1875 Middle District Rpt of Non-Fatal Accidents

(consisting of the middle portion of Luzerne and Carbon Cos.)

(from the Reports of the Inspectors of Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year 1875)

1/5 JOSEPH CHERRY, Prospect colliery, Plainsville

1/6 JOHN HARITY, Baltimore #1 near Wilkes-Barre

1/14 PATRICK JENNINGS, No. 3 slope Baltimore mines

1/25 FRANK OLIVER, Nottingham colliery

1/27 LAWRENCE DEVILIN, Enterprise colliery

1/29 JOHN CLINE, Boston colliery

2/2 TIM SHEPPERD, Mill Creek colliery

2/10 MICHAEL WATTERS, Enterprise colliery

2/10 JOHN THORNTON, Enterprise colliery

2/18 DAVID GRIFFITH, Stanton Slope near Wilkes-Barre

2/24 FRANK BURK, Henry colliery, Plainsville

2/24 WILLIAM CRANEY, Henry colliery, Plainsville

3/10 WIREWOOD THOMAS, No. 3 slope Baltimore mines

3/10 JAS. M'DONALD, No. 3 slope Baltimore mines

3/12 JAMES KEYS, No. 1 tunnel Baltimore mines

3/15 ED. DAVIS, Exeter colliery, West Pittston

3/27 GEORGE FOREY, Mill Creek colliery D & H C Co

4/26 CHARLES SPARROW, Boston colliery, near Kingston

4/29 JAMES MARTIN, Pine Ridge colliery D & H C Co

4/30 THOMAS LONGMORE, Pine Ridge colliery D & H C Co

5/6 PERCIVAL EMERICK, Empire repair shops near Wilkes-Barre

5/22 THOMAS CONNER, No. 2 col D & H C Co Plymouth

5/22 STEPHEN MATHEWS, Audenreid shaft near Wilkes-barre

6/4 CHARLES DAUGHERTY, Mill Creek colliery D & H C Co

6/4 JAMES GILGANNAN, Mill Creek colliery D & H C Co

6/17 JOHN S THOMAS, Gaylord colliery, Plymouth

6/21 CONRAD BOWER, Diamond colliery near Wilkes-Barre

6/22 OWEN MALEY, Exeter colliery West Pittston

6/26 JOHN THOMAS, Empire shaft near Wilkes-Barre

6/26 WILLIAM JOICE, Empire shaft near Wilkes-Barre

6/30 JAMES REYNOLDS, Pool's colliery, Plainsville

6/30 JOHN DAVIS, Mill Creek colliery

7/1 WILLIAM WEBSTER, No. 11 shaft, Lance colliery

7/7 JOHN DAVIS, Jersey colliery, near Plymouth

7/17 FRANK THOMAS, Gaylord colliery, Plymouth

7/19 JOHN DAUGHERTY, Exeter colliery West Pittston

7/19 PATRICK HALEY, Exeter colliery West Pittston

7/21 JOHN STETLER, Midvale colliery, Plainsville

7/21 AUGUST SWANSON, Midvale colliery, Plainsville

7/23 PETER M'GANN, Empire #3 slope near Wilkes-Barre

7/27 THOMAS DAUGHERTY, Waterman & Beaver colliery, Kingston

8/4 ED. CHASTLEY, Franklin colliery near Wilkes-Barre

8/5 MOSES BARTRUM, Diamond colliery near Wilkes-Barre

8/5 JOHN KIPPLE, Diamond colliery near Wilkes-Barre

8/7 THOMAS DUDLICK, Empire #5 slope near Wilkes-Barre

8/7 FRANK LYNCH, Empire #5 slope near Wilkes-Barre

8/8 JAMES MACK, Midvale colliery, Plainsville

8/11 CHARLES HELFRICK, Hartford colliery

8/12 PETER BROWN, Wanamie colliery

8/16 PATRICK M'NEFF, Pool's colliery, Plainsville

8/16 CHARLES GARDNER, Exeter colliery, West Pittston

8/16 FRED. WAYLAND, Exeter colliery, West Pittston

8/17 WILLIAM MILES, Boston colliery, near Kingston

8/19 BENJAMIN LEWIS, Enterprise colliery, Plainsville

8/19 JNO. WASLEY, No. 2 shaft, D & H C Co Plymouth

8/30 THEO. YOUNG, Midvale colliery, Plainsville

8/30 THOS. LUXON, Jersey colliery, near Plymouth

8/31 JNO. BLEWITT, Hartford colliery, Ashley

9/6 TUDOR WILLIAMS, Empire shaft near Wilkes-Barre

9/9 RICHARD DAVIS, No. 3 slope Baltimore mines

9/9 CHAS. WEDLOCK, No. 3 slope Baltimore mines

9/13 MICHAEL CROMEN, Nottingham colliery, Plymouth

9/15 PATRICK BRISLIN, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

9/17 RICHARD FAUL, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

9/17 PATRICK MALOY, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

9/20 THOS. O'BRIEN, Midvale colliery, Plainsville

9/21 DANIEL EVANS, Dodson colliery, Plymouth

9/21 THOS. HUGHES, Henry colliery, Plainsville

9/21 WM. MULROY, Henry colliery, Plainsville

9/25 ENOCH JONES, No. 2 shaft, D & H C Co Plymouth

9/27 JOHN TOOL, Henry colliery, Plainsville

9/28 WILLIAM TIGUE, Exeter colliery, West Pittston

10/5 CHAS. EDWARDS, Exeter colliery, West Pittston

10/6 ED. E. DAVIS, No. 3 tunnel, West Nanticoke

10/6 JAMES FAUDUTCH, No. 2 slope, East Nanticoke

10/13 RICHARD COLLIENT, Exeter colliery West Pittston

10/16 THOMAS HUGHES, Diamond shaft near Wilkes-Barre

10/18 REUBEN STINER, No. 19 breaker, Wanamie

10/25 WILLIAM NOYE, Broderick's drifts

10/28 JOHN H WILLIAM, Exeter colliery

10/29 THOMAS H HARRIS, Nottingham colliery

10/30 JOSEPH SOBEY, Forty Fort colliery, near Wyoming

11/1 GEORGE PHOENIX, Midvale colliery, Plainsville

11/4 JAMES BRANIGAN, Hartford colliey, Ashley

11/9 GEORGE WALLACE, Mineral Spring, near Parson's station

11/11 JAMES BOYLE, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

11/17 B. H. BINNY, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

11/19 DAVID JONES, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

11/19 WM. C. WILLIAMS, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

11/19 JOHN LEWIS, Audenried col. near Wilkes-Barre

11/21 HENRY VANDERMARK, No. 18 breaker, Wanamie

11/22 JOHN G THOMAS, No. 3 slope, Hollenback

11/27 HENRY CONERY, East Boston col, near Kingston

12/7 LUKE CONNER, Henry col., Plainsville

12/10 HENRY PARRY, Empire No. 5 slope

12/10 STEPHEN MALONEY, Empire No. 5 slope

12/13 PHILIP TRACY, No. 2 slope, Wanamie

12/15 WILLIAM DOBSON, No. 3 slope, Frank mines

12/17 JOSEPH MOORE, Pine Ridge colliery

12/29 MICHAEL MALONEY, Nottingham colliery

12/30 LEWIS MILLER, Diamond col., near Wilkes-Barre

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