“Reports Of The Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year 1882” Harrisburg. Lane & Hart, State Printer. 1883 FIRST DISTRICT, Pottsville - by Inspector of the Mines Samuel Gay, Page 20-21, REGISTER OF NON-FATAL CASUALTIES
Feb. 14 ALBER William Lehigh, No. 11 Loader
Feb. 10 BARREN James Lehigh, No. 11 Carpenter
Arp. 24 BATZER George Pine Forest Driver
Jun. 14 BENNER John W. Kalmia Loader
Aug. 15 BOLAND Henry Lehigh, No. 10 Miner
Nov. 25 BOLES W.J. Lehigh, No. 8 Laborer
Jan. 9 BOYLE Frank Lehigh, No. 10 Loader
May. 12 BRADY Hugh Phoenix Park, No. 2 Miner
Jul. 1 BRENNAN Michael Pottsville Shaft Laborer
Aug. 25 BROADBECK George Lehigh, No. 11 Carpenter
Feb. 13 BRODE Christ. Lehigh, No. 10 Loader
Sept. 13 BROWN Alfred Kalmia Miner
Nov. 13 CONNERS Michael Mine Hill Gap Miner
Sept. 8 DAILEY John Palmer Vein Miner
Sept. 16 DALY Michael Eagle Hill Laborer
Dec. 14 DANDS Charles Phoenix Park, No. 3 Miner
Mar. 14 DAUBERT Jacob Lincoln Miner
Jul. 10 DAUBERT Thomas Colket Miner
Oct. 23 DEVLIN James Richardson Miner
Aug. 7 EDWARDS George Lehigh, No. 11 Train-boy
May. 16 EGAN Martin. C. Beechwood Driver
Apr. 25 EMES William Lehigh, No. 8 Slate-picker
Jan. 14 EVANS Isaac Lehigh, No. 11 Driver
Feb.1 EVANS John L. Rausch Creek Miner
Apr. 19 EVANS John Ellsworth Driver
Jul. 3 FESSLER William Lincoln Miner
Aug. 25 FITZGIBBONS Gerald Pine Forest Fire-boss
Jun. 6 FITZPATRICK Michael Mine Hill Gap Stable Boss
Oct. 11 FLEMING Samuel Lehigh, No. 10 Rock bank boss
Nov. 2 FREW John Otto Miner
Aug. 16 GALLAGHER John B. Lehigh, No. 10 Miner
Oct. 2 GRAY Evan Richardson Driver
Feb. 23 HANTZ Edward Lincoln Miner
Jan. 9 HAUCK Nathan Colket Miner
Sept. 25 HOY Daniel East Franklin Miner
Nov. 13 HUGHES Patrick Mine Hill Gap Miner
Jan. 12 JONES William W. Thomaston Miner
May. 6 JONES John P. Richardson Miner
May. 31 JONES Thomas W. Thomaston Miner
Oct. 6 JONES William E. Lehigh, No. 10 Fire-boss
Dec. 6 JONES Morgan Phoenix Park, No. 2 Repairman
Jan. 26 KELLY Edward, No. 2 Beechwood Laborer
Sept. 14 KELLY John Mine Hill Gap Miner
Jul. 1 KEMRA John Eagle Hill Miner
Dec. 18 KENEDY Thomas Glendower Miner
Jul. 14 KIMMEL Henry Lincoln Driver
Jun.1 KLECKNER Albert Lehigh, No. 11 Loader
Sept. 5 KOONS William H. Lincoln Teamster
Sept. 25 KREBS John Pine Forest Miner
Jul. 1 LEONARD Walter Thomaston Driver
Jun. 21 LONERGAN Thomas Phoenix Park, No. 3 Laborer
Feb. 3 LONG Adam Lincoln Door-Boy
Dec. 6 McCOLE Cornelius Lehigh, No. 8 not listed
Nov. 13 McDONALD James Pottsville Shaft Driver
Oct. 6 McDONNELL James Lehigh, No. 10 Inside Foreman
Jul. 1 McELVANY Robert Eagle Hill Miner
Dec. 4 McGEEHAN John Lehigh, No. 8 Laborer
Jun. 2 McHUGH John Mine Hill Gap Miner
Sept. 13 McNAMARA Thomas Otto Laborer
Nov. 25 MEEHAN John, No. 1 Middle Creek Shaft Laborer
May. 16 MORGAN Theodore East Franklin Laborer
Jul. 24 MORGAN John Otto Teamster
Aug. 31 MOUNT Thomas Richardson Miner
Jan. 26 MURPHY John Mine Hill Gap Miner
May. 9 MURPHY Lawrence Thomaston Miner
Jan. 25 NEWCOMER Theodore Kalmia Loader
Mar. 22 O'BRIEN Henry Lehigh, No. 8 Laborer
Jan. 10 ORFF August Black Heath Miner
Mar. 23 PENDERGAST Martin Thomaston Top-man
Jun. 23 PENDERGAST William Thomaston Miner
Apr. 28 PLUMMER Isaac Pine Forest Miner
Oct. 16 PORTER Andrew Lincoln Laborer
Jul. 6 PURCELL Patrick Thomaston Driver
May. 22 REESE Ben Mine Hill Gap Miner
Apr. 3 REILLY John Pottsville Shaft Laborer
Nov. 11 REMALEY Charles Lehigh, No. 11 Carpenter
Dec. 6 RINBOLT David Lehigh, No. 10 Driver
Oct. 6 RODGERS Rodger Lehigh, No. 10 Miner
Jun. 26 RORKE Michael Eagle Miner
Jan. 7 RUMBACH Jacob Lehigh, No. 10 Loader
May. 12 SCOTT James Richardson Starter
Oct. 26 SIMMINDINGER Frederick Rausch Creek Miner
Dec. 8 SPITZNER Joseph Rausch Creek Miner
Jun. 16 STEIN John Swatara Miner
Aug. 17 STEVENS Frederick East Franklin Boy
Jul. 8 THOMAS Thomas M. Lehigh, No. 8 Driver
Dec. 4 TOWARD William Colket Miner
Jul. 18 WELSH Patrick Palmer Vein Miner
Sept. 8 WILDE Thomas Palmer Vein Miner
Jul. 28 WILLIAM John Richardson Miner
May. 23 WILLIAMS John L. Mine Hill Gap Oiler & Coupler
FIRST DISTRICT - by Office of the Inspector of the Mines(Samuel Gay), Pottsville, March 3, 1883        

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