1875 Southern District Rpt of Non-Fatal Accidents

(consisting of the southern portion of Luzerne and Carbon Cos.)

(from the Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year 1875)

6/22 ARTHUR O'DONNELL, Beaver Meadow colliery


7/21 OWEN ELLIS, Eckley colliery

7/26 WILLIAM SPENCER, Buck Mountain

7/27 THOMAS GRIFFITHS, Nesquehoning


7/30 WILLIAM HEMER, Jeanesville

8/5 EDWARD LEWIS, Milnesville

8/5 THOMAS DUFFY, Milnesville

8/5 FRED. NOAH, Laurel Hill

8/6 PHILLIP O'DONNELL, Nesquehoning

8/6 JAMES BUTLER, Nesquehoning

8/10 JAMES CRUTHERS, Laurel Hill

8/11 JOHN KROFT, Laurel Hill

8/12 JAMES TIERNEY, Summit Hill

8/12 MOSES WOORING, Milnesville

8/14 JOHN PATTERSON, Sugar Loaf

8/16 JOHN WELCH, Jeanesville

8/17 JAMES IRVING, Cranberry

8/18 PATRICK M'GILL, Yorktown

8/19 DAVID REESE, Yorktown

8/24 GEORGE MANLEY, Eckley

8/28 ANTHONY LYONS, Milnesville

9/1 JOHN FRED, Yorktown

9/1 ROGER M'BRIDE, Yorktown

9/4 JAMES O'DONNELL, Humboldt

9/15 WILLIAM COLLETT, Upper Lehigh

9/23 JOHN KENNEDY, Oak Dale - Jeddo

9/24 JOHN WALTERS, Hazleton mines

9/24 PHILLIP HOEBNER, Hollywood

9/24 HENRY EIDAME, Hollywood

9/24 MICHAEL DUGAN, Harleigh

9/24 FRANK MULKERIM, Harleigh

9/24 HUGH M'CAFFERTY, Beaver Meadow

9/25 THOMAS PHILLIPS, Hazleton

9/25 JAMES RIEHL, Hazleton

9/29 JAMES GAGNER, Beaver Meadow

10/5 MICHAEL BRISLIN, Upper Lehigh

10/12 HENRY BENNEY, Stockton

10/13 JACOB ASHMAN, Upper Lehigh

10/15 JOSEPH DICKSON, Hazleton

10/15 PATRICK DUFFEN, Stockton

10/20 MICHAEL DAUGHERTY, Milnesville

10/20 JAMES LANNER, Milnesville

10/25 JAMES DELANEY, Summit Hill

10/25 PATRICK BONER, Summit Hill

10/25 THOMAS JAMES, Summit Hill

10/27 JOSEPH HENRY, South Sugar Loaf

10/27 CHRIST WOLFSKILL, South Sugar Loaf

11/4 JOHN M'GLYNN, Summit Hill

11/6 THOMAS TURNER, Highland

11/9 PATRICK KENNEDY, Stockton

11/9 JOHN FILBUR, Stockton

11/10 JAS. HENRY SIMONS, Crystal Ridge

11/12 JOHN M'GEADY, Jeanesille

11/13 HENRY GARMS, Beaver Meadow

11/13 PHILLIP ROGERS, Beaver Meadow

11/18 PHILIP WATKIN, Summit Hill

11/18 JOHN LANGDON, Summit Hill

11/22 MANUS O'DONNELL, South Sugar Loaf

11/22 PATRICK BRISLIN, Hazleton mines

11/24 REESE JONES, Summit Hill

11/24 JAMES WOORING, Highland

11/26 WERNER OBENDUSTER, Cranberry

11/27 JOHN MULHALL, Lattimer

11/28 WILLIAM TICKLE, Upper Lehigh

11/28 MICHALE DOGGETT, Upper Lehigh

11/28 PATRICK MONIGAL, Highland

11/28 ANDREW DAVIS, Drifton

12/2 JOHN LLOYD, Yorktown

12/4 ENOCH FISHER, Milnesville

12/4 WILLIAM FLOYD, South Sugar Loaf

12/4 J. BAINBRIDGE, Lattimer

12/13 CHAS. JAMES, Stockton

12/21 JAMES BOYLE, Ebervale

12/21 OWEN BOYLE, Yorktown

12/24 CHAS. ROERIG, Ebervale

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