Will Book D., pg. 450
probated May 20,1851


I, TITUS SEWARD, of Fairmount Township, Luzerne County, and the State of Pennsylvania, being sick and weak in body, but of sound mind, memory, and understanding ... do therefore make and declare this my last will and testament I will that all my just debts, as shall be by me owing at my death, together with my funeral expenses, and all charges touching the proving of or otherwise concerning this my will. I shall in the first place, Will to Titus Seaward, son of Elmer Seaward, the East part of the tract taken up by John Rodes, commencing at a pair of bars east of the House, thence a northerly direction to the Wall, the East Side of the Peach Orchard, thence along the said Wall a Northerly course to intersect the North line of said tract all the East part from said line that together with the rise of the improvement of this place for which the said Titus Seaward is to support Grandfather and grandmother while on the place. Also, Thomas Seaward, Son of Elmer Seaward, Twenty six acres off of the North line commencing at the corner of Truman Morris joining lands of B. Callender to the Creek, down the Creek to leave the Creek to the East running a Southerly course, far enough to make Twenty Six acres, thence West until it comes to the land of Truman Monroe. Also, Thomas Stephens, Two hundred and Seventy five Dollars, in order, to make him equal with property Randsom R. Franklin and John Coughlin, the remainder of the property is to be divided equally among the Heirs of the land not to be sold under four years after my decease, and I make and ordain, Charles Denison and Thomas Stephens, Executor of this my last Will and Testament.


Barnabus Callender

Gilbert Callender

Signed Titus Seaward