Records Of Enlistment & Casualties

of Companies: C, D, and F.
8th Pa Cav.
War 1861 to 1865


In the Civil War from 1861 to 1865

Figured from the number of officers and men who saw service and who were killed, wounded, prisoners, died from disease, who enlisted in Co. C. D. and F. the 8th Penna. Cavalry from Hazleton, Penna.

Company D was in 135 battles and skirmages with the Army the Potomac, from 1861 to the last battle at Appomattox, April 9, 1865.

Company D. captured the last flag, fired the last shot, and the last confederate in the army of Northern Virginia.

Capt John E Giles, of Hazelton Penna served 3 years and 2 months in Company C as 1st Lieut. and was in 94 battles and skrimages. He was in 7 battles and skrimages after his term of 3 years had expired before leaving the army.

Capt. Andrew Lee, of Hazleton, Penna. was Lieut. of Co. D and commanded the company in the last campaign from Petersburgh, to Appomattox.

The following are the names who enlisted and served in Co. C from Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Company D

Name Rank Notes
Andrew LeeLieutwas in 136 battles & Skrimages
Robert MacdonaldSergtPrisoner for 6 mths
Jos. A GrinerSergtKilled March 29 1865 Denwitty Ct. House, VA
Geo. C. LeeCorpPrisoner for 4 months
Matthew W SmithCorpWounded & captured at Gainesville, Va. June 23, 1863
Alex PetreCorpWounded April 7, Farmville, Va 1865
A C RittenhouseB. SmithDied of wounds at Malvern Hill August 5th
Robert WatsonTrumpeter Prisoner 3 months
Joseph W GirrandCorp. Wounded Malvern Hill July 2 1862
William KempCorpWounded April 9 1865 at Appomattox
Joseph KepleyB. SmithServed 1 year
Isaac W Crawford Privatewounded July 29 1863 Melvern Hill
Jacob CasePrivate was in one engagement
Jas. BrodbentPrivatewounded May 123 1864 Yellow Tav
Jno. DepewPrivatewounded April 7 1865 Farmville, Va.
Peter GillPrivatewounded April 9 1865 Appomattox Ct. House
Jas. GreyPrivatewounded Melven Hill August 5 1862
Jno. GrahamPrivateInjured in the charge Melven Hill Aug 5 1862
Jerry GreenPrivateIn all engagements 1864 and 1865
Jno. HenryPrivatewonded April 9 1865, Appomattox Ct. House
Jonas HenryPrivateDischarged 1862
Jno. KempPrivatewounded Apr 5 1865 Amelia Ct House
Robert LaynonPrivateCaptured at Five Forks, Va. April 2 1865 prisoner 5 days
Jno. McNealPrivatewounded Dec 9 1864 Belfield raid
Sol. NungressorPrivateserved 9 months
Henry DepewPrivateCaptured Trevilian Station June 11 1865
Jas. SkeltonPrivatewounded April 7 1865 Farmville Va
**Michael Sigmond Privatewounded May 2, 1863 Battle Chancersville
Michael ShenonPrivatewounded June 11 1864 Trevilian Station Va.
Jno. ScottPrivatewas in all engagements in 1864 and 1865
Thomas WelshPrivateKilled March 29 1865 Denwitth Ct. House
Wm. SnyderPrivateKilled May 2 1862 Chancersville
Jno. WilliamsPrivateKilled Aug 16 1864 Deep Bottom Va
Thos. DevanshirePrivateKilled Dec 13 1863 Fredericksburgh


Killed in Action.....5
Wounded in Action....15
Taken Prisoners......5
Total Casualties.....25
Total Enlistment.....34

Company F

Name Rank Notes
Condy BonerPrivatewounded June 11 Trevilian Station
William BrenenPrivateServed 3 years
Jno. BreslinPrivateKilled Aug 15 Deep Run 1864
Jas. CaffreyPrivateServed 2 years
Henry DietrichPrivate Served 4 years
Wm. H DerrPrivateServed 3 years
Jas. GivensPrivateServed 9 Months
Hy. RoseberryPrivateServed 9 Months
Henry HigginsPrivateServed 9 Months died on returning home
Wm KniesPrivateServed 9 Months
Jno. LewisPrivateServed 3 Months
Bernard MooneyPrivateServed 9 Months
Jas. ReedPrivateWounded Oct. 2 1864 Uaughn Road
Joseph ReedPrivateServed 6 Months
Wm. MinichPrivateKilled Dec 4 1864 on pickt duty
Chas. RoushPrivateserved month
David ShaferPrivateServed 9 Months
Jno. WilliamsPrivatewounded Dec 4 1864 on picket duty 12 buckshots entering his body
Benj. YoungPrivateServed 9 Months
Danial YoungPrivateServed 9 Months
Nelson A YoungPrivatedied from wounds received Dec 9 on a Bellfield Raid


Killed in Action.....3
Wounded in Action....3
Total Casualties.....6
Total Enlistment.....21

The information appears to be missing a sheet as the first page references Companies C, D, and F. The data is for D and F. i must check against the original held by another family member to verify this is all the data in the documnet.

**The spelling has been left as original. The name Michael Sigmond has been crossed out and hand written above Michael is the name "Christ".

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