Diary in the possession of

Lorraine Shipley Claussen

Kansas City, Missouri


Diary transcribed by Lorraine



Mary Everard was 18 years old.


Mary Everard’s Diary for 1858


January 1, Fri.,1858.  I was at home this morning. Went to E.K.’s to a roast, but did not enjoy myself.  Jessie had convulsions and I am very much troubled.  The Dr., came tonight, but he is gone.  Do not think she will live till morning.


Jan. 2, Sat.   I am at home but my Dear Sister lays at the point of death. It is noon, she is no better.  I feel worried.  Tonight, there is a great man here, but my feeling, “Oh, can I yet hope for the recovery of Jessie?”  Got a letter from C.M.


Jan. 3,   Sun.    Three days of another year gone, and I am no better prepared to meet my God.  This day I have not prayed as much as I ought.  Jessie seems better.  She can not last long.  I took a walk.  Night.  Jessie had a fit, and I thought I couldn’t’t control my feelings.


Jan.  4,  Mon.    Another day has dawned and Jessie is no better.  I am almost ready to give her up for lost.  Papa & Willy is better.  Being up all night, lay down, slept half hour, got up felt very bad.  J. Cauley was here.  Have a slight pain in my head.  Jessie seems better.  Went to bed.


Jan.  5,   Tues.    This morning arose at 9, was somewhat refreshed.  Helpt them butcher.  Got done at night.  A.H.,  C.H.,  I.L.,  S.E.J. are here.  I feel very well.  Jessie no better.  I am pretty tired.  I will stay up tonight, with my sister.


Jan.  6,  Wed.    I am at school this morning.  Could not get my grammar lesson.  At noon A.H. Washed my face.  Went at night to Spelling School.  Got acquainted with Mr. Stone.  They had not very good order.  T.L.,  E.G.,  J.K. is here.  I do not intend to go to bed tonight.


Jan.  7,  Thurs.    I was at home this morning.  Jessie had convulsion.  Went to school, did not get a very good lesson.  Came home at night, had a pain in my side.  Milch the cows.  Thought a good deal about Mr. Hines, would like to see him.


Jan.  8,  Fri.    I am one day nearer to my God.  Have not read the Bible as I ought.  Went to school.  Jessie is better.  Expected Mr. Guss.  He did not come.  I went to Hart’s.  Went to meeting at night.  Mr. James came along.  He and I sat up till 1 o’clock.  Had a great time.  Got an invitation to a wedding.  Do not intend to go.


Jan.  9,  Sat.    This morning I feel very well.  C.H. is here.  Went to school, did not study much.  Mr. Stone came at 10.  At noon Mat got acquainted with him.  I think he is very handsome.  Went to meeting tonight.  Came home with Fairchild.  Evin and Lib is here.  I am getting worse instead of better.


Jan.  10,  Sun.    Another Sabbath has rolled into eternity.  I arose, milch the cows, comb my hair.  As I was dressing Frank______ & Mr. Fairchild came.  Went to prayer meeting.  Mr. James, K.S.,  G.W.,  J.D. was there.  Still I feel very sad.  E.G.  came to set up. Went to bed at ten.



Jan.  11,  Mon.    Arose at one this morning.  Mat went to bed.  I sat up all night.  Went to school.  It rained.  Was very sleepy.  Mr. James is also.  I am not contented.  There is a load upon my heart.  Came home at night very tired.  Jennette Walker was here.  Spent the evening reading.


Jan.  12,   Tues.    Was at home this morning.  Went to school.  Noon, Mary M. & I try to put each other outdoors.  Afternoon, parsed.  Night, Mrs. Green was here.  Wrote to Mr. Hines.  Mrs. Green and I sat up with Jessie.  She had a convulsion.  Mother was not there.  I am knitting a pair of suspenders.


Jan.  13,   Wed.    Mother awoke me at half past five.  Jessie had a convulsion.  I bathed her feet.  I lasted ___ minutes.  Helpt get breakfast and milch the cows.  Went to school.  At noon they came and fetch me to teach school.  Did not want to go.  When left every eye was wet with tears.  Cried all the way up.


Jan.  14,   Thurs.    This morning am at Lutsey’s.  Went to commence school.  Have 10 scholars.  Feel as if, I could lay down and die.  My heart feels it would burst.  Went back to my boarding place.  Cannot describe my feelings.  Feel as if I could not stay any longer.


Jan.  15,   Fri.    Came to my school this morning but I can not content myself.  I want to go home to see Jessie.  Want to see Mr. H. soon.  There is 8 young ladies, one young man.  Their laughing but I cannot.  Am at Lutsey’s.  Feel very bad.  Dr. S. came here tonight.  Got me in a good humor.


Jan.  16,   Sat.    This morning am at Lutsey’s.  It rained very hard.  Sent a letter home with the Dr.  Came to school.  There is no one here.  I can read, but my thoughts are not here.  They are wandering.  Noon.  I am in school, feel very bad.  Came home at night, my feelings are not settled.


Jan.  17,  Sun.    This Sabbath I am at Mr. Lutsey’s, but my mind is troubled.  My thoughts are not here.  I am not capable to teach school.  I have been reading, writing and praying.  Oh, if my intended consort were here, I would be happy.  Took a walk.  Looked for Della, but she did not come.  I cannot stay here another week.  Went to Meeting, stayed to class.


Jan.  18,   Mon.    This the beginning of a week.  Am still in Slocum.  I long for Saturday, then I shall go home.  Am in my class room.  I do not feel very well.  Hope that C. has been converted.  I long to see him.  I am at Lutsey’s.  Feel as if I could not stand it.  Mr. Wilds is here.  Had a great time with an old man, but was not contented.


Jan.  19,   Tues.  I bought a few things of a peddler.  Came to school at  ___o’clock.  Got along very well.  There is one example that I can not do in arithmetic.  I long to see my friends and to be with them again.  I wonder if they think as much of me, as I do of them. I feel as if the Lord had answered my prayer.  Went to Mr. Vandermark.  Received a letter from C.H.  Was very glad to hear from him.  Prayed that the Lord would help to keep this school I have commenced.


Jan.  20,   Wed.    This morning am at school again.  Have 8 days to keep till Simm(?) comes.  They seem very long.  My school closed.  I am alone.  Went to Mr. Lutsy’s, but was not content.  Went to see Mrs. H. Jones, she was not at home.  We told some anecdotes on the road.  Thought Jane would kill herself laughing.  Went to ____  _____ Jones.



Jan.  21,   Thurs.    This morning am at Lutsey’s.  Came to my school, but am not contented.  Troubled about Mr. H.  If I could see him I would be content.  At noon took a walk to Futz’s.  Miss Bellus came along.  Dr. is here.  Went to G. Jones, enjoyed myself, very well.  Dr. had a great time with the girls.  Mr. Jones and I sang.


Jan.  22,   Fri.    Am still at Slocum.  Jane and I gave Dr. Stone buckcakes, salt and pepper.  He fed it to Jane and he would to me but, I started off.  Went to school.  At noon a walk.  Thought about home. At night came to Fultz’s.  Philip  Hoa___ came, told me he would take me home.


Jan.  23,  Sat.    This morning am anxious to get home.  Expect papa and Ann.  10 o’clock, Ann came.  Went to Mr. Vandermark’s.  Came home at 4 o’clock.  Mr. Hines came.  Went to Meeting at night.  Rev. Switzer and Mr. C. came along.  Mr. Hines and I sat up all night.  He is converted.  I was very glad to hear it.  Jessie is a little better.


Jan.  24,   Sun.    Do not feel very well.  Went to prayer meeting, enjoyed myself very well.  Came home helpt get dinner.  Cicero is ready to go, I can hardly control my feelings.  Went with him up to Cawley’s store.  Got some candy, bid Mr. Hines adieu.  Came home, milkt the cows.  John Cawley gave me a kiss.  Went to bed very early.


Jan.  25,   Mon.    I am at home.  Got breakfast, milkt the cows, went to washing.  Got dinner, finished washing, cleaned the house.  This afternoon baked.  Did not sit down, was very tired.  Got supper, wiped the dishes.  Went to sewing, got tired.  Read to mother.  Heard someone in the hall.  It was Mr. James, was very glad he came or I would have to sit up alone.


Jan.  26,  Tues.    Am at home this morning.  Went to school, got a lesson in grammar.  At noon fecht a pail of water.  Won a philapen (?) of Mr. James.  Mat shut Mr. James and Lydia Shobert and I in the schoolhouse.  Went home.  Levi Shobert came here.  John Cawley was here.  Levi went home at 11 o’clock.


Jan.  27,   Wed.    Arose at 5 o’clock, helpt get breakfast, helpt butcher.  Got done at 5 o’clock P.M.  Dressed myself, went to Spelling School.  Enjoyed myself.  John Cawley came along.  I was very tired and sleepy.  Went to bed at 11 o’clock.  Did not read a chapter in my Bible.  Hope that I will do better.


Jan.  28,   Thurs.    Am home this morning, set the table, milkt the cows.  Came to school, got my grammar lesson.  Noon.  Mr. James threw some water in my face.  I feel that I must serve my Lord better.  My mind is at ease.  I am amused by the girls jumping rope.  Came home at night, milked the cows & helped iron after supper.  Got done at 9 o’clock.


Jan  29,   Fri.    Am at home this morning.  Went to school pretty late.  At noon, Sarah Shortz came in school.  She put a bonnet on my head.  Could not get along in arithmetic.  Came home at night. Went to spelling school, but there is sorrow.  I feel sorrowful.  Mr. James & Sarah Shortz came home with me.


Jan.  30,  Sat.    This morning overslept myself.  I arose, cleaned the dining room.  Went to Mr. Cawley’s.  Rebecca and James went along.  Came home, wrote a letter to Mr. Hines.  Did not send it.  Went to Meeting.  Received a letter from Mr. Hines.  Was very glad to hear of the conversion of sinners.


Jan.  31,  Sun.   Another Sabbath has dawned.  There is a funeral, did not go.  Went to Prayer Meeting.  the Lord met with me there.  Came home prayed that the Lord would help my Father & Mother to turn to God.  John Cawley & Mr. Miller was here.  I did not spend this day as I ought.


Feb.  1,  Mon.    I am at home this morning.  I went to school.  Got a grammar lesson in the afternoon.  Cyphered.  Went home at night, milked the cows.  Am sewing on some shirts for C.


Feb.  2,   Tues.    This morning I did not get up very early.  I milkt the cows.  Thomas milked one.  I went to school in the forenoon.  I received my Grammar lesson.  In the afternoon, wrote a letter to C. & one to May Seward.  Intended to send them, but did not.


Feb. 3,   Wed.    This morning I am at home.  Milked the cows.  Went to washing.  Did not get done till 3 P.M.  Was pretty tired at night.  Mr. James came up.  Martha H. & I went to Mr. Fairchild’s Spelling School.  A. Kinsey ____ at me here.  Mr. James was very affectionate.


Feb 4,  Thurs.   I am at home.  I baked some cakes.  Went to school at noon.  Played.  Sister Martha was out of patience with me.  This afternoon I feel very sad.  I worry that I do serve my Lord as I ought.  I feel more like crying than laughing.


Feb.  5,   Fri.    This morning I went to school alone.  Martha stayed at home.  I am ciphering in  ___  ___.  Do not get along very well.  At night went home.  Rev. Guss is here.  William Priestly from England.  I went to Meeting at night.  Tried to keep Mr. Shelly (?) still.  Rev. Guss went home with me.


Feb.  6,   Sat.    This morning I rose, made fire and cleaned the parlor, helpt do the work in the kitchen.  Mr. Guss being here, did not go to school, till a half past 10 o’clock.  It being the last time he is to preach gave him goodbye.  He said that when I got married I should get him to marry me.  At night went to Spelling School.  Got acquainted with Mr. F.E. Dorner.  Mr. Stone went home with me.  I gave him a penny.


Feb.  7,  Sun.    This morning am at home.  Mr. Stone and James is here.  I played on the melodeon and Mr. Stone sang.  Went to Prayer Meeting.  Mr. Stone and James came home with me.  Rebecca came home.  I got dinner.  After dinner Mr. Stone and James went away.  I went to bed very early.  Dr. Stone came.


Feb. 8,  Mon.    Jessie is worse this morning.  Jessie, I am afraid she will die.  Mrs. Williams came here.  I wrote a letter to sister Lib.  Jose went to Berwick.  I went to school.  Went home at night.  Josephine came back from Berwick.


Feb. 9, 10, 11, 12,& part of 13 could not read.


Feb. 13,  Sat.    Went back to Shartz.  Came home at dark.  Mrs. Belles and Mrs. Lutzy and I went to Cawley’s store.


Feb.  14,   Sun.    This morning there is snow, so I can not go to Meeting.  Mr. Fuldin came here.  I played on the melodeon.  Took ____ to her school this afternoon.  Got a letter from C. instead of a visit.


Feb. 15,   Mon.    Went to school, got through my arithmetic.  Came home at night.  Milked the cows.  Finished a shirt for C.  Retired at eleven o’clock.  Is very cold.


Feb  16,   Tues.    This morning I arose, milked the cows, did washing, got done at noon.  I am very tired, lay down to rest.  When I awoke they had come home from school.  Mr. James came at dark.


Feb.  17,  Wed.     This morning, I went to school.  Did not feel very well.  Home at night, very tired.  Went to Mr. Fairchild’s spelling school.  Seen some friends.  Then came home.  They had all retired.  Mat & I retired pretty soon.


Feb.  18,  Thurs.    Went to school.  Got a grammar lesson in the forenoon.  This afternoon Rebecca came to help parse.  Expected Mr. C. and Mr. Briggs.  They did not come.  I wanted to see Mr. Briggs very bad.  Was very sorry that he did not come.


Feb.  19,   Fri.    Went to school.  It snowed in the forenoon.  Got a grammar lesson.  Studyed arithmetic in the afternoon.  Came home tonight.  Martha went to Mr. Kinsey’s till Meeting.  It snowed so I could not go.  Played on the melodeon.


Feb.  20,   Sat.    Took us to school in sleigh at noon.  It snowed very hard this afternoon.  Mr. Warner, Mr. Stone, Mr. Barker, Kinden and Briggs came to visit the school.  They all went home with me and took supper.  I played on the melodeon.  Got a valentine.  We all went to meeting.  Mr. Keen is here.


Feb. 21,   Sun.    The snow is pretty deep.  Mat & I went to Prayer Meeting.  I rode home with Mr. Briggs.  This afternoon I cried.  Heard bad news.  Went to Berwick & sleighriding, but did not feel enjoy myself, was troubled.  There is no pleasure in this world.


Feb.  22,   Mon.    Am at home.  Mother looks very bad.  Jessie can not see yet.  It is 7 weeks since she seen.  Came home at night.  Went to bed early.


Feb.  23,   Tues.    This morning I am washing.  I did not get done till after dinner.  Mr Boid (?) came for me to teach school up in Slocum.  I would not go.  Rebecca intends to go.


 Feb.  24,  Wed.    Went to school this morning.  Got a grammar lesson.  At noon I was very lonesome.  Mr. James came home with us, tonight.  Went to Spelling School.  I wounded Mr. K. feelings.  Went to bed soon after I returned home.


Feb.  25,   Thurs.    Went to school.  Ask Mr. K. to forgive me, which he did.  We got a very hard parsing lesson.  Looked for Mr. Briggs and Mr. H.  They did not come.  Jessie appears no better.  Sometimes I am afraid she will die, but God doeth all for the best.


Feb.  26,   Fri.    This morning I am at home.  Went to school.  Mr. B. & Mr. H. came to school at noon.  I was left alone, wrote a letter.  This afternoon Mr. Briggs wrote for me, heard us parse.  They and Mr. J. came home with me.  Went to spelling school.  Felt very melancholy.


Feb.  27,   Sat.    This closes our school for this term.  Went to school, parsed.  Mr. Briggs & Mr. H. helpt us.  Noon.  Went to Mr. Kinsey’s.  Spelt this afternoon.  Mr. B. & Mr. H. addressed the scholars.  We had a roast.  Expected Mr. & Mrs. Jones for supper.  Night.  Went to singing school.  Felt very sad.  I had my feelings wounded.


Feb.  28,  Sun.    Arose, made fire, milked the cows.  H. gave me a present.  It was received with pleasure.  He went home.  Mr. Jones and I sang.  Went to Prayer Meeting, enjoyed myself very well.  I feel that I have not served the Lord as I ought.  Retired pretty early.


Mar.  1,   Mon.    Arose at three o’clock.  Mr. James met the cars at Beach.  H. started at 5 o’clock.  It was very lonesome all day.  I seemed lost.  It was a solemn day.  It was like losing a dear friend.


Mar.  2,   Tues.  It is not very cold.  I got breakfast and milked the cows,  washed some, baked, finished till noon.  Sewed in the afternoon, but my mind was not at ease.  I reflected back on my life.  Oh, it is not spent as it ought to have been.  It troubles me.


Mar.  3,   Wed.    Got breakfast, milked the cows.  Martha and I finished washing.  At night Rebecca returned home.  Mat & I went to spelling school.  Came home at ten.  I have resolved to try and serve God better, while I live and be prepared to die.


Mar.  4,   Thurs.    Did not get up very early.  Milked the cows.  Sewed all day.  Went with Mrs. Shelly up to the store.  Jessie cannot see.  She lays all the time, is too weak to raise her head.


Mar.  5,   Fri.    Arose, milked the cows, helped iron.  Mother took care of Jessie.  Levi Shobert came here.  Finished two shirts.  Went to bed at ten o’clock.  Felt concerned about my soul.  Felt a deep regret that I have lived as I had.


Mar.  6.   Sat.    It is very lonesome.  Was very busy until noon.  Martha and I went to the store for a walk.  Came home, milked the cows.  Received a music book and grammar for a present.  Played on the melodeon.


Mar.  7,   Sun.    Arose, got ready.  Thomas & I started to Slocum.  Met  ____ &  she went along.  Arrived there at noon.  Wrote a letter to C.  Felt pretty lonesome.  I haven’t read my Bible as I ought.  Went to C. Lutz, spent the evening.  Came home.  Did not feel contented.


Mar.  8,   Mon.    Went with Ann to her school.  Read my Bible.  Got very tired.  Went to singing school.  Rev. Smith and Esther Vandermark, was very mirthful.  I stayed at Mr. F. Jones.  Had family prayer, retired to rest.


Mar.  9,   Tues.    It was pretty late when I arose.  After breakfast had family prayer.  Smith went off.  Mr. Jones & I sang several tunes.  Stayed until 3 o’clock.  Came to school.  Ann & I went to Vandermarks.  Went and spent the evening with Esther.  Came here, was afraid, it being through woods.


Mar.  10,   Wed.    I am at Vandermarks.  Bill V. came, was very sleepy.  Came to school.  Went home with Mrs. Bellus.  Ann & W. Lutz came and spent the evening.  They went home at ten o’clock.  I retired to rest, was afraid that my life would not be spared.  Have thought that I was not fit to die.


Mar.  11,   Thurs.    Am at Mrs. Bellus.  Can thank God that my life was spared.  Came to school did an example for D. Lutsey.  Went to Mr. Jones for tea.  Spent the evening.  Came for Mr. Lutsey.  Was thankful that my life was spared to another close.


Mar.  12,  Fri.    Am at Mr. Lutsey.  Marked off some patterns.  Came to school.  Wrote a letter to A. Marshall.  Mr. Ritcherson visited the school.  I read a great while at night.  Went to the store.  Ann received a letter from P.F.


Mar. 13,  Sat.    Am at L.  Commenced a collar.  At ten o’clock John came.  Went home.  Expected Effie Smith.  She did not come.  Stayed up pretty late.


Mar. 14,   Sun.    Went to prayer meeting, enjoyed myself.  Elizabeth & Evin came up.   I came home more happy, than went, having received a blessing.  I played a few tunes on the melodeon.  Red some till the day was spent.


Mar.  15,    Mon.    I am at home.  Went to Berwick.  The roads was very muddy.  Stopped at Mr. Meers, was quilting.  Heard that Dr. Brass was not expected to live.  Made a dress shirt for S. Poplar.


Mar.   16,    Tues.    Am at Berwick.  Came home. They were washing.  Cooked dinner, cleaned the dining room.  Sewed.


Mar.   17,    Wed.    This morning milked the cows.  Sewed till eleven o’clock.  In the afternoon did not do much.  I played on the melodeon.  Retired pretty early.


Mar.  18,   Thurs.    Am at home.  Ironed in the forenoon.  In the afternoon went to Mr. Shelley’s on a visit.  Crocheted at a collar.  Came home, milked the cows.  It was pretty dark.  I was afraid.


Mar.  19,   Fri.    Am at home.  Washed till eleven o’clock.  E. Smith, I, & Augusta Walker went up on the hill to see Mr. Smith’s house from there.  Went to J. Cauley’s store.  Came back churned and ironed some.


Mar.  20,   Sat.    Worked very hard this forenoon.  After dinner went to school.  Coming home received a letter from M.  It made me feel very bad, and went up stairs and wept.  Went to Meeting.  Came home.  Jessie was christened.


Mar.  21,   Sun.    Arose pretty late.  John took we girls up to Bethel Church to meeting, but there was none.  Went to Mr. Grovers.  Called at Ellen Grovers.  Came home.  John Dull was here.  Wrote a letter to C., but it did not suit me.


Mar. 22,   Mon.    Sent my letter.  quilted all day.  Ann helpt me in the afternoon, but my mind was not satisfied, for I know that I do not live as near to my God as I ought.


Mar.  23,   Tues.    Am at home.  Helpt scrub the school house.  Came home at noon.  In the afternoon sewed, but my mind was troubled for I know that I do not serve the Lord as I ought.  At night had my fortune told.


Mar.  24,   Wed.    I am at home.  Drove out to Mr. Walker’s.  Miss Smith went along.  Stayed all day.  At night went to Mr. Cauley’s.  Came home and as I was looking at the Heavens, I felt that I was not prepared to die, should the Lord see proper to call me away.


Mar.  25,   Thurs.    I arose this morning.  Milked the cows.  Della & I worked till noon.  I had a boil on my cheek.  Lay down till 6 o’clock.  Was sewing when the girls came from the Powder Mill.


Mar.  26,   Fri.    Was at home did not do much in the forenoon for my face has pained me.  Mr. W. came here.  Intended to go there tomorrow.  The girls went to Mr. Harter’s.  At night was pretty busy.


Mar.  27,    Sat.    I am very busy.  Ellen Smith fit a dress for me.  Mary Shortz came here.  Ellen & I went to W.  My nose bled very bad.  they fetched me home.  I received an answer to my letter.


Mar.  28,   Sun.    My face is not well, but I was persuaded to go to Berwick.  We went to the graveyard & I heard that there was a great man had died during the past week.  Came without a moments warning.


Mar.  29,   Mon.    This morning am at home.  My thoughts are of my friends that are dead.  Will I ever meet them again.  Jessie, she may soon be called away, for it seems as if it were impossible for her to recover.  Think it will be the best, was it the Lord’s will.


Mar.  30,   Tues.    Am at home.  Elizabeth moved.  Mat has gone to help her.  Della & I washed all the forenoon.  We was very tired.  Mat came home at dark.  the doctor is here, he does not know what to think of Jessie.


Mar.   31,   Wed.    Am at home.  Della & I ironed all the forenoon.  We went to Mr. B. Whitebread’s & I enjoyed myself.  Found a pair of shoes.  Came home just at_____.


Apr.  1,   Thurs.    This morning I made garden.  J. Dull helpt.  Mrs Shortz came here after dinner.  I went with her, home.  She had fell off the wagon and hurt her arm, so I went along to drive.


Apr.  2,   Fri.    Am at Shortz’s.  Have a very large boil on my neck.  Crocheted until two.  Mrs. Hughes came.  They stayed all day.  I went down to Mr. Findley’s.  Came unexpected.  Mrs. Boyer came and spent the evening.


Apr.  3,   Sat.    Am at Mr. Finley’s.  Mr. F. made a poultice for on my face.  It pained me a great while.  At 3 o’clock, Angeline and I started to come home.  I helpt her carry her baby.  when I see Jessie, I could not keep from crying.


Apr.  4,   Sun.    It is Easter.  I am at home, my face pains me.  Thought Jessie would choke to death.  We sent for the Dr.  He is discouraged.  I could not go to Prayer Meeting.  Received a letter from A. Kinsey.  He called at dusk.


Apr.  5,   Mon.    Am at home.  My face is pretty bad.  It is swollen.  I helpt spade the garden.  Philip came to build the store wall.  Jessie is better.  I have to keep my face tied up.


Apr.  6,   Tues.    The girls washed.  I did the work.  My face is no better.  It pains me enough to make me feel bad.  I was very busy.  Martha was very sick all day.  Mr. D. Evan came to see Jessie.


Apr.  7,   Wed.    Am at home.  Ann & Della is cleaning the house.  I washed the dishes.  Got everything for dinner.  Mrs. M. Shortz came here.  I got dinner for the first table.  I did not feel very well, for my face pains me.


Apr.  8,   Thurs.   My face is no better.  Did the work.  Commenced writing.  Mr. Whitebread came and hired me to teach school.  At night. Uncle Nate came.  J. Dull.  I told him I was not going to school.


Apr.  9,   Fri.    It is very rainy.  The masons cannot work.  They are going home.  Done the work.  Mat and I went to spend the afternoon at Mr. Yeager’s.  Went to spelling school.  Heard that Dr. Sloan was engaged to be married to Sarah.


Apr.  10,   Sat.    Am at home.  Went to Mr. Fairchild’s school.  In the afternoon after school went to the postoffice.  Seen John Cawley.  Expected C. but he didn’t come.  I intend to teach school.

Apr.  11,   Sun.    Am at home.  It is very dull.  Went to Prayer Meeting.  It rained.  Intended to go to Dorance.  It is raining so I can not go.  Went to church at night.  The preacher did not come, so had prayer meeting.  I enjoyed myself.


Apr.  12,   Mon.    Went to Dorance.  John took me up there.  Is no Scholars.  Went to Mr. Spades, my boarding place.  Sewed this afternoon.  Like Mrs._____ .  She was very loquaceous.  At night I retired early.


Apr.  13,   Tues.    Arose.  It was raining.  Went to school, made fire, had one scholar.  Read the Crucifixion of my Savior.  Had no scholars in the afternoon.  Sewed.  Made a dress shirt.  Thought it wouldn’t clear off.


Apr.  14,  Wed.    Awoke at 8, but Mrs. Spade said I should lie still.  Arose went to Schoolhouse.  No scholars came.  Stayed till 10 o’clock.  Went to Spades.  It rained and hailed.  Sewed some for Mrs. Spade.  Mr. Spade was not at home.  We was afraid.


Apr.  15,   Thurs.    Arose.  Finished my sewing.  Walked home.  We had three masons & five carpenters. The girls was glad I came home.  At night went to John C.’s store to see the new goods.  Came home very tired.


Apr.  16,   Fri.    Arose.  Ann & I commenced cleaning the parlor.  Old lady came in and said, “you don’t know me. Said J. Dull not tell you.”  It was Mrs. Hart.  Dr. came and tore my dress.  He wanted to see if it was rotten.  At night Mr. H. came.  I was very glad to see him.


Apr.  17,    Sat.    Didn’t rise very early.  Went up to the store.  C. came home with me.  I was happy.  At night went to Prayer Meeting.  Came home pretty tired.  Didn’t retire till 11 o’clock.


Apr.  18,   Sun.    Am at home.  Went to the Bethel Church.  Came home.  C. went off.  I was sorry to part with him.  Was lonely without him.  Went to class at night, and freely repented of all the sins I had committed.


Apr.  19,   Mon.    Arose.  Milked.  Went to spinning.  Spun all day.  At night was tired.  It rained.  The carpenters had all gone home but one.  I retired to rest without reading my Bible.  Oh, am I prepared to meet my God, is the language of my heart.


Apr.  20,   Tues.    Arose.  Commenced spinning, but my mind was wandering far away.  Spun till dark.  Cut out a basque, and sewed till 9.  Read a chapter in the Bible and it aroused me to a sense of my duty, feeling that I did not serve God enough.


Apr.  21,   Wed.    Arose.  Comb my hair.  Went to John C’s to tend store.  Was very busy part of the time.  Stayed till it was dark.  Was afraid.  Went home.  We had a few men at work.  They quit at 9 o’clock.  Retired at 11 o’clock.


Apr. 22,   Thurs.    This morning spun a while.  Went to the store.  Came back went to spinning.  After dinner tended store for J. C.  He came up and told me why he said one thing and did another.  At night C. came.


Apr.  23,    Fri.    Arose at 5 o’clock.  C. started home.  It was very lonely after he was gone.  Long to be with him.  Prayed that he would arrive home safe.  Think of the time when he will be with me again.


Apr.  24,   Sat.    Arose.  Rebecca went to Wilkes-Barre.  I tended store for J. Cawley.  Was very lonesome.  It is cold.  It snowed.  At three, went to the P.O., did not get any papers.  Came very tired.


Apr.  25,   Sun.    At home.  Went to 9 o’clock Sunday School.  Have a class.  Was very cold, had no fire.  Stayed for Prayer Meeting.  Went to old Mr. Hart’s.  Stayed a few moments.  At night Rev. & Mrs. T. came here.  Went to church.  H. D. waited on me.


Apr.  26,   Mon.    Arose.  Went to spinning.  Spun until breakfast was ready.  Mr. & Mrs. Shannon came.  Sat in the room until they started home.  At night was tired.  Was thinking of my not living as I ought.  Hope to do better.


Apr.  27,   Tues.    Mother called me.  I arose late.  Went to clerk for J. C.  Was very lonesome.  Went to J. Carter’s for my dinner, then came up to the store till John came.  Went home.  Oh, am I any better prepared to die.  God forgive me.


Apr.  28,   Wed.    Arose.  Got breakfast.  The carpenters came after breakfast, while I was baking.  Mr. Cawley came.  Sat sewing.  Mr. Wolfe came.  Thought of Della getting married, praying that she might be happy.


Apr.  29,  Thurs.    God has spared and watched me during the night.  Arose.  Got breakfast.  My mind was wandering to one that was absent, thinking how soon we should meet, praying that he might be kept from danger.


Apr.  30,   Fri.    Am at home.  Helpt bake the cakes before dinner.  Baked some alone after dinner.  It was night.  Oh, that I had lived as a Christian ought.  May my dear sister recover her sight.


May  1,   Sat.  Arose.  Della went to tend store.  J.C. went after his sister, took Frank along.  Was very busy until noon.  Miss Cawley came.  I got supper.  She was very bashful.


May  2,   Sun.    May this day be spent alright.  Went to Sabbath School, taught a class.  Stayed until Prayer Meeting.  Had class.  I did not stay.  Hitched the horses, drove out to Walkers.  What folly.


May    3,   Mon.    Arose.  Della & I caught the turkey.  Worked very hard.  Della went to the store.  I went to catch the _____ .  Went to mill after flour.  Papa went and fought fire.


May  4,   Tues.     Am at home.  Arose pretty early.  Was busy in the forenoon.  Evan & Lib. came after dinner.  The preacher came at 3.  Della was married.  Felt very solemn.  At night we took a ride.  Dr. Caselberry played on the melodeon.  It was very late when went to bed.


May 5,   Wed.    Arose.  Mother called.  Mr. Shannon is here yet.  It is very rainy.  I went over the river came back at 7.  I sat at the window sewing and looking for C.  My mind was wandering & looking for the future.


May  6,    Thurs.    Arose.  Did not feel very well.  Baked.  Sat in the room with C.  Mother called, said I should hurry.  She did not know that he was in.  He left in a hurry.  Gave me a pair of gloves.  Oh, what parting, but may we meet to part no more.


May 7,   Fri.    Arose.  Got breakfast.  Went to spinning after dinner.  Helpt paint window sash for the store.  How happy I am in being useful to my parents for I know not how long they may be spared.  If they were only saved.


May 8,   Sat.    Arose.  Made the bed.  Swept the chamber.  Mother called me to set the bread to rise.  Thinking had I someone to tell me how to serve God alright, for I told a lie.  My God forgive.  Have sincerely repented.


May   9,   Sun.    Awoke.  My nose was bleeding.  I was very early, read a half an hour.  Got ready to drive over to Cawleys.  Was afraid one horse going to buck, like to threw us out.  M. & D. jumped out.  J.C. was angry.


May  10,   Mon.    At Cawley’s.  Went with R.C. & H. Cline to J.C.’s.  Had my fortune tole.  Am to get married before 2 years.  Had some fun.  Went to Mr. Kerns.  Came home.  It rained.  Expected Mr. Caselberry, he didn’t come.


May  11,   Tues.    Am at Cawley’s.  It is very rainy.  I am very lonesome.  Read a while but was thinking of the absent.  Could hardly pass time away.  Came to my room, made my bed, read in the Bible.


May  12,   Wed.    Arose.  It is still raining.  Wanted to walk out, it rained, so we couldn’t.  After dinner went to see Rose Stare.  Enjoyed myself.  It cleared off at night.  We went to a prayer meeting.  Came home at 11.  Retired to rest.


May  13,   Thurs.    It is very fine day.  Rebecca & I went to Mr. Engles.  Stopt at Mr. Stromes to rest.  Mr. Engles was baking.  Sarah is going to get married.  Didn’t enjoy myself.  Was very tired when I got home.  Slept most all this afternoon.  Read some.


May   14,   Fri.    Arose.  It is raining, went to breakfast.  Comb my hair.  Made may bed.  Read all the forenoon.  It rained so we could not walk out.  Am very lonely.  Because it is raining retired very early, being very sleepy.


May 15,   Sat.    Arose.  It was raining but it soon cleared off very nice.  The sun is shining after dinner.  Wrote a letter to C.M.  Went to Conyngham to the milliner shop.  Dr. Castleberry came running out in the street, told me he was coming to see me tomorrow if I did not go home.  Heard of Sloan marriage.  Went to Sybertsville.


May  16,    Sun.    Am at Mr. C., yet.  Went to meeting.  Came back Mrs. Haim came here.  John and Ann came after me.  Stayed until after supper.  Came home in time for Prayer Meeting.  Afterward H.W. guided me home.  Read a letter that Mr. C. received from Mr. G.C. James.


May 17,   Mon.    Arose.  Commenced spinning before breakfast.  Spun all day.  Was very tired.  It rained.  We wanted to go to Mr. Goods.  It rained so that we could not go.  Received a letter from C.  Read it with pleasure.


May 18,   Tues.    Am at home spinning.  Got very tired.  Mother spun & I sewed after dinner.  Played on the melodeon.  Then spun until dark.  Retired pretty early.


May.  19,   Wed.    Mother called.  I rose, made fire, spun until 9 o’clock, then got ready.  Went to Mr. Goods.  Mat & Della went along.  At ______ went to Mr. Hippenstell’s.  took supper.  Came home was tired, read some funny stories.


May  20,   Thurs.    Arose.  Am spinning, but I am happy.  The Lord is with me and blessed me.  Oh, if my parents would be converted, which I pray they may be.  What happiness it would be to me.  I baked cake for supper.


May  21,   Fri.    Arose.  Feel thankful that my life has been spared, so that I can serve God, yet a little longer.  am spinning.  After dinner, baked.  The girls went to Mrs. Geonderrey’s.  Returned after dark.


May  22,   Sat.    Arose. Milked.  Helped do the housework.  At night went to prayer meeting.  Enjoyed myself.  H. Whitebread came home with me.  Pap received a letter from Cousin J. Everard, stating the circumstances in which he was place at the death of J. Robe.


May 23,   Sun.    Arose pretty early.  Went to Sybertsville to meeting.  Dr. found us a seat, the house being crowded.  Went to J. Cawley’s to dinner.  Dr. C. came too, after dinner.  Went to J.C.’s, rode with the Dr.  Came home at dusk.  Played on the melodeon.


May 24,   Mon.    Arose.  Got ready to wash.  Rev. Shannon gave a call.  Washed all forenoon.  It rained very hard.  Della & Ann wanted to go to Lime Ridge, it rained so they couldn’t go.


May 25,    Tues.    Am at home spinning.  Ann and Della started today.  I spuin.  A negro girl came here.  She stayed all night.  Mr. Caylor brought some butter.  We had to work it over again to take to Wilkes Barre.


May  26,    Wed.    J. Cawley came up at 9 o’clock and I went down and tended store.  He went to Wilkes Barre.  I sewd at a shirt.  It is very lonesome here.  Was only a few persons here today, in the afternoon.  Wrote some.


May  27,    Thurs.    Arose pretty early.  After breakfast came to the store.  Wrote a letter to Thomas.  It was raining.  Mr. Cawley did not return until night.  C. Brocking & A. Kensey came & stayed a half an hour.  Came to the house.  It was dark.  Milked the cows.


Mar.  28,    Fri.    Arose.  Swept the chambers.  Sewed some buttons on Cawley’s shirt.  After dinner came down to the store.  Allie took a letter to the P.O. for me.  I took in some butter that wasn’t good.  Fixt a dress.  Went up to the  ____ at night.


Mar.  29,    Sat.    Am at home.  Set some biscuits to raise.  Was very busy until 11, then came to tend the store.  Expected a letter but was disappointed.  Wanted to hear from C. very bad.  It rained so we couldn’t go to Prayer Meeting.  Played on the melodeon.


May.  30,   Sun.    It was late when I arose.  Went to Sabbath School.  Came home, started to go to school.  Met ____  ___ told us that the school did not commence yet.  We took a ride at night.  /Went to Prayer Meeting.  B.C. walked home with me, did not want him.  Hated to refuse.


May  31,  Mon.    Arose.  Clerked for papa.  Was very lonesome.  There was not very many here today.  At night went to the old house, but as I walked my mind arose to God.  Felt like praising him.  Came back, A.C. was here.


June  1,   Tues.  Arose.  Went and helpt plant corn.  I covered, but it was wet, having rained all night.  At night was tired, but I was wanting to do it for Papa.  It gave me pleasure.  I can never repay him for his kindnesss.


June  2,   Wed.    Am at home.  Milked the cows.  Went to the store, there was a man whose family had the smallpox.  Was scared.  Went and covered potatoes until 3 o’clock.  Went and combed and dressed.  Wrote a letter to C.  Wanted to hear from him.


June 4,    Fri.    Arose pretty late.  Worked in the garden.  After dinner went to Mr. Yeager’s.  Heard a great deal of trash.  Ann got angry, but I laughed, to see how foolish.  Came home.  I gathered some flowers for a nosegay.


June  5,    Sat.    Arose.  Its cloudy.  Washed some of papa’s clothes.  After dinner received a letter from C. with joy.  I opened it and perused it.  It fills my heart with joy to received a letter from one that is on my mind today.


June  6,   Sun.    Arose.  Got ready for Sabbath School.  My class soon assembled.  God give me grace to teach them for I cannot as I ought.  H.K. came home with me.  Saw E. Grover.  At night Papa and John started to the City.  Wrote a letter to C.


June  7,   Mon.    Henry W. took Ann to her school.  I am making a shirt for H.W.  Mat came back very tired.  H.W. asked me to accompany him to Butler next Sabbath.  Do not intend to go.  Do not prefer riding with him.


June  8,   Tues.    Am washing.  J. Dull came here.  Sent my clothes to Berwick.  Intend to walk down next Monday.  Della came from Grover.  At night heard a passel of trash, not worth listening to.


June 9,  Wed.    Ironed.  It was very warm.  Was sewing at a shirt for Henry White.  Mr. H. Came.  Was very much surprised to see him, but was glad to see him again.  Perhaps will not see him in a year.  Sat up pretty late.


June  10,  Thurs.    Arose.  After breakfast went to the store.  C. went along.  At 10, we went to the house.  I feel very sorry to part with one I have placed my affection.  Went to the store.  Helpt clean the mill house.


June  11,  Fri.    Am at home, but my mind is wandering.  Am attending store.  Feel very lonely.  Retired, but awoke at midnight.  Papa & John had just returned from the City.  Pa bought a pineapple, oranges & lemons.


June  12,   Sat.    Arose pretty early.  It was raining.  Was glad to see Pa home again.  Washed & ironed a shirt for H.D.B.  Was thinking of the absent.  J. Dull came here.  I retired very early.


June 13,   Sun.    Arose.  Got ready.  Went to Prayer Meeting and Sunday School.  Went up to Grover to meeting.  Got there church had commenced.  Went to the P.O.  Did not receive any letter.  Thought of the absent.


June  14,   Mon.    Tended store.  Was pretty busy.  John went after a load of goods.  Did not get home until after dark.  The store was full of men when I went to the house.


June  15,   Tues.    Went over to Mr. Shelly’s.  Took dinner with them.  Took tea with Josephine.  Returned home pretty late.  I tended store while Papa eat his supper.


June  16,   Wed.   Helped do the work.  Went to the store.  Tended store.  Gave D. Brown a pencil.  John came home at dark.  I waited until after they took supper, then I went.


June  17,   Thurs.   Am at home.  Went down to the store.  Helpt them price the goods.  Got done in afternoon.  Made the skirt of a dress.  Sat in the front yard and watched the cows.


June  18,   Fri.    Washed the dishes.  Cut out the dress waist.  Mother scolded me.  Went and sat in the front room and cried after dinner.  Went to the store.  Helpt Papa tend store.  Paid John for my dress & duster.


June  19,   Sat.    Helpt do the Saturday work.  The girls washed the dishes they bought at the city.  Went to Prayer Meeting, enjoyed myself.  Came home.  Received a letter from C.  How my heart leaped for joy for receiving a letter so soon.


June  20,   Sun.    Went over to Sybertsville to meeting.  It is very warm.  Met Dr. Casselberry, promised to come over.  Came home.  Went at 6 o’clock to hear Mr. Sparrow preach.  A. & J. Cawley, went to Sybertsville.  E. Grover came to stay with M.


June  21,   Mon.    Washed the dishes.  Papa sent for me to come to the store.  Tended till 10 o’clock.  Went to the house.  Am sewing this afternoon.


June  22,   Tues.    Della & I are washing.  Got done till noon.  Went to the store.  Mr. G.Cawley was there.  Della & I went to Mrs. B. Shelley’s.  She was hoeing corn.  Came home.  At night read some.


June  23,   Wed.    Helpt do the work.  They sent me to the store.  My mind is wandering to the one that has left & gone home.


June  24,   Thurs.    Della & I are ironing.  Mrs. Shelley came after me to tend store.  After dinner I worked some butter over that they had in the store.  Della went fishing.  It rained.  My nose bled.


June  25,    Fri.    Wanted to walk down to Berwick, but it was too warm.  M.W. Promised to take me down if I would wait until Sunday.


June  26,   Sat.    It is raining.  Went up to see John William’s baby.  Mat & I went to the store.  I got me a dress, 5 yds. of muslin.  Got my clothes ready to go to school.


June  27,   Sun.    Arose.  H. W. took me to Berwick.  It was very warm.  It rained.  We started home in the rain.  I went to Meeting at night.  It was very warm in the church.  Came back alone.  Could I but see a friend, but for an hour.


June  28,   Mon.    Evin went to the P.O.  I was going to take Clara riding.  Gave me a letter.  How gladly did I receive it.  It was read with a feeling of regret that I could not be with the one that wrote it. Want to answer it but did not know when the school would commence.


June  29,   Tues.    Am at my sisters, but am about half homesick.  Was sewing.  Had company.  Helpt carry a boiler of water to wash.  Retired pretty early.  Read a while.


June  30,   Wed.    Got breakfast.  Helpt sister Lib. wash.  We was pretty near done the Hidress would not run and Evin would not let the boy carry.  I got dinner.  Lib carried water.  I was pretty tired.


July 1,   Thurs.    Lib awoke me.  I got breakfast.  She & I ironed.  I felt very tired, but wish that school would not commence for I don’t want to stay here.  The folks are too proud.  Went to Prayer Meeting, did not do me any good.


July  2,   Fri.    Got breakfast.  Cleaned the house.  Went to pie feast, but did not enjoy myself.  Went to the store.  Helpt get supper.  My mind is wandering to the one that I love.  Why is it that we must be parted.  I am not happy.


July  3,   Sat.    Helpt do the Saturday work.  Sent to the Dr. for some medicine.  Started to walk home, it rained.  Waited until the rain was over.  Got home at dark.  It rained very hard after dark.  J. Cawley was here.  Played on the melodeon.


July   4,   Sun.    Mother called me at 7 o’clock.  E. Grover took Mat a riding.  It was very warm.  Mother & I went to Smith’s.  We had a roast.  Ann came home.  Started to Berwick.  J.C. would not let me walk.  Went with him to Conyngham.  Got at Mr. Walker’s at dark.


July  5,   Mon.    Awoke.  My nose bled very fast.  Went downstairs.  Didn’t feel very well.  Started at 7 o’clock.  Walked very slow.  Sent a letter to Annie M.  Came at Lib’s, it was 10.  Sewed in the afternoon.  Was pretty tired of walking.


July  6,   Tues.    Arose.  Went to washing.  Washed till 11 o’clock.  Felt very bad.  Lay down.  Slept till dinner was ready.  Wrote to C.  Did not feel very well.  Wrote anything I thought of.  Went to the store, but did not get what I wanted.  Seen the School Teacher.


July  7,   Wed.    Got breakfast.  Washed the dishes.  Went to School.  The house was locked.  Took that letter to the P.O.  Went to School, was very lonesome.  Didn’t know anyone.  Recited my lessons very well.  At night sewed some.


July  8,   Thurs.    Arose.  did my work.  Went to School.  C.F. came there just as I did.  Got a algebra of Mr. Dill.  Do not like the place very well.  They talk to me.  B.S.  wanted me to sit aside of her, so I changed seats.


July  9,   Fri.    Learnt my algebra lesson.  Went to School.  Recited my lesson very well.  Studied pretty hard, but I am not as contented as I might be.  Were I with friends, at home, and they were all serving God. 


July 10,   Sat.    Arose, got breakfast.  Done some of the scrubbing.  Went to School.  Mr. Dill said that I should write a composition.  Never wrote one and don’t know what to write.  Went to the depot.  Came back, Miss Basin was here.  I wanted to hear from home and from my friend C.


July  11,   Sun.    Arose.  It was pretty late.  Do not serve my God as I ought.  Didn’t go to meeting.  Lib. & E. went.  I stayed home & took care of Clara.


July  12,   Mon.    Arose.  Got breakfast.  Went to school.  I liked the School very well, but don’t know how to write a composition.  Want to go home.


July  13,   Tues.    I stayed home from School to wash.  It was 3 o’clock when we got done.  Studied my lesson.  Tryed to write a composition.


July  14,   Wed.    Got breakfast.  Went to School.  Bought an algebra of Mr. Dill.  Have to study pretty hard to get my lessons.  Do not get time to sew.  Expected a letter, but did not get one.


July  15,   Thurs.    Did my work.  Went to School, but I have not wrote a composition yet.  Do not know what to write about.  Would like to hear from home, but can not.  The bell rung for Prayer Meeting.  Did not go.


July  16,   Fri.    Went to school.  got my lessons very well.  Saw Rev. ___ .  He said that he wanted to come to see me.  Came home.  Helpt Mrs. Green do the work.  She wants to start home tomorrow. Wrote a composition.


July  17,   Sat.    Helpt Ann do the work.  Went to school.  Read my composition.  Came home.  Mrs. Green just started.  Baked some cakes.  At night Mr. Guss came.  Was glad to see him.  I took a walk down road.


July  18,   Sun.    Arose.  Milked.  Got breakfast.  The men all went home.  It rained.  Went to Meeting, returned home.  It was very lonesome.  Went to class at night.  Mr. & Mrs. Green came home.  I went to Meeting.  Mr. Dill preached.  I was very sleepy.


July  19,   Mon.    Arose.  Did the work.  Went to School.  Got my lessons, but if I was home, I would not like to come back again.


July  20,   Tues.    This morning I went to washing, but had a sore finger, could not wash very well, but I washed some.  Got dinner.  Helped do the other work, but my finger pained me some.


July  21,   Wed.    Today my birthday.  I am 18 years old, but what slow progress I have made toward Heaven.  My this year be spent better than the others.  My finger pains me some.


July  22,   Thurs.    Went to school .  Pretty contented, but my thoughts were about a composition.  Went to hear from the friend I parted with, and my thoughts often wander to the happy house I spent in his society.


July  23,   Fri.    Went to school but was not contented.  Bought a history.  Went to P.O.  I received a letter from the dearest friend on earth.  Read it with pleasure.  Wrote a composition.


July  24,   Sat.    Went to school.  Was ashamed to read my composition, but read it.  Intended  to answer that letter, but did not.  It was pretty lonely.


July  25,   Sun.    Went church.  When I returned Mother, Frank, John & Henry W. was here.  Was very glad to see them.  They went home after dinner.  I went out to the graveyard.  My conscience smote, as I looked at the graves.  Do not know how soon I may lay there.


July  26,   Mon.    Arose.  Went to School.  Studied and got my lesson good.  Intended to write a letter, but did not, but my thoughts wander off to the object of my thoughts.


July  27,   Tues.    Today I am washing.  My finger was sore.  It broke.  I went to School in the afternoon.  School had commenced.  Came home.  Helpt get supper.  Still put off writing that letter.  Hope that I will not be so careless.


July  28,   Wed.    Got breakfast.  Went to school.  Came home.  Mother was here.  She had Jessie down to Dr. B. & Dr. Harrison intends to let Dr. Dillson doctor her.  I was very glad to see Mother & Jessie.


July  29,   Thurs.    Went to school at recess.  Went after the doctor.  He was not at home.  At noon he came.  He did not know what to do for her.  I took her to Dr. Breas, he would not doctor her if he wanted him to.


July  30,   Fri.    I carried some water before I went to School.  Mother did not like me to be out in the street so much.  I will be very glad when I can again go home to stay.  Do not like to live here.


July 31,   Sat.    Did all the work I could.  The bell rung.  Went to school.  Wrote a composition _____,  did not like to read it.  After dinner, Mother & Mrs. Keen went to Mendenhall’s.  The doctor came and left some medicine.


Aug.  1,   Sun.    Arose pretty early.  Went ______ sacrament.  Felt pretty sad.  Came home, wrote a letter to C.  Went to church at night, had a very good sermon.  Came home, it was pretty dark.


Aug.  2,   Mon.    Went to school.  It rained.  At recess we girls ___  ____  Mr. Pallz.  Mrs. Hill they thought was dying.  It made my heart ache to look at her.  Lib went to a funeral.  Mother made fire to get supper.


Aug.  3,   Tues.    It rained very hard.  Mother did not want us to wash, but Eliz. would.  We did not get done until night.  Received a letter from Ann.  Would like to see her.


Aug.  4,   Wed.    Went to the P.O.  got a letter mailed.  Jessie was very bad.  Mother did not know what to do with her.  Mrs. Curtright came.  Then we sent for the Doctor.  He came.  Gave Jessie some different medicine.


Aug.  5,   Thurs.    Went to school.  Came home before school was out.  John came after Mother.  Elizabeth went along.  I was here alone with the men.  Felt very lonely.  The boys was mad at me.


Aug.  6,   Fri.    Arose pretty early.  Got my work done before school time.  Wrote some.  I would like to see the one that is absent.  Went to school.  Came home.  At night it was so lonesome here that I do not know what to do.


Aug.  7,   Sat.    Got up.  Set bread to rise.  Worked all forenoon.  I did not write my composition.  Sallie C. & Alice Buck, came and spent the evening.  I was alone & afraid.  Went to bed at 10 o’clock.


Aug.  8,   Sun.    Arose at 5 o’clock.  Got breakfast.  Done up the work.  Mr. & Mrs. Keen came home.  I went to the church.  No one was there.  C. came back, got dinner.  Went to Auchenbauch’s.  Jane & I went to picnic.  Went to church.


Aug.  9,   Mon.    Went to School.  they intend to speak a dialogue Saturday.  Came home, got ready to wash.  Miss Milliard came.  It was pretty late when I got my work done.


Aug.  10,   Tues.    Am washing.  Washed until noon.  After dinner went to School.  Recited my lesson pretty well.  Came home, got supper.  Wanted to go home.  Do not like to stay here.  The school I like.


Aug.  11,   Wed.    Arose, did my work.  Went to School.  The large scholars all went to a whortleberrying.  I recited my lesson alone.  Came home did the work after dark.  Studied.


Aug.  12,   Thurs.  Was very glad that  (rest blank).


Aug.  13,  Fri.   (Blank)


Aug.  14,   Sat.    Am at home.  Went whortleberrying.  Came back at __ o’clock.  We had about 17 guest.  Played on the melodian.  Went to the store, but how contented I am at home.  Would like to stay at home.  Went to bed very early.


Aug.  15,   Sun.    Arose, it was pretty late.  Helpt Mat some.  Helpt ___ milk.  Went to Sunday School.  Came back.  John took me half way to Berwick.  Willie came along.  Went to church.  Was pretty tired.


Aug.  16,   Mon.    Went to school.  At recess we all went to the P.O. and _______erries  gallery.  Lizzie S. & A.V. got their likeness taken.  The bell rang, we had to hurry back to school.


Aug.  17,   Tues.    Got ready to go after whortleberrys, but Ervin went  so I stay at home.  Went to school at noon.  Did my work.  Went a little way with Willie.  Hated to see him go.  They came home, had pretty near a bushel of whortleberrys.


Aug.  18,   Wed.    Stay home to wash.  Put some of the berrys to dry.  Went to washing.  It took us pretty near all day to wash.  Was pretty tired till I got done.


Aug.  19 to 23  (blank)


Aug.  24,   Tues.  Arose, got breakfast.  Keen had no soap.  I went to the store and got some.  Carried water pretty near all forenoon.  Did not get done washing till 4.


Aug.  25,   Wed.  (blank)


Aug.  26,   Thurs.  Went to school.  Wanted to go home very bad but hated to walk.  Came home from school at noon.  Did the work.  At 2 o’clock went to school again.


Aug.  27,    Fri.    It is raining.  I am home sick.  Started home after 10.  It rained so I stopped along the road, at a ______.  I took another start, it rained but I got to Mr. Walker’s  Stay there all night.  Would like to go on home but cannot.


Aug.  28,   Sat.    Arose.  Helped Janette get apples for sauce started.  Home at 11.  Got home just as they were eating dinner.  They was surprised to see me home. Went to the store.  It rained very hard.  Came back, played on the melodeon.


Aug.  29,   Sun.    Arose.  Swept the house.  Got ready to go to Bush Meeting.  H.W. wanted to take me but did not want to go with him.  Papa said it did not make any difference who I rode with.  I went with him, but was angry at him.  Took Sacrament.  Went home for dinner.  J.C. took me to Berwick.


Aug.  30,   Mon.    This the commencing of a week.  Went to School, did not take an excuse.  They told me that I had to write a composition for the exhibition.  Expected a letter from Mr. Briggs, but did not get one.  Washed some.


Aug.  31,   Tues.    Am washing.  Finished at noon, but did not want to go to school.  Studied.  Went to Auchenbauch’s.  Was very lonesome.  Thought I would get a letter from a friend, but did not.


Sept.  1,   Wed.    Went to school.  They wanted me to take a part in a Colloguy at night.  Went to Mr. Owens.  Spent the evening.  Sallie & I went to the P.O.  I got a letter from Mr. B.   Mr. Guss came part way home with me.  Studied some.


Sept  2,   Thurs.    Got breakfast.  Done the work.  Went to School.  Could not do the examples in algebra.  Expected to get a scolding from Teacher.  At night went to hear Dr. Brondage lecture.  Was very much interested.


Sept  3,   Fri.    Did the work.  Went to school.  Took a part in a Colloguy.  Came home.  Mrs. Keen & 3 other ladies was here after tea.  They left.  I went to hear the school boys practice their colloguy.  Jamie D. & I did our algebra problems.  After school we practiced our Colloguy.  Came home at 2.  Went again.  Then went to Uncle Philip’s and spent the afternoon.


Sept.  5,   Sun.  Went to Presbyterians Meeting.  After church went to Bucks.  Evin was angry when I came home.  They all went off, left me alone.


























Memoranda in back of Mary Everard’s Diary,  1858


1 pr. fine Morocco shoes                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $1.15


6 yds.  green                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .76


9 yds. Calico                                                                                                       @12½                                                                                                                           1.19½


1  Collar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .07½


1  Collar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .62½


1  gold ring                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2.00


1 Port Maine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .38½


10 yds. black silk                                                                                         @$1.00                                                                                                                                                10.00


1 shawl pin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              .05


skein b. silk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .08


3 yds Calico                                                                                                         @.12½                                                                                                                           .37½


1 pr. worsted gloves                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .25


3 cake cutters                                                                                                     @.06                                                                                                                                 .18½


2 sets pans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .75


1 yd. paper muslin                                                                                   @.12½                                                                                                                           .12½

1 thimble                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


1 pocket Bible                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1.00


1 collar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1.50


1 embroidered shirt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2.50


1 pair “ d.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1.00


1 Chemise embroidered                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1.00


4 yds. ribbon                                                                                                       @.25                                                                                                                               1.00





Some pages later in Mary Everard’s Diary of 1858, are these notes in different handwriting, presumed to be those of Vincent Hines.



April  8,   Tues,1879.    I feel well. Dr. had me dig around his trees, before dinner and help him make a trellace for his vines.  After dinner went to the office and done nothing but set around.  Got an invitation to Ogleby’s dance.  Anticipated very much pleasure.


April  9,   Wed.    I feel very tired this morning from dancing.  Danced untill four.  Could not go home for the rain.  Olga T. & I set in the Saloon untill daylight.  Have fallen asleep a number of times today.  Went home at night.  Mrs. Katie Stearns was there.  I solved some examples for her and went to sleep on the floor.


April  10,   Thurs.    Slept well all night and arose much refreshed.  Milked and then dug the dirt from under the sills to keep from rotting.  Got a good scolding from Pa last night, for not studying my books during the day.  Felt mad, but did not say much.  Am not quite so sleepy today.






On another page this note.



Commenced work for Dr. H.M. Woods, January 17th, 1879  @  $75.00 per year.


Cash Account January

                                                               4  Pants          $2.75

                                                                        4  Cutting P.       .25

                                                                        5  Dancing          .25

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