Part 2

(Also Prisoners of War and Prisoners Released)

Following is a list, compiled as accurately as information available up to December 7, 1945, permitted, of Luzerne County residents and former residents who were reported during the years, from December 7, 1941, to December 1, 1945, as casualties while serving with the United States armed forces. The list is intended to be comprehensive, including names published in the 1944 and 1945 issues of the Record Almanac, with corrections made possible by government casualty lists issued since December 7, 1944.

The following list includes names of those killed in action, those who died of wounds, accidents or disease, those missing in action, prisoners of war and prisoners officially announced as liberated during the year ending December 7, 1945. Under the designation "missing" are some names which probably will be reclassified in government casualty lists issued subsequently to December 7, 1945. Sometimes a person listed as missing in action subsequently turns up sound, or injured in a hospital, or is found to have been killed.

Casualty lists issued by the government were the main source of information for the list that follows.



McAndrew, John J., Pittston, killed, Germany.

McAndrews, George, Drums, missing, Germany.

McAvoy, Bernard, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

McCallick, Edward J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

McCann, James, Ashley, killed, Iran.

McCarthy, Malcolm F., Wilkes-Barre, killed in accident, Hazleton,

McDade, John J., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Europe.

McDermott, Edward J., Edwardsville, killed, France.

McDermott, William J., Larksville, killed, France.

McDonald, Vincent J., West Pittston, killed, Leyte.

McDonough, James V., Larksville, died of wounds suffered in France.

McElwee, Leonard, Larksville, killed, Italy.

McFadden, Joseph, Plains, killed, Leyte.

McGlynn, Joseph P., Wilkes-Barre, killed.

McGowan, Thomas F., Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in North Africa.

McGrath, Cornelius, Sheatown, died while Jap prisoner.

McGroarty, Charles J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

McGroarty, Edward F., Kingston, killed, Europe.

McHale, John, Avoca, killed, France.

McHale, Paul, Hanover Twp., killed, Germany.

McHugh, John J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

McHugh, Leonard R., Wilkes-Barre, killed, South Pacific.

McKeown, John J., Nanticoke, killed, South Pacific.

McKitish, Michael, Pittston, Germany prisoner.

McLane, John, Exeter, mising, South Pacific.

McLaughlin, Edward J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Belgium.

McLaughlin, James F., Wilkes-Barre, killed, North Africa.

McManamon, Joseph P., Sugar Notch, missing, Germany.

McMichael, Harold, Shickshinny, killed, Philippines.


Maceinas, Charles, Inkerman, missing, Europe.

Mack, Edward C., Nanticoke, died in Jap prison camp.

Mackosky, William, Ashley, killed, New Guinea.

Maclachian, William A., West Pittston, killed, Mediterranean theater.

Maczuga, Frank, Nanticoke, killed, France.

Maddy, Leonard, Nanticoke, died of wounds suffered on Leyte.

Maguschak, John P., Hazleton, killed, Mediterranean theater.

Mahon, Vincent J., Plymouth, killed, Italy.

Mahoney, Fred, Plymouth, killed, France.

Mahowski, Edward, Plains, died of wounds suffered in South Pacific.

Makowski, Stanley, E., Larksville, killed, Europe.

Malashefski, Norbert, Glan Lyon, killed, Pacific theater.

Malesky, Edward P., Kingston, killed, Italy.

Maliborski, Paul, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Italy.

Malkemes, Donald J., Shavertown, killed, Germany.

Malligo, Andrew, Plymouth, missing, Asia.

Malloy, John J., Hazleton, German prisoner.

Malligo, Leo, Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed in plane crash, New Guinea.

Malloy, John E., Freeland, killed, Germany.

Malta, John, Wilkes-Barre, died of injuries from accident, Texas.

Manfre, Joseph A., Ashley, killed, North Africa.

Manini, Elio, Exeter, killed, Germany.

Mankoski, Vincent J., Hazleton, killed.

Mansor, Mansor J., Nanticoke, killed, Italy.

Manture, Liberty, Yatesville, killed, France.

Marcincavage, Patrick, Plymouth, missing.

Marconi, Rudolph, Wilkes-Barre Township, killed in accident, England.

Maricle, Joseph, Swoyerville, missing, North Africa.

Marini, Ralph, West Wyoming, killed, Asia.

Marsh, Edward J., Dupont, killed, Pacific theater.

Marsh, William E., Pittston, killed, Burma.

Marshall, Kenneth C., Kingston, killed, France.

Marsicano, William P., Hazleton, German prisoner.

Marsuak, Joseph J., Plymouth, killed in camp, Louisiana.

Martello, Samuel F., Luzerne, missing, France.

Martin, Frank, Hazleton, killed, Iwo Jima.

Martin, Kenneth, Avoca, killed, Italy.

Martone, Joseph A., Hughestown, killed, Okinawa.

Marushin, John, Hazleton, German prisoner.

Marushok, Steven, Plains, killed, Europe.

Marx, Fred J., Jr., Kingston, missing, Italy.

Masker, William M., West Pittston, killed.

Maslowski, Michael, Edwardsville, killed in plane crash.

Mason, Edward H., Wilkes-Barre, killed, North Africa.

Masonis, Leo P., Plymouth, killed, Italy.

Matthews, Essman G., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Matthews, Francis, Avoca, missing, France.

Matz, Chester E., Askam, killed, Pacific.

Matthews, Jesse L., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Belgium.

Marwaychick, John, Plymouth, killed, Italy.

Matz, Chester E., Askam, killed, Pacific theater.

Matz, Rosso H., Hazleton, Jap prisoner.

Mayock, Benjamin, Miners Milles, killed in plane crash, Virginia.

Mazaika, Julius G., Wanamie, killed.

Mazur, Walter, Avoca, missing, Europe.

Mazuszak, Joseph H., Wilkes-Barre, German prisoner.

Mazzaccaro, Augustine, Duryea, German prisoner.

Mechlenburg, William E., Kingston, killed.

Meck, Ambrose J., Nanticoke, missing, Belgium.

Medwitz, Michael, Pringle, missing, Germany.

Meier, Harry, Wilkes-Barre, missing.

Memory, Robert, Pittston, killed, Europe.

Menge, Arnold, Jr., Nanticoke, killed in plane crash, Georgia.

Mergo, Joseph, Ashley, missing, Europe.

Mergo, Peter, Plymouth, died of wounds suffered in action, France.

Merlino, John, Pittston, missing, France.

Mesaris, Francis, Exeter, killed.

Meshinski, Joseph W., Nanticoke, German prisoner.

Metcavage, William J., Wilkes-Barre, killed.

Metzgar, Edward, Shavertown, killed, Italy.

Meyer, Joseph G., Edwardsville, killed, France.

Michlas, Robert S., Browntown, killed, Okinawa.

Mieczkowski, Stanley, Newport Center, missing, Manila Bay.

Mielewski, Joseph, Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, Germany.

Mikolosko, George, Duryea, missing.

Mikosz, Walter J., Wilkes-Barre, German prisoner.

Milczakowski, N., Pringle, killed, Luzon.

Miller, Frank, Larksville, lost at sea, Pacific theater.

Miller, Harold J., Nescopeck, died in Jap prison camp.

Milunic, Anthony, Luzerne, died of wounds suffered in Europe.

Minnick, John, Hanover Twp., killed, Europe.

Minsavage, Joseph, Nanticoke, missing.

Minzak, John, Dupont, killed, Pacific theater.

Mirola, Andrew E., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Luxembourg.

Miscavage, John, West Wyoming, killed, Pacific theater.

Mishkel, Frank V., Wilkes-Barre, missing, New Guinea.

Misson, Donald, Dallas, killed, Germany.

Mitchell, Edward, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Pacific theater.

Mitchkuicz, Stanley V., Larksville, killed, France.

Mitrik, Stephen, Buttonwood, killed, Italy.

Modrak, Michael, Miners Mills, died of wounds suffered in Italy.

Mondulick, Francis G., Wilkes-Barre, German prisoner.

Monroe, Forrest H., Nescopeck, missing, France.

Montanta, Anthony, Pittston, killed, France.

Mooney, Thomas C., Kingston, killed, Germany.

Morgan, Ashton H., Kingston, killed, Germany.

Morgan, Clarence H., Dallas, Jap prisoner.

Morgan, Foster, Plymouth, killed.

Morgan, James, Plymouth, missing.

Morgan, Leslie P., Luzerne, missing, Europe.

Morgan, William R., Kingston, died of wounds suffered in Italy.

Morgans, George, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Hawaii.

Moritz, Louis F., Wilkes-Barre, died of illness, Texas.

Morawski, Stanley, Hazleton, killed.

Morio, Leonard J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Morreale, Alfonso L., Browntown, killed, France.

Morris, Daniel, Noxen, killed, Germany,

Morris, Michael, Nanticoke, killed, Germany.

Moscatel, Arthur, Pittston, missing, France.

Moskowitz, Walter, Dupont, killed, Italy.

Most, William M., Kingston, killed, North Africa.

Motovidlak, Raymond, Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, South Pacific.

Mozgowiec, Walter, Dupont, killed, Italy.

Mrozinski, Clarence, Wilkes-Barre, killed in plane crash, Gulf of Mexico.

Mucha, Stephen J., Swoyerville, German prisoner.

Muchler, Joseph, Plymouth, died of wounds suffered in action.

Mula, Charles J., Freeland, killed, Pacific theater.

Mulhern, Raymond J., Jr., Wilkes-Barre, missing.

Mullarkey, Joseph, Luzerne, German prisoner.

Mullen, John E., Wilkes-Barre, died in service, Illinois.

Mulligan, William E., Wilkes-Barre, died in service.

Mulreany, John, Hazleton, killed, Italy.

Mulreany, Robert, Hazleton, killed, Italy.

Murphy, A. J., Jr., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Murphy, George, Noxen, killed, France.

Murphy, James E., West Wyoming, killed, France.

Murphy, Walter T., Pittston, died of wounds suffered in Aleutians.

Murphy, William, Plymouth, killed, Italy.

Murray, Martin J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Murray, Robert, Hughestown, missing, France.

Murray, Thomas, Sr., Kingston, missing, France.

Murray, William C., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Murzenski, Henry, Duryea, killed, France.

Muzial, Edward, Sheatown, killed, Europe.

Myers, Edgar, Alden, German prisoner.

Myers, Robert L, Wapwallopen, killed, Europe.

Mykulyn, Michael, Wilkes-Barre, missing, Europe.


Nagorski, Frank E., Glen Lyon, died of illness, Illinois.

Nanni, Roger A., Pittston Twp., killed, Iwo Jima.

Nasser, Michael P., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Natt, Michael J., Wyoming, German prisoner.

Naysmith, Thomas, Hughestown, killed by exploding mine, North Carolina.

Nealon, John, Plains, killed, Burma.

Neddoff, Leo, Glen Lyon, killed, Belgium.

Neeld, Robert E., Jr., Ashley, killed, Italy.

Nenish, William C., Swoyerville, missing, Italy.

Nesbitt, Douglas, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Nesgoda, Joseph J., Forty-Fort, killed.

Nevin, Gaylord, Mountain Top, killed, North Africa.

Nevardousky, Bernard, Inkerman, missing, North Africa.

Newsbigle, Robert, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Newton, Arthur C., Kingston, killed, France.

Nicksley, Rudolph, Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, France.

Nills, Charles P., Hazleton, missing, Mediterranean area.

Niznik, Michael A., Wilkes-Barre, killed, North Africa.

Nolan, John F., Pittston, lost life on ship sunk in Mediterranean.

Noonan, Charles M., Plymouth, killed, Germany.

Norkunas, Anthony J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Novak, John T., Glen Lyon, killed in plane crash, Saipan.

Novak, Vincent F., Pittston, German prisoner.

Novak, Raymond, Avoca, killed, Pacific theater.

Novak, Stephen J., Plains, killed, France.

Novashinski, Louis, Nanticoke, German prisoner.

Novichuck, Frank A., Plains, killed, New Guinea.

Novinski, John, Wilkes-Barre, died while Jap prisoner.

Nulton, Clifford, Kunkle, missing, North Africa.


Obednikovich, Jordan S., Plymouth, killed, Germany,

Oberts, Stanley, Edwardsville, killed, Iwo Jima.

Oblick, John G., Plymouth, killed, Belgium.

O’Donnell, Charles, Hazleton, killed, Germany.

O’Donnell, John E., Sugar Notch, killed, Italy.

O’Donnell, Thomas, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Iwo Jima.

O’Donnell, William J., Wilkes-Barre, killed in accident in England.

Ogrodnik, Julius, Plymouth, killed, Italy.

O’Hop, John, Pittston Twp., killed, China.

Okal, Joseph T., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Olejnik, Joseph, Dupont, died after operation, Ohio.

Oliver, John F., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Ollendike, George F., Ashley, killed, New Guinea.

Olszewski, Stanley, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Luzembourg.

O’Malley, John F., Avoca, killed in plane crash in Florida.

O’Malley, Richard, Kingston, killed, France.

O’Malley, Thomas, Kingston, killed, Europe.

O’Malley, William A., Pittston, killed, Italy.

Onderko, Cyril, Nanticoke, killed, France.

Ondrich, John J., Upper Lehigh, killed, Luzon.

Ondish, Andrew, Jr., Swoyerville, killed, Germany.

Opiela, John, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Italy.

Oponick, John P., Wyoming, killed, Germany.

Oravic, Joseph P., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Europe.

Orilla, John, Plymouth, killed, Germany.

Orloski, George, Duryea, missing, Germany.

Orloski, Raymond, Courtdale, killed, Europe.

Orlowski, Joseph, Nanticoke, killed.

Orosz, Emil, A., Sugarloaf, missing.

Osolnick, Ernest E., Luzerne, killed, France.

Ostroski, William L., Wyoming, missing.

Ostrowski, William, Avoca, killed, France.

Owaxany, Thomas, Nanticoke, killed, France.

Owczarz, StanleyA., Wilkes-Barre, killed, North Africa.

Owens, James J., Nanticoke, killed, Italy.

Owens, John L, Trucksville, missing, Germany.


Pact, Adrian, Exeter, killed, Germany.

Paddock, George M., Kingston, killed, Italy.

Padrezz, William B., Jenkins Twp., killed, Salerno.

Pagliocca, Raymond A, Exeter, killed, Okinawa.

Pahler, Carl F., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Paliatas, Charles S., Larksville, killed in plane crash, South Pacific.

Palka, Michael, Dupont, missing, North Africa.

Palko, Joseph J., Hazleton, died in service.

Palombe, Anthony, Nanticoke, missing, Germany.

Paltanavich, Anthony, Wilkes-Barre, killed.

Paluch, George A., Alden, killed, South Pacific.

Panierko, Bernard, Hanover Green, killed, France.

Panelka, Bernard P., Wyoming, drowned in action, Europe.

Pappas, Leo F., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Pacific theater.

Papula, Martin J., Jr., Plymouth, killed, France.

Parise, Frank J., Plains, killed, Germany.

Parker, Raymond T., Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in Italy.

Parkfrey, Aaron R., Duryea, German prisoner.

Parrish, Francis L., Mountain Top, killed, Italy,

Parry, William, Jr., Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in France.

Parsons, Roland P., Nescopeck, German prisoner.

Pasco, William A., Pittston, killed in plane crash, Virginia.

Paskiewicz, Paul, Plymouth, missing, Italy.

Passmore, Robert E., Lake Carey, killed, Germany.

Pasternak, Michael, Hazleton, missing, aerial flight, Florida.

Pastula, Leo P., Plymouth, killed, Germany.

Peters, Samuel S., Swoyerville, killed, Luzon.

Paterson, Harry A., Avoca, killed, Germany.

Patsey, Justin, Wilkes-Barre, missing, Japan.

Patterson, Hugh P., Nanticoke, died of wounds suffered in France.

Pavlischak, Andrew, Miners Mills, missing.

Pawlowski, Frank, Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, Leyte.

Pearson, Ralph E., Kingston, killed, Germany.

Pepe, Rolando A., Exeter, killed, North Africa.

Peterson, Bernard R., Wilkes-Barre, killed in accident, Tennessee.

Petrik, Theodore, Jr., Plymouth, killed.

Petrill, Joseph A., Hazleton, German prisoner.

Petritus, George F., Pittston, killed, Germany.

Petro, John, Nanticoke, killed, Belgium.

Petrosky, Anthony, Plymouth, killed, Okinawa.

Petruska, John, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Petyak, John, Wilkes-Barre, missing, Pearl Harbor.

Phillips, David, Plymouth, killed, France.

Phillips, Edison C., Edwardsville, killed, Saipan.

Phillips, George M., Kingston, died of wounds suffered in France.

Philliips, William, Dallas, killed, Okinawa.

Piekanski, Theodore, Larksville, German prisoner.

Pietruszkiewicz, Leonard, Glen Lyon, killed.

Piledggi, Andrew, Pringle, killed, Holland.

Pilwallis, Frank, Plains, killed, Belgium.

Pinkham, Harold L., Plymouth, killed, Germany.

Pizarick, John G., Hazleton, killed, Germany.

Pliaga, Walter, Dupont, missing, Europe.

Ploski, Frank J., Larksville, killed, Asia.

Poad, Keats, Dallas, killed, Asia.

Poerio, Joseph M., Wilkes-Barre, killed in accident, Pacific theater.

Pokego, Joseph V., Plymouth, killed, Luzon.

Polachek, Joseph, Demunds, killed in accident, Oklahoma.

Polakowski, Casmir R., Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, Pacific theater.

Polinsky, Andrew, Edwardsville, killed in plane crash, Missouri.

Polonchak, Theodore, Plymouth, killed, Iwo Jima.

Ponganis, Edmund C., Kingston, killed, Pacific theater.

Pope, William, Newton, killed, France.

Poremba, Peter J., Dupont, killed, Germany.

Potzer, Emil, Plymouth, killed, France.

Prekala, Joseph S., Fern Glen, missing, Belgium.

Prekel, Steven, Pittston, killed on duty, England.

Presbytek, Albert, Dupont, killed, South Pacific.

Prete, Michael P., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Burma.

Price, Ernest, Avoca, killed, Germany.

Price John G., Edwardsville, killed, Europe.

Prothero, Thomas, Lyndwood, killed, New Guinea.

Provenzano, John A., Pittston, German prisoner.

Prueitt, Robert F., Nescopeck, killed, Belgium.

Pstrak, John, Breslau, killed, Germany.

Puerlowski, Theodore, Ashley, missing.

Pugh, Lewis, Swoyerville, killed, Italy.

Puk, Joseph S., Edwardsville, killed.

Pukis, Peter, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Puma, Charles, Pittston, missing.

Punshen, Peter W., Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in Germany.


Quather, Joseph R., Luzerne, missing, Japan.

Quigg, George A., White Haven, killed in plane crash, Virginia.

Quigg, John, White Haven, missing, France.

Quillman, John J., Forty-Fort, killed in plane crash, England.

Quees, Charles G., Nanticoke, killed, Leyte.


Rabbitt, Thomas, Pittston, died in Jap prison camp.

Race, George, Dallas, killed in plane crash, New Mexico.

Raduta, Frank, Wanamie, killed, Belgium.

Radzink, Peter, Nanticoke, killed while Jap prisoner.

Rainone, John, Jr., West Pittston, German prisoner.

Rajza, Stanley, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Pacific.

Rakowski, Edward, Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, Pacific theater.

Ranauro, Joseph, Hudson, killed, France.

Ras, John A., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Rasicavage, Stanley J., Plymouth, killed.

Raskiewicz, Edward R., Jap prisoner.

Ratchford, Michael, Avoca, killed, Luzon.

Ratteree, Milburn K., Wilkes-Barre, killed, North Africa.

Ray, George, Shavertown, missing, Philippines.

Raykowicz, Raymond, Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in South Pacific.

Ream, Rolland, Wilkes-Barre, missing.

Reap, Charles A., Pittston, killed, Luzon.

Reckus, William F., Lyndwood, killed, South Pacific.

Redick, Bertram, Jr., Wilkes-Barre, killed, South Pacific.

Reed, Orrin, Duryea, killed, France.

Rees, George, Kingston, killed, South Pacific.

Reese, Dan F., Kingston, killed, Germany.

Reese, John, Shavertown, killed, Germany.

Regan, Joseph, Avoca, died of wounds suffered in action.

Regan, Joseph F., Avoca, missing, Europe.

Regan, Martin P., Forty-Fort, killed in accident, Texas.

Regelski, Edward, Buttonwood, killed, Germany.

Reilly, Robert F., Kingston, died of wounds suffered in North Africa.

Reino, Peter, Luzerne, killed.

Reiser, John E., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Reisser, Vernon H., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Rejewski, Frank J., Swoyerville, killed, Philippines.

Rekus, Anthony, West Pittston, killed, Italy.

Rendoko, Raymond, Hazleton, killed.

Renshaw, Elwood, R., Idetown, missing, Japan.

Repko, Joseph J., Freeland, missing.

Resseguie, Robert F., Dallas, killed, Mediterranean theater.

Resuskey, Joseph J., Port Griffith, missing, Pearl Harbor.

Reynolds, Jack, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Belgium.

Ricci, Peter P., Shickshinny, killed, Iwo Jima.

Richards, William, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Italy.

Riley, William, Wilkes-Barre, missing.

Rindos, John J., Pittston, missing, Europe.

Rindos, John J., Pittston, killed, Europe.

Rinehamer, William F., Wanamie, missing, Middle East.

Rippard, John L., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Iwo Jima.

Ritch, Austin, Hanover Twp., killed, North Africa.

Rittel, William, Luzerne, died in Jap prison camp.

Roat, William E., Pittston, killed, France.

Robbins, George C., Kingston, killed, Italy.

Roberts, Elwyn J., Nanticoke, killed, Europe.

Roberts, Robert, Parsons, killed, Iwo Jima.

Roberts, Robert J., Plymouth, missing, Europe.

Robinson, Robert, Ashley, died of illness, San Diego.

Robinson, William C., Alden, missing, Europe.

Roche, Bernard P., Ashley, killed, Okinawa.

Rogel, Joseph J., Miners Mills, killed, France.

Rogoski, Edmund R., Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in Pacific.

Rogoski, Joseph, Parsons, killed, Mediterranean theater.

Rokita, John, Dupont, killed, Germany.

Roman, Andrew A., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Germany.

Roman, Eugene, Hazleton, killed, Holland.

Roman, John, West Pittston, killed, South Pacific.

Romanofski, Walter, West Nanticoke, German prisoner.

Romanowski, Anthony, Plainsville, killed, Italy.

Romanowski, John, Dupont, killed, North Africa.

Ronavicz, Stanley, Larksville, killed, France.

Rosato, Ray, Dupont, killed, Italy.

Rosner, Eugene E., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Ross, William C., Laurel Run, killed, Europe.

Rostock, Joseph, Exeter, killed, France.

Roth, John L., Hazleton, German prisoner.

Roth, Philip, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Belgium.

Roth, Robert R., Wilkes-Barre, German prisoner.

Rothstein, Robert I., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Germany.

Rovinsky, Carl S., Wilkes-Barre, died in German prison camp.

Rowland, Linsay, Freeland, German prisoner.

Ruminski, Chester, Nanticoke, killed, France.

Rumpilla, George U., Nuangola, died of wounds suffered on Iwo Jima.

Runyon, Paul, West Pittston, killed, Okinawa.

Rusak, Eugene, Plains, missing, Italy.

Rushton, Leo J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, New Guinea.

Rusinko, Joseph W., Beaumont, killed, Iwo Jima.

Ruskey, Joseph J., Port Griffith, missing.

Ruskoski, John S., Hudson, German prisoner.

Rusnock, Paul, Wyoming, killed, France.

Russell, Joseph P., Wilkes-Barre, killed, New Guinea.

Russo, Joseph C., Pittston, killed, France.

Ruth, George J., Luzerne, died in service.

Rutkoski, Francis V., Larksville, killed in plane crash, Latin America.

Rutkowski, John P., Nanticoke, missing.

Rutkowski, William A., Duryea, died of wounds suffered in North Africa.

Ryczek, Andrew, Plains, killed, Guadalcanal.



Sabat, Edward S., Hanover Twp., missing, Pacific theater.

Sabol, Edward, Plains, German prisoner.

Sabol, Joseph, Wyoming, missing, Germany.

Sabol, Michael, Nanticoke, killed, France.

Sadusky, John, Duryea, missing, France.

Saita, Joseph, Pittston, killed, France.

Sambo, John A., Swoyerville, killed, Pacific theater.

Samborek, Edward J., Wilkes-Barre, killed at sea.

Samko, Andrew, Wilkes-Barre, killed.

Samolis, Casimar, Mountain Top, killed, Italy.

Sanko, John G., Swoyerville, killed, France.

Saracino, Vincent, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Leyte.

Sasik, Edward, Plains, died of illness, California.

Savick, Martin, Wilkes-Barre, missing, Germany.

Saville, Roy, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Savitsky, Leonard, Luzerne, killed in plane crash, Texas.

Savoy, August, Pittston, killed, Luxembourg.

Sawicki, Harry, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Italy.

Sawocius, George C., West Pittston, died of wounds suffered in Italy.

Scaffido, Nuncio, Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in Tunisia.

Schaefer, Oscar, Wilkes-Barre, killed in plane crash, Mississippi.

Schaller, Paul D., Hazleton, missing, Europe.

Schesney, Frank, Hanover Twp., died of injuries, Oklahoma.

Schiffman, Byron S., Trucksville, German prisoner.

Schintz, Leo J., Wilkes-Barre, died in accident, England.

Schmanski, Michael, Hazleton, killed, Pacific theater.

Schmidt, Carl, Dupont, killed, Germany.

Schmoll, Kenneth, Kingston, killed in action, Arctic Circle.

Schneiderhan, Joseph L., Kingston, killed, Pacific theater.

Schucker, Ronald L., Hazleton, killed, Luxembourg.

Schultz, Roy G., Harvey’s Lake, died of illness, Hollandia.

Schweitzer, Charles F., Pittston, killed, France.

Schweitzer, Herman, Hazleton, German prisoner.

Scott, Daniel, Duryea, killed, Germany.

Scott, John W., Forty-Fort, killed, Germany.

Scott, Thomas F., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Holland.

Scouten, Theodore, Nogen, killed, France.

Scouten, Welford, Kunkle, German prisoner.

Seapock, Paul, Larksville, missing, France.

Sechak, Paul, Glen Lyon, missing.

Sedicavage, Stanley, Inkerman, killed, Philippines.

Sefelk, Thomas A., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Europe.

Sekulski, Joseph, Nanticoke, killed, Pacific theater.

Sekusky, Harold E., Pittston, killed, Italy.

Selensky, Stanley, Wilkes-Barre, died of injuries from auto accident.

Seman, Peter, Edwardsville, missing, Inida.

Semner, William H., Nanticoke, missing, Pacific theater.

Sendzick, William A., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Seniuk, Michael, Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Sepan, Steven, Hazleton, killed, Italy.

Serafin, Adam F., Parsons, killed, Germany.

Serafin, Edward, Dupont, killed, Luxembourg.

Sergi, Angelo M., Wilkes-Barre, killed in plane crash, Georgia.

Serratore, Patrick, Wyoming, killed, Pacific theater.

Serzan, Vincent C., Askam, missing, Germany.

Shade, William, Wilkes-Barre,died of wounds suffered in France.

Shaker, Anthony J., Wilkes-Barre, killed in accident.

Shanno, Joseph, Hazleton, missing, France.

Shaver, Robert E., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Pacific theater.

Shaw, Robert C., Pittston, German prisoner.

Shedlock, John, Sheatown, killed, France.

Shedloski, Joseph N., Hudson, missing.

Shedlowsky, Albert J., Exeter, missing.

Shelhammer, Kenneth, Lee Park, died in German prison camp.

Shelmerdine, Albert, Nanticoke, killed, Okinawa.

Sherrick, Stanley, Glen Lyon, missing, France.

Sherwinsky, Anthony, Yatesville, missing, France.

Shimansky, Joseph, Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, Germany.

Shimkus, Lawrence J., Luzerne, missing, Mediterranean theater.

Shiposki, Albert, Wanamie, missing, Japan.

Shuck, William, Wilkes-Barre, killed.

Shuleski, Ignatius, J., Bear Creek, killed, France.

Sicorella, John, Luzerne, killed, Holland.

Sidorick, Francis, Fernbrook, killed in plane crash, England.

Sierzat, Walter, Nanticoke, killed, Europe.

Siglin, George, Noxen, killed, Germany.

Siglin, James, Noxen, missing, Belgium.

Sikorkas, Gerald, Hanover Twp., killed, Africa.

Silfies, Lester, Wilkes-Barre, died at sea.

Silvick, Robert, Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Simon, Douglas, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Sinkiewicz, Joseph, Wilkes-Barre, killed, New Guinea

Sireno, Henry T., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Tunisia.

Sivulich, John, Alden, killed.

Skalski, Leon, Swoyerville, killed.

Skovronsky, Joseph, Pringle, died of illness, England.

Skrepenak, Joseph P., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Skurkis, Benedict F., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Skvasik, Andrew J., Freeland, missing.

Slapikas, Anthony, Wanamie, German prisoner.

Slapikas, Edward F., Wanamie, killed.

Slater, Michael, Plymouth, killed, France.

Slavick, Joseph A., Hazleton, killed, Africa.

Sleppy, John W., Kingston, killed, France.

Sliker, Eugene, Ashley, killed, Europe.

Slusser, Gerald A., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Italy.

Smallcomb, John F., Exeter, drowned, Tennessee.

Smigel, Frank C., Duryea, killed, Italy.

Smilgelski, Modest B., Pittston, killed, Pacific theater.

Smith, Frank E., Hanover Twp., killed.

Smith, George F., Lee Park, died of burns suffered on Leyte.

Smith, Harold, Hazleton, killed, Leyte.

Smith, Harry S., Kunkle, killed, Belgium.

Smith, Jack, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Belgium.

Smith, James, Nanticoke, killed in plane crash, Texas.

Smith, Theodore R., Exeter, missing, Europe.

Smith, Thomas, Hazleton, killed, Luzon.

Smith, Truman E., Shickshinny, German prisoner.

Smith, William M., Pittston, killed, France. Smith, Wilson, West Pittston, killed.

Smulowitz, Louis, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Smurol. Chester, Nanticoke, killed, Pacific theater.

Smutko, Andrew, Exeter, killed, France.

Snarski, Edward, Parsons, killed, Germany.

Snarski, Edward, Parsons, killed, Germany.

Snyder, Albert, Jeddo, missing, France.

Snyder, Charles, Exeter, killed, Luxembourg.

Snyder, Donald F., Wilkes-Barre, killed in accident, France.

Snyder, Earl, Wilkes-Barre, killed, New Guinea.

Sobon, Edward J., Hazleton, died of wounds.

Soblewski, John J., Plymouth, killed, France.

Sockut, David, Kingston, killed, France.

Sokoloski, Lawrence, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Pacific theater.

Sokolowski, Anthony, Duryea, killed, Germany.

Sollers, Robert, Kingston, killed, Europe.

Solomon, Michael J., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Sonday, John, Swoyerville, killed, Leyte.

Songiala, Theodore, Pringle, killed, Italy.

Sooby, George, WB, German prisoner.

Sorci, Robert, Pittston, killed, Italy.

Sorochak, Andrew, Hudson, killed, Europe.

Sosik, Alexander, Hazleton, missing, Europe.

Space, Willard E., Forty Fort, killed in plane crash, Connecticut.

Spak, James, Ashley, killed, Fort Belvoir, Va.

Spangenberg, Thomas, Mountain Top, killed, Italy.

Sperlazzo, Samuel C., West Wyoming, died of wounds suffered in Germany.

Sperock, Bernard, Larksville, killed.

Spierson, George, Pittston, killed, Italy.

Stabulis, Alphonso, Plymouth, missing, Belgium.

Sackhouse, Daniel, Hazleton, missing, Europe.

Stachunas, John, WB Twp., killed, Okinawa.

Stahl, Kenneth, Pittston, killed, China.

Stankevich, Charles, WB, killed, Okinawa.

Stankowicz, Benjamin, Edwardsville, killed, North Africa.

Stankiewicz, Walter J., Ashley, missing.

Stanzola, Girard J., New Boston, Jap prisoner.

Staub, Alexander J., Nanticoke, killed, Germany.

Steckman, Chester, Wyoming, killed, France.

Stefanowiz, John L., Plymouth, killed.

Stergura, John G., Port Griffith, died of injuries, Fort Bragg, N. C.

Sterbinski, John W., Pringle, killed, France.

Stets, Francis I., West Pittston, died of wounds suffered in France.

Stigora, Joseph H., Nanticoke, missing.

Stilla, George, Port Griffith, missing, Italy.

Stock, William L., WB, killed, France.

Stookey, Byron E., Forty Fort, killed, Pacific theater.

Stragauskas, Joseph, Edwardsville, killed in accident, Georgia.

Straigis, Stanley, Kingston, missing.

Stravinski, John, Luzerne, killed, Pacific theater.

Stravinski, Maynard, Plymouth, killed in plane crash, England.

Strittmatter, Harry C., WB, killed, Germany.

Stritzinger, William F., Dallas, killed, France.

Stritzle, George L., killed, Pacific theater.

Strunk, Howard, Kingston, killed, Germany.

Strzelczyk, Hilary J., Luzerne, killed, Egypt.

Strzlka, Chester F., Glen Lyon, killed, Europe.

Stuka, John J., Swoyerville, killed, France.

Suda, Stanley G., Breslau, killed, France.

Sudick, John, Alden, missing.

Suitch, John J., Hazleton, killed, Europe.

Sulcowski, Francis, West Nanticoke, German prisoner.

Supulski, Leonard, WB, killed in plane crash, Nebraska.

Sura, Michael, Parsons, died in Jap prison camp.

Surako, Andrew, WB, missing.

Surek, Joseph, Beaver Brook, killed, France.

Sutton, William E., Nanticoke, killed, Luxembourg.

Sutten, William H., Parsons, killed, Okinawa.

Switzer, Jack K., Forty Fort, missing, Luxembourg.

Swan, Albert W., West Pittston, killed, France.

Swanson, Dick, WB, killed, France.

Sweeney, Terrance P. Sheatown, killed, Italy.

Sweigart, Waren F., WB, killed in place crash, Florida.

Swiderski, John C., WB, German prisoner.

Swigonski, Chester, Nanticoke, German prisoner.

Switzer, Leroy R., Shickshinny, killed in plane crash, Kansas.

Symons, Henry, Mountain Top, missing, Europe.

Syroid, Miguel, Luzerne, missing, Italy.

Sytnik, Henry J., WB,. missing, Europe.

Szarfach(?), John S., Plains, killed, Guam.

Szerszen, Alfonso P., Hazleton, Italian prisoner.

Szwagt, Stanley, Swoyerville, died of wounds suffered in North Africa.

Szychowski, Casimer, Alden, killed, Luzon.

Szymanski, Henry, Avoca, killed, France.


Taluba, George, Luzern, missing, Belgium.

Tamulevich, Anthony, Edwardsville, died in Jap prison camp.

Tansky, Edward, Hazleton, missing, Mediterranean theater.

Tarantini, John D., WB. killed, Guadalcanal.

Tarence, Joseph B., Miners Mills, killed, Italy.

Tarnewski, Ray, Glen Lyon, killed, France.

Tarutis, Jacob, Ashley, killed, Italy.

Taylor, George E., Wyoming, killed, North Africa.

Tench, Lawrence, West Pittston, killed in plane crash, New York.

Tennesen, Robert, Nanticoke, missing, France.

Them, William R., Wyoming, killed in plane crash, Texas.

Thieman, John W., WB, killed, Germany.

Thier, Joseph, WB Twp., killed, Germany.

Thomas, Abraham, Jr., Mountain Top, killed, Europe.

Thomas, Albert, Plymouth, died of wounds suffered in France.

Thomas, Daniel, Jr., Edwardsville, killed, Germany.

Thomas, Gordon, West Pittston, killed, Germany.

Thomas, Howard R., Edwardsville, killed South Pacific.

Thomas, Joseph, WB, killed, North Africa.

Thomas, Michael A., Exeter, killed, Germany.

Thomas, Raymond, Luzerne, died following operation, Texas.

Thomas, Robert C., WB, killed, Belgium.

Thomas, Thomas I., Plymouth, killed, France.

Thompson, Charles R., Hazleton, missing, Mediterranean theater.

Thompson, Donald H., WB. killed, South Pacific.

Thompson, James, Pittston, killed, France.

Thompson, Thomas, WB, killed, France.

Thorne, William J., Hazleton, drowned on furlough, Hazleton.

Timalonis, Anthony E., Plains, Jap prisoner.

Tirnek , Michael, Jenkins Twp., killed in cyclone, Missouri.

Tinklepaugh, Arthur, West Pittston, killed, Germany.

Tinner, William G., Ashley, killed in accident, Alabama.

Tisko, Joseph A., Larksville, missing, Germany.

Titus, Kenneth, Shickshinny, killed, Manila.

Toback, Charles A., Nanticoke, missing Bataan.

Tobin, Richard, West Pittston, killed, France.

Tognelli, Thomas, Larksville, missing, Luxembourg.

Tomals, Adolph, Plains, killed in Alg(?).

Tomko, Adam, West Wyoming, killed, France.

Tonchuk, Paul, Ashley, killed, France.

Tondora, Albert J., Luzerne, killed, Iwo Jima.

Tonkin, Clyde, Exeter, German prisoner.

Tontini, Guerine, Port Griffith, missing, France.

Toth, James, WB, missing.

Traber, William J., Nanticoke, killed, France.

Travelpiece, Gordon L., Wapwallopen, missing, Middle East.

Trax, Robert, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Belgium.

Trenchard, Harold A., Forty Fort, killed in plane crash, California.

Trosko, Anthony, Plains, Killed, France.

Trotski, John, Glen Lyon, Killed, North Africa.

Trotsky, Albert S., Kingston, killed, Pacific theater.

Trumbower, Ferrold, West Pittston, German prisoner.

Trusko, William C. Kingston, killed, Italy.

Tullo, John, Yatesville, killed, Okinawa.

Turon, Louis A., Jr., Pittston, missing.


Ulrich, Frank, West Pittston, killed, Pacific theater.

Ulrich, William R., West Pittston, killed, France.

Ungar, Calvin, Kingston, killed, Italy.

Urban, Chester, Kingston, Killed, New Guinea.


Valentinelli, Albert F., Nanticoke, killed, Belgium.

Vallere, Harold T., Kingston, killed, Europe.

Valousky, Joseph, Exeter, killed, Germany.

Vamos, George J., Luzerne, Killed, Italy.

Vaniga, Nicholas, Hudson, killed in accident, France.

Van Glargen, Elmer E., Sugarloaf, killed, France.

VanLuvender, James, Avoca, killed, Germany.

Van Sickle, Kenneth P., West Pittston, missing, France.

Varchol, Brinley, Hanover Green, mission.

Vasil, Joseph J., Pittston, killed, France.

Vecchi, Ivo, Pittston, killed, France.

Velkie, Charles P., Swoyersville, killed.

Verlezia, Vito, Pittston, killed, Germany.

Verespy, George, Plains, killed, Germany.

Vile, Howard, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Belgium.

Voellinger, Fred B., Jr., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Europe.

Vojack, Andrew A., Swoyerville, killed in bomber crash, Arizona.

Volanski, Nicholas, Fairmont Springs, killed, Burma.

Vollrath, Frederick T., Nanticoke, killed, Pacific area.

Vosburg, Wellington N., Harding, killed, Italy.

Vosefski, Edmund A., Plains, killed.

Vorable, George T., Hanover Twp., killed in plane crash, Oregon.

Vrasicavage, Stanley J., Plymouth, missing.

Vrotkoski, Paul, Edwardsville, died of wounds suffered in Germany.


Wagner, Andrew F., Hazleton, killed, France.

Wallace, Joseph M., Hanover Twp., missing, Belgium.

Walsh, Albert F., Pittston, killed, Germany.

Walsh, James M. Kingston, killed, Germany.

Walsh, James, Avoca, died of auto accident injuries.

Walsh, John, Plains, killed in plane crash, Florida.

Walsh, Robert A., Plains, killed, Burma.

Walsh, Thomas F., Kingston, killed in accident, Florida.

Walter, Joseph F., Wilkes-Barre, killed in plane crash, Gulf of Mexico.

Walters, David, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Pacific theater.

Walters, Harold E., West Pittston, drowned at Augusta, Ga.

Walters, John E., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Luzon.

Wampole, Albert, Plymouth, drowned in Susquehanna River.

Wandell, William, Wilkes-Barre, died of bullet wound, Washington, D. C.

Wardecki, Stanley, Nanticoke, killed, Italy.

Wargo, George P., Pringle, died of auto accident injuries.

Wargo. Ralph D., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Europe.

Warman, Elmer, Jr., Plymouth, killed, France.

Warner, Alexander, Hanover Two., killed aboard ship.

Wascavage, George, Pittston, died of bayonet wounds, Pacific theater.

Wasdovich, John, Hazleton area, killed, Makin Island.

Waselus, Michael, Nanticoke, killed in auto accident, England.

Washineski, John, Larksville, killed, Italy.

Watkins, Ernest, Kingston, killed in plane crash, Atlantic City.

Watson, Norbert, Pittston, died of illness, Texas.

Weaver, Paul, Wilkes-Barre, killed France,

Webber, James, Edwardsville, killed, Manila.

Weber, Hugh, Hazleton, missing, Italy.

Webster, George E., Nanticoke, German prisoner.

Wekarski, Joseph, Plains, died of illness, Texas.

Welgoos, Eugene, Korn Krest, killed, North Africa.

Welsh, Sterling Clyde, Hazleton, killed.

Welter, Arch F., Hughestown, killed, Okinawa.

Weltman, Samuel, Glen Lyon, killed, Holland.

Wendell, Fred, Wilkes-Barre, killed in plane crash, Florida.

Wertheimer, Harold, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Luxembourg.

West, Fred, Wilkes-Barre, missing, Europe.

West, Morley, Ashley, killed, France.

Whab, Michael, Ransom, killed, Tarawa.

Whalen, William, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Philippines.

White, William P., Plains, killed, Europe.

Whitebread, Hertz, Shickshinny, killed, France.

Whitecavage, Sylvester, Plymouth, killed, France.

Whitman, Francis D., Kingston, killed, France.

Whitmore, Howard M., Plymouth, killed, Germany.

Whyte, David J., Ashley, killed, France.

Whyte, Thomas P., Pittston, killed, Italy.

Widiszowski, John J., Hanover Twp., killed, France.

Wien, William, West Wyoming, missing on flight, gulf of Mexico.

Wienckowski, William V., Swoyerville, killed, France.

Wiener, Joseph, Wilkes-Barre, died of wounds suffered in Italy.

Wierbiski, Frank, Plymouth, killed, France.

Wilds, William P., Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, France.

Wilkins, George R., Kingston, killed, France.

Williams, Albert A., Larksville, killed, France.

Williams, George, Plymouth, killed, France.

Williams, Howard, Parsons, missing, Luxembourg.

Williams, Hugh, Hanover Twp., killed, France.

Williams, John R., Nanticoke, killed, Germany.

Williams, Roy T., Hazleton, killed, France.

Williams, Thomas D., Hazleton, missing, Europe.

Williams, William I., Wilkes-Barre, killed, Okinawa.

Willis, Benjamin V., Hanover Twp., killed, Italy.

Wills, Jack, Kingston, German prisoner.

Wilsey, Donald, Wilkes-Barre, German prisoner.

Wilshinski, Peter, Swoyerville, killed, Pacific theater.

Wilson, Frederick S., Hanover Twp., killed, France.

Wilson, Walter, Dallas, declared dead in Philippines.

Winsko, Joseph, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Italy.

Wishnewski, John, Kingston, killed, Okinawa.

Wlosinski, Michael, Sugar Notch, killed, Germany.

Wodeshick, Edward E., Plymouth, died of wounds suffered in Germany.

Wohl, Eugene, Wilkes-Barre. Killed, Pacific theater.

Wojciechnwski, Walter, Nanticoke, killed, Pacific theater.

Wojcik, George, Kingston, died after operation, Washington, D.C.

Wolfe, Emmett, L., Edwardsville, killed, Europe.

Wolfe, Harry, Kingston, missing in action at sea.

Wolfe, Walter, Glen Lyon, missing, Germany.

Wolfson, Seymour, Wilkes-Barre, German prisoner.

Wolk, Walter A., Swoyerville, died of wounds suffered in France.

Worlenski, Frank D., Luzerne, killed, Luzon.

Wozniak, Joseph, Swoyerville, German prisoner.

Wrightson, David, West Pittston, killed in plane crash, Nevada.

Wrabel, Louis J., Alden, killed, Italy.

Wydra, Charles E., Swoyerville, missing, CBI theater.

Wysocki, Edward R., Wilkes-Barre. killed, France.

Wytrykowski, Henry T., Nanticoke, killed, Pacific area.

Wzentzk, Teddy, A. Duryea, killed, Italy.


Yabluszefki, Sylvester C., Korn Krest, killed, Europe.

Yachymiak, John, Plymouth, killed, Okinawa.

Yalch, John, White Haven, missing, Pacific theater.

Yanchunas, Dominick G., Wilkes-Barre, German prisoner.

Yanchunas, Victor, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Germany.

Yanecek, Ignatz G., Hazleton, killed.

Yanek, Joseph S., Lehman, killed, Belgium.

Yanko, Peter J., Avoca, missing, Europe.

Yanoski, Joseph, J., Hazleton, killed, Pacific theater.

Yansko, John, Swoyerville, killed, France.

Yanushenis, William, Edwardsville, died of wounds suffered in France.

Yarashes, Vincent, Luzerne, killed.

Yashkas, John, Sugar Notch, killed, Mediterranean area.

Yarko, Fred L., Ashley, killed, France.

Yatsko, John, Wilkes-Barre Twp., died of injuries, Italy.

Yatskof, John J., Wilkes-Barre Twp., killed, Pacific area.

Yenalavage, Anthony C., Kingston, killed in plane crash, Alabama.

Yenchek, Louis, Plymouth, died of wounds suffered on Luzon.

Yenner, Thomas R., Kingston, killed, Europe.

Yocum, Russell G., Shickshinny, killed, Pacific theater.

Yonkin, Paul W., Pittston, killed, France.

Yonski, Frank, Plainsville, killed, Germany.

Young, Raymond, Pittston, died of illness, Europe.

Young, Thomas J., Wilkes-Barre, killed.

Younkers, John G., Ashley, killed, Luzon.

Yuhas, Michael, Hanover Twp., killed, New Guinea.

Yurek, John, Wyoming, German prisoner.

Yurick, Michael, West Pittston, killed in plane crash, New Mexico.

Yuscavage, Edward, Plymouth, German prisoner.


Zabrenski, Theodore, Nanticoke, missing, France.

Zack, Theodore B., Wilkes-Barre, killed, France.

Zadora, James R., Wilkes-Barre, killed in plane crash, Luzon.

Zadewski, Stanley, Sugar Notch, missing, Far East.

Zak, John, Mocanaqua, died in service.

Zapotoczny, Anthony P., Wilkes-Barre. killed, North Africa.

Zapotowski, Joseph A., Wilkes-Barre. killed, Okinawa.

Zatorski, Leonard, Nanticoke, missing, Europe.

Zavatsky, John F., Larksville, killed, France.

Zdun, Stanley, Dupont, killed, Belgium.

Zelinski, Stanley J., West Wyoming, killed, South Pacific.

Zepp, Lawrence E., Hanover Twp., killed, Pacific theater.

Zielinski, Paul a., Lyndwood, died of wounds suffered in Luxembourg.

Zikosky, Michael J., Duryea, died in service, Georgia.

Zims, Ralph E., Wilkes-Barre, killed in accident, Utah.

Zimmerman, George F., Wilkes-Barre, killed, New Guinea.

Zionce, John, Plymouth, missing, England.

Zipay, Charles J., Kingston, missing, Mediterranean theater.

Zolnerowicz, Raymond, Glen Lyon, killed, South Pacific.

Zuba, Alex J., Exeter, missing, Europe.

Zubriki, Walter J., Wilkes-Barre, missing, Okinawa.

Zubris, Alphonso, Wilkes-Barre, killed, Italy.

Zukleis, Joseph, Plymouth, missing

Zukosky, Bernard T., Duryea, missing, North Africa.

Zukowski, John, Ashley, missing, France.

Zultewicz, Henry, Shickshinny, killed, France.

Zumpano, Joseph D., parsons, killed, Germany.

Zurenda, Joseph R., Hazle Twp., killed, Germany.



Released from German Camps

Achuff, Louis, Fernbrook.

Adams, Walter C., Kingston

Adonizio, Gennaro, Pittston.

Anderson, James S., Jr. Hanover Twp.

Angradika, Dominic, Glen Lyon.

Anole, Joseph, Laurel Run.

Arabinick, Michael, Larksville.

Austin, Joseph A. Pittston.

Badman, William, Folstown.

Balliez, Fred, Wilkes-Barre.

Baran, John, Nanticoke.

Barber, William, Luzerne.

Barrett, Lawrence, West Wyoming.

Battan(?), Paul, Glen Lyon.

Barthashunas, Bernard, Inkerman.

Baum, Norman, Wilkes-Barre.

Bednar, Frank, Luzerne.

Beil, Charles, W., West Pittston.

Bednar, William, Wilkes-Barre.

Benia, Daniel R., Nanticoke.

Benkoski, Anthony, Plymouth.

Bennyh, Joseph M., Swoyerville.

Bilbow, Frances, Pittston.

Bitsco, Edward A., Edwardsville.

Blasi, Joseph D., Hazleton.

Blaum, Bernard, Wilkes-Barre.

Bobich, Mark, Wilkes-Barre.

Bodycomb, Rosser, Nuangola.

Bolks, Joseph S., Hanover Twp.

Bonewicz, Albert, Plains.

Bonk, John, Wilkes-Barre.

Brandolino, Alphonso, Exeter.

Brandolino, Anthony, Exeter.

Bretz, Harold G., Plymouth.

Brezak, John J., West Avoca.

Brill, Jerome, Wilkes-Barre.

Brown, victor, Pittston.

Bucznski, John, Wilkes-Barre.

Burrke, Edward, Nanticoke.

Burns, Joseph L. West Pittston.

Carr, William O., West Pittston.

Cebula, Casper C., Dupont.

Cebula, Joseph, Plymouth.

Cerrito, Dominick J., Hazleton.

Charmchko, Michael, Wilkes-Barre.

Chilck, Joseph, Avoca.

Cimmer, Isadore, Nanticoke.

Clifford, Anthony E., Avoca.

Coking, Byron D., Shavertown.

Coffin, John W., Wyoming.

Cole, Robert L., Wilkes-Barre.

Connors, Leon, Ashley.

Cool, Arthur, Lee Park.

Coslett, Franklin D., Edwardsville.

Cotter, Michael, Wyoming.

Cropp, Harry L., Wilkes-Barre.

Cyrana, William, Wilkes-Barre.

Danoff, Albert N., Glen Lyon.

Davies, James W., West Pittston.

Davis, Irvin C., Shavertown.

Davis, John S., Kingston.

Delia, Angelo, Avoca.

Demchick, Paul, Wilkes-Barre.

DeRose, William J., Kingston.

Didwalis, John A., Jr. Wilkes-Barre.

Dixon, William, Wilkes-Barre.

Dackert, Wilson, Avoca..

Dominick, Robert, Plains.

Drago, Anthony, Parsons.

Dupcavitch, Leonard, Wyoming.

Dvnzshak, John, Freeland.

Endrusick, James S., Wyoming

Erdman, William, Wilkes-Barre.

Evans, Joseph G., Wilkes-Barre.

Evans, Melvin H., Plymouth.

Evans, Robert A., Nanticoke.

Evans, William E., Wilkes-Barre.

Fetchko, Michael, Jr., Wyoming.

Finn, Andrew, Alden.

Finn, Raymond, Wilkes-Barre Twp.

Fisher, Gordon E., Freeland.

Fiske, Paul, Dallas.

Fogarty, Francis M., Kingston.

Fagek, George, Wilkes-Barre Twp.

Gaido, Michael B., Kingston.

Gambini, Evre J., Hudson.

Garber, Joseph, Korn Krest.

Gibbons, Joseph, Wilkes-Barre.

Gill, Edward R., Nanticoke.

Gilroy, Charles, Hughestown.

Gelba, Lawrence J., Albert.

Glowatsky, Michael, Miners Mills.

Goobie, Theodore F., Hudson.

Gower, David, Forty Fort.

Grabowski, Henry a., Dupont.

Grace, Robert, Pittston.

Gramps, Arthur, Forty Fort.

Granahan, Vincent P., Brownstown.

Grazatis, Joseph, Luzerne.

Grey, Edward L., Wilkes-Barre.

Gregory, Charles, Kingston.

Grobelny, Frank, Hazleton.

Groblewski, Benjamin, Kingston.

Gross, Nicholas, Dupont.

Guile, Louis J., Plains.

Haduch, Anthony S., Avoca.

Haley, Joseph V., Wilkes-Barre.

Hall, Robert, Wilkes-Barre.

Hartman, Ira G., Kingston.

Haus, John B., Wilkes-Barre.

Hartman, Ira G., Kingston.

Haus, John B., Wilkes-Barre.

Hickey, Steven, Tunkhannock.

Hicks, Frederick A., Kingston.

Hnatuick, Peter, Hazleton.

Hoban, John, Hughestown.

Honis (?), John L., Hazle Twp.

Hopkins, Robert J., Courtdale.

Howell, Millard, Wilkes-Barre.

Hoynowski, Walter, West Nanticoke.

Hughes, Benjamin, Plymouth

Ichter, William, Ashley.

Istock, Joseph J., Exeter.

Jablonski, Joseph P., Swoyersville.

Jacobs, Abe, Wilkes-Barre.

Jeffries, Richard, Alden.

Jones, George, Wilkes-Barre.

Jones, John t., Wilkes-Barre.

Jones, Paul E., Plymouth.

Kahley, Stanley R., Mountain Top.

Kamantis, John, Plymouth.

Kaplowitz, Bernard, Miners Mills.

Kslaskas, Edward A., Plains.

Kasper, Joseph P., Plymouth.

Keene, Glenn F., Nescopeck.

Kemp, Stanley A., Glen Lyon.

Kennedy, William P., Wilkes-Barre.

Kerlavage, Sylvester, Jr., Wilkes-Barre.

Kerr, Andre B., Wilkes-Barre.

Kerr, Milton B., Wilkes-Barre.

Kindler, Carl P., Wilkes-Barre.

Kirby, Charles E., Jr., Wilkes-Barre.

Kistler, Walter W., West Pittston.

Klein, Robert J., Wilkes-Barre.

Klem, John E., Glen Lyon.

Klepp, George, Georgetown.

Kline, James S., Benton.

Kochan, Kurt W., Wilkes-Barre.

Koons, John E., West Hazleton.

Koromos, Frank, Wilkes-Barre.

Klotulak, Joseph A., Nanticoke.

Krebbs, Leo, Wilkes-Barre.

Kromega, Andrew, Edwardsville.

Kuderka, Raymond, Dallas.

Kulmatiski, Michael, Ashley.

Kunkle, Carl, Kunkle.

Lapchak, George, Wilkes-Barre.

Lawlor, John J., Wilkes-Barre.

Lee, John J., Pittston.

Leonard, Albert P., Jr., Pittston.

Leptuch, Anthony S., Swoyersville.

Levandoski, Henry R., Duryea.

Levy, Sam, Wilkes-Barre.

Lewis, Derwood, Kingston.

Lewis, Grahame, Askam.

Lipka, Thomas M., Nanticoke.

Lipsky, Henry I., Glen Lyon.

Liscavage, Robert S., Wilkes-Barre Twp.

Lombardelli, Dominick, Wilkes-Barre Twp.

Lupini, Albert, Parsons,

McGuire, Andrew, West Pittston.

McHale, Kenneth, Duryea.

McHale, William J., Lee Park.

McHugh, Thomas O., Wilkes-Barre.

McQueen, Francis P., Avoca.

Madden, Carmen, Hazleton.

Madtak, Edward, Swoyersville.

Maguire, John B., Wilkes-Barre

Maker, Joseph M., Dupont.

Malarkey, Charles, Luzerne.

Malarkey, Joseph F., Luzerne.

Marchikaitis, Alphonso, Lake Silkworth.

Marko, William, Plainsville.

Martin, Walter F., Larksville.

Maslowski, Edward J., Plymouth.

Matalavage, Albert S., Kingston.

Maury, Alfred F., Trucksville.

Mentyka, Joseph W., Plymouth.

Michaels, Thomas A., Luzerne.

Mihalka, Joseph, Exeter.

Miles, Francis, Kingston.

Miles, William, Larksville.

Miskel, Joseph J., Sugar Notch.

Misk(?), John E., Wilkes-Barre.

Mitchell, Rocco, Pittston.

Montone, James M., Kingston.

Moran, James V., Hazleton.

Moran, Robert, Browntown.

Mormak, Joseph, Hazleton.

Morris, Henry A., Hanover Twp.

Moss, Donald T., West Pittston.

Mowery, C. Russell, Kingston.

Mulherin, Daniel, WB.

Manson, Russell M., WB.

Namey, John, WB.

Nardone, Louis, WB.

Naughton, Joseph W., Pringle.

Newhart, John T., Edwardsville.

Nazmanski, Walter, WB.

Nork, Edward, Nanticoke.

Hulton, Paul F., Jr., Beaumont.

O=Holleran, Thomas J., Pringle.

O=Kane, Robert F., WB.

Oyler, John W., Kingston.

Paoelli, John, Parsons.

Palmer, Rogers M., Forty Fort.

Parry, William A., Luzerne.

Patton, Marshall L., Plymouth.

Patton, Marshall L., Plymouth.

Pawloski, Edmund, Wanamie.

Pawloski, Theodore A., West Wyoming.

Pearce, Edwin A., Exeter.

Peters, Joseph, Pittston.

Pointon , Floyd, Avoca.

Pokrzywa, John, Edwardsville.

Potocko, Matthew, Kingston.

Popovich, Charles, WB.

Powell, Thomas H., Parsons.

Pratz , Andrew, Nanticoke.

Preman , Bernard J., WB.

Price, Russell W., Plymouth.

Prodgers , Allen, WB.

Puris , Thomas, Lee Park.

Redington, M J., WB.

Reese , Gorden, Nanticoke.

Regan, James, Avoca.

Reggie , John J. Swoyersville.

Reimiller , Arthur, Edwardsville.

Rembecki , John S., Pittston Twp.

Renville , Elliott L., Pittston

Ritsick , George M., Plains.

Robacewski , Bernard J., Plymouth.

Roberts, Zack M., Plymouth.

Roberson, Ralston, S., Plains.

Rominski, Leonard, Nanticoke.

Rosenbaum, Harry, WB.

Rouse, William, Kingston.

Ruvolis , Leo, Plymouth.

Rynkiewicz , Isadore, Nanticoke.

Sabol, Daniel, WB.

Sammon , William F., Avoca.

Saunders, Herman W., Hunlock Creek.

Scarf , John J., Forty Fort.

Schlosser, Albert, Hanover Twp.

Schoket , Herbert C., Pittston.

Schwartz, James P., Mountain Top.

Semanski, Edward J., Miners Mills.

Shatkoski , Stephen, Larksville.

Shimkoski, John J., Dupont.

Shisko , Walter, Ashley.

Shuta , Michael, WB.

Skopic , Peter, Lehman.

Skrinski , Anthony, Wanamie.

Slivinski , John, Edwardsville.

Schlosser , Albert, Hanover Twp.

Smith, Donald, J., West Pittston.

Smith, Edward B., Noxen.

Smith, Marvin T., Forty Fort.

Smith, Thomas F., WB.

Smith, William, Slocum.

Snee , Francis, Forty Fort.

Stancavage, Stanley, West Pittston.

Stucker, Gerald, parsons.

Scupak, Steve J., Dupont.

Stupak , Henry W., Nanticoke.

Survilla , William L., Luzerne.

Sutton , Raymond, Trucksville.

Szalsotacha, George J., Shickshinny.

Thomas, David J., WB.

Toole, Edward, WB.

Troy, George W., Wyoming.

Trynoski, Joseph, Wanamie.

Tucker, Thomas, Plymouth.

Vetcher , Thomas, Plymouth.

Warakomski, Chester, Nanticoke.

West, William, Nanticoke.

Wheeler, Arthur, Denison Twp.

Williams, John (?) , Nanticoke.

Weed, Harry, WB.

Wright, Gilbert, WB.

Wright, Robert, WB.

Wroble, Alex A., Edwardsville.

Yankowski, Edward J., Hilldale.

Yorke , Paul, Exeter.

Yenchik, Lawrence, Hanover Twp.

York, Paul R., West Pittston.

Yuhas, John R., Swoyerville.

Zabinchuk, Joseph, Jeddo.

Zarkowski, John W., Hazleton.

Zedilis, Peter J., Warrior Run.

Zierowicz , John, Kingston.

Zimmerman, Stanley, Miners Mills.

Zusel, Stanley F., Plymouth.


Released from Japanese Camps

Davis, Edward J., WB.

Daleman, Bernard, WB.

Dively, Darwin, West Pittston.

Jenkins, Morgan J., Kingston.

Loux , Henry T., WB.

Luzinski , William J., Nanticoke.

McAndrew, Eugene, WB.

Maguire, Edward P., Kingston.

Malikowski, Francis W., Kingston.

Mancavage, Anthony A., Hanover Twp.

Moyer , John J., Kingston.

Nash, Margaret, Lee Park.

Naylor, Leonard, Duryea.

Novinski , Clement J., WB.

Picko, Stephen, WB.

Serhak, Paul, Nanticoke.

Slabinski, Anthony, Hudson.

Sorci, Charles J., Pittston.

Stroh, Anthony J., Kingston.

Sweeney, James, Ashley.

Trachenberg, Abe, Ashley.

Wazilewski, Constant I. Nanticoke.


Freed in Neutral Country

Selover , Frank L., WB, from Switzerland. 

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