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Aug. 18, 1944


Cpl. John H. Zofcin, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Zofcin of Rock View avenue, celebrated his birthday overseas. His address is Cpl. John H. Zofcin, 33351399, Battery C. 405th AAA Gun Bn. APO 654, c/o PM New York City.


Sept. 22, 1944

PFC. Robert Zofcin

Above is pictured the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Zofcin, of Rock View avenue. Robert is serving in the mortuary division of the armed forces. In a recent letter to his parents, he tells of a meeting with his brother, Cpl. John Zofcin, Jr., in France. They are separated by ten miles and will take advantage of the opportunity to see each other for the time being. In the guncrew of Cpl. John Zofcin are several Shickshinny boys.

John J. Kadtke, S 1/c, is spending a 30-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kadtke of Valley road. Seaman Kadtke has seen service in the South Pacific war area.

Pvt. William Andrews, who was stationed at Camp Lejuine, N.C., after receiving his boot-training at Parris Island, S. C., was transferred to Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Calif. He has since been shipped to the South Pacific war area. His final destination has not yet been received by his mother, Mrs. Ida Andrews. Pvt. Andrews is not yet 18 years of age. He is a brother of Pfc. Roy Andrews, who was killed in the African campaign.


Oct. 8, 1944

Pfc. Roy Thompson has been wounded in action, a letter written to Mrs. William Koons, his sister, says: The letter was written from an Army Hospital and was written by one of the hospital staff, since the wounds suffered were to the soldier’s arms and hands.

The letter states that Pfc. Thompson was wounded in Belgium, and that he had been on German soil before being hit by enemy fire.


Aug. 18, 1944

Seven men from this section are in the Army unit to which Capt. George R. McCahan, Army Chaplain and former pastor of the Nescopeck Methodist Church, has been assigned in France. Five of the men are from Shickshinny, one is from Wapwallopen and one is from Hunlock Creek according to an interesting letter written by the well known local chaplain to a friend of the Enterprise staff. Capt. McCahan is assigned to an anti-aircraft fun battalion.

The letter follows:

"Here is an item which might interest you. When I was assigned to the unit I discovered that there were a number of Pennsylvanians in it but was even more surprised when I learned that quite a few of them came from the section of the country where I had been preaching.

"For the record they are: Pvt. Charles E. Featherman, of Wapwallopen R.D.: T-5 Arthur Palmatier, T-5 Jack Zofcin, Cpl. Gardner Benscoter, T-5 Lawrence Winans, Jr., Cpl. Harold W. Swisher, all of Shickshinny, and T-5 Leo J. Fink, of Hunlock’s Creek.

"We are now in France but have not make much progress in speaking the language, although every soldier is able to make friends with the youngsters. They have a way of transcending language.

"Just lately I learned that Lt. Allison Wilde was reported missing in action but I have had no details. The little I knew him gave me a real appreciation of him and I regret that this has occurred.

"Cpl. Swisher gave me some copies of the Enterprise and it was a distinct pleasure to read it again.

Sincerely yours,

George McCahan"

Ens. Carol Sharp Is Navy Nurse

Aug. 21, 1944

Ensign Carol R. Sharpe, R. N., USNR of Muhlenburg, granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac C. Benscoter, will leave for Portsmouth, Va. on Monday, August 21 to report for duty in the Navy Nurse Corps. Ensign Sharp is a graduate of Shickshinny High School, class of ‘38. She entered training at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital in September, 1940 and was graduated in May, 1943. She enlisted in the Navy Nurse Corps in February and was accepted in April, with a commission. After leaving Portsmouth, she will be stationed in a hospital at Bainbridge, Md. for six months.

Navy Nurse

Aug. 24, 1944

Ensign Mary R. Belles, R. N., U.S.N.R., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Belles, of Shickshinny R. D. 1, left Monday for Portsmouth Va., to report for action duty in the Navy Nurses Corps. Ensign Belles is a graduate of Shickshinny High School in the class of 1938 and of Wilkes-Barre general hospital School of Nursing in the class of 1943. She enlisted in the Navy Nurse’s Corps in March and received her commission on June 23. After 15 days of temporary duty at Portsmouth she will be stationed at the U. S. Naval hospital in Philadelphia. Ensign Belles had been employed at Berwick Hospital during the past year.


Oct. 10, 1944


A Shickshinny paratrooper, Pfc. Robert Kishbaugh, 19, is one of the paratroopers who lived through more than a week of what one called "Hell-on earth" with the paratroopers in the famed Arnhem pocket. About two thousand of the original eight thousand were finally rescued from the pocket.

Pfc. Kishbaugh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Kishbaugh, formerly of Nescopeck, commented in a letter to Rolland Kishbaugh, of Nescopeck, that he had shaved for the first time in 13 days. Despite the ferocity of the fighting he escaped uninjured with the only damage a smashed wrist-watch. He did not say how that happened. In the letter the paratrooper said "Combat is fun sometimes but it feels good to be safe again."

At the age of 19, Pfc. Kishbaugh has had enough adventure for a lifetime. On D-Day he was one of the paratroopers who landed in Normandy and , it is believed, was captured at that time for the was missing for two weeks. At the end of that time he returned to his unit.,...

Russell Snyder Wounded In Arm

Aug. 22, 1944

Word Received By Wife In letter From Husband; Pacific Zone

P.O.2/c Russell Snyder was wounded in the south Pacific according to a letter received by his wife today. Seaman Snyder stated in the letter that he was wounded in the arm, foot and stomach. Mrs. Snyder has not received a telegram from the War Department.

Seaman Snyder mentioned in the letter that he will undergo an operation in the near future.

Inducted into the service, Seaman Snyder received his "boot" training at the Sampson Naval Training Station, and was then transferred to the west coast. He was assigned to a ship as a cook and is now in the Pacific area. He is receiving his mail through the fleet post office at San Francisco.

Sons of Mr. & Mrs. Hoke Dohl in the Service (Photos)

July 7, 1944

John F. Dohl, A. M. M - ETD Hq. Sq. 5-1/2c, Ino Administration, USNAS, Norfolk, Va.

PVT. TORRENCE W. DOHL -Co. D 382d Inf., APO 96 U. S. Army, Camp Beale, Calif.

LEONARD H. DOHL, S-2/c -U.S.N. Rec. Station, 495 Sumner street, Boston, Mass.

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