1877 1st or Pottsville District Fatalities - Mining District of Schuylkill Reports of the Inspectors of Mines

1/8 JOHN LARKIN, miner, Beechwood colliery

1/27 GEORGE EVANS, miner, Mine Hill Gap

1/27 THOMAS HOAR, miner, Mine Hill gap

3/3 THOMAS GOVERN, miner, Otto colliery

3/9 THOMAS HATTON, miner, Glendower colliery

3/13 OLIVER JEFFERSON, laborer, Mine Hill Gap

4/25 WILLIAM SYKES, miner, Beechwood colliery

5/7 EPHRAM RUPP, miner, Lincoln colliery

5/9 BENJAMIN MOSLEY, miner, Wadesville colliery

5/9 HERBERT MOORE, miner, Wadesville colliery

5/9 JOHN DURKEN, miner, Wadesville colliery

5/9 THOMAS CONNORS, miner, Wadesville colliery

5/9 WILLIAM KIRK, miner, Wadesville colliery

5/9 JOSEPH MILLWARD, laborer, Wadesville colliery

5/19 ABE JONES, miner, Wadesville colliery

5/22 WILLIAM EDWARDS, laborer, Mine Hill Gap

5/28 WILLIAM JENKINS, miner, Phoenix Park #3

6/11 GEORGE CAMPION, miner, Thomaston colliery

6/18 GEORGE DERR JR, dirt bank driver, Colket

6/22 AMOS MCCLURE, miner, Forrestville

9/6 HENRY D JENKINS, miner, Phoenix Park #3

9/10 JOSEPH KELLEY, slate picker, Wadesville

9/11 JAMES GUILYN, miner, Wolf Creek, "Diamond"

10/12 JAMES COYLE, miner, Eagle Hill Shaft (died 2 days later)

11/16 PATRICK MOORE, miner, Mine Hill Gap

12/22 GEORGE MALEY, miner, Forrestville

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