1884 Rpt of Fatal Accidents in the Eastern District


1884 Rpt of Fatal Accidents in the Eastern District of the Wyoming Coal Fields, Luzerne and Carbon Counties, now including all of Lackawanna and a portion of Wayne and Susquehanna counties.


(from the Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year Ending 31 December, 1884)


1/4ARCHIE MCCARREN, 40, miner, Tompkins Shaft, Pittston shaft

1/4THOMAS WALLACE, 18, laborer, Hillside Shaft, Pleasant Valley bor

1/10MICHAEL O'HARA, 32, laborer, Twin Shaft, Pittston borough

1/22OWEN MALLOY, 40, laborer, Green Ridge slope, Dunmore borough

1/22AARON BELLIS, 50, miner, married, Green Ridge slope, Dunmore bor

1/29CHRIS SCHRAMSKI, 25, laborer, Green Ridge slope, Dunmore borough

1/30JAMES REAP, 16, driver, Hillside shaft, Pleasant Valley bor


2/4JAMES YOUNG, 69, laborer, Marvine shaft, Scranton

2/6CHARLES OWENS, 49, miner, married-8 orphans, Central shaft, Scranton

2/20MARION W SAXE, 22, carpenter, Amity breaker, Lackawanna twp

2/21JAMES JONES, 40, sinker, married (wife in Wales), Amity shaft, Lackawanna


3/10EDWARD BRENNAN, 12, door-boy, Powderly slope, Carbondale City

3/26PAT. LEYDEN Jr, 26, miner, married-2 orphans, Sibley mines, Old Forge twp

3/27EVAN NOGGLES, 21, laborer, Olyphant # 2, Olyphant bor


4/3JOHN GOWNLY, 15, driver, slope #4, Jenkins twp

4/8ELIAS EDWARDS, 41, miner, married-6 orphans, Dodge shaft, Lackawanna twp

4/9P F DONNELLY, 12, door-boy, Jermyn #4, Dickson City borough

4/21JAMES KEVLIN, 18, driver, Greenwood mines, Lackawanna twp

4/28AUGUST SWANSON, 45, laborer, Jermyn #2, Jermyn borough


5/1JAMES MALIA, 45, miner, married-4 orphans, # 12 shaft, Pleasant Valley

5/9PAT. GALLAGHER, 25, laborer, #5 shaft, Dunmore borough

5/22JOHN MCNEELEY, 18, laborer, Capouse shaft, Scranton

5/28PATRICK FOX, 40, miner, married-6 orphans, Powderly slope, Carbondale

5/30THOMAS HIGGANS, 48, laborer, married, Bellevue slope, Lackawanna twp

5/30PATRICK FEE, 13, driver, #1 shaft, Carbondale city

5/31MICHAEL DALEY, 22, laborer, Barnum mines, Marcy twp


6/2MICHAEL BARRETT, 25, laborer, shaft #8, Hughestown bor

6/23PATRICK JORDAN, 23, laborer, Mount Pleasant, Scranton

6/28WILLIAM HUGHES, 15, driver, Continental shaft, Lackawanna twp

6/28PATRICK WALSH, 20, footman, Lackawanna Coal Co, Blakely bor


7/4OWEN MCDONALD, 23, laborer, Jermyn #4, Dickson City bor

7/8DANIEL HOPKINS, 11, slate-picker, Sloan breaker, Lackawanna twp

7/10JOHN M SULLIVAN, 28, miner, Mount Pleasant mine, Scranton

7/16JAMES EDWARDS, 40, miner, married-4 orphans, Fair Lawn slope, Scranton

7/22ANDROS NOWALK, 21, laborer, married-1 orphan, Dodge mines, Lackawanna

7/24JOHN B DAVIS, 52, miner, Taylor mines, Lackawanna twp

7/28WILLIAM DAVIS, 25, miner, married-3 orphans, Spring Brook, Lackawanna


8/2MIKE VON BERGEN, 65, carpenter, Amity breaker, Lackawanna twp

8/4MIKE DOUGHERTY, 17, driver's helper, Dodge mines, Lackawanna twp

8/5WILLIAM HOLLOW, 40, miner, married-2 orphans, Gypsy Grove, Dunmore bor

8/5JOHN HORAN, 25, miner, married-2 orphans, Cayuga mines, Scranton

8/6PAT. COYNE 5th, 48, miner, married-10 orphans, Greenwood, Lackawanna

8/6WILLIAM MCHALE, 31, miner, married-2 orphans, Pierce mines, Archbald bor

8/6PETER STOWE, 49, laborer, Mount Pleasant, Scranton

8/8EDWARD SMITH, 12, slate-picker, Dodge breaker, Lackawanna twp

8/11DANIEL MACK, 16, driver, Grassey Island C. C. mines, Winton bor

8/12JOSEPH EVON, 25, laborer, Brisbin Mines, Scranton

8/13JOHN CONNELLY, 23, outside loader, Erie breaker, Glenwood bor

8/13PATRICK MCALISTER, 22, laborer, Green Ridge mines, Dunmore bor

8/16PATRICK FINN, 40, miner, married-3 orphans, Central mines, Scranton

8/23JOHN KNOTT, 22, laborer, Bridge mines, Scranton

8/25JOHN MCCOOL, 12, slate-picker, Lucas breaker, Scranton

8/27PATRICK CONNERS, 15, driver, Green Ridge mines, Dunmore bor


9/9MARTIN DURKIN, 50, married-7 orphans, Winton slope, Winton bor

9/10BENJAMIN JONES, 30, miner, Lackawanna C.C., Blakely bor

9/13JAMES SALTER, Shaft 14, rockman, married, Jenkins twp

9/16JOSEPH HALLA, 22, laborer, White Oak slope, Archbald

9/16PHILLIP GALLITZ, 38, miner, married-6 orphans, National mines, Scranton

9/18THOMAS FLYNN, 22, miner, Gypsey Grove mines, Dunmore bor


10/7JOHN JOYCE 2nd, 45, miner, married-6 orphans, Greenwood mines, Lackawanna

10/8JOHN EVANS, 12, slate-picker, Brisbin breaker, Scranton

10/9JOHN FARREL, 27, laborer, shaft 10, Hughestown bor

10/10T. SHAUGHNESSY, 20, laborer, Fairmount mines, Pittston twp

10/14JOHN LOFTUS, 19, laborer, Shaft 2, Dunmore bor

10/14JAMES THOMAS, 14, driverís helper, Von Storch mines, Scranton

10/15T J HENDERSON, 40, miner, married, Jermyn #4, Dickson city bor

10/17PATRICK MACKIN, 42, miner, married-7 orphans, Archbald mines, Lackawanna

10/25JOSEPH WILLIAMS, 17, driver, Scranton C.C., Lackawanna twp

10/25PETER MORTON, 20, laborer, Stark mines, Lackawanna twp

10/28WM. REYNOLDS, 24, miner, Green Ridge mines, Dunmore bor

10/29THOMAS PARRY, 30, miner, married, Leggett's Creek mines, Scranton


11/11WILLIAM DAVIS, 27, miner, married-1 orphan, Brisbin mines, Scranton

11/18JOSEPH PENEAUT, 42, miner, Forest City mines, Susquehanna Co

11/20JOHN MCDONOUGH, 57, miner, married-5 orphans, White Bridge tunnel, Carbondale

11/22THOS R THOMAS, 20, driver, Central mines, Scranton

11/29WILLIAM CARTER, 43, miner, married-1 orphan, Fairmount mines, Pittston


12/9THOMAS MULLEN, 54, miner, married-4 orphans, Cayuga mines, Scranton

12/13PETER GIBBONS, 15, driver, Shaft 8, Hughestown bor

12/19JOHN MULLEN, 54, miner, married-6 orphans, Cayuga mines, Scranton

12/22PATRICK EGAN, 59, driver, Barnum mines, Marcy twp

12/30THOS ROBINSON, 17, driver, Shaft 6, Jenkins twp

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