTHY, 15, driver, Tunnel #1, Pittston twp

12/6JOHN MCDONOUGH, laborer, Filerís slope, Winton borough

12/8JOHN MCNULTY, 20, laborer, Shaft #11, Jenkins twp

12/8PATRICK TOOLE, 13, door-boy, Greenwood mines, Lackawanna twp

12/9JOHN MAHON, 28, laborer, Diamond mines, Scranton

12/10W F MACNAMARRA, 22, miner, Grassy Island mines, Olyphant bor

12/11DANIEL FINNIGAN, 16, driver, Tripp mines, Scranton

12/22CHRISTIAN MAUL, 40, miner, White Oak mines, Archbald borough

12/30WALTER HEALY, 16, driver, Filerís slope, Winton borough

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