From the Pittston Gazette, 29 May 1891

Veteran Soldiers Who Lie Buried at Pittston, list furnished by the W. G. Nugent Post, 245, G.A.R.

Pittston Cemetery

John C. Roberts Christian Orts

John Davis Charles Ferguson

Thomas Llewellyn David Williams

George B. Carey William H. Martin

James Powell James L. Wilson

William Richardson John Dunlop

John Smith William Learch

James Prosser Adam Stewart

W. V. Evans A. S. Hobbs

E. E. Jones David Gallet

Job Harris John Howell, Jr.

David James Samuel Stahl

Walter Smiles William Stroh

David Thomas C. S. Pierce

Thomas German Robert Carl

Phillip Bath Joseph Engle

Herman Auerbach

Market Street Cemetery

Miles Walsh James Connell

Patrick Walsh John Walsh

Edward Walsh Thomas Collier

James Gilbert William Costello

Patrick Joyce Paul Wentzell

Thomas Henaghen John McGuire

Michael Lynskey John Watson

John Thomas John L. Riker

James Jordan John Higgins

Patrick McGuire Patrick Middleton

Timothy Goulden Patrick McAndrews

James Evans Miles Gibbons

John McNulty William Holland

Peter Farrell Patrick Pace

Michael Burke Lawrence Wentzell

John Robinson Patrick Reap

Patrick Moran Jason English

John Louge Michael English

James Ginley Thomas Dunn

James Bambrick William Goulden

Anthony McNulty Patrick Milligan

Peter Donahoe Martin Gaughan

John M. Dailey Michael mearn

Church Hill Cemetery

Timothy Kearns Patrick O’Malley

John Gallagher Terrence Gaffney

John Gilligan John Mulhern

Michael O’Hara Patrick Bolin

Peter Gilligan Michael Devanney

West Pittston Cemetery

Dr. W. G. Nugent Samuel Beard

Charles Searle Thomas DeRella

Edward R. Ford Charles Emigh

Charles Decker W. V. Allen

William Smalley John T. Booth

Mark Ashworth Asher M. Bragg

S. V. Phinney Robert Roberts

William Green Thomas McKinness

Stewart Altimose John Fitzgerald

Thomas P. Dodd M. C. Apt

John Eshelman John C. Barber

James McFetrick Samuel Farnocht

John Koch Samuel Stem

William Fenner N. Lampshun

C. C. Blottenburg

Brick Church Cemetery

George Engleman

William S. Leach

Peter Hushelpeck

Abram Cramer

Brown Cemetery (near Mosiers)

George Smith Riley Nichols

John Schoonover George Fennell

Merritt Little Albert Thomkins

John E. Roberts George Giddings

 Hamtown Cemetery

William Stein John Seibold

John Daiser Rudolph Schmaltz

Jacob J. Schmaltz John Steiner

Martin Mehlman Henry Singleman

Christian Adrian Ned Vollman

Jenkins Cemetery

Mathias Melauf

Aaron Bradshaw

E. M. Goodwin

M. Rubenock

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Young Davis

Henry Hoover

Hice Carpenter

Calvin Eshelman

Carpenter Sands



Market Street Cemetery is now St. John’s Cemtery, Market St., Pittston.

Brown Cemetery is located on Parsonage St., Pittston.

Brick Church Cemetery is located behind the Insalaco building on North Main St., Pittston. (It is in poor condition and in need of cleanup and weeding.)

Church Hill Cemetery is located on Chapel St., Pittston, of North Main St., and is now St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Hamtown Cemetery is now called St. Peter’s Cemetery, and is located at the top of Rock St., in Hughestown, PA.

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